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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:6.72 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 6 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jorge22 8 7 7 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
manarch2 5 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 7 6 6
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 7 7 7
category averages
(8 reviews)
6.50 6.75 6.75 6.88

Reviewer's comments

"Again, another very solid and classic level from this author. As usual, no-lineal so you can expect certain backtracking. If you want extra weapons, try to find the secrets or you'll have to shoot all the enemies (ninjas in the jungle?, crocs and scorpions) only with the pistols; anyway there are enough medipacks to finish without problems. Only buttons to press and some gymnastics, except in the small room with the switch spikes-protected; in this room I never found the hint to open the door so, after some time running around the room, the door fortunately opens. There are some texture defects, but usually the environments look nice and the lights are well worked. If you like classic levels, this one will be a good option to download to get more than one hour of fun." - Jose (19-Dec-2019)

"I must say, it was a pleasant surprise to visit a South Pacific jungle setting for a change, rather than the typical India locales we've become so accustomed. Osvaldo's familiar style is everywhere evident here: mostly fast paced gameplay (aside from an unreasonably tedious shimmy sequence and somewhat extraneous backtracking), a crisp duration of play (around 50 minutes for me) and sufficiently pleasing settings. I found that the jungle textures here were a bit bland and unexciting, although the audio loops supported the atmosphere quite nicely, while the Egyptian enemies were a bit disconcerting in this particular location. The secrets were nicely placed, though, and gave you a generous reward. The only section that I thought was rather odd was the unmarked tile gambit near the end. Unless I missed something and just running around blindly was sufficient, I could only execute it with precise movements which seemed a bit unfair, IMO. Otherwise, it's simple and readily achievable." - Ryan (06-Sep-2019)

"This is middle-of-the-road Osvaldo, which to me is pretty decent Osvaldo. You get a variety of playing environments that must be revisited from time to time, but the only real annoyance was that inexcusably long shimmy exercise (that had to be repeated) near the end. Lighting is good, the provided weaponry is sufficient to deal with the plethora of enemies, and you get a couple of invigorating timed runs (one with two timed doors). Osvaldo won't win any awards with these levels, but he consistently gives us an entertaining raid, and that's all I expect of any builder." - Phil (06-Sep-2019)

"As with most of Osvaldo's endeavours,this one relies very much upon backtracking to constitute the bulk of its gameplay. Back and forth you go - from switch to opened door (usually quite a long way away);to find another switch to open a door back near where the first switch was located,etc etc. The way backward-and-forward is occasionally interesting (especially the jaunt around the box-tree village);and there are a handful of jumping challenges to keep the adrenaline going - but just as much is repetitive;often tedious;and sometimes downright unfair (the stupidly placed booby trap blades;and the nonsensical door-opening 'puzzle'). Enemies are entertaining enough,though;and the secrets were decently placed. Textures are frequently as repetitive as the gameplay (and the locations never feel particularly convincing);although lighting exhibits creativity on occasion,and the cameras do their job of showing you a door opening in some far-off distant corner of the level. It ends with no proper Finale nor appropriate fanfare,after somewhat longer than the 30 minutes it took manarch2. He should be so lucky." - Orbit Dream (04-Sep-2019)

"Nothing weird about it as far as the raiding universe goes... Anyway, this was actually good stuff even though I'm not sure what all those Arabs were doing far away from Arabia. Or where some of the crocodiles came from. A level that unfolds logically, with some challenges to it but nothing too demanding (just think of how player-friendly that timed run was) and a clear improvement in visual terms albeit galaxies away from an eye candy masterpiece. There was a door I managed to open by doing... erm... something? It seems it was about stepping on three unmarked tiles. Or simply running around for a while. Oh well... Still, I found it globally well designed and with a few creativity touches here and there. Nothing I'm willing to complain about on my side really. Enjoyable." - Jorge22 (04-Sep-2019)

"A decent but as usual not very exciting game with acceptable but still far betterable looks, non-fitting but decently placed enemies, varied but not quite demanding gameplay with at least a few fine trap sequences and two good secrets which took me 30 minutes to finish (the finale is as so often very abrupt and dissatisfying). There is one thing I really disliked: the puzzle where you have to step on three unmarked tiles to open a hidden door in one area. The rest is not bad, but nothing that will change your attitude towards his levels, in neither direction." - manarch2 (03-Sep-2019)

"A typical Osvaldo level, set this time in the jungle. The emphasis is very much on exploration – quite a lot of it – and shooting scorpions, crocodiles and ninjas (looking somewhat surprised to find themselves in a jungle setting). It passes the time pleasantly enough and there’s nothing particularly difficult to achieve, which makes it suitable for the majority of players. If you’ve enjoyed his levels in the past, this one should equally appeal." - Jay (03-Sep-2019)

"Somehow when after one hour of raiding we enter a temple after finding 2 red stones, i knew that the end would be near and there would be no proper ending again. And yes the goal is to enter this temple and that's it. The ride until that threshold of disappointment was entertaining enough and particularly relaxing. This is an easy level with some easy traps , jumps , and rather well placed enemies (ninjas , crocs and small scorpions). You don't die often here , you don't lose a lot of health either and the level is not on the dark side , that's why there is not many pickups. It seems there are two secrets to be found ( i did not found any , i noticed a closed trapdoor underwater ). There is one timed door which was fun to master with jumps over water , Osvaldo is generous with the time you are given. The level is player-friendly and has its moments : the small village with trees where you can fire at a gunman through tree foliage , the puzzle where you are tempted to pull a switch on a tile with spikes holes for it seems there is nothing else to do in that room, the short sequence with breakable tiles. Atmosphere and sounds are correct, the background audio loops fit the different areas , caves or outside ones. maybe it would have been better to have gunmen that are not the white ninjas or natives instead of those, and of course a better goal/ending. Still a recommanded level to relax a bit in between the harder or more ambitious ones." - eRIC (30-Aug-2019)
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