The Knights of the Cross (Venice/Museum)
Author: Malte Linder
Unauthorised Walkthrough: CC

We're back in Venice, and Lara is standing on a wooden ledge facing north. Jump in and swim forward and around the corner to the right, to the entrance of the museum. Pick up the large medpack at the top of the steps. On ground level both sides of the entrance staircase are grids to shoot. The right one gives medpacks, the left one is a crawlspace into the museum. Crawl in (to second level), shoot another grid and on a pedestal is the crowbar. Go into the next room with pharaoh statues and you'll hear an evil muttering. OK, then we're going to meet something horrible later on, we won't worry about that right now. Pull out the moveable statue and take the star off the wall. Go back out to a room with a receptacle for that star and place it. This opens a door hidden behind a shootable bookshelf in the previous room.

Pick up everything as you go along, especially medpacks, I won't mention all of them as you'll see them as you go along. Look on all cabinet pedestals as well as the ground. The author says to save as many medpacks as possible for the final confrontations, and try to use pistols to save your ammo and big weapons. And believe me you'll need them.

Crawl back out (back to first level) and do a running jump over to the wood jetty and entrance on the right. Round the piano and up the stairs to a bedroom. Shoot out the window and jump across to the red awning across the canal. Theres a medpack on the entrance wall of the museum, so get that and come back to this awning. Shoot out the window beside the one you've come from and up the stairs again to a balcony over a small courtyard. Jump down and shoot out the next window. Run along and pull the wall switch, you'll see the gate rise. Come back to the courtyard and jump into the water and through that gate. Through the house again to another switch, beside which you'll see the gate rise. Go back out to that gate and into a sort of sewer that comes out to another canal area.

Swim along straight ahead and turn right. There's a masked gunman on a little jetty here. Swim out quickly and kill him. Turn around and see
another jetty ahead of you. Wait until the other gunman walks towards you and kill him. You could of course swim over there but we're trying to
conserve medpacks and ammo here. Now swim across to that jetty and shoot out the windows. Weapons ready again as you go into the next room because another gunman comes through a door. Go upstairs and shoot out the window. Jump across and grab the red awning. Shimmy to the left and backflip/grab the window sill behind you. Shoot out this window and continue on again to another window to shoot out. Jump across to the red awning and shimmy to the left. Backflip/grab the awning behind. You're standing in front of windows you can't shoot. Jump up and grab the roof and shimmy around the building to the balcony with the blue door. Use the crowbar on this door, into a room with a ladder, and climb up to a lovely roof garden to pick up the shotgun secret. Now you can go down again or you could throw caution to the wind and jump over the roof back into the canal. The direction you're aiming for is west, that tiny canal where you see what looks like a ladder pattern on the building wall. This brings you to a lovely island type garden. Get up on that and get all the pickups.

Now face north and swim ahead to a heap of sand in the water, swim down to a very narrow opening and swim up into a church type building. You see the lasersight ahead and when you run towards it you get a terrific sigh of two masked gunmen and two ugly goons descending from the ceiling towards you. You could try to save ammo by constantly hopping back into the water and climbing out to pick them off one by one. Run forward and pick up the lasersight secret. Back outside swim forward and around to the right. Climb out on the left and the camera angle changes. Use the binoculars to see the windows in front of you to shoot out. Use the crowbar on the blue door and go in and pull the switch. I don't know what this did. ??

Back to the ledge with the camera angle. Find the block on the right and push it twice. Climb the ladder onto the roof. Goons, gunmen and dogs attack so be prepared. Up here you'll find the crossbow secret.

Back to the island garden and go west this time. Take the first left canal and forward to a ledge. This looks like a hard jump but it's not. Take a
diagonal running jump off this ledge into the open entrance. Use the crowbar again on the blue door and pull the switch, a flyby shows a door opening up high in another building. Back outside and jump back to that ledge. From the side you can shoot out the window in the building next to you. Do a diagonal running jump and grab to that window. Turn around to see a dog and more shootable windows. You can shoot the dog before you jump across.

Pull the switch and the right trapdoor drops above you. Climb up and pull that switch which drops the left trapdoor. You back down and pull the first switch again to raise the first trapdoor and drop the one on top. Climb back up the left ladder and then the right one to the roof. Shoot out the window across the canal and go over there. Shoot out the window on the left and see a switch ahead of you. Don't go there yet. Run through the next room and to the window ahead, shoot it out. Stand with your back to the canal and backflip to the red awning behind you and forward jump to grab the small awning above you. There is a gap in the roof to run through. Kill a gunman on the way. At the end you can still see that switch, ignore it again and jump across to the roof on the left and shimmy left all the way to the next gap in the roof. This is a kind of roof maze. Kill two dogs, two goons and two gunmen along the way and eventually get the grenade secret. Back to the wooden roof again and now you can jump across to that switch and pull it.

Jump into the canal and swim to the left and left again. There's someone shooting you but keep going to the steps at the side of a building. Climb up to the awning and gate wall and you see now who was shooting you. You could jump to the balcony and try to shoot him or just ignore him.

There's a small courtyard here with awnings left and right. Run to either left or right awning and shimmy along to the end, pull up, backflip and jump forward with a turn to land on the balcony. Into a long room and shoot out the windows at the end. Shoot the window in the building across the canal. Jump across to a room with a piano. Shoot out the window that overlooks the island garden. Jump across to the roof of the island garden and shimmy to the right and backflip onto the balcony behind you. Go in a pick up the yellow key.

Jump into the canal again and back into that island garden. Swim forward along the west canal again and keep going to the very end. There's a
building on the left with a ladder on the side. Climb up and down into the building. One switch opens the door, the other one raises the platform in
front of the yellow key receptacle. Climb up the ladder again, drop onto the platform and place the yellow key. The gates outside rise.

Swim through to a water room. Ahead are two doors. Go to the one on the right. Run around a bit until you fall through a trapdoor and deal with dogs and goons below. Or ignore them and run to the pillar and climb the ladder to the revolver secret. Pull the wall switch which was the closed door on the left.

At this stage I went back to that ledge, remember where the dog and ladders were and the diagonal jumps! Well do another diagonal jump back into that entrance and a door is now open. Down a lot of stairs to the uzi secret. I don't know when this door opened.

Now back to the museum at the beginning of the level, through the crawlspace on the left and into the museum. See that shelf, well I did, for ages, until Kristina told me to shoot it! Did you ever feel really stupid?

Anyway you go down to the room you saw when you heard that creepy voice. Look on the left for a ladder. You get a flyby. Before you do a kamikaze to the floor shoot the library door from above. Do a running jump from above to the door and keep running. You'll lose a little health but you'll trigger all the spikes. So after pushing the button it's safe to go back up the ladder again.

The big double doors have opened. Ahead of you is a rope to a structure. Look at those structures, there are climbable surfaces on them. If you go straight for the gem you'll get spiked. So you have to turn the spikes off. You'll have to swing with the ropes, climb and backflip, shimmy, run past the dead knights and eventually land on a ledge in front of another switch. At the entrance look to the left to see this ledge so you'll know the way to go. When the spikes have been triggered you'll have to go back and get that gem and come back to the door with the gem receptacle. When you place it two running knights come and two dead knights. Ignore them and run into the next room, jumping over the small lava hole.

In here is a guide. Guide my eye, he looks evil. He pretends to light the torch but instead turns to Lara and says something like 'You really dare to
appear in front of the door of the master. But I won't stop you, go on and find your death'. Yeah, right. Anyway look up and use the revolver and
lasersight to target a TRex head, and voila, the door opens. So you can run past that uncooperative guard, hah hah.

You come down to a lava room with obvious spike platforms and mummys to kill to get their gems. To get across the spike platforms, jump to the spikes, roll, and jump back again to trigger them. Place these two gems and the double doors open.

Now before you run in have your heavy weapons ready. If you run around the outside of the room nothing happens, but run across the centre and double doors open to let in two mounted knights and two dead knights. I find the best way to deal with mounted knights is to run towards them jumping so you get good shots over the horses head at the knights. Keep moving and jumping and you eventually kill them and get their gems, place these and run through the newly opened door. Run along to more double doors and push the switch on the wall. They open to show the first door you came through.

Run across the hall ahead. You're in a very Cleopatra/tut1 style room. Unfortunately you've now triggered two fire wraiths in the shape of skulls.
Run through to the next room, it has a lava floor with squares to jump on to get you to the other side and water. There's no trick to this, perhaps you could do it with constant running jumps, but if you get near the other side and catch fire, feed Lara a couple of medpacks and dive in the water. You're beginning to see why you gathered so many medpacks up to now!

Back again to previous room. Push the pharaoh statue onto a square like the one it's standing on and double doors open at the east and west sides. Go through the east opening. (The west opening leads to nothing productive.) Now here is where I was stumped for a while, until I ran too far and ran through the wall. So find the run through wall, to the right of the closed door with a gem receptacle on either side. Youšll see two gems on pedestals and two fire wraiths are triggered. You'll have to go back over the squares in the lava room again to the water to get rid of them. Put the gems in the receptacles and you'll get the evil voice of Seth saying something like 'Come take a ride'!

Slide backwards down the ramp, grab the edge, then pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge. Pull up to an almighty fight. Three horsemen, a gladiator hammergod and two fire wraiths. This is where youšll use a lot of medpacks. I got flung into the lava a few times, so at appropriate times save after each knight you manage to kill. (Also, assuming you have enough time to look for it, there's a water pool at one corner of the platform in case you get set afire by a wraith, or just need a time out.) They drop three gems. Place these in the gem receptacles under each gigantic pharaoh statue and the holy tablet appears in the centre of the floor. Pick it up and the ramp you slid down into this room has now altered to steps, so that's your escape.

Make your way all the way back to that devious little guard, and as you approach him he says something like 'So lets do a little magic, I will leave you now, but I will give you other guys(?) to talk with'. And then he says something very unfriendly to Lara and vanishes into the exit door, leaving you with two more horsemen and two dead knights.

These horsemen leave black gems, which you use in the nearby receptacles. Hop over the lava pit at the entrance, and run out past another horde of dead knights, all the way back to Venice. Hop back in the canal and head back to that very first square ledge you started from to hit the exit trigger.