Last Night I Dreamed of Karnak
Author: Ruediger Abend

Copy the wavs into the Audio folder, the karnak files into the Graphics\Wads folder and the rest into the main directory. You need the original english.dat and script.dat files in the main directory. Run the Level Converter and build up the karnak.TOM file. Now run the game and select the Temple of Karnak level.


Lara dreams that she returns to Karnak at night. The temple, however, is not the same anymore that she visited in broad daylight during "TLR"... She faces a strange adventure until she steps into the light -and wakes up.


Pull the column on the sign and climb over the wall. The left-hand door has opened. Step in but run out immediately when the rolling stone-ball starts out. Push the button inside but jump back quick as another ball is coming. Get down into the passage right behind you and rush to the left 'cause a third stone starts. Find the Secret #1: the Shotgun Ammo. The right-hand door has opened outside. Jump into the first small pool at the entrance. Swim as fast as you can straight ahead, left and left again, don't bother with the crocodile. After the open door swim to the left and down, then to the right. At the closed gate make a quick turn, then swim to the right and then right again. Swim up in the corner and right. Swim down on the other side and up in the corner but now to the left. After 2 left turn swim to the left at the open door and finally swim up into the room. It's clear, isn't it? :-) So this is a timed swim but after a few trials you will succeed. Pull away the statue above and collect the Ammo. Push the lever. Don't mind the croc and jump back into the water again. Another underwater door has opened. Find the Secret #2: the Flares here. The large gate has opened outside.

2 ninjas welcome Lara inside, shoot them. Going to the right kill another ninja. From the other side jump onto the platform. Walk over the bridge onto the other one and collect the goodies. Return to the entrance and take care of another ninja on the other side. Notice the Shotgun below. After a run-up + CTRL jump there and crouching get it quickly. Now you can shoot the skeletons into the deep. Jump to the sloping area and drop down, grabbing the edge below. Jump on the first invisible sloping spot and continue your way till you reach the other small platform on the other side. Collect the Medipack and get down in the middle as the water is deeper there. Running on the small swell kill the crocodiles.

Notice the 3 openings below. Drop down and kill the scorpions in the opposite corner. Running through the room kill another 2. Getting out of the crawlspace jump once forward and back immediately. After the spikes have disappeared get the Red Rose #1. Rush out of the room and turn right to the second opening. The door opens as Lara approaches it. Collect the Red Rose #2 inside, shoot the skeleton into the lava and push the lever. If the wraiths start chasing Lara they will disappear soon. Get out of the room in the opposite side and crouching before the small statues you will free of them. Now go to the 4th opening. Head up the slope but run back away from the rolling stone-balls. From the one run all the way along because a ninja follows Lara and she can kill him outside easily. From the second stone jump into the small alcove. Head up and climbing up to the right collect the Red Rose #3. Climb up the ladder to the right and jumping back find the Secret #3: the Medipack and some Shotgun Ammo. Now go to the right-hand, last small room. Place the Roses in their receptacles and the door opens. Kill the ninja on the bridge. Push the button in the end of the corridor. Slide down in the previous room. Walking to the end of the corridor the level finishes.

Walkthrough by OBig of ™
Translated by Petunia of ™