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Return to the Maria Doria by Masked Goon
Jorge22 8 8 8 7
manarch2 4 6 7 6
McRaider 9 10 10 9
p1kaa 9 9 8 8
The Snarky Lesbian 7 7 9 9
Torry 8 8 9 8
release date: 31-Aug-2020
# of downloads: 611

average rating: 7.96
review count: 6
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file size: 57.20 MB
file type: TR2
class: Ship

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Reviewer's comments
"A short TR2 level that seems to work quite well in spite of its excessive darkness and a certain lack of medipacks that may make you a little uneasy in the final part. It has what you mostly expect from a Maria Doria, TR2 level, such as lots of goons (some carrying batons, others using fire arms, luckily all easy to kill, plus a couple of divers), sharks and other aggressive fish, a bit of fire and broken glass, pushables, keys and rolling barrels. The map is simple, yet enticing. The ending was really sudden. There's nothing particularly wrong about it and I enjoyed the ride." - Jorge22 (06-Sep-2020)
"First of all, let me THANK YOU, for making a TR2 based level. Not just aesthetically, but also in engine. This didn't flow into my review score, but I'm so goddamn thankful for every T1-3 style level!
Otherwise, good level. Especially coming from a new builder this is a very good level. It might not seem crazy to someone playing a lot of ambitious TR4 stuff, but I enjoyed this because it played EXACTLY like a TR2 level should. A flipped over boat level, with the same / similarly styled puzzles and sections as in the original game. Which is why my points on Lighting, Textures and the Atmosphere are all at 9. They work perfectly like they should. Caves look and feel like caves, the ship interior resembles areas that reference a bar and a theatre, there are many windows showing sharks and barracudas circling the ship. It all works. Only thing I would like to bring up there, something SirDanielPonces did in his Ship-based level that I cannot forget now, is being thorough on the aspect of the ship being "flipped". In his case that affected puzzles too, but just an overall aspect for your level would be, that with a flipped ship, the theatre and the bar would have to be flipped upside down too. But I cannot fault you too much there, because I'm not exactly sure how much this flipped aesthetic was specifically desired by you, and because the vanilla TR2 did have irregularities as well. But overall, the aesthetic fits. And I especially enjoyed the little pool at the end.
What I am a bit split on, is my opinion on enemies, pickups and secrets. Let's go with the secrets first, as they kinda saddened me a little bit. They started out great with the Golden Dragon, but the Stone Dragon was basically just in the corner of an underwater section, and the Jade Dragon was un-missable at the very end of the level. Now I was saddened a little bit because collecting all 3 didn't award anything, but it would have been useless anyway, because the level ended immediately afterwards anyway. As much as I initially liked the ending section that gave me a "rush" almost like the aforementioned SirDanielPonce's Hostile Waters that had a big Metroid-esque escape sequence. But sadly your escape sequence only consisted of one slide and the Jade Dragon. This section would have gained a lot from being slightly longer, having enemies hunting Lara for getting the Seraph or possibly even a little boss fight section.
This isn't the main reason I am split on the enemy section though. Here is the thing: The enemies are placed well, and in situations where they make sense. They guard important locations, they seem like they are looking for the same treasure as Lara (so as direct competitors) and their ambushes make sense too. So the enemy placement itself is well done. The issue is, that they - outside of the frogmen in the underwater section - are way too easy to deal with. I would have recommended a good deal more enemies, having to defeat them in tighter spaces, more ambushes and potentially a bigger final section, like them having found Lara's ship and placing guards there to ambush her on her way back. But alas, the underwater section with the two frogmen WAS dangerous, and actually made me play hide and seek with them. That part was masterfully done, and kudos for that.
I hope I wasn't too critical here, I definitely enjoyed my time playing this level, and I cannot wait for your next level!" - The Snarky Lesbian (06-Sep-2020)
"I didn't find a nice level such as this one in a while, strait forward puzzles and fun to play and solve, kinda suprised that were a ton of enemies to kill in such a small level however it tunred out so well, Secrets weren't the hardest on this level, all of them weren't really hidden, You just find them in front of you, stone secret maybe hidden -a bit- Im more into well hidden secrets, adds a lot to the level, specially if you do speciall puzzles to reach it. The level was too dark, I don't mind playing dark level, but there was a lack flares so at least should put some more flare pick ups here and there, some scene camera weren't in place specially if the room is dark and can't see anything, it didn't make sense, no camera when doing levers it's just a thing that won't affect the gameplay specially for a level strait forward like this one but it's something we are used to it in tr games so.., Overall very nice and well built level, a really good underwater theme, well used textures, I give this level a solid 9/10, secrets found 3/3. I highly recommend this level :) I had a bug when looking around with the camera the screen turns black, and returns back to normal when releasing the button, I had this issues in several places, I don't if it's the level or the game itself" - p1kaa (06-Sep-2020)
"Decent enough for a debut level and the builder already shows some nice sense of place in his first level with a few rather well connected areas. It is still a bit on the simplistic side at times with a bit of functional or unrealistic architecture, especially in those caves, texturing and lighting also need a bit more care, but I think it's quite okay overall. There are some decent takes on fixed cams, not all of which worked together well with the gameplay but it never got annoying. The gameplay is not very diverse with very easy traps and no real puzzles. Progression is not dull but heavily based on using keys and levers for doors in previous parts of the adventure and not so much on real exploration. I would have liked to have more harpoons to deal with the frogmen, also didn't find the automatic pistols but ammo for them (perhaps my mistake), but overall enemies are decently placed. The three secrets are too easy to find but of course a nice addition to the whole thing that ended after 25 minutes for me." - manarch2 (04-Sep-2020)
"Solid Tomb Raider 2 level that works quite well. Not too much in the way of puzzles and the level is fairly linear but quite fun to explore. We have the usual denizens of the deep here along with the Goons and guards that are relatively easy to dispatch. It felt like I was back in the Maria Doria and that was the whole point of the level. Found all three secrets." - Torry (02-Sep-2020)
"Good adventure inspired by the original with which I had a couple of hours entertaining. There is a lot of action with enemies and the gameplay is fluid, just one observation... although there are quite a few flares it is a bit dark in the last part, except that it seemed to me a good game, well done!" - McRaider (02-Sep-2020)