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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:5.92 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 5 7 6 5
Gonxii 5 5 6 6
Jay 7 6 7 7
Jorge22 7 7 8 7
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 3 6 4 4
Orbit Dream 4 6 3 5
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 5 6 6 6
category averages
(9 reviews)
5.33 6.22 6.00 6.11

Reviewer's comments

"Sometimes not, but sometimes it happens when the builder has not a good design in mind, forcing the players to follow the routes he/she wants. In this small level I supposedly took the wrong route, and this way I found the unuseful crowbar and shotgun very near the end, so I had to play all the entire level shooting the numerous enemies (SASs, dogs and bats) only with the pistols (not enough ammo for the uzis). I also saw a crowbar lever somewhere in a room, but once I got the jeep keys and open the exit double doors I didn't want to travel a looooooong way back to that room to see what happened. Bad luck this time." - Jose (02-Apr-2019)

"The setting is monotonous and unfortunately it's true what the author himself states about flat lighting but it's still one of better levels by him. Combat is remarkable even with stock TR4 objects used (I'm still waiting for a level where all stuff belongs), and it deserves a highlight the climb to the tower was just in and out a single time, without redoing it like in Osvaldo's London level. Also you get the key from that tower and finish the entire segment next to the destination keyhole you had a big chance to spot earlier, which is also the case with other puzzles here - clear design which doesn't require much memory. Still, this leaves me mixed because it's yet another rapidly built level which can't be called an "adventure" no matter how hard you try, so a part of me cries for the builder to pay attention and do his works with more dedication than displayed." - DJ Full (06-Mar-2019)

"Four levels built by this author in the space of a month - something has to give! In this case,it's creativity. For all the running,ladder climbing,shooting,ladder descending,more running,more ladder climbing and more shooting - nothing much really happens until the very end. The looks are resolutely functional in all creative categories,and inspire very little enthusiasm on the part of the player;although the enemy placement manages to keep things sufficiently vigorous.It chugs along for forty uninspiring minutes or so,until the unexpectedly enjoyable moment where you detonate a minefield and then become embroiled in an explosive car chase - at which point,the adventure comes to an abrupt (and massively disappointing) end,with no hint of a resolution. It's not a poor level;but,with more time and personal attention,it could have been so much more." - Orbit Dream (01-Feb-2019)

"Osvaldo strikes again, this time with a simple yet effective base level packed with Egyptian soldiers, some dogs and a few red scorpions along the way. It's mostly about descending and climbing ladders, using levers and finding keys and a much needed detonator until Lara finally escapes on a jeep while being bombarded by somebody else who keeps throwing grenades from another jeep. I'm not sure whther I ever used the crowbar anymore... Almost a straight shooter, not especially careful with the whole looks but still ok, rendered harder by the fact that (due to differences on my GPU/PC and screen resolutions I didn't fix) I simply couldn't see my health bar. So, I had to keep taking medipacks along the way purely by instinct and occasionally fleeing the baddies in order to survive. Well, I made it, so I guess my Lara deserves a medal. Nice if you're not expecting any kind of puzzles." - Jorge22 (19-Jan-2019)

"I don't always enjoy shooter base levels, which this undoubtedly is, but oddly enough I couldn't stop playing this one. It's fast paced and fun and doesn't overstay its welcome. The gameplay is straightforward and, although there is an element of backtracking, it's not onerous and I didn't get lost at all, which isn't necessarily the norm! The enemies are the usual guards, dogs and scorpions, plus the occasional bat (for once not re-textured), plenty of provisions are available and the timed runs are generous. In short, a level for all players. Defusing the minefield was a nice touch and the all too brief jeep ride at the end concluded things nicely. Give it a go." - Jay (18-Jan-2019)

"Osvaldo's previous level was a sufficiently enjoyable affair, but he seems to have regressed a bit in this one. It's not at all a terrible raid, but it's rather underwhelming and the gameplay doesn't really pack much of a punch, basically involving running around a drab security compound environment, shooting guards and pulling levers and repeating throughout the entire 35 minutes or so. The looks are plain and begin to look repetitive after a while, partly due to the continuous backtracking you have to perform. Not bad, but a bit of a disappointment." - Ryan (18-Jan-2019)

"I've slowly become an Osvaldo fan, but it seems to me he's going more for quantity than quality these days. Base P-Cero is a decent raid, but it seems rather easy and unimaginative compared to some of his earlier levels. The two secrets are much easier to find, with no preliminary ground work to be done, than others we've seen in the past. Still, you'll spend a vigorous forty minutes making your way in fairly linear fashion through the base, until you're finally able to grab the Jeep keys and make your escape. Enemies abound, mainly SAS, dogs and bats, but you're provided plenty of assorted weapons and ammo." - Phil (17-Jan-2019)

"We have here a rather simple and a pretty straightforward level with the Nevada/Lab environment. Gameplay was rather simple, finding some objects, pulling levers and switches to open some doors and the same throughout the entire level. Enemies were OK but I think there were too many. Rather simple and easy, it took me half an hour to complete. Despite all these, it is a rather fun and entertaining level to raid, but do not expect something new or original." - Gonxii (16-Jan-2019)

"It's just like so many times before with this builder - after one level showing an upward trend, this level is another step in the wrong direction. The gameplay is entirely a shooter, with dozens of guards, dogs and other enemies to battle along the way, mostly with pistols especially if you don't find all secrets. Then there is lever pulling, finding items, ... just the stuff you'd expect in a level with a severe lack of ideas. It's even slightly worse than in the builder's Area -1, as it actually never turns into anything else than this endless repetition of uninspired tasks. About the looks, well I think the builder at least used some humour in his story ... and he's basically right, I have nothing to add. A positive thing I can mention is that enemy jeep at the end, I can't remember any other level I played having used that one, so that is something remarkable. The friendly soldiers also were a nice touch. Finished in 25 minutes, with three decent secrets to find along the way." - manarch2 (15-Jan-2019)
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