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Author(s): Colin Benson
total rating:7.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 6 7 5 5
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 4 8 9 9
manarch2 6 6 7 8
McRaider 8 8 9 9
PedroTheGamer 4 5 6 4
Phil 9 10 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
category averages
(9 reviews)
6.78 7.56 7.67 7.56

Reviewer's comments

"Maybe I don't understand the genious behind, or I had a bad day... but some complex creative levels clarify themselves while playing, are suitable for bad days, and can even turn them into good ones. Nothing like this happens here, it's just another instance of the same design as we always get from Colin and it's even more random and confusing than usually. It seems this guy could build anything - Venice, Tinnos, Atlantis or Uranus - and it would always feel the same and follow the same patterns, like if the word "topic" didn't have any meaning for him - so, technical ability is here, but what's the point? Nonetheless I added one for the timed room, incomparably better than everything else included, and making it even clearer Colin CAN build good stuff, only he repeatedly refuses to. Sooooomething tells me next level from him will produce the same feelings all over again. Not really recommended..." - DJ Full (07-Jun-2019)

"After several days of hard playing I finally was able to finish this laborious level. There's a big effort with the texturization and the lighting, but many rooms are too huge and in that cases the environments are monotonous. The enemies are hard to kill and the secrets difficult to find so if you don't get extra weapons the gameplay turns more slow and difficult. There are a couple of interesting puzzles, but usually the gameplay is very tedious and bored, with a lot of repetitive tasks and a lot of backtracking continuously going up, middle and down through the same corridors so after an hour or so I decided to follow the walkthrough to save time. Really a solid and creative level, but not for my taste. Sorry." - Jose (18-Mar-2019)

"To me this level exemplifies what Tomb Raider is all about. The only thing it lacks is visual eye candy, but that's to be expected when you're making your way through the innards of a giant computer. I was reminded throughout of Richard Lawther's early release named CPU Crash, but this one is so much more vast and complex, and it makes use of the latest building tools to present a more sophisticated appearance. Some of the timed runs are absolutely diabolical, throwing in maddeningly slow climbs up ladders, pixel-perfect jumps across wide gaps and the need to navigate deadly traps along the way. Conquering them definitely gives the player a well- deserved feeling of accomplishment. And it helps to practice the timed route before triggering the timer, as there are pickups to be found that would otherwise be left behind. This builder in earlier releases has used the concept of save crystals to unlock rooms containing assorted goodies, and this is done to good effect here. The many enemies are surprisingly hard to kill, but even if you find only two or three of the six save crystals, you have access to ample weaponry and ammo to deal with them. Dutchy has provided his typically thorough walkthrough that documents all secret crystals and pickups, including the 52 coins scattered throughout the level, most of them lying in plain sight. The builder has also used this device before, and he might want for future levels to consider providing some use for them, or at least some incentive to the player for gathering them. In all I spent three hours and forty minutes here, and I certainly wasn't dawdling. For those reviewers who seem to shy away from the better levels in search of the dregs, perhaps because they're loathe to say anything nice about someone else's work product, this one is definitely worth the time and effort to download, play and review. High recommendations." - Phil (02-Dec-2018)

"Lara's computer seems to have run into some sort of terminal crash issue and so she sets about trying to repair it herself, by shrinking down and exploring it. This is a neat concept for a level and it's been pulled off rather well. The only things that I thought were overdone were the extraneous backtracking up and down those three main corridors and through different rooms once you collect the items you need, and the distances are quite large, so the exploration factor probably took up most of my time here. The enemy attacks were also a bit overwhelming, despite the fact that you could go and collect additional supplies (in themselves very generous). Apart from those, you get an involving raid that will take you at least a couple hours to explore, maybe longer, with pleasing and refreshing scenery and some very nice touches in the gameplay section, particularly the multiple timed runs and the clock puzzle. Once you've managed to eradicate all the "bugs", the level ends soon after. A good raid overall." - Ryan (13-Nov-2018)

"I'm so very divided regarding how I should rate this huge (well, it ends up being huge) level... First and foremost, unless you're playing with the walkthrough in hand (which I wasn't) it has to be among the top five most back and forth and scratch your head in totally messed up confusion levels ever. The gem system to get the goodies you actually need (which must be well chosen too) is actually rewarding when you find them but a total game-killer if you don't. I found three and I guess I must have chosen wisely enough because there were loads of enemies and tough ones too. And the timed runs are so - but oh so - tight! On the other hand, in spite of what somebody else may have (rather unfairly in my opinion) stated, the game is well designed and the architecture fits it well enough, the atmosphere isn't stunning but it's ok and you do get a thrill from your achievements and managing to get to the end. So, I suppose it is indeed a recommended experience as long as you're aware it will take you time and patience." - Jorge22 (12-Nov-2018)

"This is undoubtedly an intriguing idea for a level - miniature Lara trying to repair her computer from the inside and I love all the little electronic bleeps on the soundtrack. There are some rather strange hazards inside Lara's computer and very little initially supplied in her backpack or as pickups. Finding the sapphires to access secret rooms quickly becomes a real priority therefore. There's a lot more space inside this computer than might be expected and exploring can be a touch confusing, but overall it's a fun and somewhat different experience. I just wish I could figure out what some of the enemies were supposed to represent in computer terms - it's hardly surprising that it had stopped working, with huge scorpions and the like running around its innards!" - Jay (07-Nov-2018)

"A creative (even if not unique) idea for a level but apart of the texturing and some objects I didn't really feel like in a PC, it could as well be a base type level of sorts. A lot of the builder's trademarks are seen here, not all of which were welcome, like the large (to oversized) areas, the secret system (this really didn't fit so well here) and a lot of items to be found. I really could've done with less running around, backtracking and tedious progression (going up and down all those halls gets quite annoying after some time) but at least there were more interesting tasks like the long and not too generous timed runs and the clock puzzle was also quite nice (if also tedious after some time). More actual tasks like those instead of yet another backtrack would've helped immensely. Lookwise, it's fairly solid with decent texturing and lighting, sometimes a bit monotonous as well and there is not really a step upwards in terms of audio placement. Cameras are used but there are no flybys or the like I could remember. It's lacking some really outstanding areas as well, it's functional but not so attractive in hindsight, partly also due to the lack of objects (which can be explained with the setting, but then there's not much reminiscient on an actual computer). The enemies look nice, but don't totally feel in place and also were a bit too heavy if you ask me. The secret gems are nicely hidden, though. Overall a solid level but too large and long without enough things to maintain interest. 85 minutes." - manarch2 (06-Nov-2018)

"First of all I would like to see a little more professionalism by someone who claims to be builder, because their levels are less than mediocre and do not like the players at all, does not mean to discharge his anger with others. The level is entertaining and at least its gameplay keeps the player in front of the monitor.. It takes a bit of exploration at the beginning but once familiar with the environment becomes more entertaining. A different delivery from the author with creative ideas. Well done!" - McRaider (05-Nov-2018)

"I have fun here, playing video on my channel, anyway, the gameplay was fun for me, but as it was textured I did not enjoy it very much, and some rooms are texturizing and horrible, with guards here and there, and skeleton freaking you out , and some mistakes here and there, I know that and inside a computer and tals, but the simple lighting more culbe within the level, the puzzles and simple, but I liked everything, some places empty and nonsensical and killable, but I cutir .... separating in parts to finalize recording in video with first impression, it is worth lowering and funny ...... it took 2 days to finish 100%." - PedroTheGamer (02-Nov-2018)
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