Egypt Pyramid Level

Level by Ricardo d'Oliveira

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: "I'm writing this walkthrough just for fun; I really don't think you're going to use it."

You begin in Egyptian room. Go over the dark place in the right side, light flare and pull Lara into the high crawlspace, crawl and enter the Secret Room. Pickups are Shotgun, Uzis and Ammo, back to the main room go over to the double door, it opens automatically. At the next room pull the statue one step onto the tile, it will put out part of the fire around the pedestal, pick up the Cartouche Piece #1.

In the next Egyptian room there are two closed doors, enter the mirror room, go and pick up the Cartouche Piece #2. The door from left side is open now, follow the end, combine the two Cartouche Pieces and place it, the second door is open now. Go over there and shoot two scorpions and two ninjas at the area pool.

Climb up ladder to the ledge above and pick up more Uzis, back to the wall and keep climbing up to next ledge. Monkeyswing to opposite ledge and pick up the Half Eye Piece, flyby shows you the underwater gate opening. Take jump into the pool below and swim through the open gate, get out of the water in room with mummy.

Shoot the scorpions and pick up Flares, in the middle of the corridor you see Shotgun and Ammo BUT it's a trap of two spiked boulders from both sides. Leave it and climb up the pole, pick up the Eye Piece #2, go a few steps, combine the two Eye Pieces and place the Eye of Horus. Shoot the ninja standing onto the blocks, then climb onto the right side block and pick up Small Medipack.

Slide down and follow the path, avoid from mummy, shoot ninja, keep going and you see the opening to get out from the Pyramid, slide down and finish the level.