Level by Roberto Pierri

Walkthrough by bERT

Just for the record: it's not OK to break into other people's property, folks, but you know 'her'; if she gets her mind up, there's just no stopping her.


Ok, now it's dark and she must have found some sewer hatch probably because as soon as you start the game, she drops down. Crawl straight forward, then left towards the first grate and shoot it.

Enter the public part of the museum. Mmh, sounds a bit too quiet in here.

Go straight ahead, oops, there you have it, your first guard to take out (not for dinner).

*GENERAL NOTE 1* ALWAYS make sure to look for any item left by dead guards, some are just weapons, but some are also crucial items like keys.

This one, however, has used all his goodies so nothing left by this first guard.


Go straight ahead (north) then right and enter a big room with two ancient relic cupboards in the middle on your left and 2 windows on your right. Let's call this the CENTRAL MUSEUM ROOM. Shoot the windows on your right and enter the hall with the planes. Take out the guard and go to the third supporting pillar on your left behind which you can pull yourself up.

*GENERAL NOTE 2* FOR NEWBIES It's a crawling space so Lara does not pull herself up just like that. Do it like this: climb up until you can't anymore. Let go of the hang button for a fraction of a second and immediately press it again together with the up/forward button and press the crouch button. She'll pull herself up now into the crawling space.

Crawl forward, then right until you reach a space where you can stand, pull yourself up into the next crawlspace. Crawl to the right and shoot the grate.

You are now in a storage room with:

- on your left hand a pushable storage rack with no purpose
- somewhere on your left 2 little shootable boxes each containing ammo
- a pushable wooden square box straight forward under which there is a shotgun
- another pushable wooden square box somewhere on the left under which there is ammo
- ammo on the non-pushable boxes on the left

On your right you see shootable grates that give you a shortcut back to the room with the planes (make sure you have enough health before the drop down!

Take that shortcut after picking up the ammo.

Leave the plane hall and take the turn right, again turn right towards 4 by 4 windows with 2 ancient 'static' guards and shoot the windows.

Enter the darkish museum hall with the coffin in the middle. Make sure you have some nice steak ready to give to the nice little doggie... The guard near the coffin leaves you ammo. The guard coming from the south-east corner leaves you a BUNDLE OF KEYS.

Climb up the pole in the south-west corner and backflip to the upper platforms. You'll find a full medi-pack in the north-west corner. By going there you may encounter another guard (who leaves you nothing) Now go to the crawlspace on the east side (shootable grate).

It's just a short crawl, the rest is a tunnel you can run through (pitch black), straight forward, then left and keep running until you drop, on your left there's a crawl space. Shoot the grate.

Enter a small dark room with a push lever and a guard. The push lever opens your necessary escape door. Before leaving take the flares (by now you've probably used your little stock already) and shoot the box next to it to get the small medi-pack.

Enter the square room with the block in the middle, take the HALF CARTOUCHE (WARNING I found no use for this throughout the game!) piece on the block and shoot the guard who's so kind to leave you his revolver.

Another push lever, opens your door to a corridor, straight forward, then left, again left thus entering a storage room with two shootable boxes each containing flares. Go to the door that mysteriously opens itself.

Now you can try to sweettalk the guard to give you his SILVER KEY but as usual these macho's only talk tough so use your weapons instead and pick up his key.

Pull the storage rack (left of the white buste) to get you out of that room.

The next room has two storage racks (don't make yourself tired moving them, they hide nothing). Use your BUNDLE OF KEYS to leave the room. Next room hides nothing so go straight to the next room with two shootable boxes hiding flares each.

Pull the left one of the storage racks and shoot the grate to enter the crawlspace. Crawl till the end where you'll see a grate on your right, shoot it to enter the museum room with the ancient cannon. Shoot the windows and leave that room. If you like to collect more flares, look on your right otherwise go straight forward until the camera goes into bird view mode.

On your left is a corridor taking you back to spaces you already visited by now so just keep going straight ahead instead until you reach the CENTRAL MUSEUM ROOM AGAIN.

Take out the dog and guard (leaving you nothing) and again keep following straight ahead bringing you to a room where you use the SILVER KEY.

Enter the room and kill the guard. This is where we the settings start to show we're reaching the mysterious underground dig (with all the supporting wooden structures and 'dig' signs).


Shoot the three boxes (flares, full medi-pack, ammo) and two boxes (two times ammo) and look for a wooden box and pull it out to open your way. Follow the corridor, take the obvious turn right, follow the big steps down, shoot the dog down there, turn left, go forward until you reach an area with X-barriers and a crane with one guard near it (take him out) and another one coming from a corner opposite the crane. None of them leave something behind but you'll find a picture in the corner that guard came from: I'll bet it's a picture of builder Roberto...

From the crane area let yourself hang drop onto the central platform (you'll get a static camera view and dramatic music at this point). One end of the central platform leads you to a 'fire' sign, the other to a 'dig' sign. Both of them lead you to a bigger walk platform (that forms a big square around the inner structure). When you walk around that bigger walk platform you'll meet two guards, one leaving the LASER view (found no use for it though!), the other one half a medi-pack.

Dropping down from anywhere from the walk platform will kill you but there's one place where you can drop onto a two blocks high space somewhere south-south/west (the lighting there is a bit greenish, the drop down place is lighted in red). Let yourself drop down from the two blocks high space too to land next to a fence.

Follow the fence until you find an open space in it. Go through it to get a long slide down (there are a few triangular spaces along the slide down but haven't found anything to do there) until you drop into the real big dig space (with red/orange textures.

This is a big area.

Near the nice little fire there are three shootable boxes (one empty, one with half a medi, one with ammo). A worker will come running to attack you there so take him out. Admire the big truck in one of the corners then go to the corner with two supporting pillars with one of them having an 'RX tech' sign on them. Next to the other supporting pillar there's a moveable wooden box hiding a corridor. Follow the corridor (straight, turn right where the corridor goes up through a slope, left, right) until you reach a new big area with some drama (music maestro! and some debris falling).

Nicely done with a dramatic camera view!

From now on you better put on a helmet of good quality because a lot of debris will be falling till the end of this game! So keep an eye on what's hanging on those ceilings!

You are on an H-shaped walking platform, walk to the other big 'leg' of the H-platform and you'll hear some bats that you better take out and by reaching that other leg also a guard who leaves you ammo (revolver).

On one side of that 'leg' is a STEEL DOOR, so we'll return here later. For now walk to the other side (south) bringing you to a space with a shootable grate to a crawl space.

This leads you to another big dig space with a big mountain of earth in the middle. One worker to take out. Watch your steps: falling debris! Near the corner (with dark blueish lighting) you'll meet a guard (who leaves you nothing). There's some revolver ammo between that space and the fences in the neighbourhood (east).

In the south-east corner there are five shootable boxes with...nothing in them...but admit it, it's always innocent shooting fun isn't it (who needs weapons in real life anyway when you can do this!).

There's a hole in the east wall, with an X-barrier so shoot that barrier to reach an area with another walking ramp (shoot the dog) with a push lever at the other side and flares in the utter left corner (shootable box).

The lever opens our STEEL DOOR from earlier on (you'll get a camera shot of it from the area with the H-shaped walking platform).


Return to the STEEL DOOR and shoot the worker there (watch out for the debris once again!). There's some revolver ammo on your right.

There's a shootable grate in the north-west corner, go into the crawling space.

Take a right turn if you're just interested to progress.

If you want more goodies before progressing just crawl straight forward bringing you to another big digging room (take the flares) where you'll be instantly attacked by a flock of bats!

Other than the machine gun and a lot of ammo on the stone structure I did not find anything to do in this area (a lot of debris falling down though!).

Now go back to the crawling space from a few lines back and take the turn left now because you are returning aren't you...duh!.

You'll end up in a greyish stone room with a static bird camera view. Climb up the stone blocks, jump into the corridor, follow the corridor (straight, left, left, going down), enter the big red lighted room with skeletons, let yourself slide down towards the pole and slide down that one.

What's that rumble? Oh no! Jurassic Parc déjà-vu! It's mister T-Rex! Shoot the little fella! There's a machine gun somewhere nearby if you did not collect enough ammo before and one large medi-pack on a block.

Take out Rexy and go through the red lighted cave in one of the corners to take your well deserved slide down to...other adventures?

SECRETS? None as far as I know!