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Author(s): Opaque79
total rating:7.96 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 9 8 8
Drakan 8 8 9 9
eRIC 6 6 7 8
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 7 8 8 9
manarch2 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 9 8 10 9
PhryneCroft 8 8 9 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Tolle87 7 7 8 9
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.50 7.67 8.25 8.42

Reviewer's comments

"I enjoyed the first half of the game with interesting things to do , notably the timed tasks. The setting is well done, the lighting is of the warm type mostly brown. But when reaching the small village with the natives , you're in for a hunt for keys and that began to be less enjoyable for me. There is combat against natives and raptors in small areas with lots of plants, and the shaping of the blocks did not provide a smooth gameplay. Some raptors were stuck or could be shot from safe distance , and one of the two T-Rex was also stuck. Not too bad as i did not found any of the weapons but these T-Rex are at least killable with the pistols. Overall , Forbidden jungle was more enjoyable to me and a more accomplished level. And best level by the builder so far : Quest for the golden armour." - eRIC (01-Jul-2019)

"A straightforward, relaxing map which ticks all the classic boxes, all the simple basics done right, except from too many warm colors used (which instead of humidifying, makes the jungle feel dry). I think this builder does a bit too much training levels - he should eventually step up, bring it on, go a bit crazy and create an adventure beyond the standards." - DJ Full (08-Jun-2019)

"You are lucky if you like the classic levels. Not very difficult to play, you'll find some exploration, enemies to shoot, traps to avoid, timed runs, switches to pull, keys to find (sometimes lying anywhere) and an interesting puzzle with a moving block. There are also many cameras pointing the triggered doors and the classic TR musics. I liked the architecture too, and the textures are usually well applied. Try to find the secrets to get some useful extra guns, but even at the end you are not forced to shoot and you can avoid the T-Rexs with a little damage. Definitely a level to enjoy. Recommended." - Jose (12-Mar-2019)

"Although I did enjoy this adventure, for me something didn’t click. There is a nice puzzle (levers) in here but that was just it. The rest you are busy pushing quite some levers and searching for hard to see items like keys and cogs. There are also some timed runs of which there was one I had some problems with, but that is my bad. Be sure to get the Shotgun (very hard to find) as that will make your life a tad easier with the enemies you will meet. Stumbled upon 2 secrets and they were pretty helpful as well. The two T-Rexes I encountered refused to die, they just froze and kept on roaring. Oh well… can’t have them all." - Gerty (26-Nov-2018)

"I really enjoyed this level, I did it twice because I had not found any weapon the first time, and yet I had ammunition shotgun, revolver and uzis. It is not always easy to see objects placed on the ground in the same tones as the ground (keys, wheels ...). Easy gameplay with enemies placed in strategic places (that's why it's better to find the shotgun). Beautiful lighting and texturing correct. Recommended." - Drakan (13-Nov-2018)

"Globally speaking, I enjoyed this well crafted level even though jungle levels aren't exactly my thing. Some have complained it isn't lush enough but, well, you know, too lush means bumping into rocks and plants even more than in a, say, regular jungle level such as this. It isn't hard nor easy but I did miss the shotgun (and missing important things seems to be normal in Opaque's levels; this time though the shotgun wasn't as important as all the other guns and ammo in his previous level, so, fine). A nice atmosphere coupled with TR3 sounds and music and lots of exploration and stuff to do, including a few cool puzzles. Perhaps my least favourite, as in most boring, was that room with spikes and floor flames to get to one lever. But I really think everything else is fine and I did enjoy that simple, yet creative, block puzzle with levers. Good stuff." - Jorge22 (01-Nov-2018)

"Well the dinosaurs are certainly in place - compys, raptors, T-Rexes and, if that weren't enough for Lara to deal with, there are a lot of less than welcoming natives lurking about too. The jungle atmosphere is excellent and the gameplay is nicely varied, including some timed aspects, puzzles and traps. In fact it's a well devised and entertaining raid altogether. Definitely recommended for raiders of all abilities." - Jay (01-Nov-2018)

"Your level was very good here, it was fun to play it. Above all, I liked the atmosphere very much, you had the feeling to be in the jungle yourself. The riddle with the levers and stone block was very interesting, something completely different, the fire trap fit very well. Keep it up!" - PhryneCroft (31-Oct-2018)

"This is definitely the best effort by this builder to date, and an adventure that will please all you explorers out there. Actually, the level itself isn't that large, but you feel like you have accomplished a whole lot, and I hit the finish trigger in 55 minutes net gaming time having enjoyed an engaging raid. The jungle setting is steamy and atmospheric with the birds chirping and plenty of dinosaurs and natives running around. You will need to keep your eyes peeled for sneakily placed items (a lesson I had definitely learned by the end of this level), and the gameplay will have you stop and think once in a while, but there is always something to do to keep you entertained. There's a well thought out torch puzzle to start you off, a timed run across the treetops, a nicely executed block moving puzzle, plenty of treetop exploration, various hub rooms containing different puzzles and jumping sequences, plus quite a few traps to deal with. Apparently there were two secrets, one of which I found (the Uzis), so I must have missed the Shotgun one as I was faced with two T-Rexes, but I was able to make my way out by sprinting through the door and up the ramp. I found this to be a head- scratching but involving and rewarding raid. Thoroughly enjoyable." - Ryan (28-Oct-2018)

"If you played some of the previous levels by Opaque, you know what to expect. Pretty easy level (which doesn't mean it's a bad thing), many hub areas and overall casual raiding. In fact, it's so casual that I'm not sure what to say about the level. It starts with some standard torch action before you reach first of many hub areas. There is one fun puzzle with levers near the beginning, although I'm not sure if there is a way to know in advance which lever corresponds to which side before you try it for the first time so you might end up with unfair death, but I leave the possibility that I missed the hint somewhere. The level looks okay, it's like a mixture of Temple Ruins and Coastal Village from TR3, while you will also recognize some Lost Valley references. Although I had fun while playing, I couldn't help but feeling that some parts were unnecessary. The level is overloaded with switches and keys and some of them feel like the builder just wanted to build small additional room to prolong the level for two minutes or so, while there is also a very questionable logic behind the usage (both picking up and the actual usage) of one key in the village. There are cute baby raptors in the first half, while more dangerous enemies wait for you later. Yes, there is a T-Rex too and he has a girlfriend this time. It's no big deal because you can exploit your way through that fight with ease though. The ending felt a little anti-climatic - You get the artifact which spawns many raptors that can't even reach you so you just shoot them from above. Apart from some minor issues like permanent camera shots until you move and the invisible wall-square behind timed door (which can make you permanently stuck), the level goes smoothly. Overall, I'm not sure whether this is a step forward or backward for Opaque. Lets call it a sidestep while we wait for his next project. 60 minutes, 1/2 secrets. Worth playing." - Tolle87 (27-Oct-2018)

"The builder stays true to his style here with a correct, but fairly run-off-the-mill release which does not show major new ideas or enviroments. The jungle atmosphere is quite decent overall and texturing and lighting are correct, but I found it to be fairly sterile and not really lush given the jungle environment. There are little to no actual "mistakes" here but in total it's just not convincing enough. The same goes for gameplay, which is fluent and varied, but never really gripping. There are a few decent platforming parts, timed runs and a nice lever puzzle, but also a lot of levers and keys to be found and used and the tasks are not really refreshing - I found the small maze with spikes and fires to be a particularly lame design choice. Enemies are quite plentiful and if you don't find the two (albeit nicely hidden) secrets or the shotgun it can get pretty heavy. Overall, another level of the builder which is technically fine but not exactly interesting for me, lasting 25 minutes." - manarch2 (27-Oct-2018)

"It's a rare thing when I get to the end of an 80 minute level,and am disappointed when the Final statistics appear.Usually,I'm quite happy by then to move on to something else;but in this case,I was enjoying it all so much that I could quite happily have gone on playing.Opaque understands the entertainment factor when it comes to gameplay - you're always given a challenge;but never so much that it becomes exasperating.In this adventure you move from one jungle area to another;from one cavern to another;and from village to temple - and it all feels fluent;generally easy to follow;and,above all,fun! The adorable lever/moving block puzzle;the timed runs;the exploring on the jungle floor and leafy canopy;the numerous enemy confrontations. The lighting is pleasingly evocative;while the use of textures fools the eye into thinking the the jungle seemingly stretches off into the hazy distance;whereas,in fact,it's pleasantly contained. You never need to search laboriously for key pick-ups;but neither are they easy to lay your hands on. There are several hub-rooms with puzzles and challenges in adjacent areas;alternating with showdowns involving assorted prehistoric creatures. The textures are well placed;the jungle noises are evocative;and the cameras are used perfectly. It's a smooth and eminently playable runaround,accessible to players of all abilities.Enjoy." - Orbit Dream (25-Oct-2018)
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