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Temple of Lud by Osvaldo

DJ Full 5 7 6 6
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 7 8 8 8
manarch2 6 6 7 6
Mehrbod 9 9 9 9
nerdfury 9 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 9 8 9
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
release date: 19-Feb-2019
# of downloads: 1077

average rating: 7.86
review count: 9
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file size: 52.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"(9) Gameplay & Puzzles
This set of 2 intertwined levels could basically be called "TR3 Aldwych & Lud's Gate Revised: Still complicated, but less complicated than the Core versions". Emphasis on the revised aspect -- while some areas may remind you of TR3 London, Osvaldo has added a lot of creative, unique and challenging content here. The platforming and combat wasn't challenging for me, but the exploration and puzzle-solving was. I had so much fun with all gameplay aspects, and note-taking definitely helped me here. I'm really glad I didn't look at the walkthrough as it was super rewarding to finally conquer Osvaldo's many puzzles, some of which were quite cryptic and required trial & error. Hey, I'm just happy it's a levelset with many puzzles! Spoiler: Aside from backtracking, the only other gameplay aspect I didn't like involved Lara jumping through the purple curtains in the Masonic temple. This may come instinctively to people who have played TR3 before -- however, for people who haven't TR3, I don't think it's very fair.

(7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets
In TR3 London, the brief Egyptian area was believable as Lara was at a Natural History museum. However, there are swarms of stock TR4 Egyptian baddies in ToL, which seems a bit out of place to me. Okay, okay, maybe they want Lara out of the giant Egyptian complex underneath the London railways (the existence of this complex seems silly to me). But a Demigod underneath the London railways? That's getting a little far fetched. Osvaldo filled the Aldwych areas very well with static objects; on the other hand, the Egyptian areas felt very empty and could have used some decor. I found 5/6 secrets, and finding them felt very rewarding. There is one secret involving a key that involves some ghastly backtracking; aside from that, very well done on the secrets.

(8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras
I enjoyed the use of TR3 soundtracks during tense moments and there were a good number of helpful cameras. I do feel like the atmosphere is excellent in some areas (e.g. the Aldwych railway station, the Masonic temple, the Underwater area) but unpolished in other areas. I noticed that especially the Egyptian areas tended to be of a lower standard in architectural design; there are plenty of boxy and empty-looking Egyptian rooms.

(7) Lighting & Textures
Texturing was OK -- I spotted some warped textures here and there but no major issues. Lighting was generally done very well in the Aldwych/industrial areas, to set a grim mood. The lighting seemed flat in Egyptian areas. There's a generous amount of flares and I never had an issue with the dark corridors.

In sum, ToL is very creative and very complicated. I loved the gameplay, but I also can see how others would be turned off by its obscurity at times, and also the amount of backtracking involved. However, isn't complexity, obscurity and backtracking associated with the original TR3 Aldwych and Lud's Gate? I think so. I would strongly recommend ToL to anyone who enjoyed TR3 London (although if the underwater hub in TR3 Lud's Gate still haunts your dreams, you may want to pass on this one)." - nerdfury (19-Oct-2020)
"This is an ambitious two-part release by Osvaldo, based on two TR3 levels, but it's not one of my favorites. It's quite complicated, requiring a lot of backtracking within the two levels and between the two levels, and I would hardly have found my way through in the three hours plus that it took me without José's excellent walkthrough. Moreover, I'm not a fan of those revolving door and three-pushbutton puzzles, so I followed the walkthrough meticulously during those exercises. I guess I'm just one of those players who doesn't mind doing a little work but also dislikes being exposed to repeated bouts of frustration. There are lots of enemies scattered about, especially ninjas, but plenty of firepower is provided to deal with them. Ditto for the ample supply of flares to navigate the occasional dark areas. Still, I have to applaud the creative thought that went into the building process, and I certainly don't want to leave the impression that I didn't have a good time here. I suspect that Osvaldo may burn out at some point, but for the moment I encourage him to keep bringing 'em on." - Phil (19-Mar-2019)
"I had exactly the same feelings as DJ Full here, this being an overall more competently built than before but fairly lifeless recreation of TR 3, with sometimes decent (the timed runs are nice overall), sometimes very tedious gameplay (that underwater lever exercise is a big pain even if enough water holes are provided), sometimes atmospheric, sometimes blandly designed areas with several texturing mistakes and not at all fitting enemies. The secrets are the only thing you can count on in the builder's levels, and it was nice to find all six of them in a total of 1:10 hours of net gameplay time. But I think the builder has thrown out all of his ideas to the public many levels ago and now just respawns everything he already used dozens of times before. No, I am not exaggerating." - manarch2 (12-Mar-2019)
"In theory more complex and better constructed than the builder's previous works but heck, certain parts were a real pain to go through, especially the water switch puzzle in the second level. Almost everything included here was already showcased in original TR3, and literally everything of that is done in a way subpar to it, save from the spin blade trap which doesn't even belong here, just like the stock enemies (vide identical complaint for previously released jungle level). On the other hand, thumpers and swingy hooks are missing from their rooms, what produces an impression the author wasn't skilled enough to insert the actual London asset but used default stuff instead. But it can't be it since the Aldwych dog is here, what brings me to just one possible conclusion, and you know which one..." - DJ Full (06-Mar-2019)
"Osvaldo is definitely playing the nostalgia card with this one. I must say it was rather lovely to revisit the London/Aldwych textures again and I enjoyed myself quite a lot, although at times I got very confused with all the backtracking and trying to remember where things where. It’s possible that I should make notes, but why ruin a perfectly good track record now! You may want to keep the walkthrough handy, but I’d definitely recommend playing this. It’s not a slavish copy of the original, but parts will certainly seem familiar. Good fun." - Jay (06-Mar-2019)
"Not very agree with the other reviewers, the levels are still good and worth to play, but as usual in this author there are also "obscure" parts like the maze with the teleporters where it's very difficult to figure out what's the safe path, or the room with three buttons where they wont properly work in all cases. But again the main feature here is the continuous backtracking; not because the jump between levels, but by the very long distances the player is forced to travel a lot of times once he/she gets an important item. It notices an important advance with the texturization and the lighting, but try to discover the secrets if you want more extra weapons because even when the shotgun appears soon, the crossbow appears late. Anyway a couple solid levels with a lot of tasks you'll want to play if you liked the classic TR3 levels." - Jose (28-Feb-2019)
"First Temple of Seth, now Temple of Lud. This double leveled game is nowhere near a mammoth undertaking as the former, but it's still a mighty lengthy game, taking me just shy of two hours to complete. It's not a straightforward copy of the respective TR3 sections, but some of the areas (like the crate room, the train tracks, the button maze and the tall room with ledges) will be immediately recognisable if you've played that game, and the new additions do provide extra entertainment. The surroundings are very attractively textured and quite atmospheric, while the gameplay is mostly consistently entertaining. What I could have well done without were the quite heavy backtracks, which slowed the pace down a lot, and there were a few too many maze sections. Secret and enemy placements are very nicely done, although ninjas are a bit too frequent. Overall, this game isn't for the faint of heart (or those with a low tolerance for frustration), but it's definitely among Osvaldo's more accomplished efforts." - Ryan (28-Feb-2019)
"One of the most electrifying adventures I have ever played! Indeed, the builder has done a great job in remaking the whole levels, in addition to adding some of his own creativity to the game! The only thing that was missing was the use of NG textures and the original TR3 sounds, in which case, it would have been evocative of so many old memories we all have from TR3. Top recommended TR3-ish adventure. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (22-Feb-2019)
"I'm in two minds about this adventure. On the one hand,it's an often long-winded (and sometimes downright confusing) backtracking odyssey;involving many convoluted traverses of complicated rooms - where using the wrong method will invariably result in an infuriating impasse. On the other,it is unquestionably epic;often exhilarating,and (unusually for this builder) considerably atmospheric. With the exception of a few distorted textures near the start,the two levels were generally good looking and (thanks to effective lighting) often atmospheric. Enemies were generously used;but often ingeniously incorporated to provide hints for progression. Object placement was effective;and the secrets were cunningly placed. Gameplay was often ingenious,but frequently infuriating (far too many labyrinths;and an over-use of retracing of steps,both on dry land and underwater). Nonetheless,the atmosphere was often potent;and the builder squeezed an absolutely huge amount out of the two interlinked levels. It took me nigh-on three and a half hours to get through this.It could definitely have done with being shorter - but you can't help but admire the work that went into it." - Orbit Dream (20-Feb-2019)