Night Castle

Level by Oxy (October, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level has no enemies and no end trigger. There are a few items to pick up and no puzzles. The author has included the project file so that you add your own if you want. This walkthrough should take you through all the areas so you can admire all the work that the author has done. [End note]

Walk a little to the south-west and pick up the Gate Key from the ground. Go to the north-west to press the pushbutton. The west door opens and you get a very long flyby of the area. Enter and just before the west stairs jump onto the table to pick up a Bible. Go up the stairs and at the top go south. Pick up a large medipack (Bread) and a small medipack (Beer) from the horse statues. Go east to press a pushbutton to open a door. Go across the balcony and press a pushbutton to open the door. You enter a large room with many beds. There is nothing to find so go back to the horses. Go north and press a pushbutton to open the door. Enter and press the pushbutton to the east to open the door. This leads to a balcony over the starting area. Go back inside and the pushbutton to the north-west opens a door onto an outside balcony over a garden area. Go up the stairs and follow the stairs at the other side. Go west to press a pushbutton. You enter a church area. Go west and jump on the alter to pick up a Golden Feather.

Exit the church and go north into a room with a piano. Press the pushbutton beside the fireplace and the fire ignites. Exit and go east to find stairs going down. At the mid point turn left and press a pushbutton. The door down the stairs to the left opens. Inside the room there are toilets and a pool. Exit and continue down the stairs and pass a fireplace and you are back where you started. Go back outside and go to the south-west. Press the pushbutton beside the door and it opens. Inside is an empty alcove. Go north and there are two archways. The left archway leads to garden with a fountain. Enter the right archway and turn right just before the stairs, Press a pushbutton and the door opens. Enter a dining room and go north. Jump on the table to pick up the Dagger of Xian. The door to the north opens up and on the outside is a garden

Exit and go can up the stairs and open up three doors with three pushbuttons. The south-east door leads to a storage room. The west door leads back to the steps and down to where you entered the dining room. The big double doors leads into a dark corridor. Go into the dark corridor and down the steps to the end and turn right. The first stairs leads to a door that opens into the room with many beds. The second stairs leads to a dead-end. Between the stairs is a pushbutton on the north wall. This opens the big doors to the east where you find a garden area with a water pool. Go to the north-east and go through that section and back into the house. Turn west and pass the stairs again. Continue through a corridor with windows overlooking you starting point.

Continue west and enter a room. To the north is the starting point. Go west to the door and press the pushbutton to open it. The door leads to the outside area. Go south and go around the building until you find a key lock. Use the Gate Key and the door opens. In the north-west corner is a pushbutton that starts a fire. Instead go north and push open the doors. Notice the stairs to the left. Enter the room and turn left. Press the pushbutton to start the fireplace. Go north-west and press the pushbutton to enter an empty storage room. Push the south-west pushbutton to open the door. Enter a large bedroom and you can go north up the steps to enter a large pool. Exit and push open the doors in the south. You pass a kitchen area and return to the entrance room. Go back north and this time go up the stairs. Press the pushbutton on the wall to open a door. Continue up the stairs and enter the open door to face a piano. The level has no end trigger but you have visited almost all the possible areas so this piano room is a good place to exit the game.