Enemy in the Ice

Level by Jens Nolte (Hochgiftig) (September, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

The level is called Burial Chambers in the menu selection. You start in an alcove behind a transparent wall. Pick up a large medipack and go forward to get the torch. Light the torch in the fire and burn the rope. The rock drops and you get a cut scene of a pool somewhere. When control returns to you, the transparent wall is gone. Do not go forward yet but you can throw the torch forward. Drop in to the hole the rock fell into. Go south and light a flare to see. You get secret #1 and pick up a large medipack and a grenade gun. Get back up and now go forward. By the way, you cannot return back to the alcove. The grenade is essential for the level as you have to blow up skeletons to get some items. Go forward and go to either side around a wall. Blow up the skeleton that attacks you and get the small medipack that it drops. When the camera angle changes, go north and west to the end to stand on a short platform, Jump and pull up to the dark block above you. Pick up revolver ammo. Go east, turn around and climb a ladder to a higher area. There is a locked gate and an opening into the pool. Dive into the water and find nothing. Swim into the underwater tunnel to the west and out race the crocodile to the dry floor. Kill the crocodile and go to the back between the fires to pick up a revolver. As you return to the water kill two crocodiles and get back into the water. Pick up the laser sight that has appeared by magic in the north-east corner of the pool. Surface and you find that the gate is open as well.

Go to the end of the tunnel and look to the right. Shoot the target and the rock falls harmlessly behind you. Go up the ramp and enter a room with columns. Shoot a target on the south step. Shoot a target to the east and get a cut scene of spikes dropping in the center platform. Shoot a target near the north wall and get a similar cut scene. Shoot the target on the north steps and hear a trap door drop at the east wall. Pick up Horseman's Gem and the Pharos Knot. Spikes down or not, they still take a lot of health. Enter the trap door and take a long fall into water. Pull up and go to the dark area to the east. You will secret #2 and a shotgun. Climb a pillar to the south-west to pick up another Horseman's Gem. Get down and kill two wild pigs. If only one pig appears, run around the entire area until the second pig appears. The second pig will drop a very essential token. Climb the column in the north-west corner. Jump to the slopes to the east and then to a column. A grate opens ahead of you. Jump and grab a climbable wall and pull up. Run up the ramp while another grate opens. If you are too slow it closes and you have to run to the base of the ramp to open it again. Get inside and the grate closes behind you.

Blow up the skeleton that attacks you. Shoot the barricades and pick up revolver ammo from the grate. You see a climbing wall to the west. Go north and use the steps to jump to the ledge. Pick up a Pharos Knot and get a cut scene of a trap door opening somewhere. Kill the skeleton that wakes up behind you. Get down to the ground and kill another skeleton. Notice a closed grate to the far west. Go there and the grate opens. Run in a bit and then retreat as two rocks roll towards you. When finished, go to the back of the area for secret #3, shotgun and two shotgun shells. Exit and climb the climbable wall to the south-west. If you look at the huge block structure to the north-east you will see a large medipack and revolver ammo. I never found a way to get them. Go to the south-west to climb a ladder through the open trap door. Use a Pharos Knot and a Horseman's Gem to open the grate. Follow the tunnel and when it splits, go to the right. The skeleton you jump over is probably behind you so blow it up and pick up the Gate Key that it drops. Ignore the token receptacle for now. Open the gate and enter and watch out for spikes. You face a ramp with many rocks. Step on the last tile and jump back to avoid the spikes but the first rock also rolls down. Get onto the ramp and notice another opening in the left wall. Just carefully and slowly work your way up the ramp and avoid the rocks. That opening has a fire floor but tease the last two rocks to roll. Go where they were for secret #4, crossbow and crossbow poison ammo.

Now you have a choice of two routes. Route #1. Run over the fire floor and turn left to fall into some water. Pull up and continue to another room. Pick up a crowbar from a water hole in the south wall. Route #2. Go back pass the spikes to the token receptacle. Use the token and hear a grate opening. Return and go right and when you get pass the grate it closes behind you. Enter the room and start climbing and jumping to ledges. Climb a ladder and turn around to kill a skeleton. Go to the north-west corner to pick up a small medipack and climb another ladder. When you look stuck with no way to go, jump and grab the brown column to the south-west. Climb up and kill a crocodile. Climb a ladder and back flip to a ledge. Jump a gap and climb another ladder. Near the top release and drop a little and then shimmy to the right. If you get the right position you will continue shimming to the right and pull up to a ledge. Go east and blow the skeleton and pick up revolver ammo. Jump back and go north into the tunnel. At the end, enter a room and drop in to a hole. Pick up the crowbar and pull up into a room. Notice some rocks at the north end that block the other route.

Use the crowbar to open the gate. Go forward and hear a lot of rocks rolling. You face four gates to the west and four receptacles and a gate to the north. Go north and pick up a Gate Key just below the north gate. Gate order probably does not matter so start with the south most gate. Enter the corridor and at the end kill two crocodiles and a wild pig. Pry the Golden Star off the south wall. Pick up a Gate Key from the floor and exit.

Go north to the next gate. Open the gate and go down the corridor. Jump down all the steps to the bottom and pry the Golden Star off the wall. Rocks start to roll baring the way back. Go to a hole in the south to pick up a Gate Key. Wait for the rocks to stop rolling and then easily climb back up and exit.

Go north to the next gate. Open the gate and go sown the corridor and down a ramp into a maze. There are no flares so you have to use the binoculars at lot. At the T-junction, go left and keep left to find an Uzi and Uzi ammo. Go left and continue left until you come to a lighted area. The view changes and you have to kill a crocodile. Use the binoculars and find revolver ammo to the south and a Golden Star to the north. Kill the two crocodiles that appear. Leave this area and go north. Kill a crocodile and at the end find crossbow explosive ammo. Go left and run south to pick up crossbow normal ammo. Return and go east and take the first left turn. Continue to pick up shotgun shells and at the end pick up a Gate Key.  Return and at a junction go left. Kill a crocodile that drops Uzi ammo. Continue left until you find the exit ramp. Go up the ramp and exit.

Go north to the next gate. Open the gate and go down the corridor. At the end, enter a room and watch the three skeletons. They are jumping gaps so you can shoot them into the gaps. Jump the gaps that you cannot really see to get to the other side. Run and jump to the first platforms. Walk north until you are opposite the Gate key. Turn west and walk until you stop. Run and jump to the Gate Key but do not pick it up yet. Leave it as a marker for the way back. Go south and watch out for one last gap. Pry the Golden Star off the wall and pick up the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle. Kill the three skeletons that show up. Jump back and pick up the Gate Key. Now turn east and jump to the route back and go to the exit.

Use the four Golden Stars and the north gate opens. Go inside and face a lot of fires. Go to behind the middle torch and see a trap door. It looks solid but you can fall through it into a tunnel. You drop facing a rock. Roll and start to run. The rock starts to roll after you and the level ends.