Juhani's Levels

Author: Juhani Piironen

Unpack the JuhaniPiironen-JuhanisLevels.zip. Copy the cleopal, coastal, karnak and tut1.tr4 files into the Data directory and the rest into the main folder. Run the game. After the first level you will reach a pool and there's no way out of that. You must take back the original script.dat file and you will be able to continue the adventure with your savegame.


1. Jungle Ruins

Heading to the left kill the bedouin and get the Laser Sight from the small block. Jumping into the water swim to the right and climbing out shoot the vase. Get the Revolver Ammo. Return to the place where you have killed the beduin earlier. From the top of the green column climb on the taller one and from here climb over to the next column. Jump and grab the gap of the other pillar and jump on the next one. After some climbing and dropping down grab the next one's gap and get the Revolver on the other side. Shoot the vase in front of Lara. Get on the small block next to the water and notice peak of another vase above. Shooting it a rope drops down. Swing it to the opposite side and climb back to the Eye Piece 1. Return and after sliding down to the right jump to the right and get the Large Medipack. Get to the other side of the glassy pyramid. Heading to the right make your way up to the stairs. Jumping on the platforms get to the other side of the room and you are on a new area. Going to the right jump on the platform next to the wall. On its end jump to the left but DON'T push the CTRL meantime. Turning to the right jump over and get down to the statue. Push aside and get the Cartouche Piece 1. Get back to the place where you came and now jump behind the statue. Pull the lever which activates a long platform. Get there, jump to the opposite sloping area, grab the edge and shimmy to the left. Sliding down jump to the left and back. You are on the flat area now. Jump to the opposite side, grab the gap on the column, shimmy to the left and climb into the gap. Push the lever. Climb up next to it, shimmy to the left and jump to the left. Now you are where you entered this area. The ditch have filled up with water. Swimming into the gap get the Cartouche Piece 2. Return onto the glassy platform but now head to the right and use the combined Cartouche. Beyond the open grate and climbing over the ceiling get the Eye Piece 2. Slide down the pyramid and get up to the open door to the left. Jump into the pool. First swim through the opposite small gap and get the Hand Of Sirius. Swimming to the opposite direction swim up in the right corner and push the lever so you are in the beginning of the level again. Place the Star in its receptacle and head up the slope. Away from the rolling stone run into the small alcove and place your combined key above. Don't jump into the small pool yet but in the left corner of the room jump onto the slope and get into the Secret #1. Collect the Compass. Now jumping into the small pool the level ends.

2. The End

All the things you have to do here is admiring the texture made by the Author. There's a picture of himself too. :-)

Now copy back the original script.dat and continue the game with the The End savegame.

3. Coastal Ruins

Swim forward, climb out next to the building and kill the croc - if he appears. Jump back into the water, swim to the right and walk out of the water when Lara can stand up. Jump, grab the edge of the rock, shimmy to the left and climb up. Get over to the other small pool. Head to the left next to the building and enter the passage. There are some buildings and a small pool here. Shoot the target to the right and swim into another pool under the opened up grate. Swim through the small gap and get out of the water. Follow the path, get a Small Medipack and jumping on the sloping parts kill the croc. Jump into the small pool. Swimming to the left twice the level ends. Of course this must not be the "official" route. It should be: in the beginning of the level enter the building. From the small blue platform jump on the small pillar and after a run-up jump on the lower opposite one then on the ladder. In the small quarter of the town find the Pharos Knot. Meantime a wild-boar and a skeleton would like to stop Lara. Place the Pharos in its receptacle and get in front of the other building. Follow the passage which takes you to the buildings.

4. Temple of Karnak

Getting out of the water, kill the ninja and first turn to the right next to the building. Find the Golden Vraeus in a vase next to the gate. Enter the other entrance and use it. You are in a huge room now. Slide down the slope and after a well-timed jump grab the edge of the platform. Don't pull up but continue straight ahead, jump and grabbing the edge shimmy to the right. Continue your way past the 2 statues and jump over to the opposite platform. Head up the slope but turn around in its middle. Head up the other slope. Climb down the edge and dropping down grab the small gap. Shimmy to the left and climb up. Take care of the blades in the room though they are not always active. Get the Canopic Jar 1 on the other side. Get back in the big room. Kill another ninja and get the UZI. Climb down when the ninja appeared and drop down on the slope. Get on the platform and on the slope on the other side of the room. Now continue your way straight ahead and jumping on the columns get the Canopic Jar 2. Even if the grate is not open you can get over and find yourself on the slope again. But now don't jump along from the platform but climb up and place both Canopic Jars. Placing the second one find a wall gap. Climb over in a small lateral passage which is an empty Secret #2. Jump into the water and swim into the small passage. Climbing out reach a pyramid. The level is a bit tangly here because if you jump up on the top of the pyramid on its corners and slide down to the right the level ends. The left-hand iron gate get you back to the beginning of the level.

The "official" route should be: jumping into the pool swim to the left and find yourself in a green room. Climb up to the right and shimmy to the left, to the other side of the room. From the sloping area jump on the pillar. Step on the central floor-tile a grate rises inside the pyramid. Swim back and return to the place where you entered to the pyramid. Slide down into the interior of the pyramid. Although swimming along in the water you can reach a small pool. Climbing out you are inside the pyramid. Get on the top of the pyramid through the rose grate. Slide down, get to the small pool, jumping in The End level appears and the game finishes.

Walkthrough by OBig of TombRaider.hu

Translated by Petunia of TombRaider.hu