The Tomb of Khamoon

Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

[Note: There is a sound glitch in this level that will make Lara whinny like a horse each time she hits a wall. (Actually, it's Egyptian for "Khamoon over here and kiss me.") If you really can't stand it, here's how you may fix things: Before compiling the .TOM files, go to the sound\samples directory and delete TR1 Sound 144-0.wav. Choose another sound (I picked ah_hand.wav), copy it and rename the copy into TR1 Sound 144-0.wav. Now you can compile the TOM with Tom2pc.exe.]

[There are no Secrets in this level.]

Enemies: Gorillas, Skinned Centaurs, Crocodiles
of note: Ankh 1, Osiris Cartouche, Sapphire Key, Seal of Anubis, Eye of Horus, Ankh 2
Traps - 4 Timed-Run

Welcome to the Tomb of Many Illusions

You start the level standing in the very middle of a large, rocky desert. Not much to do here, so turn L and run S then W around the corner until you find yourself before a large structure which is the very Tomb of Khamoon. And this is where serious business starts.

The big stone entrance doors in front of you are very closed and although you can spot a CS up in the wall on your R (NW), the blocks in front of you are too tall for you to climb on. Never mind and run to the R side of the R block and turn L (S). It doesn't look like it, but this side of the block is climbable, so jump and grab it to climb onto the block. The CS is just above now, but still seems unreachable. Stand right below it and again jump and grab to climb the unmarked climbable wall here and pull up into the CS.

Crawl through the CS then turn R (W) when you can stand up to locate a switch. Activate it to open the entrance doors below then make your way back down to the entrance and pass the newly opened doors: that's it, you've entered the place.

This is a treacherous and dangerous place with many devious "unmarked" traps so be cautious with your steps and keep your eyes open. As an example, if you jump and grab the ledge that goes around the room you're in now, you'll see a small medipack waiting for you to pick it up. Don't. Look up and notice the bas-relief in the ceiling just above the tempting medipack: it marks an instant-death spike trap. So forget about this medipack and simply leave the room through the opening in the NW corner.

Run through the corridor and down the stairs, hearing the sound of doors opening on you way. The room you're in now has five doors (including the one you came from). Two of them are closed and will never open so forget about them. Forget about the large medipack blatantly lying on the floor in the corridor to the L (SW) too: it's on a fake floor and Lara would plummet to her death and end impaled on the spikes down below. The corridor beyond leads nowhere but to a closed door which will remain so as well. So the only door to consider here is the opened one on your R (N).

Run through the (safe) corridor and enter a new room with a pillar, a closed door R in the S wall, a couple of high unreachable ledges, a tower with a high opening in the center and to the E and a slope directly to your L (N). You're in the Tower Room. First locate the breakable chest at the bottom of the tower. Crouch and shoot to break it and reveal a small medipack. Now, with your pistols in hand, jump over the slope to land in the other side of the room meeting your first enemy, a gorilla, in the process.

Those apes strike hard and are rather tough creatures, so keep moving and shoot. However, they sometimes have a weird behavior, either standing still or stucking themselves trying to climb some block. If you're lucky enough for it to happen, simply go on shooting until they die.

Now that he's dead, go to the sarcophagus against the N wall and press Action while in front of it to open it and collect a large medipack. Now turn around to the SE corner and climb the block there in a alcove with a switch on the W wall. Activate it to open the door in the other side of the room then go back there by jumping over the slope again.

Climb into the now accessible alcove in the S wall then turn L (E) at its end and jump, grab and pull up in the corridor. Run through it and down the stairs until you reach a new room.

Be very careful there: it's riddled with hidden lateral blades traps (3 of them, actually). They will activate when you step on the tile next to them so the safest way to go is stopping on each tile before carrying on. Dealing with the traps themselves is a simple matter of timing. The shortest and less trapped route is turning R (E) at the entrance, run then stop on the tile after the corner. This activates the trap there. Deal with it and turn R (E) at the junction. Run to the golden door which will open as you approach, and enter a new, beautiful large room as the door closes again behind you.

The Levers Puzzle

In front of you, you can see deadly spikes covering a small medipack. Obviously, don't try to get this one. Beyond is a pyramid with a closed golden door. On either side, you can see a set of five levers on blocks and bas-reliefs of cats on the walls. Behind the levers is a closed stone doors and you can spot statues against either walls on the opposite side of the room.

Before doing anything, draw your pistols and run to the pyramid (E). You'll soon realize you've got company - and a rather ugly one at that: 2 Skinned Centaurs are watching over the place. They are rather fragile and can be killed with a few bullets, but their weapon is quite harmful so keep moving while shooting (mind the spikes nearby, though).

Now it's time to take care of those levers. In order not to spoil the riddle, let's just say that you first need to open the stone doors in the N and S walls and that you do so by carefully looking at said walls. The cats on the walls will then be very useful. By the way, you'll also attract some opponents while solving the puzzle: 1 Gorillas, 2 Skinned Centaurs, 2 Gorillas, 2 Skinned Centaurs and you'll eventually open the golden door on the Pyramid to the E. [If you really don't want to find by yourself, all the details are given in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough.]

Hurry Hurry Hurry to the Osiris Cartouche!

Run through the newly opened door and pick up the Ankh there on the pedestal. Go up the stairs ahead, turn R at the top and run through the corridor to reach a new room with greenery covered walls. There's a closed door up a ramp in the far L corner (NW) and a switch at the end of a CS in the far R corner (NE). Duck and crawl to the large medipack and pick it up. Now run to the switch and save: you're about to perform a very simple but rather tight timed-run.

Activate the switch then quickly turn L (W) and climb on the top of the ramp there. Quickly sprint through the door. If you're quick enough you will pass through just before it's completely closed.

Run through the short corridor to enter a rather chaotic rocky cave. Head NW and draw your pistols upon reaching the opening: a Gorilla comes to greet you.

You're now in a small but very high-ceilinged room. On your L (S) is a closed golden door with a cartouche receptacle below. On your R you can spot a switch on the N wall. Run to it and save, another timed-run awaits you.

Activate the switch which will raise a block in the center of the room. Roll to turn around and make 1 running step toward the block. Jump on it and immediately do a RJ+G to the edge of the platform up and ahead.

Turn around (N) and look up. You can spot higher ledges above which is where you need to go now. At your level, three of the ledges have blocks to raise: the S one where you stand, the R one (E) and the one ahead. Three of them (the one you're on, the L one (W) and the one ahead) have also switches which will raise the block on the opposite ledge. The next part is a tricky tight timed-run, since you need to activate the switch then make your way to the opposite ledge to jump on the block and from there on the higher ledge. There are three blocks and three switches so potentially three ways to do it. However, this is how I could eventually succeed:

Go to the ledge on your L (W) which have a switch in the middle. Save. Activate the switch, quickly turn around to your R (don't roll) and do a RJ to the N ledge turning R just before you land. Turn R a bit again then immediately jump to the raised block on the W platform, again with a R curve and trying to land as R as possible then quickly RJ+G to the S high ledge. You might want to save midway, but I found it a lot easier doing it in one fluid circular go.

Now look to the W ledge to spot a cartouche there in the middle. Go there but carefully as spikes appears on the tiles you just were. Pick up the Osiris Cartouche. Now you need to get back down. Turn to face the wall and step back to the edge. The next part is a bit tricky as it requires perfect timing. Hop from the ledge and about half a second later press Action. This will slightly modify Lara's course and she'll safely land on the ledge below. However, if you really can't do it, go to the currently safe tile beside and make sure Lara's healthy enough, turn to face the wall and hop back while holding Action to safety drop from the ledge. Immediately release Action, as spikes appear as you leave the tile and land below, losing about half of Lara's health.

A Tricky Exploration of Another Part of the Tomb

Go to the Cartouche Receptacle and use Osiris Cartouche on it to open the golden door. Climb up to the stairway above and go up to enter a wide and high-ceilinged hallway. Immediately draw your pistols and turn R (W) to face a Skinned Centaur and put it out of misery. You're about to perform another tight timed-run and you'll need room for this so run W and around the corner to dispatch another Skinned Centaur. While you're at it, keep running S, stop before the second column from the S wall and turn L (E) to locate a closed door there. This is your next destination.

Now go back toward the opening from where you entered the hallway and stop beside the third column from the E wall. Turn L (N). The block at the base of the column is a moveable one. Push it aside to reveal a switch. Save and prepare yourself for your next timed-run.

Activate the switch, roll and immediately sprint to the R (W), around the corner, ahead then L to the timed door. You may jump to go faster when Lara's out of energy. However, just before reaching the door, stop jumping or sprinting and run normally. Beyond it is a rather small high ledge and you don't want to run past it and fall in the room below.

You're now back in the Tower Room, but this time from a higher point of view. Locate another ledge to the R (SE) and do a RJ to it. Turn S and look up to your L at the opening. The next part is indeed tricky. From this starting position (click for the screenshot), hop back and do a RJ over the slope without being killed by the lateral blades trap. You'll then hit another slope beyond. Slide a bit then jump with a hard L curve in mid-air to land on a platform on the L.

Now turn to the W wall and locate the ledge and opening there. You need to jump there but the column's ahead is on the way, so this one's gonna be tricky as well (but not that much). Position Lara on sidestep away from the L side of the ledge, turn very slightly L (SWW) to aim at the opening and do a RJ to the opposite ledge. Turn a bit more L in mid-air once you've passed the column then hit Action at the very last moment to grab the edge and pull up.

Immediately draw your weapons and run into the corridor. A Gorilla is running at you and you certainly don't want to be pushed off the ledge. Once he's dead, continue through the corridor but stop before stepping on the grey floor in the next room.

Some of the tiles there are fake floor. So walk (don't run) on the floor. Lara will stop when reaching an edge. You may either safety drop down and shimmy around to reach the next safe tile or jump over the fake one which is a bit risky since you don't know on which type you'll land. Make your way to the L tile just before the big beige hole. Don't go in there, the floor is deadly. Take a RJ to the opposite grey floor.

Again, some tiles are fake here so simply turn to the stairway on your L (SW) and do a 45° SJ to it. Go upstairs to enter the next room. There's a closed golden door and a keyhole to your L on the E wall and a sarcophagus on your R (W). This one's easy for once. Open the Sarcophagus to pick up the Sapphire Key and go use it on the keyhole to open the nearby door.

Enter the corridor and carry on through the rocky passage. You'll slide down a couple of slopes at the end and eventually will land in another room from a hole in the ceiling. There are five stone doors here but only one is opened and the others will remain closed so go through the opened one to the S. Run along the short rocky passage until you enter a large cave. Run to the pool in the SW corner and jump in the water.

Swim down the hole in the NW corner of the pool then S and E around the corner. At this point, you've probably noticed the Crocodile that's swimming around. So quickly turn R (S) and swim through the opening. Turn R (S) after the corner and swim through the other opening there. Quickly pull up on the closest ledge, dodging another Crocodile on your way, and get rid of the crocs from this safe dry position.

Now jump back in the water and swim back toward the entrance. Turn L (W) before it, swim a bit then turn L (S) again at the first junction. Turn R (W) before the higher block then L (S) into the alcove and locate the UW Lever there on the E wall. Pull it to raise a block in the room above then make your way back to the surface and pull up on the closest ledge.

The block you just raised is in the entrance side of the room (N). Go climb on it then turn N and jump, grab and pull up on the ledge above. The block there is a moveable one, which means you may safety drop from the ledge, grab its edge and shimmy to the L without it blocking the way. Pull up on the other side of the ledge, roll to turn around and to a RJ+G to the ledge ahead (S). If you look up and R to the SW corner, you can spot an opening there high in the wall. This said, it's currently half-blocked by a stone beam and you can't get in at the moment. So turn L (E) and do a RJ to the ledges ahead.

Run toward the swinging blade and duck just before it to safely crawl under it. In front of you is a low block and you can spot a switch locked in by wrought-iron doors. Look up to spot the opening and jump, grab and pull up in the small alcove above. Activate the switch there to open the wrought-iron doors below. Go back down and to the now accessible switch to activate it. This removes the part of the stone beam that was blocking the way. Look down to locate the Seal of Anubis on the floor and pick it up. Now go back to the ledges with the swinging blade, again crawling under it to avoid damage.

Go to the L (S) side and to the edge. Turn to face the opposite wall (W) then slightly L and do a RJ+G to the ledge on the opposite side of the room. Turn around (E) and jump, grab and pull up on the ledge above. Turn around again and slightly to the R (NWW) and do a SJ from the very edge to land in the corridor ahead. Run through it to reach a new room.

There's a low pyramid there in the center and you can spot a hole in the ceiling just above the center. The door up there is closed though and anyway the hole is too high to be accessible at the moment. So run N to the Seal Receptacle on the R of the golden door and use the Seal of Anubis on it to open the door. Climb up into the corridor and run through it. Ahead of you, you'll spot another receptacle for an item you don't have yet so keep running a bit until you reach an opening overlooking a large and very high-ceilinged room (we'll call "the High-Ceilinged Room").

Take some time to take a look around. On your R (N) you can spot a switch on a rather high and far balcony. Looking down on your L (S), there's a ledge then a crack running through the wall ended by a CS. Last but not least, would you safety drop from where you stand, you'd realize the wall there is climbable. This is how you'll now safely get down in the room below. There's a Gorilla waiting for you down there so stop a bit above the floor, backflip and draw your pistols to get rid of the annoying primate. Don't sheath your weapons yet: a Skinned Centaur is also roaming around.

Moving Some Blocks

Not that the place is peaceful anew, locate the blocks running across the room and climb on it. Turn W and do a RJ+G to the higher ones ahead and eventually climb into the opening. Go to its other side, stand on the edge and turn R (N) to spot an opening in the wall. Position Lara as in this screenshot then hop back and do a RJ, turning R in mid-air then press Action to grab the edge at the very last moment and pull up.

Ahead of you, there's a closed golden door on top of a flight of stairs. Turn R (E) to locate the switch there and activate it to open the door but don't go there yet. Run in the "alley" between the wall and the stairs to the opposite wall (N). There's a moveable block in front of you. Pull it twice and go around it to enter a very small square room to the E. Go to the NE corner: there's another moveable block in the N wall there. Pull it. You hear a loud noise: this has opened the way in the corridor beyond the door which otherwise would have been very much blocked.

So go back to the golden door and run through and up the corridor. You'll eventually find yourself on the high balcony you spotted upon entering the room. Turn R (W) and activate the switch there, opening a door in the CS on the opposite side of the room. Make your way back down on floor level through the corridor and down the stairs then safety dropping from the opening.

Go to the SE corner and notice a block has raised there near the blue high ledge. Climb on it then on the ledge. Turn L (E) to face the wall and safety drop from the ledge to grab its edge. Shimmy to the R and around, then along the crack until you can pull up in the CS. Enter the new small square room.

There's a rather complex (and clever) moveable blocks puzzle here. You may try to solve it by yourself or look in the Spoiler Section at the end of the walkthrough for some maps and a detailed solution. Once the puzzle is solved, you'll have a new item in your inventory: The Eye of Horus. Return to the High-Ceilinged Room by safety dropping from the CS at the exit of the puzzle room and run to the SE corner. Climb on the block, face E, jump and grab the climbable wall there and climb up to pull into the corridor above.

Run E then turn L (N) to put the Eye of Horus in its receptacle. This raises the low pyramid in the room behind you (S) and opens the door in the ceiling hole there. So turn around, run S to the room, climb up to the center of the pyramid then jump, grab and pull up into the corridor above.

The Way to Khamoon's Sarcophagus

Run through it and draw your pistols because you'll soon meet a Skinned Centaur there. Once he's out of the way, resume running along the corridor until you reach an opening overlooking a large room with a central column and two bridges. Standing on the ledge below the opening you just came from, kill the 2 crocodiles running around below from your safe high location. When they're both dead, don't drop yet but RJ+G to the bridge ahead (W) then turn L (SW) and do a 45° SJ to the other one. This will attract another crocodile, so kill it as well.

Safety drop from the bridge into the room and locate the two arched openings into the N and S walls and go there running to the end of the corridor to activate two switches, which will open the door at the end of the bridge in the W wall (the other door (N) won't ever open, so ignore it). Now you have to go back up there.

Go to the R side of the arch to the S and face W, standing one tile away from the block and the slope, and with them on Lara's back. Backflip to hit the slope then immediately jump and grab the edge of the ledge above. Pull up on the blue blocks L (S) and locate the CS there to your L (SE). Crawl into it and through to pick up a large medipack on your way, then resume crawling until reaching another opening.

Drop from the blue block you're now standing on to the ledge below. Turn R (N) and do a RJ+G to the ledge under the entrance, turn L (W) to do a RJ+G to the bridge and eventually a 45° SJ to the other bridge and run W to the newly opened door.

Run along the corridor to enter a large hallway and immediately turn R (N) and draw your pistols to dispatch a Skinned Centaur which attacks from there. Once it's dead, locate an alcove near the SW corner and jump in to pick up a small medipack on a pedestal. Now run to the N and all the way through the hallway then to the end of the bridge beyond. Stop there before the last arch and turn around (S). Look at the column on your L (SE): it's different from the others and indeed very climbable. So do a 45° SJ to grab it and climb down to the large room below.

Run to the L (E) of the climbable column and draw your pistols as a Skinned Centaur attacks from the S. Now turn R (W) to go between the two first columns. Ignore the first sarcophagus which is empty and run to the second one. Draw your pistols again: there are 2 Skinned Centaurs there. Dispatch them then open the closest sarcophagus to pick up a very much welcomed small medipack.

Turn around and run S to the other side of the room, then L (E) before the last column. Open the first sarcophagus to get the 2nd Ankh. Draw your pistols and run toward the second sarcophagus: you're attacked by another Skinned Centaur. Dispatch it then open the sarcophagus to pick up a small medipack. Now turn around and run N toward the other side of the room and the climbable column. There are 2 Skinned Centaurs waiting for you there. Again dispatch them and rejoice since they are the last ones of the level.

Climb the column to the top and around to land on the bridge and turn L (N). Run under the arch to the square hallway ahead and around the central walls until you reach a closed double gate. Use the Ankh on their receptacles there on each side to open the gate and enter the room. Congratulations, you have finally found Khamoon's last residence. [note: there seems to be a little glitch here, as the left part of the now opened gate is an invisible wall. So enter the room through the right one]

OK, finding Khamoon is very nice and all but there seems to be nothing to do here and the level's not yet over. Climb on Khamoon's sarcophagus in the center of the room and stand on its L edge (W). Turn to face E, light a flare and look up: there's an incredibly well hidden trapdoor up there in the ceiling. So jump and grab to open it then jump, grab and pull up into the room above.

Turn N toward the falcon head wall and locate the Ankh on a pedestal. Run toward it to end the level.


---- Solution to the Levers Puzzle

First run toward the SE corner and locate the switch there between the two last statues. Activate it to open the stone door in the S wall, releasing a Gorilla in the process. Kill it then run through the newly opened door. Carefully run tile by tile to the switch ahead (N), there's a hidden lateral blade trap here. Deal with it and go pull the switch to "activate" the cats on the S wall.

Now leave this room and look up at the S wall of the Lever Room to notice some of the cats have a lit green eye. From left to right: right, right, none, left, left. If you look at the levers you'll notice they're all turned to the left (when facing the wall). What you need to do is have them all aligned toward the lit cat eye. In this case you only need to switch the first and second one (starting from the left and facing the wall). This will summon 2 Skinned Centaurs so dispatch them before doing the very same procedure for the northern part of the room:

- Find the switch in the NE corner to open the stone door in the N wall (2 Gorillas appear).
- Activate the switch in the room there (mind the
hidden blade trap) to lit the cat's eyes.
- This time only two of them are visible, but we may suppose that the levers there follow the same pattern than the southern ones so switch the first and second lever (from the left and facing the N wall) again summoning
2 Skinned Centaurs
and opening the golden door on the Pyramid to the E.

---- Solution to the Blocks Puzzle

OK. Here's the starting position: Map.
- Push block 1 (SW corner, W wall) once
- Turn L (S) and push block 2 twice. You hear the sound of a door opening.
- Turn L (E) and push block 3 once.
- Turn L (N) and push block 4 twice.
- Turn L (W) then N around the corner to block 2 and pull it twice.

You've just opened a way and here's the new position: Map
- Turn L and run E then turn R (S), R (W) again around the block and L (S) to go to point A
- Turn L (E) and pull up in the passage above through the door that opened a moment ago and run through it until you reach a hole. Drop down in it to reach point B.
- Turn R (S) and push block 5 once.
- Turn around (N) and pull block 6 once.
- Turn L (W) and push block 3 twice.

Here's the new position: Map
- Turn R and run N then L (W) and eventually L (S) to face block 2 and push it twice.
- Turn L (E) and push block 3 twice.
- Turn L and run S then turn R (E) to face block 7. Pull it twice.

You now have access to the switch. Here's the current position: Map
- Turn R run S and around the corner then follow the "passage" to the switch. Activate it to open the door behind block 1.
- Return between block 1 and block 7, facing E and push block 7 three times.
- Turn around, run W to block 4, turn R (N) and pull block 4 once.
- Turn around and run through the passage to go to the W side of block 4 (facing E) and push it once.
- Turn around and run W to bloc 1. Pull it twice.

You can now reach the alcove behind the newly opened door. Here's the current and final position: Map. All you have to do now is turn L, run S then around the corner and along the passage to pick up the Eye of Horus.