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Create a Classic 2019 (Unreleased)- Lost Ruins of Atlantis by Sabatu

Chel 9 9 9 8
Jason L 9 9 7 8
JesseG 9 9 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
SrDanielPonces 10 10 10 9
Treeble 9 10 9 9
release date: 05-Sep-2020
# of downloads: 710

average rating: 8.96
review count: 7
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file size: 184.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Here's a couple of gargantuan Atlantis-themed levels which, despite the massive designs, have a great flow to them. Most of the caves are quite open, with several side paths, so there is a lot of ground to cover in your quest for fuses and levers to proceed, with quite a few perilous traps. Props for the rolling boulder placement, I think I managed to die at least once in every single one of them, even when I knew one was coming. The enemy encounters can also be quite challenging, as you don't always have room to dodge the projectiles from the atlantean creatures, but there is a very generous amount of supplies (and, as I stated above, a thorough exploration is pretty much mandatory here). My only issue is down to fixed cameras, sometimes they got a little wonky and seemed to flicker through walls, but that was a minor problem that in no way hindered my experience here. 70 minutes, 6 secrets. 09/20" - Treeble (27-Sep-2020)
"The TR1 engine undoubtedly has its limitations, but something about the nostalgia factor and those grainy textures always makes me look forward to playing one of these levels, and this is undoubtedly an enjoyable one. Although the textures are a bit messy and disjointed by today's standards, the layout and structure of this one is quite ingenious, having you descend into the lava depths under the mines and unexpectedly happening across a lost ancient Atlantean civilisation and the architecture is quite impressive at times, particularly the tall shaft with mutants reminiscent of the original Atlantis level. Plenty (and I do mean plenty) of boulders keep you on your toes, as do the abundance of mutants and the secret quests are enjoyable excursions indeed. The only minor issues I encountered were a few items that tended to glitch through walls at certain points and an odd issue with the camera that made things a bit disorientating at times. Apart from those, a very nice addition to our library of TR1 custom levels." - Ryan (27-Sep-2020)
"Two TR1 levels with a lot of Atlantean enemies to face, so this is not going to be a walk in the park. Not to mention the boulders, spikes, and flames, along with a couple of tricky jumps (not quite "pixel perfect" but close) and a simple yet rather clever golden door puzzle. The one gameplay moment I must critique is the very tall pit where you must get Lara to fall in a precise manner to hit the water below, which seemed impossible to do without relying on saves to use trial and error. Besides that, I enjoyed the challenge in this levelset. Sometimes the camera shots get in the way, for example a sloped lava slide where you have to hop a gap without being able to see where Lara's feet are (sometimes I could break the camera with the look button, but it didn't work consistently, maybe that's just a TR1 thing). The architecture of the Atlantean surroundings is quite appealing and enjoyable to explore. The looks are nice except that there are quite a few stretched textures. Overall I would recommend this to any raider that loves a good challenge. 1 hour 26 minutes." - JesseG (26-Sep-2020)
"This is a delightful set of classic levels. Sabatu always entertains and provokes an excellent sense of nostalgia in the player. The TR1 engine may be limited (and a bit messy) but there is something special about being able to fire up levels of this sort on a Saturday morning, and be greeted with the same sights, puzzles and sounds that I enjoyed as a teenager living in my childhood home so many years ago. I had no issues getting anything to run on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. I did have to pause and walk away for a long time yesterday evening and I returned to a blue screen. Everything worked fine on reboot so I'd say it's just one of those glitches that comes with the territory. Gameplay is, of course, classic and it's very well done. Some of the Atlantean combat sequences were tricky and so were some of the platforming and gauntlet running sequences in the second level. Loved the nice touches that brought to mind the original levelset (the long long swan dive down with zero margin for error was great!)and overall stayed very engaged with the adventure. Didn't find myself truly stuck at any point, though some puzzles required thinking outside the box a bit and looking around especially carefully. I hate the enemies in the best possible way and appreciated the inclusion of a boss fight with our favorite gross Atlantean species. Found 7 secrets: 5 in the mines and 2 in the pyramid. I think I know where the missing one is, I'm just not sure how to get to it. There were several weird issues with items that were behind walls rendering in front of those walls, as well as doors that appeared in strange places. It's just strange to see, doesn't really detract from the experience, but did take some of the guesswork out of exploring around corners, since I already knew that goodies were tucked behind them. The lighting, well, it is what it is. :) I look forward to any level from Sabatu, and this one is no exception: it's a treat, and exactly what I have come to expect from them. Thank you kindly!" - Chel (19-Sep-2020)
"I thought there were three levels and the game was freezing on me as I finished the second! What a laugh. Anyway, I don't think this is the very first time we get to play a TR1 level, complete with sounds and everything, but this is definitely a way to make us enjoy those messy old graphics, the traps and even all the annoying Atlanteans. I actually can't tell what in the world Lara was doing in those fire-filled caves, but I had great fun among all those little coloured squares, finding my way and escaping all the boulders (good Wall of China inspiration for one of those sequences, just before the final boss fight). Pretty good for a TR1 game, I believe. Well done." - Jorge22 (15-Sep-2020)
"Amazing well executed TR1 custom level with Atlantis aesthetic. I really enjoyed this from start to end. Textures are very fine placed and so it's the geometry, I was impressed with one of the very last rooms that looked like it had a brain on the ceiling! My only issue is that I experciended some bugs with the camera, but nothing that couldn't make me enjoy this TRLE :)" - Jason L (06-Sep-2020)
"Considering all the levels this builder has released, Sabatu is the kind of level builder that is obsessed with the classic formula. This time, with TE's brand new TR1 support, Sabatu decided to be the first one to use it for his (now cancelled) create a classic entry, which was originally made for TR4 engine with a TR1 imitation. Not only was it smart and convenient to port it to TR1, but it also adds more to the aesthetic and makes it a LOT more believable. When I played this level, it felt so surreal thinking how simple TR1 gameplay can be, when in fact it entertained me a LOT. This is something I value a lot. I found the gameplay very acessible for new players (except for those HORRIBLE boulders AAAAA) with some very interesting platforming. My only complaint is that Sabatu should really take more time into texturing, since I see many of them weirdly placed (i'm low key hinting to TE's fix coordinates feature hehe). RECOMMENDED!" - SrDanielPonces (05-Sep-2020)