SETBACK 5 - The Building Site

Author: Thierry Stoorne

Unpack the Copy the files from the Audio into the Audio folder, from the Data into the Data folder, from the Samples into the Sound/Samples folder, from the Script into the main folder, from the TRLE into the main folder and from the Wads into the Graphics/Wads folder. Copy the file from the Save folder into the main folder because you will start the 5th level with this later. Run the Level Converter and build up the Setback5.TOM file. Run the game and have fun!


Heading to the left and to the right force open the grate. Shoot the workman and get the bunch of keys from the box. Using it, open the grate, kill the dog and pull down the wall-switch. Get the Uzi Ammo. Getting back on the corridor, the trapdoor has opened down. Get down and climb out on the new scene.

Shoot the 2 armed men and the boxes on the crate, as they hide some goodies. Shoot the opposite wooden obstacle and jumping there find a Small Medipack. Shoot the switch box on the top of the crane and a rope drops down. Jump to the crates, get the Large Medipack from behind them and shoot the opposite obstacle. Jump there and on the top of the crane.

Jump on the crates and over to the other building. Pull the crate out of the way, shoot the obstacles and push the lever. Get back on the top of the crane ‘cause the grate has opened on its end. Push in and away the crate and get down in the end of the crawlspace. Killing the scorpions, pull down the wall switch. Returning to the crane, jump in the other direction and the grate opens. Find the lever inside and kill the soldier.

Now return into the small courtyard when you pushed the lever above and open both of the 2 doors below. Force open the grate and climbing up push the lever. Kill 2 scorpions inside and push them. The large gate has opened.

The fly-bye presents the huge, new location. Heading to the left, kill the workman and get the Uzi Ammo. Turning to the right, jump on the roof then on the crate hold by the crane and down on the ground floor. Notice the 2 armed men on the roof. Get to the grate below them, force it open and step in. Avoiding the 2 rolling stones, kill them inside. Find the Grenade Gun Ammo and the Large Medipack in the corners and a block has risen outside.

Climb up on the crane, get onto the block, jump up on the ladder on the ceiling and monkey-swing to the switch on the column. Pull it down. Notice the crates to the right of the crane. Stepping on them pull down the wall switch. Get back on the crate held by the crane and to the right, on the roof. Killing the armed men, get down. Kill the enemies in the store room. Collect the goodies dropped by them. Pull out the crate behind the column shoot the obstacle and find the Secret #1: the Left and Right Gauntlet. Pull another crate to the left and pull down the lever behind them.

Get back on the roof, jump down on the ground floor. Kill the scorpion and notice the keyhole which needs a key. The trapdoor has opened in the centre of the square.

Get down into the water. Climb out on the small platform to the right and shoot the workman. Jump over onto the opposite platform and pull down the lever. Return and get the Gate Key. Getting outside, take care of the rolling block. Pushing out the block, collect the Revolver Ammo and push the lever. Return into the water and swim into the right-hand open grate. Kill the workman, pull down the lever next to the ladder and climb up. Get to the grate in the corner and using the Key, open it.

Getting on the bike ride through the slope onto the other side. Get off and push the lever behind the blue column. There are 2 moveable blocks by the wall and next to the left-hand horse statue. Push it onto the brown tile in front of the statue. The large gate opens. Before entering shoot the crate to the right and get some Shotgun Ammo.

Shoot 2 armed men inside. Collect what they dropped and get up on the storey climbing up the crates. Pulling away and aside the crate find a switch behind it. Save your game 'cause a timed puzzle is the next step. Pull the lever, turn around and run as fast as you can to the wall and onto the right-hand small platform. After a run-up, grab the open platform and jump to the left for getting the Grenade Gun. Climb up to the right, slide down and jump onto the right-hand platform. Pull down the lever.

Notice that a block has risen where you came in. Return there, climb up. Kill the armed man, push the lever. Don't forget shooting the grate which hides the Secret #2: the Left and Right Greave. Climb back the ladder and head to the trapdoor. This trapdoor is on that corridor where you got the Gate Key earlier. Grab the edge, pull up, jump back and forward till Lara can stand on a flat spot. Pulling the lever a small gap opens on the wall.

Don't exit yet but take a health pack and climb up. An armed man begins shooting at Lara from behind. Killing him, pull the lever in the end of the corridor. There's another lever on the wall outside, but don't pull it yet. Jump over onto the wire fence and to the grate. Force it open, shoot the crate and find the Secret #3: the Breast Plate. Getting down through the open gap and pull down the lever on the wall. Exit through the gate and jump into the water.
Swim through the open grate and climb out in a room with water.

Climb up into the left-hand gap, shimmy to the other side and pull the lever. Get back and shimmy to the opposite direction. Drop off the block and jump onto the small platform. Through the open grate get into the next room. Jump along till its opposite end, climb up the ladder and pull down the lever. Swing the rope on the ladder, climb on its other side and up. After a somersault grab the lever and pull down. Holding the CTRL grab the ladder. Climb down, drop down and climb aside. Return to the place where you started, climb up the ladder behind the open grate and push the lever. Climb back onto the lateral passage and get the Eye Piece #1 in the small room. Pull the lever. Collect the Eye Piece #2 on the other side.

Getting outside, kill the armed men and collect what they dropped. Get back into the room with water, kill more armed men and jump into the water. Climbing out find the gate and open it with your combined Key. Get outside. Climb up the column from the right-hand hill and jump over to the gate. Force it open and enter. Now you reached your destination, found who you wanted to armour and the level ends.

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Here's another walkthrough for the same level, written by Dutchy...

Setback 5.
"The Building Site".

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Go forward, notice the closed trapdoor and go L, open the gate R and enter, shoot the Thug and look for a Key on the crate, open the gate with it, shoot the Doberman and get some Ammo from the box, don’t forget to use the Jmpswitch in here to open the trapdoor at the beginning. Drop in and follow to where you climb up in an upper passage, grab the Uzis and climb the crate (hold “crawl”), climb out into a square where 2 Thugs are shooting at you.

Loading Dock.

Take them out and go to a red block on E wall and grab the Ammo and Flares from the boxes. Shoot the fence on the nearby scaffold and runjmp in the alcove to get the ½ MP, stand back in the alcove and look up with the Lasersight to spot a small fuse box (hard to spot) on top of the crane, shoot it and a rope drops on the other side. Drop out and grab up to the rope, swing to the S wall alcove, get a MP from behind the crates and go back to the rope, shoot the Fences N first and swing/jmp/grab in there, turn and runjmp/grab the top of the crane, standjmp to the crates in the N alley and go over to another square, jmp to the balcony and pull the crate twice, shoot the fence and throw the lever, jmp back to the crates in the alley and to the crane, just run of the W end to land into a gate that opened W of the crane.

Look L of the crates for some Ammo and push the top crate aside to enter the CS behind it, shoot the covers in the CS and drop onto a room with Scorps. Use the Jmpswitch on the wall to open a gate in the N room at the crane. Go back, drop to the floor and use the rope to get back up into the N room, into the gate to throw the lever, it will open a gate in a room you can enter from the small square N, go over there, open the 2 small doors and a Gate and go into the R hand gate, notice the big gate L, follow to a lever and a Thug. Now a second gate opens in the N room at the crane, go in, shoot the Scorps coming from the L hand passage and go into that passage for a Jmpswitch, go back and spot the lever in the other end of this passage. The big gate opens and a gate L leading there. (finally a shortcut) The Flyby will show you the new area when you enter the big gate.

The Building Site.

Go L to shoot the Thug and get some Ammo, then go to the ledge sticking out into the room, drop down to the floor and go to the E gate, open it with the crowbar and get the hell out of there, as a Boulder will come rolling to you. Go up to the side ledges to shoot the 2 Thugs and get MP and Ammo in the holes. Go back out to the square and go up to the crates next to the crane, runjmp/grab the sloped W wall, runjmp to the crate R and go onto the ledge into the room, drop to a newly raised pillar and jmp/grab the MS under the floor above, go to the Jmpswitch on the pillar N of you. (hard one to grab) Go to the SW corner, next to the storehouse and find a new Jmpswitch, use it to open a gate in a store room. Go climb the crate hanging from the crane, jmp to the roof and shoot the Thug behind the crate, get his ½ MP and go down onto some crates in the house, into the S passage.

Shoot 4 Thugs in the store room and collect their Goodies, look for a crate to pull out in the SW and get Secret #12, L and R Gauntlet. Go to the E side and pull away a crate on the 2nd row, get behind it to use the Jmpswitch that will open a trapdoor in the square. Go back up the roof and down the crates near the crane.

The Sewers.

The trapdoor is in front of the E gate, drop down and swim to the corner ledge, get out and shoot the Thug, jmp onto the sloped ledge nearby and runjmp/grab over to the other ledge, get the Key and use the Jmpswitch to open the gate, notice another gate under the waterfall and go into the newly opened gate, sidestep diagonal, as soon as you touch the sloped part of the passage, sidejmp back in the pool, so you land besides the sloped ledge. Get in again and push a crate (a trapdoor overhead), so you can get the Ammo L and throw the lever R, the N gate under the waterfall opened. Swim in and climb up L, shoot the Thug and find a Jmpswitch at the ladders in front, go out through the open trapdoor.

The Bike.

Head SE to find the next to the Store room. You can open the gate here with the Key you took from the Thug. Inside are the Bike and some Ammo in a box. Drive the Bike over the square to and over the slope to the N area, go to the N wall and find 2 low grey blocks you have to move in front of the Horse ledges, the gate opens, go get some Ammo in a box behind the fence S and enter the store room, there are a couple of Thugs to shoot here, get their Ammo and go up the crates to the roof, go to the W side to get the Goodies and look over the wall to spot the ledge in the NE corner and a platform on N wall.

Timed run.

Go to the crate E and pull it to the centre of the ledges, then aside so the timed switch is freely available, save in front and pull, roll, sprint to the wall, jmp over the corner of the last hole in the floor runjmp through the R hand lower part of the wall, straight onto the corner ledge, a runningjmp/grab to the platform and a sidejmp L to the ledge with the Grenade-gun. Pull up the R side of the sloped roof W and slide jmp R to the sloped wall, use the Jmpswitch.

A flyby will show a pillar raised in a room you’ve been before, take the route back over the walls below, the slope, up at the crane and over the sloped wall to the entrance ledge, into the big gate and up the pillar. Shoot the Thug, a crate for Secret #13, L and R Greave. Throwing the lever opens the trapdoor over the crate in the Sewers.

Head back to the square and down into the trapdoor, into the passage where the Boulder came out of and up at the hole in the ceiling. Pull up on the sharp ledge and keep back flipping to the top passage, use the switch to open a wall, a shortcut if you happen to miss a Jmpswitch later on. Jmp/grab into a higher passage and shoot the Thug, go to the gate he was protecting after you opened it with the switch, standjmp/grab the Jmpswitch from the gate and drop back into the first Boulder area. Turn around, climb into the opened wall and go up to the Jmpswitch again, this time runjmp around the R to a flat ledge and go over the sloped wall N, get the Ammo on your way to the gate S, open it to get Secret #14, the Breastplate.

Drop back down to the ground and go straight into the Sewer again, now into the S gate under the waterfall and follow to a Tunnel connection room. Grab the crack in the L pillar and go around to use the switch that will open a gate, go back and around the other pillar, drop and do a runjmp/grab to the ledge on W wall, follow the ledges to the open gate, best is a sidejmp to get into the gate. Go into a poison pool room. Go along the ledges L to the corner ladder, jmp/grab up and backflip. Go W and runjmp to the ledge with the Jmpswitch. A rope dropped from the ceiling (you don’t really need it, but it makes a hard move more easy, because you can runjmp/grab the hanging ladder from the top side ledge), go over to a ledge to jmp/grab the rope and swing/grab the hanging pillar, go around and up to one square from the top, backflip/roll/grab the Jmpswitch under the gate, grab the edge of the slope as you fall down and go down to the ledges at the pool, to climb back up to the hanging ladder, the gate over the Jmpswitch opened. Backflip/roll/grab the edge and go down the ladder to throw the lever below. Back into the room and to one of the side gates that opened, grab the 1st Eyepiece and use the switch to open the opposite gate, go there and get the 2nd Eyepiece, use the switch and go out, shoot a couple of Thugs and collect the Goodies.

Go back out to the connection room and shoot 2 more Thugs, grab the Ammo and dive into the pool, a gate opened under the waterfall, follow the tunnel, climb out and follow to the Eye door. Open it and go to the room where you can climb the S structure and open the gate, go in to put the Armour pieces on the Statue…