Level by Nadia Rubin

Walkthrough by Yoav

In a solitary Pacific Ocean's island....

Start by sliding down a grassy wall and landing outside a big structure. Facing west, follow the path between the structure and the grassy wall. At the corner when you turn to the south path you see two blocks. Those blocks and others that you see later around the structure have burning traps. Keep following the path to the end and turn to the east path. Here you see some hanging bells above the path and further on you reach the motorbike (which I didn't find any special thing for it) and the main doors you'll open later. Keep to the end of the path and turn to the north path. In front of you are three swinging balls you can easly shoot with the pistols when you reach the end of the path.

At the corner there are two blocks covered with spikes. Carefully climb onto one of them, then jump/grab the ledge above and climb onto it. Shoot the vase for clips, then head south and go a little bit forward. Nearby the first closed gate turn to face east and run/jump over the grassy wall for a secret. Pick up crossbow explosive ammo and run/jump back to the ledge. Keep following south along the ledge and pass a closed gate and opening. At the next gate turn to face east and run/jump over the grass for the crossbow gun. Turn around and jump back to the ledge, shoot the vase in the corner for shotgun ammo. Go the west ledge and at the end run/jump over the grass. Keep to west along the grass and at the end pick up the shotgun.

Jump back to the ledge and shoot the empty vase. Go east and pass the closed gate, then pull the jumpswitch. Go through the gate you opened and drop to the ledge below. Ahead is a courtyard with some spikes and burning floor. Don't waste your time here, go west, then take an angled jump to north-west ledge. By stepping on this ledge you open the gate above. Climb through one of those gates back to the ledge above and head north. Pull the jumpswitch and go to the east ledge, pass on the closed gates, then back to the south ledge and find the opening.

Stand facing the south column with the lion's head and draw out your crossbow. Since the author does not provide a lasersight, just load an explosive ammo and shoot the head. A block raises onto a column down at the bottom. Take a standing jump west onto this column, then jump to the south column and another jump to the ledge. Climb the next ledge and head to the east wall, notice that the column is also climbable, you'll use it later. Pull the switch and get a screenie of an opening door. Go the west wall to open a door, then shoot the danger wooden barrier in front of you.

Enter a zoological garden. Climb the short block and go west, kill the crocodile, then turn north over the monkey place, look for water canal. Jump into the water and dive to the bottom, get the Token. Meantime a shark and crocodile come to taste Lara for their breakfast. Pull out of the canal and head north, then west and beyond the wall. Run to end of the garden, you come to a square with lever at the middle. Kill the crocodiles, then go and pull the lever. Get a screenie of closed gate somewhere in a wall around. Honestly, I don't know where it is and what it's good for. Anyway, exit the zoological garden by the door you entered. Then go back the climbable column at east wall and climb to the top.

Jump over the south wall, go west and drop onto a block, and from there to the ground. Follow the east passagewey until you come to a large opening and the wall raises. Climb the west side and look for a parking meter. Put the token there to open a door and follow inside the building. Climb the east orange wall, then drop into a room below for a medipack. Climb back and turn to face west and jump forward. Look for a bull lying at the bottom of the next room but don't drop there yet. However, drop down the north-west hole, light a flare and look for the Music Scroll. Climb the south orange wall back above. Now climb the short block with the goblet and pull/push it forward two times. A block raises down at the bull place. Now drop into there and pull the lever, get a screenie of an opening door in the square outside this building. Climb the block you raised and jump to the east wall, drop down and follow outside the building.

Take the west road and come the to square. Look at the grounded cab at the south-east corner. Go to the east wall and pull the jumpswitch to open the main doors. If you like, get on the motorbike and drive inside. Then go west over the door you opened and climb down the ladder. Turn around and get down the stairs into a big library. Pick up a medipack and head east over the clock wall. Turn left (north) into a room and pull the lever, get a screenie of opening gate in other room. Follow out this room and go south, run down the stairs and kill the bats. Watch out for the ball at the dark place, pass it faster and shoot the danger wooden barrier and drop into the pool. Dive to the bottom for a Gem, then pull out of the pool. Run up the stairs, jump above the ball and go back to the library.

Run east over the stairs and keep further, at the end see a door. Take the south passage and run forward to the end, at the north-west corner pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Go back a few steps and look for the lion's head at the north wall. Jump up and shoot it with the crossbow. Back to the passage and run north, enter into another library with a piano and harp. Cross it to east and enter the next room, deal with a demigod. Go to the next room and pass through the opening gate into another room with four statues. Go to the west wall for stepping onto a tile to open the gate. Pass to the next room with two horse statues and step onto a tile at the north wall. Go through the opening gate into a room with two vases, shoot them both and get uzis and clips, then step on the tile at the north-east corner. Through the gate you opened enter a room and climb onto the west column. Put the gem at the receptacle to open a grate at the east side.

Pass to an area full of blocks covered with grass. Head east and climb the single block that's not so covered to open a door. Go back few steps and enter the south opening door. Enter the east room and climb the block for a medipack. Kill the scorpions and back to the first room, watch the dart emitter. Pick up the grenade gun flash ammo and run to south-west corner. Pull the switch and follow out of the room. Another gate has opened so enter a room with holes and spikes. Carefully step between the holes, then shoot the vase for the grenade gun. Pick up the medipack and pull the switch, then step outside the room.

A gate is open at the north. Go through there and reach the north-east opening. Enter the room and shoot the vase for grenade gun super ammo. At the next room run up the stairs to south-east opening and drop into the area below. Head around the walls and place the music scroll at the stand and get a screenie of soldier waiting for you in a room you've not visited yet. Go around the walls and climb the north wall to the top, there step onto the tile. A block raises so you can climb onto it and reach the high opening you entered.

Return to an earlier room where you used the gem. Go the south gate and it opens for you. Enter an eariler room and from there go back to the library. Run west to the end see the opening door and the soldier. Enter the room and kill the soldier, then kill the harpy. Climb the west wall into an opening and slide down along the slope directly into the water below. Swim forward to end the level.