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Author(s): abbath81
total rating:6.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
manarch2 6 6 7 6
Ryan 7 7 8 9
The Snarky Lesbian 5 5 5 6
category averages
(3 reviews)
6.00 6.00 6.67 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"This 40 minute level is a definate step upwards for the builder and I really liked the atmosphere of the first level where you explore around the titular pyramid to finally enter it. Texturing was rather clean and the lighting decent, if a bit monotonous. In the second level the visuals were not so good, many simplistic and boxy areas, wallpaper textures and dull lighting disturbed the good feelings from the first level. Gameplaywise it really has something on offer, while there is indeed a lot of to and fro and annoying dead ends (you travel a long path just to find a closed door you need to open elsewhere, or you just find some ammo), there are a few decent challenges and here and there a creative touch as well in terms of jumps and especially traps. The quadbike tour was also fairly nice, but without the reverse mode a bit annoying. What I disliked was that you can easily miss the lasersight and need it later on, then you can only hope to have a grenade left in your inventory or elseway you will be stuck for good. Overall enjoyable though and I hope the builder continues with his work. Found all three secrets." - manarch2 (02-Feb-2020)

"Small preface if you decide to play this one: Save often!
So this is kind of a weird set, since the level names seem to not be in order (received the levels yesterday), but otherwise it worked for me. However something seems a bit wrong with the sound. The first level had no background noises for me, and occasionally Lara would do an "aha!" when picking something up, but only sometimes, even when it happened it would glitch out quickly. In the second level the sound was fine. Speaking of the second level, the graphics in there made a lot of sense and the lighting was great, meanwhile the first level was a bit too deep into the pastel colors. Specifically fifty shades of sand colors everywhere, but I saw some monkey enemies and that was cool, because that looked like a model I have not seen before. Also there was the guide from TR4 as an enemy, that was a new one for me as well.
So what do I not like? Kind of everything else. From the riddles to the buggy gameplay as well as the level design. The biggest offender on the latter is the first level, that first has you climb the strangest structures, dick around somewhere in the bottom area where you never quite know what you are doing, and it included some obnoxiously hard jumps. Then you find a crystal and another key item, and for the latter you backtrack all the way back to start and climb an area for quite a while that eventually leads to the keyhole. Key and keyhole where as far away from one another as they could have been. If I had found the keyhole first I would have been incredibly salty. Don't do this please. Later in the same level you get a quad bike that you then have to balance over the tiniest structures, at the end you find a ramp. Designed in a way so that when standing at the end and just driving up you cannot do it (especially since you cannot drive backwards), so you need to combine it with an earlier jump that ended in a curve. That was horrible, and since you cannot turn there you have to load an earlier save. Awesome. Some of the "solutions" to find your next path are quite odd to find, but for some reason the secrets are really easy to find. The second level immediately looks better, even if findings things seems even harder and the "puzzles" become even more annoying. From a timed double-ramp-advance to pushing blocks for minutes on end into slightly differently colored corners, and no, you cannot climb these blocks, you have to awkwardly glitch over them diagonally. Speaking of glitchy, you can actually get stuck in this level. As you come towards the end there is a time trap (because of course it's timed) where you have to destroy a gem in an upwardly slanted crack in the wall (so you cannot hit it with the shotgun). Turns out you will have to hit it with the Revolver you may or may not have found in the previous level. I found every secret but no revolver. I managed to destroy the gem by abusing the Grenade Launcher's AoE, but essentially you are stuck there if you did not find it. A1 testing right now. Additionally, the gate immediately afterwards opens when you come near it, and then closes, even if you are still standing in front of it, at which point you will be stuck again to load another previous safe. But you really don't want to go through there anyway, cause the room it leads into has you fight two giant scorpions while being surrounded by firespewers. Thanks mate, I hate it. Take my advice, bite the bullet on this one, just stand in the corner and take the damage and poisoning while you destroy them with your Uzis (if you found those lol), then heal up and move on. Everything else will make you rage until a vein bursts in your forehead. Which was really sad to me, cause it looked like the level was getting better graphically, just the riddles really fell apart at the end." - The Snarky Lesbian (21-Jan-2020)

"There does seem to have been a resurgence in updates for levels already posted on this site, which does seem a bit disconcerting. But that's another discussion for another day, and this one can now be played without any issues (the only odd thing being that the level titles seem to have reverted to the stock TR4 script names). Now, onto the level in question. As far as scenery goes, this is really quite beautiful. The sandy NG Egyptian textures are utilised nicely, the atmosphere is well captured and the builder seems to have a good grasp on audio file usage. However, the gameplay was quite aggravating in parts, particularly the numerous backtracking sections and the exact precision required for a few of the traps. There was also an invisible platform section that was more tedious than it should have been. Ammo and weaponry was also on the scarce side, but that shouldn't really be a major issue unless you expend all of the ammo in quick succession. There is enough to go round. A few more camera hints would have also been useful once an action had been triggered, although this game is relatively linear so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I did like the way that the block puzzles, timed runs and quad bike ride was set up, though. There definitely has been an improvement on the aesthetics side of things from this builder's debut effort and if a little more thought is put into the gameplay aspect, we could be seeing something really special one day." - Ryan (15-Jan-2020)
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