Levels by Seemeister


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (using OBig's outline, which appears below, as a guide)





After a brief opening flyby, surface and pull out E. There's a closed door N that requires a key, so go S and enter a small shopping area. Kill the dog and the goon, then note another closed door NE that requires a key. Go to the bridge and jump into the water, pull the underwater lever in the W wall to open a door, flip turn and swim across to the E side to enter the open doorway in the N wall. Turn right at the intersection and locate another underwater lever. This one is timed, however, so when you pull it and get the cut scene showing a door opening elsewhere, wait about 30 seconds for the timer to reset and pull it again. You won't get the cut scene this time, so swim W down the long passage, ignoring the openings to your left, and make a sharp hairpin turn to your right at the end. Pull out and dash forward to squeeze past the closing door. Shoot the rat that scampers forward to greet you.


Pick up the bread (or large medi-pack) in the corner next to the closed door, then approach the row of movable crates against the N wall. Move the first crate into the NE corner, then enter the revealed passage and pull back the next crate as far as you can. Re-enter the passage and pull down the wall switch. You hear the sound of a door opening. Push the previous crate back to its original position to get it out of the way for the moment, and note that there's another movable crate to your left. However, you can neither push it nor pull it from here, so return to the previous room. Move the next two crates to the right, to reveal a second passage in the N wall. Go inside and pull back the movable crate as far as you can. Push it to one side and re-enter the passage. Pick up the REVOLVER, then push the nearby crate E into the next passage. Enter the connecting alcove and activate the jump switch high up on the N wall. This opens the E door and also releases a rat, so kill it before moving on.


Enter the E opening and pull down the wall switch. There appears to be an artifact embedded in the E wall, but you'll need a crowbar in order to pry it loose later. Pull up into the nearby N crawl space and pick up the SILVER KEY. Shoot a bat and return to the room with the crates. Move the crates as necessary to gain free access to the NE passage. Pull the wall switch back up, and the timed W door should open. If it doesn't, pull up the second wall switch in the E alcove as well. When the door has opened, go on through and jump into the water. Swim back to the shopping area, pull out N (right through the wooden railing) and return to the pier where you began the level. Use the Silver Key in the keyhole near the N wall (the noise you hear is the whirling fan blades in the water below). Draw your pistols while the adjacent door slowly opens. Go on up the stairs ahead and shoot the dog. Continue along the corridor and shoot the SAS in the small room at the end.


Pick up the bottle of beer (or small medi-pack) in the SW corner next to the table. Push the floor lever across the room to turn off the fan blades in the water outside. Note the closed door in the E alcove. Return to the pier, continue across to the shopping area and jump into the canal. Swim E to the other end and enter the N opening once again. Turn left at the intersection and take the first left. Turn right and swim W down the long passage. Get some air at the far corner, then swim N along another long passage. Turn left at the first opening and enter the chamber with the stilled fan blades. Swim down and pick up the CROWBAR, then swim back out and return the way you came (the other way is for later). You can fill your lungs with air in the main canal if you wish, then return to the timed underwater lever you've already used once. Repeat the timed swim into the room with the movable crates. Run around the crates into the E alcove and use your crowbar to pry the first GEAR WHEEL off the wall. Re-open the timed W door by using the two switches as you did earlier.


Swim back E toward the underwater lever, and take the first right. Loop around in a clockwise direction until you reach the opening with the stilled fan blades on your left. Continue N past it this time, and you'll see a smaller set of fan blades in the alcove at the corner. Turn right and swim past the opening on your left. Pull up into a passage and immediately draw your pistols to kill the rat. Climb the ladder in the E wall and pull up into a dark passage. A goon steps out from the room ahead, so kill him and enter that room (after first noting the closed door in the alcove to your left). Pull down the switch in the E wall for a cut scene showing those smaller underwater blades starting to turn. Continue S into the passage and shoot the dog that tries to sneak up on you from behind. Draw your pistols and shoot that fuse box on the far wall beyond the narrow opening in the W wall (jump up and down if need be, you'll know you've hit it when the red light goes out), then reverse roll and use your crowbar to open the door in the E wall. Run forward and take the second GEAR WHEEL with your crowbar.


Leave this area, climb back down the ladder and jump into the water. Swim forward and turn right before you reach the spinning fan blades. Follow and swim up when you reach a second set of blades. Pull out onto the wooden ledge. There's a closed door in the W wall and a closed grate higher up in the E wall. Jump back into the water and swim down into the NE corner for the SHOTGUN. There's a torch in the SE corner, but you can't pick it up yet. Go over to the NW corner and pull the underwater lever to open the W door above. Surface, pull out onto the ledge and enter the opened doorway. Two SAS start shooting at you from the balcony high up in the E wall, so turn around and deal with them. Before proceeding through the opened doorway, jump back into the water and swim down through the SW opening past the spinning fan blades. Swim S along the passage, turn left at the intersection and pull up into the passage. Climb the ladder and run forward into the room with the wall switch. Push it back up to drain the flooded room where you got the shotgun and where the torch is now lying high and dry. Return there, pick up the TORCH and use standing jumps to get back up to the open W doorway.


Enter the passage and note the inaccessible slope to your right. A closed door is at the top. Go past it and turn left at the intersection. The door at the top of the slope opens and a dog slides down, so drop the torch, turn around and shoot it. Return to the slope, turn with your back to it and take a back flip onto the slope. Jump off immediately and activate the jump switch in the wall to open the door in a passage further on. Proceed E down the passage. The camera angle changes to reveal a crawl space up in the wall to your left. Pull up into it and follow to a beer in the first alcove. Continue and you'll find a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #1 in the next alcove, and some shotgun ammo beyond that.


Return to the opening and drop back down into the passage. Retrieve your torch, then continue E (the lights in the corridor are blinking now) until you reach the opening on your right and the camera view returns to normal. This is where you opened door with the jump switch, so go on through and you'll find yourself in a familiar passage. Turn left at the intersection and enter the room with the wall switch you used to flood and drain the room with the torch. Continue into the S opening and turn right. Walk up to the wooden wall and take two steps back. Toss the torch through the narrow opening. It'll probably come to rest near the edge atop the shelving in the next room, but that's all right.


Exit this area, climb back down the ladder and jump into the water. Swim W past the opening on your right, turn left and follow the passage S until you reach the air hole in the corner, turn left and follow E. Take the first left, then an immediate right and continue swimming E. Turn right just before you reach the timed underwater lever, and emerge in the canal where you can get air if you need it. Swim E toward the bridge and pull out N through the railing. Run N past the pier and enter the doorway where you used the Silver Key. Go up the stairs and enter the room with the floor lever. Use your crowbar to open the door in the E alcove. Enter the bathroom and shoot the goon, then grab the GOLDEN KEY and the bottle of beer. Go back outside to the pier, and run past it into the shopping area. Turn left and use the Golden Key to open the door in the NE corner. Enter the next room, and a barrel will roll toward the corner while a harmless rat scurries away. Pull back the crate next to the barrel. This reveals a wall switch that opens the door in the N wall. Pick up the bottle of beer and climb the other crates for revolver ammo in the SW corner before heading up the stairs.


As you run up the stairs the camera angle changes. When you reach the doorway to your right a dog will attack, so kill it and enter the E room. You can see on the W wall the fuse box you shot earlier from the other side of the room. Pick up the beer in the corner, then enter the bathroom N. Climb up onto the blue cabinet for the UZIS. Climb back down and shoot the urinal to knock a hole in the wall (ugh). Crawl through, turn around and start climbing down the ladder as the camera view changes. After you've gone down two rungs, take a rolling back flip (using grab isn't necessary) into the hidden alcove for SECRET #2, another GOLDEN ROSE and some uzi ammo. Jump back to the ladder and climb down to the bottom. Hit the look key to restore camera control, then hop back and grab the edge above the water. Your feet will find another ladder, but it suffers from a glitch. If you climb down one rung, Lara won't shift around the corner. If you climb down two or more rungs, Lara loses her foothold and simply hangs by her fingernails. Here's how to do it. Climb down two rungs, have Lara go around the corner to her right (where she'll stubbornly refuse to continue), release and grab again immediately as she drops just a short distance. You should now be able to continue shifting to your right until you're over the jump switch. Release to activate the switch, and you'll drop into some shallow water.


Swim through the narrow opening in the N wall. Continue N along the uneven channel (you'll notice an unusual shaking at this point), and when you've gone about halfway look for an underwater lever behind you and to your right. Pull it to open the door in the N wall, flip turn and enter the passage. Take two right turns and pull up into a passage at the end. Run forward as the camera angle changes and be prepared to kill two bats that flutter toward you from behind. Then climb the S ladder and pull up into a sparse room. The wall switch is timed, so save your game here. Pull the switch, then reverse roll and run two steps before taking a running jump to the first slope N. Keep the jump key depressed so that you jump off three more slopes and land on an upper floor. Without hesitating, use the sprint key to dash forward past the closing door into a passage where you're greeted by two more bats. If you look back through the closed door, you can see some flares to your left. If you want them badly enough, you'll have to reload your previous savegame, jump the slopes again and pause for the flares, then drop back down to repeat the timed run. (By this time you should be able to perform it with no trouble.)


When you're ready to proceed, head E down the passage and go up the stairs to a room where you'll find the third GEAR WHEEL. Pick up the bread near the SE corner, then go back down and follow the passage W until you reach the end of a slope. Save your game again if you want to be assured of getting the next secret. Light a flare and slide down the center of the slope. Just before you reach the bottom, you need to jump off so you can activate the jump switch just above the water level. (It's very tricky, because you slide down unusually fast.) Once you succeed, you find yourself in the irregular channel where you pulled the underwater lever. Swim through the open N doorway, turn left into the short passage and squeeze through the very narrow opening. Swim down and E, and you'll come to the doorway that you opened by activating the jump switch just now. Enter the alcove for SECRET #3 and another GOLDEN ROSE.

Flip turn and swim back the way you came. Get some air in the hole where you pulled down the jump switch, then continue swimming S along the tunnel until you reach the shallow pool. Go to the S wall and walk up onto the underwater ramp. From there jump up to grab the wall and shift to your right. Take a rolling back flip and grab the pillar. You can shift right and around the corner, but here you'll experience the climbing bug again. Lara will climb up a rung or two, but no farther. So release and grab again, then quickly shimmy to the corner before Lara's feet can get "set." You can then painstakingly climb up the wall. When you get there, climb the long ladder and pull up into the bathroom. Exit S to the study and climb up onto the E shelf for some revolver ammo. You may as well retrieve your torch while you're up there, and throw it down to the floor below, although you don't need it quite yet. Leave it somewhere conspicuous, then exit W and go down the stairs to your left.


Go outside to the shopping area and across the bridge. Turn right at Cafe de Flore and head down the alley SW. The door ahead is closed, but you can climb right through the window to your left. Pause for the bottle of beer, then drop down into the room and push the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the area outdoors, but it doesn't tell you much. Search the footlocker against the W wall for another bottle of beer, and a goon will come the stairs while you're leaning over. Kill him, then shoot the other goon at the top of the stairs. Before going up the stairs, go to the crawl space in the SE corner, right in front of a see-through gate. Enter the crawl space for some flares, then turn around and jump up to activate the jump switch. Crawl back out, and you'll see that the door in the SW corner is now open.


Enter the passage and find a closed door and a wall switch in a side passage to your right. Let's save that for a little later. There's a jump switch in the W wall, but it's too high for you to reach. Turn around at the jump switch and look up to see a crawl space. Jump up to grab it and pull up into it. Crawl around the corner and you'll arouse a bat. Kill it, then lower Lara into the hole and find a GOLDEN ROSE at the end of the passage for SECRET #4. Pull down the nearby wall switch to open the lattice gate. Run N across the room and go up the stairs. Climb the crates in the SW corner for some revolver ammo. When you start toward the N side of the room, a rat knocks over the barrel and comes toward you. Shoot the windows N, then go out onto the balcony and shoot the three windows across the way. Use the tightrope to walk across to the far balcony. (You can walk right through the near railing, but you need to jump over the far railing when you get close to the other end. Therefore, it's easier simply to shoot both railings before beginning your journey.) Go into the hallway and shoot out the rest of the windows on the other side. There's a closed door at the W end of the hallway, but you can get some shotgun ammo at the E end.


Shoot out the next windows across the way N, where you can see a pretty woman's portrait hanging on the wall. Take a running jump and grab to the balcony, but be sure to shoot the railing first (as you can't pull up through it). Run into the next room and shoot out the W windows. When you step out onto the balcony a dog comes out of hiding and attacks. Shoot the N railing, then the railing over at the next balcony N. Take a running jump and grab, and pull up onto the N balcony. Shoot the windows and enter the office. Pick up the uzi ammo underneath the child's portrait, then head N and down the stairs as the camera angle changes. A goon runs down after you when you reach the landing. Kill him and continue down the stairs, past the library to your left where you left the torch, and back outside. Cross the bridge and turn right at the Cafe de Flore to head back down the SW alley. Pull up through the window again, hop down and loop around to the right to find that passage with the wall switch that you bypassed earlier. Pull it down now and prepare for a battle royal.


The door to your left opens slowly and a host of enemies appears on the scene. Shoot two dogs, then five SAS (three of whom will drop shotgun ammo, a bottle of beer and some bread). After order has been restored, run down the parallel alley on the other side of the Cafe de Flore (where someone has parked a bicycle) and come to a fountain square. A goon steps up to challenge you, so kill him. If you continue S you'll come to a dead-end square and the front door of a church, so head to the alley SW where the camera angle changes. The W doorway is open, so enter the next room and push the crate (the one nearest the smaller barrels) two times W to reveal a wall switch. Pull down the switch to open a door nearby, then push the crate twice more to the W to reveal a second wall switch. Pulling this one down lowers the trap door in the ceiling of the previous room. Go there, climb onto the crate in the SE corner and take a running jump and grab the edge of the hole in the ceiling. Pull up to the second floor and search the wooden footlocker for some revolver ammo. Shoot out the E window as well as two rats who come to greet you.


Go down the N hallway and pull down the wall switch to open the door. Kill the SAS inside and pick up the LASER SIGHT that he drops. Continue down the N hallway and into the first opening on your right. All you can do here is shoot out the window at the end of the passage (don't go outside onto the roof yet). Go back to the hallway, continue N and turn into the next opening to your right, and pull open the trap door. Turn around and hop back to activate that jump switch that frustrated you earlier. A cut scene shows that closed W door opening in the window hallway you visited earlier. Exit N, use the two alleys to loop around to your right past the Cafe de Flore, past the fountain and into the room with the crates, and pull up through the hole in the ceiling. Go down the N hallway, take the second right and go onto the red-tiled roof E. Combine the revolver and the laser sight and shoot the bell on the right just above the huge clock. A flyby shows the church door opening and an umbrella-toting parishioner coming out. (You can also shoot the bell on the left to make it dance, but nothing happens other than that.)

Go back, use the passage with the jump switch to safety drop to the floor, exit and run down the alley and across the bridge. Veer to your right, enter the doorway, head up the stairs past the library where you left the torch, go all the way to the end and use the outer balconies to make your way S into the room with the portrait of the pretty woman. Take a running jump and grab S to the hallway with all the windows, pull up and turn right to shoot the goon guarding the open W doorway. Enter the room and pick up the COIN in the corner. You can shoot out the window, but it doesn't take you anywhere. Go back to the windows hallway and jump back N to the room with the portrait of the pretty woman. Use the balconies to continue jumping N to reach the office with a portrait of a child. Run N down the hall where the camera angle changes, and when you reach the landing turn left into the kitchen. Shoot the stove, which causes an outer covering to shatter and flames to ignite. Go down to the library and retrieve your torch, then return to the kitchen and light it.

Exit the kitchen, go left down the stairs and continue outside, cross the bridge and bear left to return to the fountain square. Keep going S and loop around to the right to enter the church. You get an overhead camera shot as you enter, but when you reach the stained glass window the camera returns to normal and stays that way. Light the two gray stands on either side of the stained glass window, and a cut scene shows a door opening and torches being lighted in a passage. Drop the torch (you no longer need it) and place the Coin in the slot in the W receptacle, and the door to your left opens. Enter the small room and pull up the trap door in the corner. Climb down the ladder into the passage you saw in the cut scene, and run S into the open doorway. Push the floor lever to open a trap door up in the church steeple. There's nothing to do at the moment in the W room, so go back to the ladder and climb up to the upper room. Pull down the wall switch on your way out to open a gate in the wall outside.


Leave the church and run around to the fountain square and from there into the SW alley. Enter the room with the crates, pull up through the opening in the ceiling as you did earlier and shoot the W window if you didn't do so earlier. Vault up into the opening and step out onto the red-tiled roof. The gate across the way is now open, so go there and enter the church. Take a running jump NE and climb up the stained glass window. Back flip into the cramped area where you dropped the trap door earlier, and shoot two bats (bats in the belfry, you know). Pull up through the opening and place your three Gear Wheels in the receptacles SE. The clockwork mechanism starts turning and a flyby takes you back down into the basement of the church where you've already been once. Make your way back down there (you can safety drop from the stained glass window) and enter the W room where you pushed the floor lever earlier. Run down the far W passage past the opened door and you'll be taken to the next level.




Be aware of a very annoying bug in this second level that didn't exist in the first. Whenever you die, which is much more likely to happen in the second level than in the first, you'll crash to the desktop and will have to start the game from scratch in order to resume play. The same thing will happen if you attempt to reload during the normal course of play, and in either case I found that I actually had to reboot my computer to get the game to execute again. Try selecting the "debug" option when you crash, and you may not have to reboot. For these reasons I suggest that you save often, and particularly at points in this walkthrough where I recommend that you save. And remember that even if you do die, if you hit the reload button quickly enough you can (hopefully) avoid a crash situation.


You begin in a dark passage. Run forward, turn right and stop in front of the slope to your left. You can use your pistols for the upcoming sequence, but I suggest that you make use of your uzis to reduce your margin for error. Draw the weapons of your choice and save your game. Step forward and slide down the slope. The camera angle will change, and you'll hit a second slope and change directions. At this point camera control is restored, so be prepared on this second slope to take jumps over two spike pits. When you near the bottom of the slope, jump off to land on the first of many sloped pillars. You'll be much too busy to count them, but they're fairly easy to navigate. You'll be able to see two vases in wall niches as you approach them, and these are what you need to shoot and shatter while continuing to hop from slope to slope. When the second vase is shattered the wooden gate in front of the escape opening is opened. Before you reach the opening, holster your weapons so you can hit the control key after that final jump and glide safely into the S opening. You might want to save your game after successfully completing this sequence (and indeed, after all the tough sequences described in this walkthrough), so you won't have to repeat it later.


In the next room, cross the breakaway bridge W at a gallop and jump off at the very end to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up, turn around and shoot the bat. Wait until the first flame blower subsides, then take a running jump SW into the opening. Kill the scorpion in the next opening NW before making the jump (a standing jump this time, not a running jump) past the flame blower. Lastly, take a standing jump W from the second opening, using grab to land safely inside the passage. You'll hear a burst of action music, so before stepping further inside, arm yourself with your combined revolver and laser sight, so that when you awaken the skeleton you can shoot off its head and render it harmless without killing it.


Go to the S end of this passage and pull up into the crawl space on your left. Use your crowbar in the device at the end to open the gate at the N end of the passage. Go there and up the stairs (the gate closes behind you). When you reach the closed gate and the wall switch, continue up the stairs and into a room where you find you have much to do before you can progress. We'll call this the hub room. Shoot the two scorpions, then go back down the stairs and pull down the wall switch to open the nearby gate. Go inside, jump over the spike pit, pick up the bottle of beer and use the ladder in the wall to your left to access the crawl space. Pull up inside and crawl around to your left for the GOLDEN KEY. Go back down, jump over the spike pit and go up the stairs to the hub room. Use the Golden Key to open the E gate.


Enter the passage and head down the stairs. You hear a burst of action music about halfway down, so turn to your left at the intersection and kill the jackal. Continue all the way down the stairs for some shotgun ammo, then return to the N passage. Before attempting to navigate the lava room ahead, locate the movable block in the E wall and pull it into the passage and enter E for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #5. Return to the ledge facing the lava pit and save your game. Turn around, hop back and grab the edge, and shimmy to your right along an invisible crack. When you're over the jump switch, wait until the flames below subside, then release and activate the jump switch to open a door above you. Quickly jump back up and pull into the crawl space to avoid being set ablaze. Crawl forward until you can stand up, then run forward and turn around to kill the scorpion that was trying to sneak up on you from behind. Turn the corner and pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door behind you.


Climb up into the passage leading to the lava pit. Repeat the shimmy routine, and this time pull up into the opening above the jump switch. Pick up the SILVER KEY and pull down the wall switch to lower a rope at the N end of the lava pit. Shimmy back to the first ledge and pull up. Turn around and jump to the breakaway bridge. Jump the gap and leap off the far end of the second section of breakaway bridge to grab the rope. Swing forward and release (using grab) to land inside the N opening. Two skeletons are awakened, so run past them so they won't push you over the edge. Shoot off their heads to disorient them. You'll also have to contend with a bat in this passage. As you continue moving N you'll trigger another burst of action music. Sure enough, when you turn the corner to your left another skeleton and another bat come out to engage you in battle.


Continue to another lava pit. This one's a little more complicated than the previous one, and a flyby shows you the bridges rolling in and out like the noise makers you may remember from your childhood birthday parties. You can stand on the corners of the flaming pillars, so take a standing jump and grab to the first one and pull up in a corner. Jump to the next one NW while the flames are down, and quickly step into a corner before the flames return. Do the same thing with the next pillar NE. Now jump to the ladder in the E wall and climb to the top. Shift left and drop down onto the stable bridge. Hop back twice, face SE and take a running jump with grab to glide into the opening in the E wall. Run down the passage and pick up the bottle of beer, then continue to the end and pull down the wall switch to open a gate outside. Return to the other end of the passage and take a running jump NW back to the bridge.


Run along the bridge a short distance to attract a giant flying bug. After you kill it, go back and jump to the ladder. With Lara's hands at the top portion of the ladder, climb down seven rungs and take a rolling back flip and grab to the nearest pillar (that way, you don't have to worry about timing the flames). Pull up in a corner and jump SW to the next pillar when the flames are down. Walk to the NW corner and take a standing jump to the near face of the sloped pillar against the W wall. Shimmy to the right around the corner, and release to grab an invisible crack in the pillar. Shimmy to your right until you reach a crawl space. Pull up into the crawl space and follow it to the other end. Lower Lara down the other side and go S up the passage as the camera angle becomes fixed. Draw weapons and shoot three jackals that come down toward you. When camera control is restored, keep those weapons out, because two more jackals will attack from the next room.


Pull back the movable block in the NW corner and move it into the SE alcove. The gate to your left opens and out comes another jackal. Follow the passage to the end and pull down the wall switch to see a gate opening in the previous lava room. After the cut scene, kill the scopion that's stinging you in the heels. Go back to the NW opening where you pulled out the movable block. Follow the passage to another movable block and push it forward as far as you can to reveal a continuation of the passage. Go into the NW alcove for a bottle of beer, then look around to find a bunch more movable blocks. If you smell a block puzzle, you're right. The block you pushed to gain access to this area is now in the way of a wall switch, so you need to move the blocks around so you can pull it.


First, push the opposite block once S. This will give you room to pull the first block once S and then push it once E. Turn left and pull down the wall switch for a cut scene showing another gate opening in the lava room. To exit this room you need to get the SE block out of the way. Push the block against the W wall into the NW alcove to reveal some shotgun ammo. Move the other blocks out of the way (I pushed them all against the W wall) so you'll have a clear path through the SE opening. Follow the passage to an intersection where three more jackals attack from different directions. Follow the passage S and enter the opening to your right (it leads to the hub room, but you're not ready to return there quite yet, so just open the door by pulling the wall switch). Go back along the passage, turn right and pull up into the crawl space a short distance down to your right. Immediately back out and drop into the passage, as a scorpion is on its way toward you. Draw weapons, jump up to kill it, then pull back into the crawl space for a bottle of beer. Return to the passage and go back to the room with all the movable blocks. Go past it down the E passage to the room where you pushed that very first block.


Go to that block in the SE alcove, climb up onto it, then pull up into the crawl space above. Follow the crawl space S, but as you near the intersection push up to a crawl and draw weapons, as a scorpion is coming toward you from your left. After you kill it, continue along the crawl space until you can stand up. Run N along the passage and use your Silver Key in the receptacle at the end to open the door. Save your game in front of the tightrope. Walk carefully across to the other side. When you reach the safety of the bridge, run forward and pull up into the N opening. Enter the next room and kill two jackals before taking the GREEN GEM from the pedestal. You will also find the BRONZE KEY near the E wall.


Return to the bridge and make that tightrope walk one more time. Run along the passage and use the crawl space to return to the room where you pushed the first block. Go through the NW passage (W wall) to the room with all the movable blocks. Follow the SE passage to the hub room and use the Bronze Key to open the gate in the W wall. Go down the steps and come to a water-filled trench. Splash along the passage and shoot a bat when you turn the corner. A little father along, you'll trigger a cut scene showing two crocodiles swimming toward you. Kill them, then come out into a room where the water is a little deeper. Pull up into the dark NE opening and turn around. Combine your revolver and the laser sight to shoot the darker vase near the SW corner. This turns off the spikes in the upper S opening. Follow the passage for a bottle of beer and you'll come to a timed wall switch. Pull it down and hurry out to your right, taking a running jump from the opening (angled toward your left as much as possible). There's a raised block in the middle of the pool, so wade the remaining distance there and pull up onto it. Quickly take a running jump and grab S to the upper ledge before the block lowers again. Pull up and run forward to pull down the wall switch. A trap door is lowered in the W opening, so drop down and pull up there.


Jump into the water and swim down the shaft. Turn right at the bottom, grab the bottle of beer at the end and pull down the ceiling lever. Swim back the other way, pause for some air at the top of the shaft and save your game. Swim back down and go S this time. When you reach the corner and turn right, you'll see a ceiling lever ahead. Just before you reach it you'll trigger a cut scene showing a boulder dropping down from ahead. Hit the look key to regain camera control, swim forward to pull down the ceiling lever to lower a block beneath you, then flip turn and swim away from the boulder as it drops into the hole. If you simply flip turn when you trigger the cut scene and swim back the other way to safety, you'll find that the boulder comes to rest at the corner and blocks the passage, preventing you from proceeding. After the boulder is safely tucked away, continue along the passage until you reach an open trap door leading to an immense underwater room. Two sharks are there to challenge you, so quickly locate the crawl space in the middle of the E wall. The sharks will follow you inside, so crawl forward past the point where you can stand up, before turning around. Come up to a crouch, draw your revolver and dispatch the sharks. Continue N along the crawl space tunnel, but prepare yourself for the scorpion that comes out of the side tunnel to your right. After killing it, pick up the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #6.


Crawl back out to the water room and drop down into the water. Swim to the NE turret and locate the underwater lever inside. Pull it, then locate a second well-hidden underwater lever in the building near the W wall. Swim up for some air, then dive and swim all the way to the floor and locate the opening at the N side of the SE column. Swim into the narrow tunnel and pick up the SILVER KEY, then flip turn and swim back up for air, noting the open trap door NW as you emerge from the tunnel. Come back down and enter that opening. Pull up into the inner passage and shoot the bat. Go E and turn right to go through the opening. Locate the basket in the far corner and stand next to it facing E. Hit the crouch key and then pick up the ornate OLD KEY. Look back the way you came and see the wall switch. Pull it for a cut scene of an underwater gate lifting, then reverse roll and head S along the passage until you spook a bat and reach a receptacle for the Old Key. Insert it to open the door to your left. Go inside and push the floor lever. You'll hear a sound like a toilet flushing.


Go out and look through the window to find that you've apparently drained the area outside. However, you've actually just lowered the water level slightly. Follow the inner passage in a clockwise direction and come to the water hole by which you entered. Jump into the water and swim to the open gateway in the N wall near the NE corner. Follow the passage and swim up the shaft. Pull out into a passage and run to the ladder W. Pull up and shoot a bat and a scorpion. Pick up the revolver ammo in the SE corner and the bread in the NE corner, then pull down the wall switch to lift another underwater gate. This one is in the S wall near the SW corner, so climb back down the ladder, jump into the water and swim there. You find that you need to change the water level again, so swim back to the open trap door, pull up into the inner passage and locate the nearby floor lever. Push it back to its original position, then swim back to the SW opening. You find that you can swim all the way up the shaft without having to use the ladder, so pull up into the small room and use the Silver Key in the receptacle to open the door to your left.


Enter and follow the passage to a T-intersection. A harmless lizard slithers across your path. Turn left and walk toward the water as a jackal sneaks up on you from behind. Don't jump into the water, as it's deadly. Make a banana jump S to the ledge, and from there take a running jump S to the spike ledge while the spikes are up. When you land, take an immediate standing jump S to the floating ledge before the spikes return. Turn left and take a running jump E to the taller pillar, then turn left again and take a running jump and grab to the slightly sloped ramp above the spikes. Pull up and turn to face the W west wall. Look up at the ceiling slightly NW. See that ivy-covered beam jutting down from the ceiling? Just to the left of it in the W wall is a crawl space with a vase just inside. You can barely see the top of it from where you are, but that's all you need if you use your combined revolver and laser sight to shatter it. You'll know you've succeeded when the door behind you opens.


Turn around and enter the passage. Pull up into the crawl space to your right and draw weapons to kill the scorpion that scuttles out from around the corner. Follow the crawl space to a green ledge outside. There's a jump switch in the wall above you, but you can't reach it. Face SW and save your game. You need to take a running jump with a midair curve to the right to grab the right corner of the E face of the pillar in the S wall. It's likely to take you many, many tries. When you succeed, pull up and take a running jump W (without grab) to the pillar with the wall switch. Pull it down to open a door not far away. Turn around and walk out to the NE corner. Take a standing jump forward and grab the ivy beneath the bridge. Monkey swing across to the E side, turning left just before you reach the next pillar and making a dogleg back to your right toward the jump switch. Release directly over the jump switch and activate it.


You hear the sound of a rumbling boulder as you drop to the ledge below. Turn around to see that the boulder has broken the barrier between the two spike traps. Use the crawl space to get back to the ramp above the spikes. Take a standing jump over the spikes and into the water. Swim down the shaft, pull the underwater lever just above the boulder to deactivate one set of spikes, and follow the S passage to an opening where you can pull out. Shoot two jackals, grab the bottle of beer and take the second GREEN GEM from the pedestal. Swim back and up, and pull up on the E side. Take a standing jump up the ramp and enter the open doorway. Pull up to your right into the crawl space at the end of the passage and crawl out to the ledge overlooking the deadly pool. Run off the corner SW to land on the pillar below. Take a running jump to the lower pillar, face slightly NW, wait until the spikes are up and take a standing jump forward (one step back from the edge), then an immediate running jump to the next pillar before the spikes return. From there, take a tricky standing jump into the NW opening, using grab at the last instant so you won't land in the deadly water.


Follow the passage to the water hole. Jump in the water and swim to the immense flooded room. Locate the exit in the floor at the SE corner and continue swimming down the passage, looping around left until you reach the shaft leading upward. Pull out E into the previous flooded room and wade across to the S passage where the camera angle becomes fixed. Go back and get the shotgun ammo in the SE alcove if you didn't pick it up earlier. Wade through the passage until you reach the steps. Go up the steps into the hub room and use the Green Gems in their receptacles E and W. The door in the N wall opens and the torches are lighted. Go up the stairs and follow until you reach an upper area where you can hear a boulder rumbling about. The wall switch is timed, so save your game and pull it down.


The trick is to time jumps along the ledges as they flicker in and out until you reach the opposite E ledge. When you get there, quickly draw your combined revolver and laser sight and shoot the vase in the W opening just beneath the ledge before the timed door closes. Before starting, I suggest that you use your combined revolver and laser sight to shatter the head of the skeleton across the way, so he won't be a problem when you arrive. When you've successfully completed the foregoing sequence, the SW gate opens, releasing another skeleton, so you'll need to navigate the ledges back across and enter the deep alcove to pull down a wall switch. This opens the NE gate (no skeleton this time), so hop the ledges back across and pull down the wall switch there. This opens the NW gate, requiring another trip across. Pull the wall switch to open the SE gate and release another skeleton, so go back across and pull down the final wall switch to open the door in the middle of the E wall.


Enter, deal with another skeleton, and go up the stairs where the camera angle changes. The door ahead opens, so kill two jackals and step forward to claim the BLUE HOPE from the pedestal as the door closes behind you. An earthquake ensues, flooding the room and forcing you to swim up the ceiling shaft and along the passage until you surface near a waiting helicopter. Swim toward it and the level ends.




Hunt for the Blue Hope II

Author: Seemeister


Blue Hope - 45.52 Carats, the ironically named Hope Diamond (named for its purchaser, Henry Thomas Hope) may have had a long and illustrious history before it became associated with a run of bad luck for its owners. The blue Hope was stolen, and Lara must find this famous diamond in a small italian village.

walkthru, pics and saves are available here:


Blue Hope II-1:

These levels are not linear at all (especially the first one) so where you direct your steps does make a difference. It happens many times you have to return to a certain site to collect everything. Climb out of the water and head right to the sewer. Kill the enemy and get wet. Turn right, find a lever and pull it to open a door at the opposite end of the sewer. Swim straight find another lever on your right again. Pull it and try to swim straight with a right turn at the end, climb out at get behind the door with a time-lock. There your task will be a bit of a pulling and pushing. Push right the crates on the edge and pull the one in the space. Pull the lever behind. Pull the next crate and pull out the next crate from the next space again so as to have a decent grip on the Revolver.

Push the crate dividing the two spaces at the same place and pull the lever on the wall. Pull it back to its original place then. Outside the door opposite has opened. There is a crawling space to explore to get the Silver Key. Back out there pull the lever and the first one (one more time) to open the entry door. If it doesn't open, pull the one at the Key one more time. Before moving the crate, you can find in the hall 'bread' and 'beer' resembling the large and small medipack. J Swim back into the sewer, get back to the beginning of the level and open the door there. Kill the enemy above and pull the lever. Get back into the sewer and swim into the opposite direction. The propeller has stopped so pick up the Crowbar in front of it. Now swim back where the Key was and split the 1st Gear Wheel out of the wall. Swim back towards the still propeller and forward, then get out at the end of the hallway. Kill the rat, climb up the ladder, then kill the gunman and the dog. Pull the lever, which fills the room we are heading with water. Prize the door open and get the 2nd Gear Wheel out of the wall.

Heading the opposite direction we may also shoot the switchboard with our pistols through the small gap. Gat back into the water and swim right. In the hall we can catch a glimpse of the yet unreachable torch in the water. Pull a lever in the opposite corner, get out of the water and shoot fast those two gunmen, get back and pull the plug. Now you can get the torch and jump by jump reach the door that has just opened. When you get to the right slide part, pull a lever by making a jump back and forth, so now you can return to the small gap where you shot the switch. When the camera angle switches, you can get your hands on the Golden Rose in the 1st secret by pulling yourself up in the rift in the wall. Stand two steps away from the wall and throw the torch through. Now we can go way back out where we have pushed the lever that stopped the propeller. Forcing the door open we can pick up the Golden Key. Use it near the sewer. Inside pull the crate and open the door with the switch. Pick up the revolver ammo on the crates too. Head to the right space where we threw the torch, but let it lie there for later action. Go to the bathroom, shoot the wall on the right, climb down the ladder. Before that, of course, pick up the UZI on the top of the cupboard.

Climb down the ladder, pull a backward somersault with 180 turn (+END) and get another Golden Rose in the 2nd Secret. Don't jump into the water when you arrive down there, but grab the ledge and shimmy sideways towards the right pillar then pull the lever. Find the thin gap in the water, swim through and on a rock to the right pull the lever. The door has opened. Now swim right and then left. Climb the ladder after you got out and do a save before pulling the lever above. A jumping against the clock awaits but it's okay. Pull the lever, 180 turn (END), run and jump. Keep on jumping on the slopes until reaching the open door. If you want the flares, you got to make the journey one more time. Up there head right and you will be able to split the 3rd Gear Wheel out of the wall. Going back, before sliding down into the water, light a torch; in the last moment you have to jump and pull the lever that opens the door of the third secret. Swim through again the open door but head left this time, notice the small gap on the top, swim through and get another Golden Rose in the 3rd Secret.

Swim back from where you came to the great hall, there is a part you can grab just opposite the gap. Over there you can get up and climb the wall. Go right and with a twisted jump you find yourself on the pillar you came from. You can only get on if you let go of ctrl for a split second and when Lara's legs are just hanging in the air, she manages to pull up. What can you do, the ladder must have gone through a shock. Cross the bridge and head right at the building. The door is closed but you can use the window to get in. Search the crate inside for a beer. Push the lever then in the crawling space that has the torch pull the lever on the wall. Get out from there and prepare yourself for a hell of lot enemies. What I did was I ran back on the bridge to the beginning of the level and did my part with the small pistols. Beside the open door you can go up in a small gap and on the other side you can pick up the last Golden Rose in the 4th secret of the level. Pull the lever of course to get out. Behind the building at the small fountain in the right corner a door has opened. Push the crate twice, pull the lever push it twice again and the next lever will open the trap-door outside. Stand to the edge, jump, grab and pull yourself up. A receiving committee of two rats expecting you up there. Search the crate too for revolver ammo. Open the door on the hallway and inherit the Laser Sight from the gunman inside.

Shoot the glasses all the way through the next hallway and on the roof fit the revolver and the laser sight together. Shoot the bells, the church door opens and you can see a good old friend. Pull the trap door at the end of the next hallway and going down pull the lever on the wall. Go back to the place where you left the torch but go all the way up the stairs, shoot the glasses and the railings and jump where the door has opened and you can collect the Coin. Jump back and before going down the stairs, shoot the cupboard in the kitchen, which emblazes it and now you can light your torch. With your already lit torch head to the church and find the things to light. Use the coin inside. Pull the trap door and push a lever down there. Climb back and pull the lever beside the door. Go back to the place where you shot the bell, go to the roof by shooting the window. The bars are now opened on the opposite side. Get upstairs the church and climb the painting. Keep on climbing and put the 3rd Gear Wheel into it's place. The machinery starts, and downstairs where you have pushed the lever, the last door of the level opens up so you can move on to the 2nd level.

Blue Hope II-2:

While sliding down, pull out your pistols. Getting back the controls jump twice to avoid the spike pits. In the lava hall jump to the slope immediately and forward while shooting the vases in the wall spaces. Put you gun away and jump through the open door. Run over the instable bridge and jumping just in time will reward you with grabbing the ledge on the other side. Jump into the gaps at the fire-breathers but shoot the scorpion before the second one. Jump forward and shoot the skeleton while it is going down into the lava. Pulling yourself up on the left into the crawling gap you can pull the lever by the crowbar. Open the bars with the switch and climbing up the ladder you can pick up the Golden Key that you will definitely use going up the stairs at the right door. You find yourself in a lava hall. Well, here I couldn't move on for a while. Anyways, pull the tomb from the wall on the right to get a Golden Rose in the5th Secret. Make a backwards jump to the ledge and, though invisible it may be, you can shimmy right behind the pillar in a wall gap. Pull the lever on the wall that will open a door above you, but watch out for burns. In the crawling gap you can get back to the previous venue and shimmying around you can grab the Silver Key. Also pull the lever 'cause you get a rope after the instable bridges. Run over the bridge and in spit of the changed camera angle grip the rope and jump. Shoot the skeletons to the abyss, also the one that comes later and shoot the bats also.

You arrive into another lava hall. Jump to the ladder through the pillars. Either grab only the edge of the pillars or jump exactly on their corner so your heels won't be get burned. Climb the ladder and go the bridge. Jump into the small space with a run-up using ctrl. Pull the lever. One of the bars opens. Climbing back on the bridge kill a flying bug. Go back on the ladder and jump upon the first pillar with a twisted jump and on to the one with a slope. Let yourself fall a bit there because there is also a hidden gap in the cliff wall - get into the crawling space. A herd of jackals attack you on the other side plus two more in the small hall. Pull the tomb out of the wall on the right and push it in between the two pillars opposite. Later you can use this to reach the crawling space. The bars are opened now with more jackals to come, pull a lever inside. Head to the direction you pulled the tomb out - push back the other one all the way you can. There is gonna be a bit of pushing and pulling again 'cause behind the one you have just pushed there is a lever and behind the last one on the left there is an exit. Pull the lever and return to the small crawling space. Watch out for the scorpion. Use the key and keep your balance on the rope. On the opposite side pick up the 1st Green Gem and the Bronze Key. Two jackals are guarding them. Get into the tomb-pushing hall and on the other side you arrive back to the central hall. Of course you can't avoid being attacked by jackals. In a crawling space you will come across a scorpion and a beer. I wonder how so much beer went underground.

Use your key and now you arrive to a wet part. Shoot the bats and crocs, then pull the lever behind the pillars opposite. A tomb emerges, so run fast to get upstairs for it won't stay like that forever. Get away with the spike-part by shooting the vase, then pull the lever that will trigger a trap-door open downstairs. A hard part comes now, I had to re-load a couple of times. Swim down, go right first, grab the beer and pull the lever on the ceiling. Come up for a breath of air and swim the other way now. If the camera lets you down, push the look button to gain back sight. Pull the lever on the ceiling, but maybe better to turn around before 'cause a stone will fall and go down in the pit - if you are fast enough. Succeeded? All right, keep on swimming and catch your breath on the right. Swim out to the great water hall but on the right you will find a small crawling space on the surface where you can get out and finish up the sharks. At the same place find the last Golden Rose in the 6th secret in a scorpion's companion. There is a lever just opposite on the other side of the building. Pull it and pull another one at the top of a small tower. A trap-door has opened at the bottom of the building. Grab the Silver Key swimming inside beside a gap of a pillar. Squatting down you can pick up the Old Key from a basket inside the building. Use it to open the door and pull the lever. Also find another lever on the wall and pull that one, too. One of the bars has opened on the wall outside in the water. Swimming in you can pull lever upstairs that will open another bar. In order to get up there you will have to push back the lever that controls water level.

Now you can use your keys up there and you arrive in an acid and water hall. Get to the other side and standing in front of the door up in a crawling space shoot the vase that opens the door. Pull yourself up into the crawling space and having killed the scorpion we arrive to a platform. Look up and see a lever to be pulled which is too high yet. Jump left upon a tomb which is gonna be hard: you can only make it by grabbing the right corner of its left side. Got it? Then jump onto the other tomb without grabbing and pull the lever. On the way back jump onto the plants and keep on going till you reach the lever on the wall. Just in line with the lever, shimmy a bit left in the middle. Pull the lever and you can see a rock breaking through the bars at the thorns. Go down and jump there into the water. Climbing out you will face two jackals and the 2nd Green Gem. On the way back don't forget to pull the lever that will deactivate the thorns on the right so you can climb out. Get way back to the main hall and use the Gems. We arrive into another hall. The best move you can make here is shooting the head of the skeleton coming alive with the revolver so it will be running without its head and will not see you at all. The task is as follows: pull the lever, reach the other side as fast as you can because underneath a door has opened that hides a vase to be shot, but the door will not remain open forever. If you succeed doing it, the next bar will open. Now you can take your time but you will have to visit both sides a couple of times to pull the levers behind the open bars. You don't have to bother about the rest of the skeletons: most of them will fall into the lava. If finished, the last door will open. There are two jackals to finish up and you can collect the Blue Hope you came here for. An earthquake comes and water floods the hall, so all you have to do to swim out to the chopper waiting for you and thus a great adventure ends.

Walkthrugh By OBig from

Translated By Ironman from