Temple of Haremhab

Level by Duffgamer, released 04-02-2001

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts with a long slide. Jump down, scorpions roam around here. Somewhere you can find shotgun ammo on the floor and on the east wall is a pole. Go down the ramp and the door opens when you approach.
In the room shoot the left vase and find the SHOTGUN.

In the east is a ramp, jump on the ramp and roll and run back as three boulders come crashing down. The boulders obstruct the passage, so best thing to do is turn to the south wall, in the corner is a crawlspace. At the end is a ladder and on top another rather long crawlspace. Then a climbable wall (N) with yet another crawlspace and at the end, drop down. You are halfway down the ramp. The door opens when you approach and slide down.


Cut scene of the pool. The north wall has a ladder and south has a monkey climb. Climb down the ladder and turn around (S) and on the right is an opening. Pick up the shotgun ammo. Now go to the ledge behind the palm tree, a ninja starts shooting. Climb on the ledge and use the lever. A fly by shows you where to go next so dive into the water. NW are arrows and better take a good breath as this is a very, very long swim. There is a breathing hole after a long swim down and around the corner, immediately swim straight up. Get some air and dive down again. At the end get out the water and find the opening east. Straight ahead and left is a lever. A flyby shows the door opening and you are at the same pool. Get the EYE PIECE. You can swim through the tunnel back or dive in the pool, climb the ladder in the NW corner and use the monkey bar south to get to the open door. Climb on the blocks to get to the monkey bar, on the top, take one step back, angle Lara a bit and jump with grab to the monkey bar.

Go up the stairs, left, and you come upon a burning floor (the flare bug kicks in). Use the monkey bars and at the end the lever. Monkey climb back, down the stairs through the gate and once at the end of the staircase a flyby shows you the other EYE.

In this room is a ninja hiding and a medipack; you canít get it as there are spikes popping up, it is a trap. Go to the west and before you reach the corner turn right to the wall, as that one is climbable (different stone structure). Climb up about three squares and back flip to get on top of the wooden boxes. Get to the pole and climb one floor up (be sure to get above the ledge and then a back flip will do). Jump to the other ledge to get revolver ammo and get back and a running jump to the east. Then to the ledge in the NE and climb that wall there. At the end get the REVOLVER and small medipack, avoiding the mummies.

Look west and up, there is a ladder and find SECRET # 1, UZI.

Jump towards the rope and swing just once to grab to the other one and you can get that medipack in the corner, or go to the opening and jump to the medipack.

Next part is rather sneaky, in the SE corner is an invisible ladder and from there you can jump to the second EYE PIECE, Drop down and from the edge jump to the wooden boxes and get to the exit.

Combine the EYE PIECES and place the EYE OF HORUS and follow the corridor all the way until you are out in the open. A ninja starts shooting and when you walk a bit further, the level ends.

I havenít found the crossbow, but if you do, let me know please.