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Author(s): Damian Knurowa
total rating:6.22 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 7 7 7 9
Dimpfelmoser 4 4 7 6
eRIC 6 6 7 7
Gerty 5 5 8 7
Jay 5 6 6 8
Jose 5 6 6 9
Kristina 5 7 8 8
MichaelP 5 4 8 7
Momster 5 5 7 6
Orbit Dream 6 6 6 8
Phil 7 7 8 7
RaiderGirl 6 5 8 7
Ryan 5 5 6 8
Sash 4 4 5 6
Torry 5 5 7 8
Treeble 4 5 6 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
5.25 5.44 6.88 7.31

Reviewer's comments

"Despite the title, there’s really nothing labyrinthine going on; in fact it’s a rather straightforward, linear progression. The action mainly involves exploration, lever throwing and shooting ninjas but at around 20 minutes the level certainly doesn’t outstay its welcome. Solidly built and quite appealing visually, it could be just the thing for a short, un-taxing raid." - Jay (29-Jun-2019)

"It took me a while to realize the level had already loaded, as you begin in a pitch black room. Fortunately, such darkness is restricted to this small room. This short level sees you on a quest for two pyramid keys, both of which are in hands of ninjas you come across, and the aegis. Pretty inear and simple (we all might jump to the wrong conclusions due to the level title), and for what it's worth, it didn't look half bad in my opinion. 15 minutes. 03/18" - Treeble (25-Mar-2018)

"This is the only level of this builder I hadn't yet played, and it's very much like his others: solid and pleasingly constructed environments, good camera work, enjoyable but undemanding gameplay. This one in particular is actually quite dark, and you might expect the bull with all the barred doors you see, but he's not seen anywhere, but a load of ninjas make an appearance, although plentiful weaponry is provided. After a long flyby showing the entire level, you finish." - Ryan (02-Feb-2018)

"This is a good-looking and well organized level, although quite short (15 minutes for me with Yoav's walkthrough). It's dark in spots, particularly in the beginning areas, so I gave myself unlimited flares (although a single pickup somewhere along the way would probably have been sufficient). The only enemies are assassins, and quite a few of those, although I was expecting to lock horns with a bull at some point. Indeed, there were two bull enclosures that never did open, and when I passed each one I could swear I heard the bull inside trying to break out. Anyway, you get the uzis, the shotgun and the revolver to deal with the assassins, and everything progresses in a linear fashion. There's a needlessly long flyby at the end, perhaps intended to pad the "playing time." Nevertheless, a pleasant diversion to be enjoyed by players of all skill levels." - Phil (18-Jan-2018)

"A short level very easy to play; simple tasks, fast gameplay, perhaps too many enemies to shoot (only red ninjas) but, at least the guns appear soon. I found no secrets, and all the rooms are very well ornated and perfect textured; the problem I found was the absence of flares, 'cause there are several "black" rooms and only the three provided flares from the start are not enough. Entertaining and well builded, but too short." - Jose (02-Aug-2016)

"I hesitated first of all to make this level because of title "maze". Finally there is not, phew! This level is splendid on plan decoration and effects of lighting, every room is an enchantment for eyes. The amusing gameplay is for all, not too simple, nor too much complicated. I feel a great regret however, this level is far too much short and which disappointment to arrive so quickly at the end, me pleased me there so much." - Daffy (25-Aug-2009)

"That was hardly a labyrinth and I am very glad for it. In a 'guard' setting with no bulls though but ninjas instead there are two guardian keys and a vraeus to help you progress. A lever here and there a few trapdoors and suddenly after just fifteen minutes in the level a flyby is showing you all the rooms you've been through so far and the level ends. It's a pity because the atmosphere was nice and we could have a good game. If you're looking for a big level full of puzzles this isn't it but try it just to bring back the memories from TRLR and the guardian level." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)

"Not a bad little level although short at 20 minutes you manage to pack a lot of raiding into that 20 minutes. A few standard puzzles nothing too vexing but the atmosphere was nice. You need to find a golden vraeus and relieve two of those red ninjas of the guardian keys they are carrying and just when you are getting into the level you are treated to a nice flyby of all the areas you have been and the level ends. *sigh*" - Torry (26-Jan-2003)

"I was one of those people that put this level off just because I was imagining a dark underground maze. On the contrary all of the (few) rooms are brightly lit and the only maze is a short little underwater tunnel. Gameplay was actually very simple and has you finding a Golden Vreaus and then using two Guardian's keys that are dropped by ninjas. The doors had me going for a second though thinking that a bull was about to come out. Guess you can't always judge a level by it's name - this turned out to be a very simple 20 minute level that was fun to play." - RaiderGirl (15-Jan-2003)

"There's a nice little torch puzzle in here as well as some well-placed adversaries and solid construction; but otherwise the gameplay is pretty straightforward and should be completed comfortably in under 30 minutes." - Orbit Dream (12-Jan-2003)

"If I were Damian I definitely wouldn't be looking for a job in the advertising world because for a level without any of those most hated of things the maze the title of this attractively put together level is sure to scare off a hell of a lot of players for no good reason. On the other hand maybe a maze or two may have spiced this fairly listless 20 minute level up a bit as apart from a very obvious torch puzzle there was not much to do but kill a small bunch of sword wielding ninjas and that was just not enough to keep me enthralled." - Sash (08-Dec-2002)

"Although with a title like that I was a bit anxious to play this level but I didn't need to worry. You start in a pitch-black room but from that point on the level is nicely lit. Some dark corners but that is all. Nice jumping to do to go further and don't forget you need the torch. The bulls gave me a scare but they stayed behind their doors nice touch by the way LOL. There were some bats and ninjas to battle but as you'll find the shotgun and the revolver battle is not the word I would use unless you only use Lara's trusted guns. There are some levels to pull and finding the Vraeus and two Guardian Keys and you'll end this level before you know it. Come on Damian make us another one please? 15-09-2002" - Gerty (23-Sep-2002)

"Another small 20 minutes adventure from Damian which starts in utter darkness but thankfully does not continue like this. Took me a bit to finally spot that jump switch in the first room and if you are wary about playing Guard WAD levels because of the expected bull - don't worry - they stay safely locked away in this quest. Only a dozen red ninjas or so to fight and a vraeus and two guardian keys needed for progression. I liked the few climb monkey jump passages and the good use of cameras especially the ending flyby. Seems as if Damian has used these first three levels to build his skills with the editor and he really did so it's about time to come up with a decent full length adventure now." - Michael (13-Sep-2002)

"This was an entertaining level by the author who has just submitted 3 short levels all at once and I liked this one the best of the 3. Some simple puzzles nice atmosphere to find a torch find where to use it and do battle with some red ninjas. The ninjas give up a vraeus and 2 guardian keys and there are a couple of spots where you are almost overwhelmed with ninjas in close quarters. A fun 45 minutes but I could have done without the long ending flyby showing you all the places you'd been like pictures of your vacation?" - Momster (13-Sep-2002)

"The levels from this author have something in common. This one is also a short and nice level of 30 minutes with good texturing nice and easy gameplay and no bugs. Don't be afraid by the title of this level there is absolutely no labyrinth nor maze here only rooms nicely textured (the textures from the Semerkhet Guardian wad are of the best of TR4) and well connected together. There is a good puzzle with the torch (where is the torch?) to find the golden vraeus and 2 guardian keys found after a good battle with red ninjas. The level ends with a nice fly-by of all the rooms visited." - eRIC (12-Sep-2002)

"One tends to expect the worse when a level is called Underground Labyrinth as it conjures up images of endless wandering around in the dark. But you need not to worry here. This is my favourite of Damian's threesome cause along with a professionally crafted setting you also get a bit of entertaining if rather simple gameplay. The few enemies are placed well the underwater maze is so small that I'm not sure that it qualifies as a maze and the torch puzzle is solid standard. Bearing in mind how short this is you do quite a lot of things and there is one great moment when the gate bulges and you expect the dreaded Bull to burst through but thankfully you are spared the experience this time. I'm looking forward to the first full length adventure from the author." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Sep-2002)
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