Level By Federico Casadei (Chicco)

Walkthrough By Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: I do not mention any secrets or pickups unless the secret or pickup contains or is a puzzle piece, key or item which is needed. It is up to the individual players to find the secrets and pickups.


The level starts with Lara standing in some corporate lobby with two fountains. Head over to the desk in the other room and get the crowbar (don't mind the man sitting at the desk; he is harmless). Now head back to the lobby, turn right and go into the next area. Deal with the guards, then go to the closed gate in the far left hand corner. Use the crowbar to open the gate and go through to the crawlspace just past the open gate. Follow this crawl passage around the left corner, past the right turn to the end and the grate in the floor, which will open and cause Lara to fall into a pit below. Pick up the gem and pull back up into the crawl passage and go to the opening you past before. When you can stand, use the gem in the receptacle next to the closed door.

Go through the open door and slide down the ramp, then jump/grab/ climb up to the next room.

You are outside now in a courtyard of some kind. There are two ninjas on a raised block, so deal with them. Next go to the wall ahead of you, then jump/grab/pullup into the crawlspace. Now turn left, go to the end, stand up, turn around and pull up to the passage and take the next right. Use the jumpswitch, watch the flyby, then head back to the courtyard and down the hole you saw in the flyby.

When you jump down through the hole, slide down the short ramp into the next room. In the next room get on the motorcycle and head into the dark part of the room, avoiding the spiked ball that comes crashing down. Once you are in the dark part of the room, get off the motorcycle, shoot the lock off the door. Go through the door to the next room, then go all the way to the back of the room and use the jump/switch. Head back to the motorcycle and ride it through the door, turn left then left again up the ramp into the passage above.

Stop at the block, get off the motorcycle, climb over the block and get the gem from the pit. Once the gem is in Lara's possession, head to the door at the end of the passage, which will open as you near it. Go through the door back into the courtyard.

Now head back through the opening to your right. When you drop to the bottom turn left then jump/grab the wall then shimmy to the left til you get to the top and level ground. You are now back where you used the first gem. Turn right and go place the gem in the receptacle. Turn around, go left through the open door, take the next left to the next room. Go past the spike pit toward the closed gate, drop down into the passage and use the floor lever, then exit this passage.

When you are back in the area above, head through the now open gate. As soon as you pass through the gate this first level ends.


After the flyby as finished, head toward the closed door. Open the door, go through to the next room to the grate in the floor in front of the door. Turn right use the crowbar on the broken floor lever, then jump down through the open grate to the room below and use the wall lever. Take out the ninja, then exit the room and go through the open door. In the next room take out the guard that is coming up behind you, then head to the northeast corner and step on the gray slightly raised block, then sprint to the floor grate and drop down into the room below.

Use the jumpswitch, then exit back to the room above. As you climb out of the pit room deal with the three ninjas , then head to the north through the open door to the closed door. Open this door and go into the next room. In this room there are two high stacks of crates, both have shootable sides to them, so shoot out both of them. Inside the crates is a floor lever. Use them both, then head to the open grate in the floor near the closed gate on the north wall. Drop down to the room below. There is an opening to your right and a jumpswitch to your left. Use the jumpswitch first, then go through the opening and drop down to the passage. Shoot the barricades, crates and walls to reveal a wall lever, go use the wall lever and head back to the main room and through the now open gate.

Once through the open gate, turn left and climb the crate, drop down, turn right, climb the next crate, drop down, take out the guard, turn around, climb the next crate. Once you are over the crates, deal with the ninja, go get the idol (ignition key) from the pedestal, which will cause the gate you entered the room by to close. Next, head to the closed gate in the passage in the north wall. The gate will open as you near it, then close after you pass through it. Head to the gate at the other end, past the closed gate to your right. When you get near the next gate it will open.

In the cockpit of what you have determined to be an aircraft, use the crowbar on the broken floor lever. Now head back to the closed gate and use either the wall on the right or left of the gate to climb up into the passage above. When you reach the end of the passage, drop down and deal with the guards that are waiting. Now head back to the gate on the south wall (which is now open), then head back to where you started this level and place the idol (ignition key)in the receptacle and the level ends.