Cleopatra's Palaces, Revisited

Level by Tom Hillen (Wizzkiddo) (October, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a room standing by a fire in front of a tent. There is a closed gate on the south wall. Go to the north-east corner and take the north tunnel. You pass a slope and a closed gate against a wall. Enter another room with a closed door to the north so go west and down a ramp. There is a locked gate to the north so continue west. Then go north for a large medipack but do not enter the open gate. If you go inside for the large medipack, a skeleton awakes and it will annoy you for the rest of the level. Pull up onto the cages to the west side and go south into a tunnel. Ignore the hole at the back wall for now. Follow the tunnel to a room and see an item in the middle of the floor. Run over to it but do not pick it up yet. You have attracted a harpy. Pick up a large medipack from the floor and kill the harpy now if possible. Then pick up the talisman from the floor and get a cut scene of a golden Lara forming in the west cage and two cages rising beside you.

Climb a cage and use the sloped blocks to get on top of the cage to the west. Watch out for the wall darts and go west to find a ladder on the north wall. Climb the ladder and back flip at the top to a series of suspended ledges. There is nothing in the coffin so follow the ledges towards the north-east corner. On a north wall ledge there is a small medipack. Go to the north-east ledge and use the talisman. You get a cut scene showing beetles and doors opening. You can go to the ledge in the south-east corner for Uzi ammo. Safety drop to the ground and go back through the tunnel to the cages. Get down from the cages and go east and up the ramp to the open door. Follow the corridor and run up the stairs with beetles at your heels. Jump a gap to land on an east wall. Go to the south-east to jump onto a suspended ledge with a throne. Kill the harpy that starts to attack you. Kill the two crocodiles in the water from there as well. Go to the south edge, drop and pull down a jump switch as you fall into the water.

Swim north into a wide tunnel. Inside swim into a small west tunnel. You get secret #1 and pick up a large medipack and Uzi ammo. Then swim east to see an Uzi in a cage. Pull up to the east side of the pool. Go north and enter a room with nine cages. Climb to the top of any cage and you see nine pull chains. Go to the north-east chain and pull it. The cage below drops, so drop down and pick up the Winding key. Do not pull any other chain, as they release beetles onto the floor. Exit and go east into the doorway. Then go south into an alcove. Use the wall switch and the gate opens. Avoid the bull and climb a ladder at the west wall. Near the top, back flip, roll and pull down a jump switch. Exit the room and use the wall switch again and lock the bull inside to the room. Go back to the pool and see that another cage has risen. Climb the cage and pull the chain. Drop into the water and the first cage is gone. Get secret #2 and pick up the Uzis. Pull back up to the east ledge.

Go east and through the gate. If you pull the chain in the corner then the gate closes. This locks the bull outside if you did not lock the bull back in the other room. Go east to pick up the Mechanical Scarab. Hop to the alcove behind it and climb up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to drop in front of the closed gate. Go back to the pool and go to the north ledge. Use the scarab and key to trigger the spikes. Go to the end and follow the tunnel to use the scarab and key again to trigger spikes. Go into a south branch to get flares from a coffin. Exit through the very fast scissors trap and continue to the next room. Go to the north wall to pick up Uzi ammo. Use the reach-in switch and beetles appear. Turn around and follow the south tunnel. Watch out for spikes and go through a gate that closes behind you. You are in a large pit-like room. Kill the harpy that starts to attack you.

Go to the south wall and get into an opening to pick up the crowbar. Go behind the west pillar to pull down a jump switch and the east gate opens again. Exit the room and return to the water pool with beetles right behind you. Swim west and the south until you find a ledge. Pull up and climb the ladder to the suspended ledge. Jump to the west wall and down into the room. The beetles are still around. Go west up the steps and through the tunnel. Then turn north and go back down the ramp to the cages. Climb the cages and go to the hole at the west wall. Drop into the cage and the box is empty. Use the crowbar to open the gate to the north. Shoot the box and pick up the Dungeon Keys. Climb back up and use the keys to open the south cage. Shoot the box for Uzi ammo. Go back down the corridor and go north to another locked gate. Use the key and the gate opens.

Go down the stairs and emerge onto an edge over a pool of water. There is a rope ahead you. First kill the five crocodiles and drop into the water. Swim north and then east and swim into a crawl space in the south wall. Follow it to a room for secret #3 and pick up red shotgun shells, small medipack, and flares. Exit and swim back to south wall to pull up onto a ledge. Climb the ladders back up to the ledge where you started. Use the rope to swing north to a platform. Shimmy around the columns and jump to another rope in the north. Then swing east to a ledge. Shimmy around the column and jump to an east platform. Shimmy around the column and jump to a south platform. Jump into the opening in the south wall and follow the tunnel as the level ends.