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Author(s): Jeff Sadler
total rating:4.91 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 4 5 6 4
eRIC 3 4 4 4
Gerty 5 5 5 5
Jay 6 7 7 6
Jose 3 4 3 4
manarch2 2 3 4 4
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 5 6 6
category averages
(8 reviews)
4.38 5.00 5.25 5.00

Reviewer's comments

"An Egyptian adventure made of 2 levels , often very dark but you get enough flares. I can't say it is enjoyable given the gameplay flaws : some evasive events triggering, unmarked tile for a pushable crate , booby traps , ladder textures that can climbable or not...For the rest the setting is below average and different kinds of enemies, of which the poisonous fairies seem out of place (by the way it seems they are poisonous by their stiletto heels, how sneaky is that)." - eRIC (05-Jun-2019)

"A couple of not very interesting levels. The gameplay is often confused, 'cause you don't know where some triggers are and there's not a single camera hint to guide the players. Simple arquitecture, no puzzles to solve, stretched and bad applied textures, no objects to ornate the rooms, unmarked traps, no coherence with the ladder textures, excessively dark rooms... Well, at least I found enough flares to light my way and ammo to deal with the enemies. Playable but unremarkable." - Jose (25-Mar-2019)

"I do understand that one needs the gloomy atmosphere because Lara is busy underground but I found it too gloomy (read too dark). There are flares to be found but unless you know exactly where to go and what to do, they are far and between. More camera shots would also be very welcome as I ran around at times as a headless chicken to figure out what happened after an action by Lara. The (what I would call) maze still eluded me big time but I must have something right as I got out of it. There are some objects to be gathered and apart from one heavy fight at the end there are not much enemies in between; that I like. Textures can use TLC, still stretched and squashed ones. Found only one secret but I have no idea how many Jeff made. One tip, at the end, trigger the end flyby only before the door or else you miss seeing the door opening. Just a little more attention to details overall then this builder for sure is going somewhere." - Gerty (11-Jan-2019)

"I seem to have neglected to play the builder's debut level so I have no idea how well this compares. It's by and large old school Egypt-style raiding with guards and skeletons as enemies plus some wonderful homicidal fairies, which livened up proceedings a bit. Having dropped everything to play the Advent levels, I came to this late enough to benefit from the walkthrough and I was glad to have help with the dark, maze-like rooms in the first part. It's a blameless offering, well within the capabilities of most players, and quite competently made, but it has unfortunately been rather overshadowed by some of the outstandingly good levels released recently." - Jay (07-Jan-2019)

"For me the strongest improvement of the builder was that this game is not that long (at about 20 minutes) so that it is not that massively tedious to finish as the previous release. But quite honestly, there's still not too much good things to speak of. The gameplay is very uninteresting with a lot of running in long passages using levers and finding items, some odd triggers (in one place, you have to grab a medipack to open a door somewhere else on the map; at another, a box has to be placed on an unmarked tile to trigger a pole), some bugs (e.g. at the final trigger) and generally very few decent tasks to absolve. There are attempts to create some atmosphere here and there, but many rooms are just very dark and there are even pitch black spots around which don't quite work well. Despite some extremely streched textures, the visuals are slightly more clean than before. It's all much more agreeable than before, but as I said at the start, more because of the shorter length than because of the quality. Found no registering secrets." - manarch2 (06-Jan-2019)

"After that single relieving room in the start, we enter a mazy sewer the builder for some reason decided to make of my least favourite Citadel puzzle room set. Then we proceed to a crypt which is technically more condensed and coherent, both than the prologue and the previous prologue to the prologue - but, heck, all the nice details are masked with dark or flat lighting. Kinda wasted potential here... I'm sure this builder is capable of more, those levels definitely show it, but probably it wasn't the time yet..." - DJ Full (04-Jan-2019)

"Certainly a visible leap in quality from this builder's debut work. There's still admittedly nothing earth-shattering on offer here, but more thought has been given to the gameplay progression in that you transfer between two separate levels while completing tasks along the way, although again no real puzzles as such, mainly simple lever activating sequences. A couple of the rooms were also a bit too darkly lit for my liking, although it is evident that more effort has been invested into this section, as well as the textures. It's pretty simplistic overall, but it's clear that the builder is improving and I'm looking forward to more." - Ryan (01-Jan-2019)

"I felt this was a much better effort than the builder's first release. The gameplay is more fluid, the objects are correctly named and there's more to do. There are two distinct levels, with a brief return to the first one to conclude matters, and total time while writing a walkthrough was right at an hour. It's pretty basic Egyptian fare, but it holds the player's interest while providing sufficient lighting and weaponry. Not a barn burner by any means but certainly playable and enjoyable." - Phil (30-Dec-2018)
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