Scroll Of Belhexera

Level by Storm Chaser

Walkthrough also written and provided by Storm Chaser

This level is not linear, so you can perform the tasks as you wish -- this is
one way of doing it. There are many other ways.....

It starts with a slide down a ramp -- go through the opening and get attacked
by locusts. There is nothing in the pool but Lara may feel like a swim anyway.

Once in the town square there are several things to do. Walk round and find
a dark door and kick it open. Dogs will attack, go into the kitchen and exit
through door, turn to right and shoot crate to get laser sight.

Go back into house and turn to right and go through door to bedroom and walk around bed and shoot vase to get shotgun. Go into bathroom to get key from shootable vase and have a wash if Lara is feeling a bit hot and
bothered (and didn't have a swim earlier).

Go back out into square and shoot the man and get his crossbow. Go over to big pillar and climb up. Turn to left and jump around to get to the top of the clock tower for the secret. Go back down and jump over onto wall to get into the back door of the church. Go into church and the door will close behind you. Have a look round and find a climbable pillar with iron grid above, climb up and monkey swing across. Climb up and go over grid to get Guardian Key (1) and shoot bats. Go back and as you get to end of iron grid look up and there is another room. Climb up and use switch to open door. Jump down into the church and shoot crate and use switch to open the door. Go back out and climb wall and go back up the pillar. This time shimmy right and get onto iron grid. Use the key to open the door. Before going through, shimmy around metal slope and climb into gap to get Guardian Key (2). Watch out for rolling ball; jump right immediately and wait for ball to pass. In the tunnel are spikes and a death drop. Go back and through door and slide down into industrial area. Shoot dog and rat. Go round the building and ignore the opening on your left and the wood door. Shoot man and dogs and carry on to where you can see a red switch high on the chimney. Shoot this with laser sight and watch the enhanced explosion. Go through door that opened and shoot rats. Shoot out crate and use switch to open trap door. Shoot out skylight and climb up to get key. Whilst up here, climb up chimney and jump
to get secret.

Go back to ground level and find trap door. Open it, climb down and watch out for rats. Follow the sewers around to the right to get secret. Go into water and swim to get Guardian Key (3). Watch out for crocodile in the sewers.

Go out and go through opening that you ignored earlier, shoot man and go back to the house and climb up ladder and get goodie. Jump onto wall and go into shops area. Get stuff from shops and then use key to open locked shop. Shoot dog and get key and Guardian Key (4). Go back to entrance of shop area and move box and climb up the pillar. Jump over ledges and get to wall. Jump down and go through to big rocky bit.

Go right to get stuff and then left to get down. Shimmy over gap and get bitten by locusts. Climb down ladder, get onto rock outcrop and jump into caves. Shoot bats and rats here and there and follow the caves until you get to lava and fire cave. Go left and carefully jump and get Guardian Key (5). Carry on through caves and get out up ladder. Admire scenery and then shoot
dogs and go up stairs over the wall and jump and shimmy around to get to switch area. Put the five Guardian Keys in the slots and shoot man and go into Keep. Use the key you have to open any of the five doors after the left passage: (1) Fire room (2) timed jump room (3) fight room (4) dancing bears cages
(note: if you don't shoot the bears they will sometimes just wander off and ignore you or they might kill you; it all depends) (5) shooting gallery. Do all these tasks and get the Guardian Keys and other key.

(1) Fire Room -- Save here - Watch out for flames! Climb, jump around the room and
monkey swing over and drop onto slopes. Jump around and go into corner and get Guardian Key (1). Climb up and monkey swing over to ledge and drop off. Get key and leap back to doorway.

(2) Shooting Room -- Shoot the five targets and avoiding spike pit and flames get the Guardian Key (2) and key.

(3) Timed Run -- Stand at the left facing the lighted block. Run and jump like
crazy; you have about 15 seconds before the door shuts and you have to do it again and again and again until you get the Guardian Key (3).

(4) Fighting Room -- Shoot the dogs and men. Get the key and Guardian Key (4) and climb onto rocks to get secret.

(5) Bear Room -- Shoot the man, then shoot the switch by the ceiling and then go into
first cage and use switch to open next cage and so on until you get key to wooden door -- either kill the bears or ignore them and they might just wander off. Get Guardian Key (5) from small room and climb up into attic above to get door key.

When you have the five Guardian Keys, put them in slots and go through door that
opens and jump over fire and use switch to turn flames off where the scroll is. Climb up and get scroll and then jump to the pillar to get to fiery room and get secret. Go back out and through opening and shoot man. Go out and watch out for locusts, especially if you have low health. Then go through wood door that opened when you picked up the scroll and escape.

You will have a spare key at the end.


Storm Chaser (Peter Tedstone)