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Author(s): Jamie White
total rating:2.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 2 2 4 3
Ceamonks890 2 3 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 3 3 2 2
DJ Full 3 4 3 2
eRIC 3 2 2 3
Gerty 3 3 4 3
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 2 2 2
Kristina 4 4 4 4
Magnus 2 1 2 2
MichaelP 3 3 2 2
Momster 3 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 3 3 4 3
RaiderGirl 4 3 4 4
Ryan 2 3 2 2
Sakusha 2 1 1 1
Sash 3 4 2 3
Scottie 1 3 2 2
Treeble 1 1 1 1
category averages
(19 reviews)
2.53 2.63 2.53 2.42

Reviewer's comments

"I can’t really recommend this level as it’s pretty much a lesson in tedium. It’s not well constructed and the gameplay doesn’t do much to mitigate the surroundings. OK, it’s a debut level, but they don’t have to be quite this embryonic." - Jay (18-Jul-2019)

"This quite brief raid is a bit reminiscent of levels that were being churned out by amateur builders at the very beginning of the level editor. Meaning, it's certainly an enthusiastic effort but haphazardly thrown together with little thought to gameplay or textures. The surroundings are simplistic and sloppy in places, while the gameplay is rudimentary at best (and even buggy if you don't combine the eye pieces correctly). You'll come across shedloads of ammo and medipacks, but they're ultimately unnecessary as even though enemies are numerous (at least at the end), they're hardly threatening. And one apparent secret didn't register as such. If you skip this level, you're hardly missing much." - Ryan (23-Jan-2019)

"Huge, boxy and empty rooms, most of the time auto-textured, very little variation between textures and even less care, where they're often stretched, lots of long climbing sections and sometimes on unmarked climbable surfaces, just how many eyes of horus have you ever held at once? Well, this level gives you three. Three! It also gives you a plethora of pickups which you soon enough just stop caring for altogether because all the pop-in enemies prove to be no threat at all. Play it for a quick boost up your review count, if you care. Ah, there's also a crucial issue in the beginning in which a timed door won't reopen after its shut, so if you open it accidentally (most of the doors open upon approach) before collecting the eye piece in the distance, you can't proceed. 10 minutes, 1 secret. 03/18" - Treeble (25-Mar-2018)

"I think this level was never betatested 'cause the serious errors in the gameplay design. Just near the beginning, if you trigger the first door and wait a bit to explore the room, the door will close and you're doomed. If you open that first door and enter without the eye piece you're doomed. Later, if you combine the eye pieces before you use the other eyes, two of them disappear and you're damned too. Many defects too, like the very stretched textures, the paper walls, the lever you don't need to use to open the door, the unmarked ladders, the ninjas magically appearing in front of Lara near the jeeps... I think there are excessive pickups too, and I never found the crossbow or the grenade gun. At the end the level crashes. What more could you want?" - Jose (18-Jan-2018)

"Dare you enter the Crypt of Tohokan, mind you lots of ninjas and way too many pickups to handle them. It's best to get the revolver, care not to overlap items of the first puzzle and proceed to the exit ignoring everything else including the second puzzle. I need to highlight the usage of objects and raw shapes so the crypt feels like a crypt, the parking feels like a parking and the canyon feels like a canyon despite of primeval texturing. And the game has a point, often absent in debut releases." - DJ Full (29-Jan-2016)

"Practically nothing more than another badly-designed debut level that just so happens to be set in Egypt, with a wide variety of problems that range from minor aspects(such as repetitive texturing and randomly-appearing opponents), to much more serious issues(such as inventory bugs with the Eye of Horus item and overall dull gameplay.) So, if the other reviewers haven't already tipped you off about the many design flaws present in this release and you're still wanting to try out an Egypt-themed level that's actually fun to play through, then look elsewhere. As this is most definitely not one of them." - Ceamonks890 (23-Dec-2014)

"What should I write to this impertinence? That one see constantly stretched textures? That textures are absent? That opponents simply so very sudden appear? That one finds so much ammunition and Medipacks which one, if one sold them, would be a rich man (or a rich woman)? That the double doors were wrong placed? That some Triggers were put wrong? That the level so heavily boring and dull is which one would celebrate after the Finishtrigger best a party? That the lighting is monotonously bright? I should write this everything? Do I have to do this really? No, better not. I write just which this level is an disaster. And that is that." - Scottie (21-Mar-2010)

"First of all I don't know why the author used the word 'Tohokan' in this level. Tohokan means 'Eastern Country Hall' (or building) in Japanese. So I don't see how 'The Crypt of Tohokan' would have any link with Ancient Egypt. In any case the plot doesn't make a lot of sense even though I fully understand it. The only room than can make this level look like a crypt is the large room with a coffin and the hands of Sirius and Orion because of its darkness. The only real difficulty in this level is the fact that you have to combine the three Eyes of Horus very carefully. Otherwise you can't open the three doors. Most of the doors open by themselves the Hands of Orion and Sirius don't open the doors and the activation of a switch has no effect whatsoever (you have to step on the tile that is under the switch in order to open a door for example. You also have to stand in front of the doors in order to open them. However the author managed to put the correct triggers for one of the switches and for the doors that required the Eye of Horus). Gameplay consists of carefully combining three eyes of Horus pushing a few statues (one per mini-puzzle) killing seven baddies avoiding three mummies and two boulders. The level was so easy that the author didn't need to provide a walkthrough for this level. According to the author the two packages of flares and the useless crossbow ammunition are secrets even though I couldn't hear the secret chime. The rooms are big the textures are stretched the lighting is almost always at R 128 G 128 B 128 there are a few paper-thin walls 19 medipacks useless weapons such as the shotgun the uzis and the revolver (with 8 boxes of ammunition). By the way I have detected a part of Lara's leg at some point." - Sakusha (14-Nov-2004)

"Okay I'm confused... Did the hieroglyphs say that the treasure had been moved to a museum in London? That doesn't make any sense. Anyway this isn't a good level. In fact it's a very bad level. Stretched textures unnecessary pickups boring gameplay... I was relieved when it ended after less than ten minutes. There are a lot of better levels out there. Play one of them instead." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"A level with stretched or missing textures too bright lighting a plethora of pickups and a bug : the golden eyes must be used one by one otherwise one of them will disappear from the inventory. Why downloading this level ? Well it was good to see the Golden cat textures and there is a big battle with ninjas at the end." - eRIC (01-Sep-2003)

"1+2=3 but when you have two Eyes of Horus and add one Eye you get...two. At least that's what happened to me so luckily I had an earlier savegame. Not sure that I did everything how it was meant to be. After the three-in-a-row Horus Eye you reach an area with seemingly two Hand of Sirius receptacles but it seems you don't need them all doors just open. Other than that there's a kazillion pick-ups Ninja's appearing out of thin air and wafer thin walls. Have to admit that most of the rooms and traps work (rolling spiked balls and such) and obviously the author was still learning. I will remember this level though for one thing I've never seen before: two-panel doors of which the panels open inwards instead of outwards so watch your fingers (ouch!)." - bERT (26-May-2003)

"The creation of this 20 minute level seems to have been a very rushed job as there are missing textures, gates or doors that sometimes open without the use of the intended triggers, ludicrous amounts of health and weaponry, and some pick ups that are impossible to attain. I could overlook some of that if the game was involving but it is just a case of collecting 3 Eye of Horus', which is basic, and then dealing with a large ninja battle before the end. Not my cup of tea." - Sash (04-Dec-2002)

"It's the fourth level I played by the author and what seems to be beginners mistakes here has actually developed into Jamie's trademarks. The stretched textures paperthin walls charmless lighting long corridors an uneventful gameplay and heaps of pick ups you'll never need. On the upside this doesn't take that long to finish so it never becomes as annoying as Antarctica. On the downside I got stuck because one of the eyes of Horus disappeared all of a sudden and one door shut before I could walk through it and it never opened again." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Nov-2002)

"A nice and easy level to play between all the hard ones. Very straightforward with shooting ninjas and 3 roaming mummies. Find the 3 Eyes of Horus 2 Hands (although you don't need them) and a multitude of ammo and medpacks. Nice touch the footprints in the sand though. Found 2 secrets that counted as such. 13-10-2002" - Gerty (19-Oct-2002)

"This is a nice little Egyptian level that doesn't have any hard puzzles or tricky jumps but is perfect if you're just looking to have a little fun. I loved the textures used that were from Tomb Raider I and it was nice to play a bright level as it seems that most levels are just too dark and I hate carrying a flare around all the time. The doors seemed to open as you approach them so I never used the hands I found but you do need to find three Eyes of Horus - just make sure to place each one as you find it so as not to encounter any problems later. There are few enemies mostly ninjas that shoot you in the back but I found two secrets and lots of ammo and health packs so they were no trouble at all - which was ok as I'm not into the levels with a lot of enemies. Overall a pleasant 25 minute level but nothing that will have you thinking too hard." - RaiderGirl (21-Sep-2002)

"Not much to say about this level. Maybe a good effort but not good enough. Ordinary textures and the only puzzles were three Eyes so easy to find some pieces are just laying in front of your feet. Many ninjas and so many pick ups. Medi packs and ammo that you will not need. I was thinking at some point that something very dangerous is coming or a huge fight with enemies coming from all over the place. Well nothing happened not even close to that. I would say there is nothing interesting in this level although its title looks promising. If you are thinking a dark Egyptian level or what ever the title makes you think forget it I found it quite boring." - Kristina (15-Sep-2002)

"This a very linear level with not much action other than a bunch of armed Ninjas shooting at you. Another one of those levels where Lara is doing deep knee bends picking up all that stuff. Pull switches kill Ninjas and one spiked boulder dodge. About 30 minutes lone with nothing more to say clearly a first effort." - Momster (06-Sep-2002)

"Clearly a first effort and it has all those mistakes we know and hate in its 28 rooms (thin walls enemies apppear out of thin air end of the world ...). It is also rather short at 25 minutes and straighforward although make sure you place the first of the three eyes of horus or it will disappear from your inventory when you get the second and you will be stuck. About 18 ninjas to battle and three mummies to avoid - you get the Uzi and the revolver an loads of ammo (although 40x Grenade Gun ammo and 90x crossbow ammo are rather pointless when the respective weapons are not provided methinks). The hands seem to be just for looks as are some of the levers and pushable statues because doors open usually on approaching them. Three secrets to find but only two register as such. This level should be worked nicely in front of a hard one in the scripts as I left it with the neat supply of 9 small and 18 (!) large medipacks." - Michael (03-Sep-2002)

"There are definitely some good ideas in here somewhere but this is a first effort full of all the usual errors (which I will not bother to list; you name it they're here). I loved the immense amount of quite unnecessary pick-ups although one secret area appeared impossible to reach; and as for the final few minutes...well words fail me!" - Orbit Dream (03-Sep-2002)
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