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The Kurtis Trent Chronicles: Chapter 1 by AngelOfDarkness

Adngel 9 10 8 8
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 10 9
Jose 7 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
release date: 12-Sep-2020
# of downloads: 815

average rating: 9.30
review count: 5
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file size: 154.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"For a debut offering (and a six-parter, no less), this is surprisingly accomplished indeed. My overall impressions are definitely on the positive side, so I shall deal with the very minor downsides here at the beginning of this review. The overall ambience is on the sombre and gloomy side, but there were a few tunnels and passages towards the latter half of the game that were a bit too dark for my likings (although judging by the general aesthetic of these levels, that was probably an intended stylistic choice), the guards in the first couple of levels seemed to take ages to take down (maybe Kurtis wasn't positioned properly) and Secrets of the Underground had a little too much backtracking between the train platforms for my taste. Aside from those, everything else here is absolutely spot on. The atmosphere is unsettlingly on point, the surroundings are constructed with great care, object placement is great and the gameplay keeps you on your toes, mixing in a few neat puzzles, enemy encounters, vehicle rides, traps and exploration. It tends to throw quite a bit at you, but never to the extent that it gets overwhelming or frustrating. I had no trouble with the quad bike sequences either, so obviously I was doing something right. Having Kurtis as the main character was also a neat touch. Brilliant enjoyment and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Well done!" - Ryan (26-Sep-2020)
"This adventure is a very nice welcome in our trle community. To the beginning to the end, it was impossible to stop the game because I always wanted to know what happened next. I also very liked having Kurtis in main character. About the difficulty, the levels are not very hard so even a beginner can start his trle experience with this game easily. I also very loved the design of all levels. The caves, city, sewers, castle ... everything is very well build and textured. I really liked the mix between tr4 rocks and sand textures with london or tr6 textures. I can just congratulate the author for this fabulous adventure. I spend a very good moment with Kurtis and I'm very exiting about futures games by the builder. Thanks a lot for this adventure :-D !!" - Bigfoot (22-Sep-2020)
"These six levels starring Kurtis overall have a nice balance of exploration, combat, traps and some puzzles too. Kurtis explores the streets of London as well as an underground tunnel, and will have all sorts of bullets, flames, and blades thrown at him. The quad bike was enjoyable except for the part where you have to drive it on a narrow walkway - TR4 vehicles just aren't built to be used on paths that are only a width of one tile. The beast from Citadel Gate appears a few times, a nice setup for an antagonist, although the constant locusts can be annoying after a while. It was not clear where to have the knights attack in order to proceed in the fifth level. The visual aspects are well done and cutscenes are used effectively to help set the narrative. Overall I would recommend this to any raider out there. 2 hours 23 minutes." - JesseG (20-Sep-2020)
"Oh, how sweet it is to be able to play as Kurtis Trent from Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness in a TRLE levelset that can easily be connected to the main series of events at some point in time! The first chapter of the Kurtis Trent Chronicles was fun to play! The atmosphere and sound effects incorporated into this portion complimented each other throughout all five levels and the final boss room. All the audio played throughout this levelset are absolutely seamless, none of the sounds and musical stings interrupting one another whatsoever. Instead, the audio tracks merge together to create one whole piece that further amplifies the experience, never losing its cohesion. The puzzles, however, are a bit more on the simplistic side. Some puzzles in this levelset can be compared to a medium-rare meat dish. You begin a puzzle, and then suddenly, the solution immediately presents itself. But this doesn't mean that all of the puzzles are bad or too easy. Although some of the puzzles weren't exactly anything too special or crazy, the overall end results of each one were satisfying enough to make up for their shortcomings. One puzzle that struck my fancy was the quad bike puzzle, as it took a certain degree of caution and precision to safely ride the quad bike from one section to the next. The storyline so far feels like a good headcanon series of events that could eventually lead to the official timeline within the world of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness despite no mention of Gundersen, the man who directed Trent's freelancing jobs between mercenary and semi-legal agencies. But the story doesn't really need Gundersen to make it compelling or comprehensible. The story and levelset are further complimented by the clever incorporation of animated objects from preceding and succeeding games into the TR4 engine - one example being the welding laser from Tomb Raider Chronicles. The textures and gloomy lighting convey a purposeful dark atmosphere as well. Overall, despite a couple shortcomings here and there, the first chapter was well-paced, and I'd definitely play through these levels again while waiting for the next two parts!" - Jose (18-Sep-2020)
"A group of short levels that form a good adventure. In total they took me more than a couple of hours, but they were nice and fun as the progress is easy and each zone is defined by different styles. The gameplay also provides some plot moments and suspense that enhace the experience. The environment uses Core textures and sometimes may result in very simple style (a lot of big empty flat walls) but generally, the levels have a very good visuals supported by ambient lights. There are not many enemies, but the ones that are there, are good (works fine, good visuals, good presentation, good challenge). I have not found any secret, but the puzzle pieces also were fine (right with the level theme and correct presentation). Unfortunately I had to search in Youtube how to beat the final boss, but in general, I have had a nice time playing this adventure with Kurtis (glad to see him around after so much time). I recomend it." - Adngel (17-Sep-2020)