Lara's Home Invasion

Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough: Lucas

Before we start... the readme tells about a secret in the level, there is one but you can't reach it. In the beta version there was a key in the outside pool that would unlock the freezer and, inside it, there was the secret (Winston). Unfortunately the key isn't in the final version.

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

A flyby will get through the windows and show Lara ready to kick some. Head left (the bedroom holds nothing of interest) and push the button to go up into the attic. There's a hidden map on the wall and several goodies
scattered around. Pick them up and get back to the main hall. Still upstairs, follow to the piano room. From there, up into the library to pick up some more goodies including the Uzis. Now get back to the main hall and go downstairs, and, as you do, Powell's men will begin to show up - most of
them leave goodies behind.

Once the area is safe, head to the kitchen where a few more thugs await. Return to the main hall and follow to the inside pool room to find the broken down roof, through which the men got in, and a Labyrinth key deep in
the pool. Time to go outside... Once you clear out the area (which may take a while - hey you got some weaponry, remember?), head to the hedgy maze to the right. Use the key and get in.


Follow through it to reach a small hole in the ground, going through it you'll reach a hidden switch that opens the door to the garage in the mansion. Get back there.

Guide yourself through the burning floor puzzle with the map you saw in the attic
or here). Push the button by the shelves to open a door upstairs, near the bedroom. Head back up there, the same way you got here, and enter the lab. Push the button near the door to open a grate to the outside pool. Head
there, taking the narrow path to the left of the maze. Dive into the water and in the far south wall there's an underwater door Lara can pull open. Fill your breath and dive in.

Take these directions to reach the other end: left, second right, left (you'll come across a waferthin wall), right, down, second left, up and forward until the end. Surface and climb out. Dispatch the dogs pack and the guard shooting from the wall. Pick up the Office key on the ground and cross the mine field by stepping only on the crates. Push the button and head back into the mansion. Use the key on the first door right. Enter the office, kill the three tough guys - don't worry, the hanging atlantean is just an ornament - and pick up the Clock Of Ages (Scion) from one of them. Push the button to open the front gates. Exit the mansion to finish the

End of Level
Secrets: none