by Chris-Craig Michaels (Cbl)

Walkthrough written by Jose Boo
Inittial Comments:

This is a jungle level with a very well design. It's a no-lineal level. It's no more difficult; if you explore well, you can finish the level easy. The textures are well known: TR3 jungle levels. Geometry is good. There are few enemies but well situated. I've only find two weapons (shotgun and uzis), two secrets and many few ammo and items, but sufficient to pass the level. Don't waste medipacks! I've only find two or three along the level. Lights are correct, and few switches too (I like this). I haven't found no important bugs. The only thing I don't like is that you can arrive after much work to the room with the three statues without having the three blue gems, and in this case you have to go back painfully to retrieve them.
Thank you Chris for give us such entertained level.



Turn right (south) and go up the stairs. Shoot the bird. Turn right again and see the high crawlspace in the east wall; you can jump from the floor if you want, and get the SECRET#1: uzi ammo. Go down and north, to the river. Shoot the croc and jump into the water. Swim east and till the end and left to find some flares. Go back to where you jumped into the water and make your way along the south river side jumping over the rocky ledges to get the tree-bridge and arrive the other river side (north). Go forward and over a water channel; at the beginning you can make the angel-jump into the water to get some shotgun shells under the wall rock.
Go till the end of the water channel and then right (east). Watch the flyby showing you some blue stones in the north wall. That is the place where the first "Shiva's Crystal" is. Advance and jump into the water behind the little hill. Avoid the croc and go out of the water on a ground ledge to the right. Shoot the croc from here if you want. From this ledge turn west, jump and grab the edge of a wooden platform. Get the shotgun shells in front of you and take a running jump to the NE ledge in the corner. From here jump, grab and monkey swing till you drop where the first gem is. Take the first "Shiva's Crystal" and drop down to the ground floor.


Make your way back to the beginning of the river and to the tree near the first secret. If you go around the west side, the camera angle changes. You can climb the tree from this side and at the top take a running jump to grab the edge of the south wall. Drop down to the other side and use the broken pillar to run jump and grab the edge of the green south wall. Don't shoot the monkey, he will not hurt you. Jump into the center waterfall and go forward (light a flare) avoiding the skeleton and the chains till you arrive to a closed grate door. Pick up here the "Key Of Ganesha".
Go back to the swinging chains and at the second chain light a flare and turn right. You can see a crawlspace. Go into that crawlspace and keeping pressed the duck key over a break tile and quicky back. Once the wooden tile is broken, go backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left or right to get another crawlspace and the SECRET#2: the uzis. Go back to the chains and make your way back to the green tree near the first secret (use the highest part of the broken pillar to take a running jump and pass the wall).


At the north side of the green tree there is a wooden ledge. Go over it and take a running jump to the east, over a sloped column to the right of the crawlspace of the first secret. Slide and jump to get over another tree ledge. Continue east jumping over the tree ledges and use the two parts of a broken wooden bridge (like the platform you used to get the first blue gem) to drop down at the far east area (you can't access from the sloped ground floor).
Kill the wild pig and go to the SE corner of the area. Jump over the slope and on the ledge in the corner; from here take a running jump over the next ledge on the east wall and on the ledge where the monkey is, jump and pull the jump switch to open a nearby door at the east wall and light two fires left and right. Don't drop down for now. Go east jumping over the tree ledges and get the second "Shiva's Crystal" which is hidden over a wooden ledge in the most east tree (under that tree are the blue stones the same as in the first gem). This wakes up another wild pig below. Drop down and kill him.


Go now to the NE corner of the area. The angle camera changes. Jump and grab the crack in the west wal and shimmy right till the end. Enter the door you opened before with the jump switch and pass the two circle blades. Go left and into the water hole to get the shotgun. Go up the ramp and back to the circle blades passage to avoid the rolling ball. Go again up the ramp and look the spiked floor tiles in the next room.
In this room there are some safety tiles with no spikes. Jump over one of them (left) and shoot the skeleton with the shotgun into a nearby hole to not disturb you. There is another hole nearby in the west wall; jump there avoiding the spikes and pull the wall switch to open a door in the south wall of the room. Make your way up over the holes to a safe tile at the entrance and from here jump over the new open door in the south wall of the spike room. Get some flares to the right and put the key in the keyhole to the left. Enter the new open door.
Climb the left block and take a running jump to the far east ledge. Turn right and jump over the next block (don't stand too near the edge 'cause Lara will burn when jumping). Do a running jump to the small triangle at the south and from there (you'll have to approach all that you can to the east vertex pressing the shift key and doing lateral steps) another running jump to the west block. Turn to the SW corner and see the ladder; yes, another angled running jump, grab the ladder and climb to the upper ledge. From here do a running jump and grab to the central pillar where the skeleton is. Use your shotgun to take him down. Face west and running jump to the next ledge where another skeleton waits. Make your way to take it down and running jump again to the south ledge to retrieve the third "Shiva's Crystal". Go back to the ledge where the second skeleton was. From there, face north and do a running jump to the slope in the NE corner. Slide and grab the ladder at the west. Climb to the sloped top and before fall do a backflip with twist to grab the ladder in the east side. Climb, shimmy to the right side and do a backflip to fall in a safe ledge at the east wall. From here, running jump to the top of the central pillar and then turn left and do a single jump to grab the nearby rope. Swing and jump on an opening in the SW corner (notice the ledge under it).


Go along the corridor till the end and enter the three waterfalls room. Two skeletons attack. Make your way to take them down into one of the two squares with water (east or west). Jump into one of the squares and pull the underwater switch, this opens a door high up in the west wall. Pass across one of the circle blades and return to the surface.
Climb along the pole rope and backflip into the opening in the west wall. Cross the recent open door and jump into the channel water below.


When you enter the room, the fire blowers are activated. Take the small medipack in the SE underwater corner and get out of the water. Look west and up with your binoculars and notice the five rolingballs waiting for you.
Climb over the ledge with the plant; if you stand on the corners, the fire will not burn you. When the fire is extinct, do a running jump to the left ledge and quickly jump aside to avoid the first ball.
Go back again to the first and second ledges and now jump to the third ledge with another plant and fire blower in the south wall. Do a running jump to the fourth ledge in the center of the room and jump forward quickly to the ledge up in front of you, avoiding two more roling balls. From here you can already do an angled running jump to get into the opening to the top. Swim along the underwater tunnel, pass the circle blades and emerge in a small room. Climb the block and drop down to the other side.


Climb the broken column to pick up a large medipack. At the north and south walls, between the pillars are the holes to put two Shiva's Crystals. When you place the crystals, the Shivas take life and attack you. Be careful because more fire blowers appear on some floor tiles when you make this. So, place one crystal, kill the first Shiva with your pistols (it's no very difficult), put the second crystal and kill the second Shiva.
Placing the crystals, two doors open in the west wall. Go there and place the third crystal in the receptacle. This wake up the last Shiva. Kill the creature and she lets you the "Key Of Kali". Pick up the key and go down through the open doors; you notice that you are again at the place where you get the "Key Of Ganesha" time ago, so make your way back passing the swinging chains and again to the green tree near the first secret, again jumping over the tree ledges and arrive to the far east area of the jungle, where you pull the jump switch and killed the wild pigs.


Jump into the water and swim under the waterfall. Avoid the croc and go up through the ceiling hole to the right. You are now in a green cave. Go to the NE corner and climb to the upper floor through a hole in the ceiling. Crawl till the end and place the "Key OF Kali" in the keyhole; this opens the door to the right. Go left and find the torch in a small alcove at the end of the small room. Go back with the torch and through the recent opened door. Turn right, pass the two circle blades and jump right on the ground jungle floor (beware don't fall into the water).
Go again to the SE corner of the area. Jump over the slope and over the ledge in the corner; from here take a running jump over the next ledge on the east wall and light your torch here.


Drop down and make your way back to the green tree and over the wooden ledge of its north side (uf! don't worry, this is the last time you'll go there). Take the running jump to the east, over the sloped column to the right of the crawlspace of the first secret. Slide and jump to get over the first tree ledge. Jump to the left wooden ledge and turn right, facing SE. You can see a stone statue equal to the one which you light the torch few minutes ago. So, do a running jump to go over the green wooden ledge where the statue is.
Jump through the gap right to the statue and go forward to light the metal burner in front of you (perhaps you have to approach very near, but don't worry, Lara will not burn. This opens the nearby door. Enter the room and throw your torch (you can light a fire blower on the central tile of the room if you want, but it's no necessary). Climb to the block in front of the statue of Cleopatra and pick up the "Idol Of Durga". The two Shivas will attack you. You can kill them from the block easy. One of the Shivas when die lets you the last "Shiva's Crystal". Place it in the receptacle to open the south door.
Enter that door to finish this good level.