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Author(s): Franky
total rating:6.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Jorge22 6 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 8 8
manarch2 3 7 5 5
Orbit Dream 3 6 4 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Torry 6 7 8 5
category averages
(7 reviews)
5.57 7.43 7.00 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"It's been three years since I last played a level from this builder;and,on re-reading my 2017 review,I can see at once that my thoughts on this 2019 offering are exactly the same. In fact,I could almost copy/paste it inits entirety. "Unfortunately,many of the concepts in this level are not only downright unfair but actually quite preposterous: some glass flowers that occasionally blow you up like landmines - but others which are no more than glass flowers" Yup,all present and correct here as well. I would also add: movable objects that look exactly the same as the multitude of identical static ones.Intrusive fast-tempo music loop - which is incongruous,and FAR too dramatic for the "push object and search for keys" gameplay. Messed up sounds.Oddly behaving guards,who wander around pointlessly;and exhibit no animosity whatsoever even when you repeatedly fire round after round of bullets into them.A double-keypad 'puzzle' that simply can't be solved without the aid of the Walkthrough. "There are signs that the author tried to push the boundaries here and there - but they really ought to get the basics right first." No change here - ambition is to be applauded;but only once the basics have been mastered. "I was never able to go for longer than fifteen minutes each time,before quitting in exasperation." Ditto. "This level might give some players enjoyment,provided they employ the continual use of the walkthrough" - the same. It must be pointed out that the lighting and texturisation is fine (and often imaginative);and there is definitely a keen imagination on display - but there is little fluidity to the gameplay,and the 25 net minutes of this level felt more like four hours to me." - Orbit Dream (30-May-2020)

"Sorry but this game did not click with me and I am surprised that this is one of the builder's highest rated games. The gameplay content is very meager, the start is almost solely about finding ammo or weapons in order to open the next door (without camera hint), later on it is basically about finding four easily found fuses just somewhere in larger rooms with a lot of guards and of course the titular borg. Elements that made the previous levels of the builder enjoyable like the anti-gravity pads do not play a larger role here and actually there is only one real puzzle - the keypad one - but even this is, well... trivial, and no platforming so all in all not much to enjoy here. The architecture is very simple and the "roof area" where you find a secret is completely unrealistic, complete with Lara bumping into invisible walls. Many textures are missing and you can see other rooms or objects in the far, many objects themselves have missing textures. The lighting is a bit better here and I liked the cartoonish style of the outside area at the start, as well as the cool trucks and jeeps moving around. The borg enemies are decently used and at first I enjoyed the combination of friendly enemies and them, but this setup is repeated ad nauseam and the majority of the game is just about this. As this game was quite short at 20 minutes it was halfway bearable but the entire lack of new ideas in terms of gameplay make this level hard to recommend. Found the five secrets." - manarch2 (17-Jan-2020)

"Not very agree with the gameplay, based only about find secrets and more secrets and usually "obscure" to advance; example: near the start there is not a marked tile in the small room with the ceiling trapdoor so the players can know Lara can jump up to 8 clicks high. Another times the pickups are triggering another objects and there are not cameras to show what you're doing. The best were the enemies and objects and, as usual, the effort to create a good atmosphere; this time I coud watch a couple of FMVs in between. Near the end it's almost impossible to see the hints to discover the numbers to use in the keyboards, so the use of the walkthrough is sure forced for most players. In the line of previous levels, we'll see what can get better this author in the second part of this adventure." - Jose (14-Jan-2020)

"This first Borg installment from Franky has Lara running around a large terrestrial star base with far too much to and fro going on and whilst you can kill all the base staff it is only the men in black you need to concern yourself with. The Star Trek officers actually assist on occasions. The secrets are very well hidden and I gave up on trying to find them and loaded up Doggetts video walk through and must admit I would never have thought to pull out desk stations or rocket launcher pads. You do not encounter the Borg till the very end but they are easily disposed of with the provided weaponry and did not have time to adapt. We do encounter some texture fade outs and the tiny little Enterprise actually looked quite silly sitting on top of the terrestrial base but if you discount these anomalies the adventure (or shooter) in and of itself is not a bad way to spend 40 minutes or so. The included cut scenes whilst entertaining come straight from the television show and are poor quality, probably to keep the file size down but IF you are going to include something like that please keep the quality to that of a DVD at the very least." - Torry (30-Nov-2019)

"Another competent alien level from the imaginative Franky. I deleted all the music files except for the secret chimes immediately after I started playing (renaming them doesn't work) so I could proceed in peace and quiet. As in other Franky levels, the FMVs would not play on my computer, but I don't feel that I missed out on anything important. I wish that Franky would concentrate on giving us 40MB downloads instead of 175MB downloads with all the unnecessary bloat. Anyway, I enjoyed meeting up with the Borg, and the outdoor segment where the Enterprise was dry-docked was especially entertaining. There are lots of friendly guards around. Sometimes they help Lara kill the occasional soldier, other times they don't. Nevertheless, plenty of firepower is provided, so you'll hear no complaints from me. The laser sight is provided but never used. Why? Good fun, and recommended." - Phil (09-Nov-2019)

"A slight improvement in the building process for this builder where textures are concerned, as the scenery seemed a bit more pleasant this time around. Gameplay still turns out to be a bit pedestrian, mainly centering around searching out hidden pushblocks and secrets before Lara eventually reaches the rather abrupt ending (at least of this first of two parts). Enemies provide a decent challenge though, and the keypad puzzle was a welcome addition (if you can grasp what it asks of you, of course). It won't set your world alight, but it's a pleasant enough experience." - Ryan (09-Nov-2019)

"Not as colourful as in previous levels, very economic on the anti-gravity spots trademark as well as on the covered grounds to some extent (excepting the outdoor area with the trucks), finding the fuses sometimes depends on finding the secrets and they tend to be pretty hard to spot, the keyboard puzzle is possibly even harder to figure out and the ending is as sudden as it gets (I understand it's the end of part 1 but still...). The general building may have slightly evolved. The sounds and music are fitting and it keeps you busy for a while. It's just less thrilling than (I) expected. This may look like a huge rant but it's only my sincere opinion, so sorry. I enjoyed it nonetheless." - Jorge22 (04-Nov-2019)
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