Star Wads - Episode 1


Levels by Uvavoo (Richard Szydelko)


Revised walkthrough of Part 1 by Phil Lambeth (the original complete walkthrough follows this one).


Video Walkthrough by KillerGameplayz here


After an opening flyby showing a shuttle craft apparently in some distress which crashes on an asteroid, Lara begins her adventure standing in front of the burning wreckage.  Go N around the wreckage, carefully avoiding the flames, and kill an ahmet.   Continue along the valley.  Just before you reach a wider open area (where you encounter another ahmet), you can pull up onto a block to your left and look down S into a small area with a closed trap door and receptacles for four Data Discs you'll be collecting for later use here.  Jump down NW to alert the second ahmet and hop back to kill it from the safety of the block.


Enter the clearing and take the E path for a small medipack and some uzi ammo.  Return to the clearing and go N toward a campfire oddly placed up on a block.  Note the grate in the W wall, just to the left of that block.  Continue N along the valley until you reach a monolithic structure.  If you go around it to either side you'll alert another ahmet.  After killing it, go back to the front of the structure and start climbing blocks.  Work your way around the structure in a counterclockwise direction, jumping from block to block as appropriate.  As you wind around, you get higher and higher until finally you reach the pinnacle of the tallest block.  From here, face W and notice the jump switch in the distance.  Take a standing jump W to the next lower block, then take a running jump W to land in a slight alcove.


Pull up ahead and pick up the uzi ammo.  Turn to your right and take a standing jump to the block with the jump switch.  Line up with the switch and hop back to activate it.  The grate opens next to the campfire, so go back there and jump up W into the opening.  Enter and light a flare.  Hop down onto a ledge overlooking a lava pool and follow the path marked by the luminescent green floor patterns.  As you reach the top of the W slope you'll need to deal with another ahmet.  Pull down the switch in the W wall to turn on some lights and open the door in the N wall.  There's also a dark opening in the S wall, but first go to the N doorway and shoot the crates inside that are directly in front of you.   They'll catch fire and blast a hole in the N wall. 


Go inside, and loop around to the left.  Pull down the wall switch.  You're supposed to get a cut scene here, but one didn't appear in my game.  Go across to that opening in the S wall and find that it's much brighter than it was before.  Note the toxic warning sign in the opposite wall.  Step forward into a fixed camera angle, turn left and follow the ledge to the W wall.  Hang from the edge and safety drop to a lower ledge.  Hang from the E edge over a slope and release.  Slide down, grab the edge, pull up and back flip to a lower block.  Take a running jump NW to an opening in the wall next to a green waterfall.  Go slowly up the slope parallel to the waterfall.  When you trigger a boulder, side flip into the alcove in the E wall.  When the boulder passes, jump back to the slope and run all the way up. 


Shoot an ahmet and follow the luminescent green floor markings past the waterfall to locate a floor crawl space.  Crawl through N into a clearing.  Pull the box in the N alcove onto the marked central tile.  A cut scene takes you through the next room N.   Go there and find four pushblocks, three at the E end and one at the W end, together with an inaccessible jump switch in the N wall.  The pushblocks need to be moved onto their proper marked tiles, clustered in the center of the room.  There's a small medipack in the alcove beyond the W pushblock.  That pushblock goes on the SW tile.  Each correct placement rewards you with a little cut scene.


The pushblock nearest you on the E end (with the solid coral bars facing you) goes on the NW tile.  The pushblock with the solid yellow bars facing you goes on the SE tile (and there's uzi ammo in the alcove where it came from).  Finally, the pushblock with the multi-colored bars facing you goes on the NE tile.  You can move a block after placing it correctly, to give yourself more room.  When you've placed the fourth one correctly, a block rises at the N wall.  Get up on the block and pull up into the opening in the N wall.  Hop down the other side and go up the slope as if to pick up the uzi ammo.  Before doing so, however, side flip to the left to avoid the boulder.  Continue up the slope and shoot an ahmet coming at you from the passage to your right.


Go E along the passage and come to a deep slope on your right and a closed door on your left.  Run down the slope to the bottom and locate an opening to your right in the S wall.  Go in, turn around and hop back to activate that jump switch in the pushblock room.  Go back to the raised block and pull up once more into the opening in the N wall.  Hop down the other side and go up the N slope.  Follow the E passage to the door, which is now open.  Enter the N doorway and pick up the TORCH.  Continue N and around the corner to the right.  Locate an open flame and light your torch. 


Now locate a hole in the SE corner and hop into it.  Follow the dark passage as spooky music plays, and be prepared to drop your torch temporarily so you can kill an ahmet.  Continue along the passage until you reach a slight slope.  Jump up the slope and slide down a long distance.  Pick up the first DATA DISC at your feet to trigger a flyby in the area just outside.  The E door opens, so leave your torch (you needed it only to provide light in the dark caverns) and step out onto a ledge that overlooks the valley you explored earlier. 


There's a bridge over your head, which you can reach by climbing the nearby blocks, starting with the N one.  When you get to the bridge, jump S to the next block and pull up W.  Jump SW to the next higher block, safety drop W into a deep trench and follow it right around the corner to find the UZIS.  If you continue to follow the trench and loop right around the corner, you'll trigger SECRET #1 in the SE corner of an open area, where you'll find some uzi ammo and alert an ahmet.  Pull up E where you heard the secret sound, step forward and find yourself directly over the bridge.  Hop down and cross the bridge as the camera angle changes to give you a panoramic view.


On the other side, safety drop N and locate some stairs bracketed by a chain-link fence.  Go on down and drop to a ledge surrounding what appears to be a military complex of some kind.  There's a nearby soldier, but he takes no notice of you at first.  Jump SE and approach a second soldier, who is definitely unfriendly.  After you dispose of him, the first soldier comes to his senses, so you'll have to kill him as well.  Pull down the timed SE wall switch guarded by the second soldier and dash back the other way around the periphery of the ledge.  The switch is supposed to open a timed gate in the N fencing, giving you access to a second pair of UZIS, but for some reason the gate did not open for me the first time I tried it.  After several reloads, however, it finally did open.  You need to make it work in order to get beyond a barrier to the NE end of the ledge (although you can get around the barrier if necessary with a banana jump).


When you step out onto the NE end of the ledge, you're fired upon by a nearby soldier.  Jump up and down while firing to kill him, as he's protected by a low fence.  Jump over to where he was and kill the soldier on the S platform.  Take a running jump and grab over there and push the floor lever to raise a block in an alley.  Side flip S over the barbed wire and run down into the E trench to push another floor lever.  Another block rises to create a triple-decker, so run down to the E end of the trench, pull up onto the block on your right and turn around to shoot another soldier on the nearby platform.  Take a running jump and grab N to that platform (if you consistently miss, hang from the block, pull up and reverse roll to give you a bit more running room).  Pull up and shoot the soldier on the next platform N.


Jump NW to the stacked blocks, then W to the central structure, and drop down to the ground.  Run NE between the wall and the building and locate you block you raised earlier.  Use it in conjunction with the adjacent wooden crates to pull up onto the roof of the building.  Jump N to the flatter corner of the next building, then turn E and take a running jump and grab to the wall.  Pull up in front of the wall switch, but don't pull it down quite yet.  Instead, turn left and run along the wall until you reach the NW corner.  Note the shaft and the ladder ahead. 


As you climb down the ladder you'll hear the sound for SECRET #2.  At the bottom the camera angle changes as you're fired upon by two soldiers at opposite ends of the small room.  Hop down and jump into the water.  On one side at the bottom you'll find two small medipacks, on the other side you'll find three stashes of uzi ammo.  Pull out, climb back up the ladder (noting the odd-shaped constellation overhead) and back flip to safety when you reach the top.  Go back E and then S to that wall switch you ignored earlier.  Save your game for a timed run.  Pull down the switch, turn to your left and run a short distance, then swerve to your left and take a running jump to grab the flat edge of the building S.  Pull up and take two standing jumps in succession.  The second one will bring you to the other side of the roof.  Slide down a short distance and jump off at the last second to grab the pillar against the wall of the next building W.  Pull up and run forward to drop down through the opened trapdoor.   For some reason I problems getting this trapdoor to open as well.  If you encounter the same problem, try replaying from an earlier savegame.


Pick up the uzi ammo and large medipack on the nearby crates, then pull up onto the taller crate between them and pull down the wall switch to open a door in one of the radar structures outside.  Hop down and exit W as the door opens ahead of you.  Draw weapons and deal with the three soldiers who are converging on you from your left, then explore the other side of this building for uzi ammo and shoot another soldier.  Go back to the exit door of this building.  From there, head S toward the radar structures.  Climb up onto the W block of the unfenced structure to your left and take a running jump W over the fence and grab the crate's edge to brake your fall.  Go around to the other side of this structure and pull up E to find the door you opened with the last wall switch.  Drop down and find another wall switch.  This one opens the door to the Alien Sauna.  Go there by using the crate to jump over the fence, then find the opening in the back wall of the NE building.


Shoot a soldier before climbing inside.  Drop down and pick up the CROWBAR near the S wall.  Get back outside and return S to the unfenced radar structure.  Locate the crowbar door in the adjacent building N and open it.  Go inside and a second door opens for you.  Shoot a soldier.  As you venture farther into the room, the second door closes behind you.  Loop around to the left and pull down the wall switch.  A cut scene shows a radar screen being realigned.  Pull up into a shallow alcove S for the second DATA DISK, then pull up and slide down the slope.  Climb the unfenced radar structure and locate the hole created by the realignment of the radar screen.  Drop down into some water and wade out into an alien sewer system.  Pick up the nearby small medipack and shoot an ahmet.  Cross to the other side of the sewer, pick up the uzi ammo and shoot another ahmet.


Go to the SW corner and turn around to kill another ahmet as you enter the passage.  In my game there was a brief flicker as I entered the passage, indicative of an intended cut scene that failed to trigger.  The passage is blocked by debris, but you can shatter it to clear a path.  Go down S and climb the ladder at the end of the passage.  Pull out into an outdoor area and note the bulls-eye designs in the floor.  Your task is to dislodge four boulders poised high up on the valley walls so that they roll down and come to rest on those bulls-eye tiles.  Begin by running S.  Just past the second pair of bulls-eye tiles, look to your right for an opening in the W wall.  If you hop down into the hole, you'll see a series of closed gates, the first of which bars access to a wall switch. 


Climb back out and go to the far SE corner of the valley.  Pull up onto the short pillar there and face NE.  Jump up and down while firing your pistols, and the support under the boulder should shatter.  When the boulder rolls down and comes to rest on its tile, you'll hear the sound of a gate opening.  Jump down and return to the opening in the W wall.  Pull down the first wall switch and get back out.  A block has been raised.  Climb up from the N side and take a running jump S (without grab) to land on a ledge.  Step forward, pull up onto the stone bridge and shoot an ahmet.  Run across to the other side, locate another suspended boulder NE and shatter the support with your pistols.  When the boulder comes to rest, the second gate down below opens.


From the NW edge of this stone bridge, take a running jump W and curve right in midair to land on a flat spot.  Walk W as far as you can, then side flip W to land on another flat spot.  Take one more jump W, and you can now reach the second stone bridge.  Look up W and you can see the third suspended boulder.  Shatter its support as you did with the others. The slope of the bridge is too steep for you to walk all the way across, but you can hop back, grab the edge and shimmy to the S end.  Pull up, kill an ahmet and pick up the uzi ammo.  The fourth and final boulder is close by SE, so do your thing.  Take a running jump E and curve to your right to land in an alcove with a small medipack.  Hop to the adjacent ledge for a large medipack, then slide down to the valley floor.


Hop into the opening in the W wall to find that all gates are now open.  Proceed through the passage and pull up into an area marked by pillars of varying heights.  Jump SW and locate some uzi ammo in an alcove formed by three pillars.  Drop down to the floor and find a small medipack in the SE corner.  Climb back up to the top of the highest pillar and take a long running jump slightly SW.  Pull up higher and watch two space craft fly past as other-worldly music plays.  Slide down S into a valley, in front of a structure that bears a strong resemblance to Devil's Tower, chosen as the point of First Contact by the alien visitors in a well-known movie.  Shoot the approaching ahmet and head SE along the valley toward two camp fires.   Loop around Devil's Tower and locate a wall switch near the SW corner.  Pull it down and look ahead to see a boulder rolling back and forth in the distance.


Go there, shoot the ahmet and run into the E opening when the boulder rolls away to your left.   Pull up quickly in the right corner and then step forward to climb the ladder to the top of Devil's Tower.  If you're averse to risk, you could always go back and push the wall switch back up just as the boulder rolls up to the right (it will stop on its leftward swing), giving you free access to the alcove.  A fixed camera greets you, together with another space craft flyover.  Pick up a SCROLL that shows in your inventory as "load," then grab the uzi ammo and push the floor lever. 


Hop backwards over the rim as if to grab the edge, and slide down to the valley floor.  The gate between the camp fires is now open, so enter E and hop the blocks on the N side.  You'll find a TORCH that you can light via the nearby open flame, but its only purpose appears to be to provide some extra light for you.  Get down into the small enclosed area to find a closed trap door and a hole in the ground.  Face S and hop back into the hole so that you slide backwards down a long slope.  Pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder behind you. 


Climb all the way to the top and pull up.  Take a running jump forward to the ledge and pull down the wall switch for one of the five "Close Encounters" tones.  There are similar switches over ledges in the NW and NE corners, so jump to each one to play two more tones.  Jump back to the ledge in the middle of the N wall, and from there take a standing jump SW down to the W end of the bridge.  Jump to the ladder and climb down to the ledge below.  Push the block into the NW corner, climb back up the ladder and drop off to your right onto the bridge.  Find the raised block, get up on it and jump S to the passage to the right of the deadly waterfall.  Go up the ramp and hear the sound of a trap door opening when you reach the top. 


Push the block onto the ornate tile in the corner and go back down the ramp.  Take a standing jump to the raised block and look down to see that another block has been raised in the deadly water.  Climb down the ladder, jump to the new raised block and from there to the lower ledge in the N wall.  Pull down the wall switch for the final two "Close Encounters" tones, whereupon a cut scene shows the Mother Ship arriving at the top of Devil's Tower.


Jump back to the W ledge, climb the ladder to get on the ledge and jump back to the waterfall ramp.  Go to the top and pull up into the trap door opening.  You'll emerge in an area you visited earlier, so run W between the campfires and return to Devil's Tower.  Climb it from the W side as you did earlier and find the Mother Ship patiently waiting there.  The boulder that was formerly clogging the shaft is gone, so drop down a long distance into an underground lake.  Swim across to the SE corner and pull out there.  Turn around quickly and shoot the soldier N who's firing at you. 


Face NW and take a running jump to the block in the water.  Without stopping (the block will soon erupt in flames, as will others bearing this same design), take another running jump NW to land in an alcove in the N wall.  Face slightly SW and take a running jump to the safe block jutting out into the water.  Take another running jump SW onto the lower blue crate.  Jump S to the ledge and pull up on the left side of the block to your right (it's one of those flaming blocks).  Turn right and take a running jump N to grab the next flaming block.  Pull up, turn slightly to your left and take a running jump slightly NW, veering to the right at the last instant to grab the ledge.  Pull up and go to the W end.  You may want to save your game here.  Run off the edge SW so that you land on the slope sliding forward, jump off at the last instant and grab the flaming block.  It may take a few tries before you make the grab, which is why I suggested you save first.  Pull up and walk quickly to the right edge.  Take a standing jump W and grab the next pillar.  Pull up and hop down ahead. 


Pull down the wall switch in the SW corner and pull up into the S crawl space.  Lower Lara down the other side and pick up the uzi ammo.  Return to the wall switch and jump E past the illegal slope into the water.  Notice that a boulder has fallen and some blocks have been raised in your absence.  Swim back to the E wall and pull out onto the raised block there.  Jump S into the opening formerly occupied by the soldier, climb the block and pick up the third DATA DISC.


Jump back into the water and swim back toward the W end.  Climb up onto the raised block next to the N bank and take a running jump E to the right corner of the flaming block.  If you land precisely on the corner you won't catch fire.  Hop back and grab the edge, and the flame goes out.  Pull up, walk to the far edge and take a standing jump forward to grab the pillar.  Pull up, hop forward and go through the open W gate.  Climb the ladder at the end of the passage and back flip to the top of an outdoor trench.  Hop down N into the trench and climb the blocks W until you reach a path leading S.  Shoot the soldier and go to where he was.  Climb up to your right to a closed gate, and shoot the boulder support NW.  The boulder rolls down and snuffs out a flame next to the shuttle craft.  Slide down after it and pick up the fourth and final DATA DISC.


Follow the familiar path a short distance NW until you reach that silvery slab on your left.  Climb over it and slide down into the area you visited much earlier.  Insert the Data Discs in the four receptacles to open the trap door behind you.  Drop down and descend the stairway to end the level. 






Level by Richard Szydelko (uvavoo)

NOTE: The author has revised and expanded the walkthrough originally submitted by OBig and Ironman, to cover the substantial revisions to Part 2 that were released in November, 2003.

Walkthru, pics and saves are available here: 


Planet of the Ancients, Part 1

Head straight avoiding the flames and pull yourself up on the left where later you will use the four cards. From that spot you will be comfortable to shoot the monsters. Pick up a medipack and some ammo in the space opposite. Keep on going and pull yourself up on a block at the pillars. Keep on jumping around until you each the top and jump opposite, collect the goodies and jump to the next pillar. Hang and drop pulling the switch on your way down. The door beside the burning block is open now. Inside, jump over the abysses in the darkness (or follow the green glowing path) and pull the lever on the wall opposite. Light switches on and the gate opens to the left. Don't go in there but shoot the crates instead to blow them up making a gap on the wall back there.

There is a switch inside showing the way to go forward. Go outside where you came from and opposite to arrive in great hall. Get down in the acid room to the bottom (drop and cling 3 times) using the pillars, jump into the passage. Run up and use the wall-space to avoid a downhill rock. Shoot another mutant and crawl through the gap. Pull the block over the sign and go into the building. Inside you find 4 moveable blocks. Pull them over the signs in the middle (the colours are the clue) (also find the pickups under some of them).

Comparing the right blocks with the right signs does make a difference. If you get it right, a camera will show it is okay. At the end a blue raising block emerges. If you have to push any of them beside after that, push it over the sign again and you will make it. Pull yourself up into the gap in the wall from the block and jump down on the opposite side. Going up the slope you will encounter two rocks so go back in due pace from where you jumped. Go up the slope and shoot another mutant. Head right go down another slope and hanging down and letting go in a wall-space pull the lever on the other side. This is supposed to open the door upstairs, which was open, even without this when I tried. Use the previous block to go up the slope on the opposite side and pick up the torch behind the open door. Light it at the flames and go right.

Jump into the passage in the corner. The torch has no role but to make light in the dark passage. Pay no attention to the mutant, or just shoot it having dropped your torch. It won't follow you if you back up. Go up and jump on the steep slope and sliding down you can pick up the 1st Data Disc. Keep on jumping until you find yourself on the bridge, but turn around before crossing, pull yourself up and find the UZI and ammo on the FIRST SECRET on the other side guarded by a mutant. Cross the bridge now and go down beside the fence. End up two gunmen and pay attention two other ones on the opposite side - give them their share from a decent distance with your pistols. On the left you can pick up another UZI if you pull the switch on the right (it is an easy timed run).

Pulling yourself up on the block on the right, beside the lever, head right and push the lever on the other side of the barbed wire. On the way back push the lever on the platform too, both will make a block emerge beside the buildings. At the last lever, if targeted well enough, you can kill the two gunmen on the opposite platforms. Now go down from the wall to the courtyard and beside the buildings, using the newly emerged block, pull yourself upon the first building. From there jump upon another and from there on the wall. Without pulling the lever there go left and at the opposite corner climb down the ladder. Meet two armed men, after that find the SECOND SECRET with ammo and medipack in the water.

Climb back and save before the switch - a timed run is ahead. Pull the switch and run towards the previously discovered secret. At halfway, jump left upon the building and climb down the open trapdoor. But there is also another, maybe even faster way: while running jump left on the roof of the first building, slide down on the other side and grab the ledge of the opposite pillar. Down there grab the ammo and the medipack and on the top of the crate pull the switch. Kill three gunman on your way out, head towards the big radar.

By using the emerged block jump upon the platform, from there to the separated area on the crate to the smaller radar. Back there a door has opened and inside you can pull a lever that opens the bar at the small house where aliens lay. Pick up the Crowbar in the corner and go back to the big radar. Force the door open, kill the gunman and use the switch. See the radar pull aside in the cut-scene. If id doesn't, enter the place again and stand in front of the thing. Pick up the 2nd DATA DISC and slide outside. Climb up to the radar and fall down into the water. If you pick up anything, a mutant will come your way: just jump back into the water and shoot.

At the end of the water climb out on the right but after touching the corner run back and jump in again to end up another one. After that shoot the stones on the corridor and climb up the ladder. You arrive to a place with four circles on the ground and four stones up on the rocks boosted by shootable rocks. The purpose is to shoot them and make them roll to their places. Go to the bridge opposite but before that jump right in a passage and pull the switch. This will trigger an emerging block outside.

Climb it and from the right side with a run-up, but without grabbing, jump. While you are still down, kill the animal on the bridge and climb up. Shoot the stone and on the other side of the bridge, head left (after shooting the second stone off to your right). Making use of the gaps, jump to the second bridge. Kill the animal and shoot the two stones in this area. Jump to the sloped middle portion of the bridge and shimmy to the other side and pull up for the pickups. Slide down where you previously pulled the switch. The gate is open now and you arrive to a new area. In the left corner you can climb down for a medipack and on the right you can find a depression with some ammo. The purpose now is to climb as high as you can and jump to the other side upon the pillar.

When you pull up to overlook the other side, two UFOs fly over (so the base must be close by now). In the following area get to the opposite side of the Close Encounters-type hill while killing the ugly beast and pull the switch. The stone opposite gets moving. Go there, and after it has rolled left run right and pull yourself up (or, better yet, throw the switch again, timing it so the rock stops rolling on the left, opposite the opening). Climb up the ladder. Notice a new fleet of UFOs passing over. Pick the scroll up and push the handle. The gate below has opened so go inside. You can find another torch here, but it serves no purpose I can find. Slide backwards down the gap and grab the edge at the bottom, then pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder. Climb up.

Jump over to the switch, pull it and then jump over to pull the other two in the near corners. Jump back in the middle and fall down on west side of the small bridge. Climb down the ladder and push the block into the corner. Climb back up the ladder and from the block emerged jump into the passage to the waterfall. Go up (hear the escape hatch above opening) and push the block until it stops. Go back down; a block has emerged in the water, so now you can pull that switch too. You can see a spacecraft shooting a rock on the top of the hill. Go there (using the escape hatch up the ramp where you just were) and fall into the water. Swim all the way across and climb out quickly in the SE corner, turn around and shoot the gunman. Jump over and be swift enough 'cause the platform in the water will be enflamed after a while. Make your way back across to the switch to the left of the exit tunnel in the west wall, being careful of the flaming blocks.

Pull the switch and swim back to where you killed the baddy; you can then pick up DATA DISC 3. You can make your way back easily now that some blocks have risen in the water. Take a running jump to the right corner of the flaming pedestal facing the exit tunnel. Hop back, grab the edge and the flames will go out briefly. Pull up and take a running jump over to the exit tunnel. Climb up the ladder at the end and back flip at the top rung.

Head north and drop down into the gully. Climb up the blocks to the west and jump the gap and grab the final block. Pull up, draw weapons and shoot the baddy to your left. Go in that direction and climb up more blocks until you reach a fence. Turn to the right, climb up one more block and shoot the supporting rock ahead. The released boulder rolls down and snuffs out a fire on the canyon floor. Slide down there and pick up DATA DISC 4 from the smoldering embers. Run around the shuttle craft and head west. After running a short distance, turn left and climb up the block. Jump down into the enclosed area and place the four data disks in the yellow receptacles. A trap door opens behind you, so hop down, run down the stairs and warp to the next level.

Planet of the Ancients, Part 2: ORIGINAL VERSION

Note: If you have the revised and expanded version, scroll down.

Go down the stairs and go straight into the Cafe. Shoot the three gunmen, pick up the UZI ammo and the medipack in the corner. Right after the railings shoot the bar and slide. Go right at the junction, then go left and you arrive in a small hall with steam breathers. Pull the switch on the wall and the left door will open. You find three levers inside. Pull all of them and give another pull to the left one. Behind the steam breathers on the right, a door has opened. Pull that lever too. Go back at the steam breathers and pick up the Data Disc on the left. The opposite door has also opened with two armed man and a switch inside.

Inside on the hallway another gunman and another switch that will open the trap door on the ceiling outside in the hall. Climb up and down on the other side. Another baddie is in your way, then you arrive to a beautiful subway station. Shoot a glass on the right behind the railings, pull a switch inside that will open the bar where you were slipping just a minute ago. Go back there, use the Data Disc and the bar will open. Climb the block, go down at the switch, pull it and save because too bad we've got a save bug here. The task is twofold: de-electrify the subway rails and have the bars closed before the switch. You can see in a cut-scene. So you get it right if you pull the lever and see in the cut-scene the closing door and lights turning green. If it doesn't happen, then reload the previous save for the reverse setup of things.

So if you have the bars closed and the lights green go back through the open door over back to the subway, head right on the tracks kill the two beasts and go down into the passage. Be careful enough to avoid touching the carriage, otherwise you die. In the passage watch out for the steam breathers and kill the gunman. Arriving into a cave kill another gunman and the beast then you arrive back to the station. Go back where you have de-electrified the tracks and pull the switch again so as to electrify the tracks, but the bars will pen. Go back there through the cave but direct your way towards the open bars, not the tracks. Pull the switch that makes the metro break through the wall. Follow it and the level is over. Quite an adventure, huh?

Walthrough By: OBig from

Translated By: Ironman from

Minor edits by uvavoo.

Planet of the Ancients, Part 2: Revised and extended version by uvavoo

Make your way down the steps, picking up the UZI that a careless soldier has dropped. Pick up the Ammo in the room with the fans. Enter the cafeteria and dispose of the 3 guards and pick up the goodies. Get a coffee from the bar; darn, it's closed!

Notice that there is a grill which looks different from the other fans, shoot it and slide down into the depths of the subway via the ventilation ducts. At the bottom notice another grille to shoot. Enter this room through the door and hear the chimes for SECRET #3. Notice this room looks like it is under construction (my joke only, it is meant to look like this!). Jump across to the block on the left. If you fall, climb up the 'ladder' designated by the green square. Walk forward and take a running jump across to the left, keeping your finger on the jump button, bounce left and right until you land on the block towards the center. Turn round and do another running jump over the other side where you will slide and jump across, keep your finger on the jump button and you will jump again.... and again, finally clinging in the middle section.

Jump towards the RED savegame crystal. When you get there SAVE YOUR GAME before pulling the lever DO NOT SAVE AGAIN UNTIL YOU REACH THE GREEN SAVEGAME CRYSTAL. Now throw the switch, the room will have changed into a true landscape now. Jump over and see the UZI ammo which has appeared (x2). Near the first uzi ammo jump up to the block (at the near end of the long sloped block in the middle). Do a running jump across as you did earlier, slide and jump...jump again and this time you will land on the block. Notice the second switch. Head towards the switch and pull it. This will open the door back out again.

Head for the ladder at the far wall, but check out the medipack near the center of the room. Climb up the ladder and make your way out. You will see the GREEN savegame crystal, it is now safe to save your progress. Proceed down the duct and notice a closed gate ahead. Turn right before you get to it and enter the room with steam emitters. Pull the switch nearest the door which opens another door.

Enter this area with 3 switches. Pull the first switch, then the third (ignore the second) exit the door you came in. Across and to the left head towards the newly opened door (avoiding the steam) and pull the switch in there. Which finally opens the door to the next room and also another door to the right of this one which contains A DATA DISC. Pick it up and head towards the next room and despatch the guards. Pull the switch and dispatch the other guards, pull yet another switch and the trapdoor opens.
Proceed up there and along the ducting and drop into the Waiting Room. Be careful, as another guard awaits you.

Head out of the exit door down the corridor notice on your right the train yard and a closed door to your left. Keep going until you reach the subway station. Don't slip on the polished floor! Notice the Ticket windows and that one of them is cracked. Shoot this window to shatter it and pull the switch inside which opens the gate in the ducting seen earlier. Head back and enter the room. Use the DATA DISC to open the gate. Find and pull the switch which opens the gate to the TRAIN YARD. The exit door opens automatically so you need not backtrack.

Head down the corridor into the Train yard. Save the game here when you see the RED SAVEGAME CRYSTAL. DO NOT save again until you reach the GREEN savegame crystal. Slowly walk forwards until you reach the entrance, get as far left as possible and sprint to the left to avoid the train which moves when you enter. Notice a closed gate to the left and another to the top right.

Move to the right towards the MEDIPACK and claim your prize. Avoid the central train which starts moving also. Shoot the Mute. Throw the switch which opens the gate near the tunnel. Slowly walk through the tunnel but do not walk onto the far track. Quickly move onto it and hop/jump back and let the train pass. You can now throw the second switch in the tunnel which opens the far gate.

Go through the gate and notice some scrape marks on the ground. Pull out the block and move it to the side. Enter the room for SECRET #4. Collect all the goodies, but do not leave the room. Notice a crate which can be pulled out revealing an entrance to a further room. Enter this room for SECRET #5 (a secret within a secret). Pull the wooden crate onto the metal floor piece and hear the chimes and the goodies appear. Collect your goodies and head out. Turn right and head for the control room with the glass windows. Beware a guard awaits you. Throw the switch and notice the flyby indicates the main station door to the platform opens and the other gate closes.

Head back to the station via the exit to the left (do not exit out through the train yard). Climb up the ladder and notice the GREEN SAVEGAME CRYSTAL you are safe to save now. Keep going and enter the main station and head to the platform. Careful of the trains. When they have gone head down the tunnel killing the sneaky mutants who hide there. Half way down the tunnel notice a small crawl space to your left. Crawl through here for SECRET #6. You will find yourself in a small cave. Pick up the REVOLVER. Enter the water and swim into the outdoor area. Collect all the goodies and swim back out again. Back in the tunnel head towards the train. The minor earthquake sounds blocking the tunnel at one side, the train blocks the other. Don't touch the train, it is electric and you will get a very nasty shock. Instead notice the passageway down by the fenced off area with the switch.

Drop down there and follow the ducting avoiding the Steam and the guard. Enter the large cave and despatch the mutant and guard (easy work with the newly acquired revolver). You should find yourself back in the station where a gate opens. Go through this newly opened 'window' and head back to the control room in the train yard (use the shortcut, do not head back through the trainyard). Pull the switch again to reverse the position of the gates. The platform is now inaccessible but the switch by the train is now accessible. Head back through the newly opened 'window' and back the way you came until you reach the fenced off area with the switch. Pull the switch, you should see the signal turn green and the train can now move off.

Follow the train down the tunnel keeping a safe distance. You should now exit back to the title screen indicating you have finished Planet of the Ancients Episode I.