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Author(s): Mazun
total rating:7.45 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bex 7 6 8 8
Ceamonks890 7 7 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 8 8
eRIC 8 6 9 8
Gerty 7 6 8 7
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jerry 8 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 7 9
Kristina 7 7 8 8
manarch2 7 6 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 6 7 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sash 6 5 7 7
Sheevah 7 7 9 10
Treeble 9 8 9 8
Xxenofex 7 5 8 7
category averages
(19 reviews)
7.32 6.58 7.95 7.95

Reviewer's comments

"I really liked this level for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Certainly, the atmosphere is pleasant and the gameplay nicely balanced, but there’s nothing going on that we haven’t seen before. Nevertheless, for a level of its age I had a lot of fun. There’s not a lot of enemy action if that’s your preference, but the tinmen, crocs and ahmet are judiciously used and the timed trapdoor run is enjoyable. If you like the genre, I would definitely recommend this one." - Jay (25-Jun-2019)

"While not exactly the most memorable experience, Mazun uses original TR4 assets to great effect here, always shaking up the experience by throwing the player into one new situation after another, practically ensuring boredom is an impossibility within this long-abandoned Egyptian tomb hidden away on a deserted island, in the middle of nowhere. Granted there are some visual effect graphics missing(such as the bubbles, sun and water ripples) and a good chunk of the rooms themselves felt a tad too boxy and empty at times. But with fun, relaxing gameplay that never lets up on its creative variance and a very immersive atmosphere throughout, I didn't really care so much about the negligible flaws previously mentioned and merely enjoyed this release, for what it was. Overall, an above-average old-school level that I recommend everyone play at least once." - Ceamonks890 (03-Jul-2017)

"The majority of this level is set around a two- storey hub room with different passages branching off. Each room contains different tasks for Lara to perform, some of which do drag on (in particular a rather tedious movable object puzzle), but otherwise the gameplay is fast-moving. I was able to open the four secret gates with the assistance of the walkthrough, but the final flyby showed a pair of closed double doors in a pool next to a receptacle and there was no finish trigger, simply a short ending message, so I presume I STILL missed something. Puzzling...very puzzling," - Ryan (17-May-2017)

"Even when I spent some time when entering into the main temple visiting some rooms where I needed some items, once I took some notes about where that places were located, the gameplay is fluid and never boring. Even so I found some odd and not very good features: in the timed trapdoors room I couldn't climb the central ladder the first time; in the room with two floor levers and raisable blocks, once you know what the levers trigger it's a bit tedious to move the piece all around the room a long way; near the end, in the room with fiery floor and sloped ledges, it's impossible for the players to know that one of them triggers the spikes in the final niche (I checked the walkthrough); in the final beach there's not a finish trigger. Even so the level is solid and worth to play, with few enemies but good architecture and nice environments. Enjoyable." - Jose (02-Aug-2016)

"Despite its age, I thought this is a rather good level which had its moments along the way. The opening coastal area is most interesting to see, and the loop back to it in the finale is well done, with the main quest of exploring the temple which slowly unfolds more and more rooms being very smartly designed. While the platforms sequence was certainly not easy to tackle, the rest of the game is not very hard, but there's still much to enjoy - like a (albeit a tad too lengthy) block puzzle, doors that needed to be shut in order to create a ladder and good usage of flipmaps. There's also an extra quest for opening four doors, of which some buttons are really hard to find (especially the one including an invisible opening), but they are a nice secret quest (as you're treated to another beautiful extra area, an alternative way to the ending and indeed a secret) I enjoyed thoroughly. Enemies play a minor role in the level with only a few tinmen, ahmets and fancy crocodiles to battle. In some areas several "objects" (like the outside sun and Laras breath bubbles) were oddly messed up, it more feels like a curiosity than an integral mistake though. Lookwise this level is very solid, the architecture of the various areas was varied and complex, despite being a bit "boxy" - I especially liked the creation of a small "temple within the temple" in one of the last rooms - and texturing and lighting are remarkably professional. The thing I liked most here was that not every square is needed for gameplay values, and you don't need to search every inch for a hidden lever or item, but you can leisurely explore the multiple areas in their beauty - there's a nice realism to the whole thing, and nothing in this level feels over- or underdone, perhaps a bit more work in sounds&cameras would have been even better but it's pretty good overall. A "Japanese" game of a different kind that isn't exactly groundbreaking in its ideas, but which also never feels tedious at all and instead feels very relaxing and beautiful, which is a rare treat, even for today's standards. 25 minutes." - manarch2 (28-Apr-2014)

"When the great D&G team can't figure out everything in a level you know it's cryptic indeed. The parts that could be played (I skipped the optional portions mentioned in the walkthrough) bring the player from the front door of an island temple to the back door in about 40 minutes. Near the end is a corridor blocked by four closed gates. I didn't open them, and I didn't need to in order to finish the level. The environs are attractive and well lighted, which boosted my scores a bit. There's no finish trigger I could find, only a message written in the sand telling me that I had come to the end. A pleasant time-filler that offers nothing new or different." - Phil (24-Apr-2014)

"Another level I did play (as I wrote the walkthrough together with Dutchy) and forgot to review. Trying all my best I still wasn't able to open all four gates in the end. But don't despair, there is enough to do and you can finish the level without doing so. Not much of excitement here, as there are not that many enemies although the crocs one encounter are silent so they will creep up on you and in my case I did jump. There are some puzzles and some good ideas but the room are very bare and very square." - Gerty (17-Sep-2012)

"Despite its age I found this level fun to play. Some puzzle items have to be found and there is a very tricky timed jump sequence and a pushing puzzle to do. Right at the start the grenade launcher and the uzis can be found, but they are not needed for those few horsemen and crocs you encounter. One of the weak points is the hard to spot crowbar and the end of the world effect, besides there seems to be no finish trigger, only a text telling you thank you for playing. But this aside I liked the overall atmosphere and texturing and the enjoyable gameplay. Still recommendable." - Jerry (31-Oct-2009)

"Although the Gameplay is completely solid if somewhat unexciting(a leangthy object puzzle,a couple of tin-men and some timed trapdoors;all spread over 45 minutes)the adventure as a whole is maddeningly unsatisfying.It's basically a combination of overly large rooms causing the horizon to break in,doors left unopened at levels end,an obvious water tunnel which was apparently unreachable,and the lack of a finish trigger (even though I reached a 'The End' sign). It seemed that successfully navigating the course was not enough;you also needed to go to specific places known only to the Author(The Walkthrough was non-the-wiser,either). Therefore despite reaching the end point,I was still left with more to do (as were the other reviewers,it seems). I can at least recommend playing the 'basic' adventure,as it's never too difficult and pleasingly non-linear with some occasional good ideas." - Orbit Dream (28-Jan-2008)

"I can't say I'm as enamored by this level as everyone else is. Firstly there really isn't a great deal of what you'd call puzzling just a movable object puzzle and a timed raising trapdoor jump but otherwise you just come across the necessary pick ups practically lying waiting for you. The only thing that had me interested in was finding the trigger for four consecutive gates that must have some kind of secret area behind them but unfortunately I only found three of the triggers a button (I had to flycheat to) a monkey swing trigger and a tile trigger so couldn't find out what lay behind that last gate. As I had the flycheat enabled I went looking for the hole in the ocean at the end Treeble spoke of and it led to a long series of tunnels with a closed gate at the end and a room beyond it so I don't know if any of us really played the full level and that there might be more than the 30 minutes it took me to finish. Maybe that's the riddle!" - Sash (09-Jun-2003)

"An atmospheric level in a coastal setting but the player wanders inside with huge rooms and traps. Gems and a portal guardian is what you need to get through it. Basically it's about finding the above items by passing from rooms with crocodiles and a pushable object which needs to be lowered from the higher level and pushed onto a certain tile a lava room with spikes triggered if you are not careful were you're jumping and the sand being used in one of them and revealing another area. Two gates were closed near the end and a flyby showed a thank you note written on the sand out on the beach." - Kristina (18-Mar-2003)

"Starting on what looks to be a small coastal island you soon discover that the underground portion is actually HUGE! and has many rooms to explore for some gems and a Portal Guardian. I liked the puzzles better in this than in Mazun's previous levels - there were still some tough spots (boulder fire tiles trapdoors ahmets) but overall I didn't find myself reloading as much. There were also some gorgeous rooms and a great pushable object puzzle. When you get to the end you discover that you're on the other side of the very same island you started on and there is a message by the author written in the sand thanking you for playing his level." - RaiderGirl (09-Feb-2003)

"Although the this level seems huge and progression somewhat non-linear I finished it in 40 minutes. But then I found none of the secrets. I guess there are several secret switches throughout the level (I saw one) that will open all the doors in the room with the jump sequence near the end and that will eventually give you access to some valuable item. I'll have to go back some day and see if I can find them all. You certainly don't need them to finish the level. I like this a great deal. Everything about it really; the entertaining gameplay the helpful cut scenes the hopping across the timed trapdoors the pushable vessel puzzle the flipmap with the sand but best of all was the reptile who must have swallowed the crowbar. The gameplay has a nice and steady flow the boulder traps will keep you on your toes and although you meet hardly any enemies the few you get are placed very well. I thought it was a pretty neat idea to have Lara start out on a beach of a deserted island where the strong currents in the sea make it impossible to reach the other side then lead her through a rather traditional tomb and have her emerge on that other side at the end of the level. For once you really can walk into the sunset and take a swim in the warm tropical water. Life doesn't get any better than this you know?" - Dimpfelmoser (02-Dec-2002)

"A very nice level with the coastal atmosphere and a very well made mix of textures from the catacombs coastal and the lost library wads with a few others. Only a few enemies (croco-fishes and tinmen) and traps but the puzzles are very good even if I was not able to go in the secret area. So I've done everything I could in about 45 minutes." - eRIC (13-Oct-2002)

"I thought this level was good but very short and unfair in places! For example near the beginning is a place where a monkey swing drops you onto fire-squares. I couldn't figure out how to cross this until I found out by accident (I fell in lol) that some of those squares are actually safe - very obscure if you ask me (well either it's obscure or I am blind or I am stupid. Actually I am probably just stupid). What really galls me about this level though is that it held so much promise and was cut quite short. If this had gone on for a couple of hours it would have been a near-classic in my opinion. But as it was I finished the level in about 45 minutes with doors left unopened and also just a general sense of things being 'unfinished'. It's a shame because there are lots of good things to say about this level - I loved the timed trapdoors there were not too many enemies the puzzles were good the atmosphere was convincing. All in all I think that the author is capable of great things - one to watch." - Bex (26-Aug-2002)

"A level that probably has more to offer than meets the average raiders eye. Like the other reviewers I did not manage to open all four doors near the end of the level which apparently lead to a secret area so I must have missed part of the level. What I did not miss was a very pleasing adventure starting and ending on different sides of the same coastal island with a lot of puzzles and action in between even though it takes only 50 minutes to get the two gems and the portal guardian battling two tinmen three croc-fish and an ahmet. I enjoyed the boulder traps the nice trapdoor sequence (quite a challenge) and the smart two-level puzzle with the pushable object and the most annoying thing was the breaking in horizon in some of the huge rooms - a limitation of the editor." - Michael (23-Aug-2002)

"In spite of some graphic mistakes I liked the level very much. Impressive I found the architecture of the underground temple arrangement. It has been a great atmosphere here below. I found the textures classy and the lighting strangely chosen and also the sound fits extremely well. In puzzles there were some to solve which were not really difficult however. Two jump combinations are really tough one of which is very simple at the end to solve if one exactly pays attention. But the other is connected with a lot of finger acrobatics and will demand everything of you. I have used no cheat. There was not many opponents and they were to be defeated easily. If the jump combinations had not been one could recommend the level well for beginners nevertheless like this it is more for advanced players." - Xxenofex (15-Aug-2002)

"This level is set on an island where Lara will enter a temple that lies beneath it and will exit through the other side of the island but only after solving a lot of puzzles. I liked it. It took me one hour but I am pretty sure it last much more if you find a way to open those 4 doors at the end (I managed to open only one) and there's also a small entrance beneath the sea which you can see from the end of the level. You can't reach because the water won't let Lara go that far. So I still wonder what I did miss. Right at the beginning you already know what to expect. Lara slides down a slope with a rolling ball the closest possible to her and there's a shatterable door at the end of the slope. I made it luckily as I was holding a flare. Talking about flares the level is very bright with only a few rooms that are a bit darker but no need to use flares though. The enemies are iron horsemen an ahmet and a few mutant crocodiles not many of them though. There are gorgeous huge areas in the level but the inside ones became a bit buggy as the horizon would break into the room - this didn't make me rate any criterion lower though. It's well worth the download!" - Treeble (11-Aug-2002)

"The starting point of Lara's coastal-/catacomb-like adventure is a small rocky island and her only quest is to get to the other side. She can't make it over the rocks so you have to lead her through an underground temple. You need to find two blue gems. The architecture level design texturing and lighting was very good throughout and there are only a very few enemies to kill. There is one really tricky jumping sequence to do. All in all a very recommendable level. Unfortunately it's a bit short I needed only 50 minutes to finish." - Sheevah (11-Aug-2002)
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