Sehtepi's Crusade

Level by Dranok (May, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Pick up a small medipack near the skeleton and enter the hole to slide into water. Pull up and go to the north-west corner for a small medipack. Get into the water and swim north. Notice an opening in the ceiling of the tunnel. Swim in there for a small medipack. Swim back and continue north to surface in a room with a closed gate and a closed door. Kill two bats and drop into a hole for red shotgun shells. Go to the south-west and enter the corridor. Pull a switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Return and pull up to a ledge on the east wall. Jump to a center ledge and then into the open gate on the west wall. Enter and slide down into water. Swim to the south-west corner for secret #1, Uzi's and Uzi ammo. Swim to the north-east corner to pull an underwater lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Swim east through an open gate and back into the room. Run north and kill two insects. Go to the north wall and enter the open door. In the next room, climb the blue blocks to the right. Grab a wall crevice and shimmy left to a blue ledge. Run, jump, and grab to a ledge to the west and enter the doorway. If you look back you will see a blue gem behind a fence and a platform above you head.

Enter the new room and slide down to the bottom. Jump the spike pit and back flip to trigger and avoid the rolling ball. Do it three times for the three balls. Then jump across and climb up to the switch. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening back in the last room. Go west and climb the pillars to the top.  Grab the monkey swing and go east. Follow it to a tunnel to get secret #2, large medipack, Uzi ammo, four red shotgun shells and the shotgun. Then exit and get into an opening on the north wall. Follow the passage, avoiding two rolling balls and pull a switch to open the gate beside you. Exit and you are back at the doorway entrance. Alternately, you can slide down, and climb the pillars again. Run and jump to the west. When you land on a slope, jump with a right curve to land on a flat area at the doorway entrance. Go back through the doorway and down to the ground for the open gate. Follow the tunnel to a room with a pool and kill a skeleton. Get into the pool and pull an underwater lever. Swim into the open trap door at the bottom to pick Uzi ammo and red shotgun shells. Pull back up and climb a ledge to the south-east and notice a closed gate. Turn north and follow the ledges around to a ladder. Follow the ledges there to the south-east for flares. Then get onto the east ledge and jump over the room to reach a switch. Use the switch and get a cut scene of the gate opening in the pool area. Get down, enter the room and follow the passage to pick up the Horseman's Gem. Look north and down to see a gold block with the gem receptacle.

Go there and use the Horseman's Gem and the doors in the water will open. Get in and walk through the water to a switch and see some spikes popping up. Pull the switch and go north into an open gate. Follow the water there to an apparent dead end. Push the movable block south two times. Then push it west one time and you hear the spikes have stopped. Exit and go through the spikes and into the open door. If you go straight, the door closes behind you. If you go to the right side and around the fire, it does not close. Either way, go forward and kill three guards. Pick up red shotgun shells that are dropped. Go into the openings in the south wall and pick up a small medipack. Go to the south-east and climb a ladder and get into a passage. Follow the passage and drop into a corridor. Go east, kill four scorpions, and pull the floor lever. Go back and climb a ladder back into the passage. At the end notice that the room has been flooded. Swim to the top of the structure were the guards were hiding. Pull up and pull a switch. Turn around and see that the two large doors are open at the ground level. Swim across to the other side for Uzi ammo. Go through the doors and swim into the hole above the floor lever. Pull up and into the tunnel and slide down at the end. Jump over a spike trap and continue sliding. At the bottom run up the tunnel and go into an opening to the left side to avoid a rolling ball. There is a closed gate at the top needing an item.

Enter the room and the floor becomes covered with spikes. Jump to the ledge to the south-west and pull a switch. Climb the block and go east through the tunnel. Jump the gap and go the end to pull another switch. Return and drop to the floor. Go into the tunnel and pull a moveable block back to the wolf face tile. You hear a gate opening above you. Go there and enter a room to kill two scorpions. Go to the west end to hop on a block for a Horseman's Gem. Exit and go back to the tunnel with the roiling ball. Go to the top and use the Horseman's Gem top open the door. You enter a room with some platforms over water. There is a well-recognized receptacle near the east wall. Go to the north-west and dive in to find the Ornate Handle on a ledge under the water. Pull up to kill a crocodile with a sail on it so that it looks like a type of dinosaur. Go the platform with a gold tile. Get into the water and swim into an opening underneath that platform. Pull an underwater lever and get back out. The gate to the south-east is open.

Enter and take the second branch. Follow the passage to kill a scorpion and pull a switch. You see a gate opening on the other side of the fence. Return and take the first branch, Follow this passage to kill a scorpion and enter the open gate. Stop before a pit and kill a bat. Get down into the pit and kill a scorpion and pick up the Hathor Effigy. Return back to the water room and make the Portal Guardian. Use the Portal Guardian and hear a door opening to the north-west. Enter the door and follow the tunnel to the outside area. Slide down the slope to the jeep and the level ends.