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Author(s): Titak
total rating:8.21 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
Drakan 9 8 9 9
eRIC 8 9 8 8
eTux 7 7 7 9
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Gill 9 8 10 9
Jay 8 7 9 9
Jose 8 8 8 8
Kristina 7 7 8 8
LePerk 7 6 9 8
Loren 9 9 9 9
manarch2 6 6 7 8
MichaelP 8 7 8 10
Mytly 7 8 8 8
Navi 9 8 8 9
Obig 9 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 9 7 10 10
Phil 8 8 9 9
QRS 9 8 9 10
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 10
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Sash 7 6 8 7
totizedger 8 7 8 9
category averages
(23 reviews)
8.00 7.57 8.48 8.78

Reviewer's comments

"Level catacombs pleasant to go, and when it is Titak we already see the professionalism of this level, certainly there are some textures poorly posed (very little) but overall, 'lighting, gameplay are perfect for me. The rare enemies are skeletons and wraiths but we quickly have the proper weapons to get rid of them. Very good time spent with this level." - Drakan (19-Nov-2018)

"A solid little classic Catacomb level, nothing outstanding, but we'll constructed nonetheless. Gameplay-wise, it's pretty simple and, for the most part, linear, the objective being to obtain a Gem and eventually two Golden Stars. There's a couple of easy pushable puzzles and a couple of wraith chases, but nothing that's too challenging or taxing. The environments are put together rather pleasingly and the lighting is pleasantly atmospheric in a couple of places. I only found one secret (the Shotgun) but you do come across the Grenade Gun and the Crossbow later in the level, so the numerous skeleton attacks will likely be no problem. Not among Titak's absolute best levels, but nicely done nonetheless and it doesn't outstay its welcome." - Ryan (16-Jul-2018)

"Another level that won't overwhealm anyone today and is relatively simple in its design but still manages to be a competently designed and relaxing work. The gameplay is okay with a bit of exploration, a few puzzles and rather little platforming, but flows nicely along and the flooding of the main hall, the column puzzle and the elevator, even if often seen, are good additions. The only enemies are skeletons and wraiths and while they are not badly placed I found them a bit boring and predictable, the object design is solid. There's only one easy secret, the other one doesn't register (there seems to be a problem with a flipmap). The atmosphere is rather good, with a few well designed rooms and nice interconnections, but I missed some more sounds and especially cameras here. Texturing and lighting, with only very few exceptions, are professionally applied. Overall even if only the second level of Titak, a good 20 minute level (with a rather abrupt ending to be honest) and perhaps a good choice for something in between, as it was for me." - manarch2 (22-Nov-2016)

"This level was apparently one of the first ones Titak built, well before it was released ... and it shows. It's considerably less sophisticated in style than even her 'Realm of the Damned', which was released just a few days before this one. It's mostly a very straightforward and unassuming Catacombs-style level. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's an enjoyable level for the most part. But there's no hint whatsoever in this level of the heights of creativity its builder would eventually go on to achieve.
The gameplay is mostly exploration-based, involving a hunt for two stars and a gem. There are a couple of pushable puzzles, some switch hunts, and a boulder trap. The level centres around a large multi-story hall with offshoot areas that eventually interconnect. Later in the level, the hall gets partially flooded. It's possible to explore some of side ledges before flooding the hall, but nearly impossible to return without losing a lot of health, which is rather poor design. There are a number of pits and corridors that you can explore, but which contain nothing and go nowhere.
The enemies are skeletons and some fairly-easily-disposed-of wraiths. The skeletons are not much of a challenge either, as you can get the shotgun right at the beginning (a secret), and a little later, you get the crossbow with explosive ammo and the grenade gun.
The looks are mostly good - the Catacombs textures are used well, and the lighting features a nice contrast between the orange-brown of the walls and the blue/green water.
Overall: A short, pleasant, classic-style level, but not one that's memorable for anything other than being a humble beginning for a great builder." - Mytly (28-Jun-2016)

"One of the first levels by Titak. Lara is back and explores a whole new area that she missed on her first visit. As usual the textures and lighting are applied very well which make the place look authentic. I felt the same as Michael, i really didn't know if i were going the right way sometimes but it turned out i was on the right track. Enemies are skeletons and wraiths. The skeletons were easy to deal with due to having the grenade gun and the crossbow. The gameplay has a nice flow to it and you won't get stuck for long which makes for an enjoyable raid. I do recommend this level so be sure to check this one out." - totizedger (17-Sep-2014)

"A well-polished hub with lots of smaller corridors spreading in all directions. Some side locations are underdone, but they mostly match quality of the main zone. At least one feign-grab shortcut is here - I got the laser sight just by dropping on its shelf from the start ledge. It can be seen Titia always liked more to build than to play, and those first attempts of her suffer from movement possibility she didn't know about. Still, the shortcut is not that great, and I managed to visit all shelves except one with a stuck skeleton I remotely sniped with a crossbow instead of directly confronting it. When I got both Golden Stars, guided by poleropes to each one, I just placed them and left the game, so this must be the first or second shortest level of Titia but this appears not bad - before hitting the finish, I managed to run through some familiar ornate arches, blow up many more skeletons, shatter numerous vases, evade lots of wraiths and eventually behold an almost obligatory total flooding of the main area. I even solved a pushable-on-sinking-platform riddle remake. All this time, I saw nothing out of place. SUMMARY: Warned this is the most classic game of Titia, I confirm it in really positive way. I found it really balanced, You can see it in the rating :D Go for it." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2013)

"This is one of the first levels of Titak, and here you can notice the great potential from this author. Not a fabulous level, of course, but very well balanced. Good half-lineal gameplay with no much backtracking, well placed enemies, help from the cameras when needed, sounds in strategic places, careful with the textures and lights... Always a pleasure play a level from this author even when she was learning to drive the editor. Very enjoyable." - Jose (07-Mar-2012)

"This 45-minute level was released more than two years before the first 2005 BtB, but it would have fit in quite nicely with that competition and would likely have placed high in the standings. There's plenty of light, and the surroundings are quite pleasing to the eye. Anya Marie McDonald has provided a clear and concise walkthrough for those of us who are too lazy to try and figure things out on our own. But on a couple of occasions I was really glad to have it. You've seen all of this before, but it's a fun raid and I'm glad that we have this stockpile of older levels to play whenever the pace of current offerings happens to slow down. Recommended." - Phil (28-Jul-2011)

"I have played many catacomb levels in the past and have enjoyed each and every one them and with this being no exception, I feel Titak has created an excellent level here, with some excellent game-play for all us raiders to enjoy. Each room was well thought out and nicely designed by this author, which in turn gives you a great atmosphere when working your way around each of the rooms, while in search of all those important items, which are required in completing this wonderful laid out adventure. Your main tasks here, is to locate the crowbar, find the two Golden Stars, a gem and the Portal Guardian, which are scattered all around this catacomb setting, for you to find and explore. Your enemies are skeletons, which are fairly easy to dispose of, as the shotgun is at hand near the start of this level, so you can either shoot them off a high ledge or use your well equipped crossbow with explosive arrows and blast them too smithereens, so not many skeletons will survive or beat Lara in this little adventure. Wraiths are present here too, but with plenty of water at hand, you can easily out run them and continue on with all your tasks. With some puzzles to solve and some swimming to do, shooting some vases and an elevator ride and with all those important items safely tucked into your back-pack, this wonderful little adventure will come to an end. In general, textures, layouts and lighting are superbly done, which gives you great atmosphere as you are completing your mission here. Thanks Titak, I enjoyed playing this adventure very much." - Gill (04-Jun-2006)

"First of all, I can't understand the low ratings for this level. It is one of the best catacombs levels I have ever seen. It would have been in the top 3 spots if it had been in the btb2005! Among other gems as "Serpents tower" and "Through the shadows of death". What is most breathtaking (as always) is the extremly fine lighting and textures. The gameplay is superb too and the map layout is very nice and complex. Titak never stops to surprise me. It seems that everything she touch turns to gold. Even the good old "Basic" kind of levels." - QRS (22-Nov-2005)

"Though the catacomb scenario ain't my favourite one this effort of Titia is pretty decent and enjoyable for the 25 minutes it took me to get through. Architecture lighting and texturing superb as one can expect from Titak yet I felt it could've been much more than it was here - a flyby here and there a certain goal other than getting through it a more original puzzle occasionally would've enhanced the adventure greatly but it definitely isn't bad as it is especially for one of the author's first efforts - a great level to play if you don't want anything complicated - classical rather." - eTux (25-Oct-2004)

"Another great looking level by Titak. As usual the gameplay is linear and obvious that's not a bad thing it's relaxing raiding. You move from one room to the next performing the standard Lara tasks jump climb run swing swim but it's all done in a great environment using the Catacombs textures. You feel a little disappointed when it ends I would like another 30mins of this more please Titak." - LePerk (23-Aug-2003)

"Just when I thought I was tired of traditional catacomb levels Titak revisits them in this brilliantly designed and built level that looks as good as the original catacomb levels. There's a great secret near the beginning with only one chance to grab it and you'll soon be grateful for the shotgun but don't worry if you miss it as you'll soon come across the crossbow and the grenade launcher. Your objective is to find two golden stars and open the door to the exit but to do that you'll have to first find the gem and the crowbar to pry up the stars. Along the way there are many areas to explore including a huge main room that you fill with water tunnels that have you feeling you will soon be lost elevators short pushable object puzzles vases to shoot and plenty of skeletons to send back to their graves. Nothing hard but a very enjoyable 40 minutes it was." - RaiderGirl (04-Jul-2003)

"Catacombs Revisited was built using the Catacomb wad and texture set with the exception that the author has replaced the Lara's Last Revelation appearance with her Angel of Darkness persona and has corrected the Shotgun animation meshes. The linear gameplay is that of a standard Catacomb level with some wraiths and lots of skeletons. Lara has to locate two Gold Stars to open a door in the main chamber to exit the level. The atmosphere lighting and textures were generally good as was the camera work. More music could have been used. I found one secret and finished in about forty minutes." - Loren (28-Jun-2003)

"I don't have much to add all has been said by the other reviewers. It's a classic catacomb level with a few hands thrown there to find but nicely textured and some easy to dispose skeletons. A nice level for the fans of the classical ones." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)

"Titak created an excellent level again. There are no difficult jumps and timed runs however there are some puzzles involved. The enemy consists of only some skeletons and wraiths but it was a good adventure. The level has a Catacomb-atmosphere. The levels are nice there are no added sounds. You have to find 2 Golden Stars and the Crowbar from a small pool. There are plenty of weapons in the level. I found only one secret: the first Shotgun. Still in the end of the level I returned for the Revolver to the beginning and the weapon was in a small empty pool." - Obig (22-Jun-2003)

"Yes ok it is sort of classic Catacombs and apparently an early work by Titak from long ago which only now got officially released but it has a thoroughly enjoyable flow and this very traditional but impeccable textured and lighted environment. Somehow I always felt an uneasyness whether I am taking the right turns along the way but it happily worked out and I reached the end after about 45 minutes of net gaming. There is an early shotgun secret a bunch of skeletons that are no match as you get crossbow with explosives and grenade gun some wraiths which are easily disposed of a gem and two stars to find and make sure you have a good look-out for the occasional well hidden crawlspace. I particularly liked here that there is a bunch of rooms without any apparent purpose other than to make the architecture and environment look more believable. Great and classic entertainment." - Michael (09-Jun-2003)

"Titak is becoming a sure value in the little world of the TR levelbuilders no bad surprise can be expected in his levels and I enjoy a lot this new one with its good atmosphere textures and enemies of the Catacombs and once again I did appreciate a very fluent gameplay. No mistake and 50 minutes of fun." - eRIC (09-Jun-2003)

"A nice Catacombs level in which you first need to get oriented. Lara's task is it to find different artifacts (2 stars blue gem). She also finds various objects (Revolver grenade gun crossbow and lasersight). The level itself is huge but you don't really get lost as Lara keeps emerging back into places she has been to before ;). Other than that Lara has to solve a few puzzles which are not too hard. Graphics are applied with care very few cameras but you find your way even though Lara can use different paths. Enemies were mainly skeletons and a few wraiths. Sound was suitably added. At the very start Lara can find a secret so watch out for it. ;) A good level suitable for everyone. Recommended." - Navi (09-Jun-2003)

"It is easy to see that this was built a year and a half before it was released as it has that innocent feel that came with the catacomb levels in the early years of the Editor. This isn't to put it down in any way because it is a solidly built level with a great main huge room you flood eventually and a nice progression through but this is by far not a hard level. We've all seen this kind of level before but in today's climate of spooky hi-tech or even surreal levels this is a nice distraction to bring back the good old memories. I played 45 minutes with one secret found right at the start." - Sash (08-Jun-2003)

"There are some great levels out there made by Dutch people and this is no exception. An old fashioned Tomb Raider level and for me they always work. Big rooms most of them empty but it was nice to get a grip on the lay out of this underground tomb. Lots of swimming to do and finding a gem the Portal Guardian and two Stars and battling skeletons. There is a bit of an overload of weapons as I found 2 shotguns (one was a secret) a grenade gun and a crossbow. Nice use of an elevator and also the pillar pushing was something you hardly see in levels. Had a hard time finding the second star but that was just me and not the game as that is fluent. Those skeletons jumping right in front of Lara always make me jump in my chair. Have a go at this level as this is fun the old fashion way. 06-06-2003" - Gerty (08-Jun-2003)

"This is classic raiding and very enjoyable it is too. I always like something different in a level but every once in a while it's good to get 'back to one's roots'. According to the readme this is one of the author's earlier levels and I wonder why it wasn't released before. It's a very nice catacomb setting with lots of skeletons to get in your way but as you get explosives quite early on they don't really pose much of a threat. I was sorry to find two gold stars and end the level after only an hour. I suppose it's a good sign when an author leaves you wanting more. If there were any secrets to find I'm afraid I missed them all. 08.06.2003" - Jay (08-Jun-2003)

"I hate to sound traditionalist but there are times when I really feel that all that 'Lara in a mad futuristic/technological/surreal environment' and 'Lara wearing a silly costume' stuff is simply quite unnecessary. Allright she's wearing her updated 'AOD' outfit here and some of the textures have been re-worked but otherwise this is your traditional Catacomb/Tomb raiding environment which you would have thought we would all have had enough of by now. But do you know what? This is really superb! The beautiful and breathtaking architecture; the lovely texturing; the wonderfully fluid gameplay (which is neither particularly easy nor too baffling either); the good use of old enemies (relish the 'skeleton jumping sideways out at you' moment); even the sting of disappointment when this ends after an hour leaving you wanting more. The only elements that I found slightly lacking were the rather sparse use of music (surely the flooding of the big central chamber deserved a suitably majestic musical cue?) the apparent lack of secrets (although of course that could have been me); the somewhat too liberal sprinkling of heavy weaponry which made the destruction of the many skeletons too simple a matter; and the fact that Lara had no discernable reward at levels end. But these are small grievances which pale against the pleasure of playing through this. Somewhat reminiscent of Catacomb Towers this adventure (one of Titak's earliest apparently) is one to be relished." - Orbit Dream (06-Jun-2003)
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