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Author(s): Franky
total rating:6.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Alberico 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 6 7 7 6
Gerty 4 7 5 6
Glow 9 9 10 8
Gorty 5 6 6 4
Jose 6 8 8 9
manarch2 3 6 4 3
Roberto 9 8 9 9
Ryan 5 7 6 6
Trikazz 5 4 3 5
category averages
(10 reviews)
6.10 7.10 6.80 6.50

Reviewer's comments

"12 minutes of storytelling, including parts where Lara cannot move but has to listen to scrolling text is a bit of overkill compared to 50 minutes of gameplay. It doesn't help to have English voiceovers with Italian subtitles - it would be more understandable the other way around, especially if there is no professional voice actor. It also doesn't help there isn't ever any stable FMV support - even in Soft Full Screen, the game gets out of focus (like with an alt+tab effect), losing sfx and a lot of control ability, and streaming such thing is also impossible. For obvious reasons I'm not downrating any of these though - just the usual stuff for this builder, which is a veeeery draft design as always, including plastered textures, possible softlock, overdriven music and stuff. Of course the gravity shafts are still enjoyable but pleaaase, please do less fancy effects and more correct basics because so far there is no way to see those levels in a way different from stereotypical fanmade." - DJ Full (08-Jun-2019)

"Reall y fine work from Franky, we have to recognize the hard work to add all that special extra features like the videos (in my PC worked well), the anti-gravity or the rolling balls you can shoot. Even so it was not very entertaining,for me, only with a pushblock puzzle and search for a lot of keys and cards with some hard-to-see switches too. The best for me were the story, the cool objects and the nice texturization, creating a futuristic environment. Take a try." - Jose (12-Mar-2019)

"You have to play these two levels separately from the main menu, which this time isn't such a big deal as they are independent from each other anyway. I think I enjoyed this builder's previous level slightly more than this one. The environments are a little cleaner this time around, but I found the gameplay rather tedious in some parts, especially the long crawling and swimming segments and long corridors to run down. I thought that the block puzzles at the beginning were well thought out and the jumping sequences at least sufficiently entertaining, but that didn't hold true for the remainder of the adventure. The looping background track also grated on my nerves after a while and overall, I left this feeling rather disappointed. Found only 2 of six secrets in total (luckily I found the one required to progress through the level itself)." - Ryan (27-Oct-2018)

"I believe in the potential of this author, she has a lot of techniques with NG, but her atmosphere is pretty bad, some parts of this project was worth it, but the author has to improve a lot in the matter of atmosphere, if she does, . mainly the techniques of gemetry....not bad...!" - Trikazz (26-Oct-2018)

"Are 2 level. You can start from index. Analyze each component of the level as a parameter for the general evaluation of this interactive game movie TR. The gameplay is quite original with the narration of events that happened over millennia. Well done. Lara finds herself in an Atlantis base ruled by Androids. The atmosphere is in my opinion well recreated, even with that typical sound of nuclear background machinery. The puzzles we meet have 2 different characteristics. One with lasers and then a jump at first sight impossible. Another section with antigravity zone and cubic enigma moving by secret and a key to further secrect in another area. The enemies are 3 because following the story told at the beginning, only 3 Wraith have infiltrated the base, more to the return we will find 4 more fierce. The assignment that Janus gives to Lara is interesting. It is undoubtedly the best part of the level starting from the bike object transformed for the occasion into a flying disc, with which we can do everything. Good the maze. An excellent interweaving of filmed pieces and game play. Especially when we are stunned by the Queen, which goes into the pool in search of the escape. She don't find and we must face it to get the card. In my opinion, Franky reconstructed the elements of the laboratory pool area in order to connect to the movies and he did it well. Annoying the robot guardians from whom we must stay away. In that area the soft lights guarantee a feeling of danger and general pathos. The following area is also constructed and based on the movie entries. I must tell you : spectacular. And the final allows a voluntary battle with the big automata to download the blows left in the barrel of Lara. I agree with Gerty when tell that Franky has more potential, but let's give him some time because no LD has created his masterpiece on the first level. Who built levels knows what's behind his construction from the first sketches on a sheet to finish the numerous anti-bug tests. Basically this Return to Atlantis should be played by anyone who loves the news.I recommend watching all movies without interrupting with ESC and if you do not understand well dialogor writings,there are readme in the English Documentation section. Immerse yourself in this adventure and judge the opera complex. It surprised me and i am sure will surprise you too. Bye RW ." - Roberto (18-Oct-2018)

"This is a two level story and you have to go to level 2 through the menu. Can we say that Franky loves Science Fiction and so do I. Also long crawls and long dark tunnels whether they go straight, up or down (NOT). Had a nasty lagging in the revolver room and the flares (I found quite a lot) are not helping much at dark areas. The pits however are mazes, dark endless mazes. Even the plethora of enemies you encounter in the ending of the second level, I didn’t mind as such but I hate mazes, they are for lazy builders. Come on Franky, you can do better than this." - Gerty (17-Oct-2018)

"Franky is growing compared to the first levels. Return to Atlantis is a good game with a mix of games and parts of movies with beautiful music. You play nicely with fun, especially when you really fly in the air to reach difficult points. A point in favor of construction. Apart from the beginning, the first level is exploratory in search of what we need to get to the Jankus room. Stargates and travels are well made. The second part, after an exploration between the ice and the pyramid, we must look for an object that serves to start the base. Try to prevent a Boss that we see very closely, even in a movie and trying to kill us. But Lara is too smart to die. In the end we can also fight with big robots before leaving for another world. I liked all the level and waiting for the sequel." - Glow (09-Oct-2018)

"A typical franky game with chaotic design and weird gameplay. It’s somehow similar to the ˝chaos˝ levels with even some texturing recycling. The gameplay was very uninteresting. My focus memory from the first level was the long pushable quest. It just goes on and on and on … everything looks the same. Barely made it out. The only interesting part were the anti-gravity jumps. All rooms are completely cubic. Nothing more advanced can be found. The light is deep blue for most of the times. I mean, it fits into this level, but it’s always the same, monotone, no dynamic or any variability. Some rooms have completely standard TRLE light. As a plus from the first level I would pick the atmosphere and some design ideas the author had ( for example few of the last rooms in the level had great aquarium feeling ), but those two plus points doesn’t really give much to the player. The second level started more interesting in a snow environment, but soon gets again into this catacombic space environment like the first level and gets less interesting than the first one. Lara has to do some long running around, but at least no more long pushable puzzles. The pyramid looked good, but the inside changes into the level one environment. To some degree I could call the game artistic. Overall, it’s something you’d expect from Franky. I you love his style, then it’s a recommendation from me." - Gorty (06-Oct-2018)

"A different level from the usual but always on the theme of the adventures of Lara Croft I liked the general story and the use of the movies to unite the various scenes where we use Lara who becomes a commander of Atlantis. It surprised me how the author makes us move in certain environments inside the base or near the golden pyramid. The enemies at close range are aggressive just like Vampires and you have to be careful. Even the first level traps with lasers and spheres are not easy. the 2 not difficult but beautiful secrets to be taken. Right environment and lights for the structure you wanted to build. Perhaps we could foresee some more combat given the available weapons. Even if I played it again I realized that in the base at that time there were only 3 killed aliens. The second level I really enjoyed it, it has a lot of adrenaline. The Queen then almost frightened me and even the robots with their electricity lose their lives. In fact, finishing the level without using medikit is not easy. The rhythm of the second level is higher and the pool is well done in the dark that reflects the matched movie. Good the tunnels underwater and how to search the cards . Here the secrets are 4 and 2 we must be careful not to lose them. The enemies we find on our return to base are harder to be killed. Finally, the movies and dialogues are very beautiful and explain what happened in the past and what happens in the present. Incredible after we put Zpm object .A new way of doing custom levels? Maybe yes . Next time I hope it will be longer because I really enjoyed playing it. To the end also a reference to star wars " - Alberico (05-Oct-2018)

"This all comes across slightly more polished than the builder's previous work, with not as many distorted textures. Still, there is excessive usage of the "texture all" button which is mostly used for walls, floors and ceiling of any room and even the nice textures themselves cannot hide that. The object design is interesting again and I liked the feature with the low gravity, creating a few fun jumps. The FMVs of the level were interesting but just copying stuff from Stargate is very unoriginal. Sound is too loud and looping, lighting is quite flat and only a few rooms (like the robots' one) are lit better. The gameplay, apart of the jump sequences and a few decent block puzzles at the start, is fairly unexciting, it's still not nice to see that one secret is needed to finish this level. Another talented builder who just doesn't invest more time in learning from his mistakes and improving his skills - thus the quality remains on the same low level. Found all secrets (all decent except the obligatory one) in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (02-Oct-2018)
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