Level by Rapetou w/Leeloo

Walkthrough copied from Leeloo's website HERE

After having killed the guards, scorpions & Dog, go into the pit on the right. (beware, you must hang on to the wall) There you find the crowbar. To get out of the pit, stay on your left, then jump back off the pit. Enter the complex, and before jumping into the water, hang on to the edge. There is a little opening just underneath, where you get the first secret (big medipack).
Enter the ventilation shaft, break the gate, then kill the dog and bats. Go out, to the first Hangar on your left, then go up the ladder that leads to the first platform.
Kill the guard and pick up the pink key. It opens the first door you had on your right when going out the first building you came from.
In the stairs, there are a dog and a guard to shoot at, then on the first floor, go straight to the bottom of the room, pull the switch on your left then haul up onto the block in the middle. A guard appears. Kill him then pick up the ammo at your feet. (you can't see them cause of the cam) There's another switch to pull in the corner.
Now, the red door above the stairs in the first room you came in has opened. Kill the guard, head towards the toilets (beware of the dog) to pick up ammo. Come back and carefully activate the switch behind the sentry gun.
This opens the trapdoor in the room where you have pulled the two switches. (The trapdoor is hidden behind the blocks).

Go down the ladder to access the garage which entrance is being blocked by a truck. Kill the guard then go out.
There's another guard to kill on your right, then you can take his two Uzis. Pull the switch on the left wall to open the trapdoor above the water. There's an underwater switch that opens another trapdoor on the other side of the wall (which make easier comings and goings between the two Hangars).

Find the Jeep then push it to access the entrance of the corridor. Go up the stairs, kill the dog and the guard, then activate the switch to raise a block in the garage. Return there and use the raising block in order to monkey swing until the window on other side , then pull the switch. Pick up the medipack, and the ammo the guard left when you killed him.

The door to the other side has opened on a room with two pools. On the bottom right corner, there's a jump switch, which opens the doors that emprisonned the sixshooter on the roofs. Return to the Hangar with the Jeep and go up the ladder. From that platform, you can access the roofs. Go near the chimney, jump to hang on to the edge and go round to access the second part of the roofs.
To get the gun, you have to make a jump in order to land just under the opened doors. You can return by jumping on the first platform to the left of the plane. Return to the room with the pools, go up the ladder, there are shotgun ammo on the bridge flat. Enter the computer room, pick up the flares near a window, then go to the jump switch near the other window. This opens the door in the pool.

Here it's a bit difficult cause you have a long underwater corridor to go through. Before going too far, just take the medipack then return to the surface, cause the door closes after to squares. Take your breath. You've got 2 underwater switches to activate, and in the end, the lasersight and a small medipack.
Take back the ventilation shaft that leads to the first room, go up the stairs then destroy the sentry gun. There are flares on boxes on your left, and a small medipack on the ledge. Activate the jump switch on the same ledge, on the right. A door has opened in the first Hangar. Return there.

Go up the stairs, then open the blue door with the crowbar. Kill all the guards, then activate the jump switch in the left corner of the room. It's quite a difficult jump, but you can have it ;)
Now that the red door is opened, go and kill the guards, pull the switch and don't forget the pink key that one guard has left.

You can take the time to get 1 more secret before going on :
Return to the second Hangar, go to the back of the plane, you can hang on to the iron curtain on the right in order to access the top of the plane. Kill the bats, then go to the head of the plane and slide along its nose to get the secret. From there, you can shoot at 2 sentry guns.

Return to the first platform where you killed the first guard. The first door is opened. Insert the key to open the second one then follow the path till the end. You have to jump and hang on to the iron curtain, then traverse to the right until you can land on the plane. Find the trapdoor then walk on it to enter the plane.
Kill the guard, pick up the shotgun ammo. There are flares in a corner on the left. Go down then shoot at three more guards. Pick up Kim's scroll, then pull the switch. This opens the final gates.
Go and slide along the nose of the plane, pick up the medipack, then shoot at the two last sentry guns. Then you can take the last secret near the rocket. Head to the end of the level, beware of the dog and scorpions...