Level by Ego (Hypro)

Walkthrough supplied by Eric Claire (eRIC)

Note from eRIC: This double level offers a very good gameplay, sometimes a bit difficult but not undoable. The most remarkable thing is that the progression is not straightforward, but nevertheless wherever you go and whatever you do, you can not be stuck for good.


The zip file contains 2 levels with the following files:

Tut1.tom, Tut2.tom, Script.dat, English.dat.
One way to make it work is to :

1/ Convert Tut1.tom and rename Tut1.tr4 into Settomb.tr4

2/ Rename Tut2.tom in Tut1.tom and convert it (into Tut1.tr4)

3/ Do not use the Script.dat and English.dat of the zip file, but the original Script.dat and English.dat that comes with the Editor.

4/ Start the game and choose playable tutorial level. The second level will load automatically at the end of the first one.



Lara is on the roof of a blue building. You see a brown building with a clock; that is the church where you have to enter. Make a long running jump to the other blue building (south) and grab the edge. Face East and jump to grab the top of the wall. Shimmy right until the end.

Pull up and jump backwards, Lara will land on a flat block. Jump down to the Southwest
corner of this building (where you can see a flat block). From the flat blocks of this corner you can now make a long running jump slightly in diagonal to grab the edge of the brown building. Before entering the church, explore to find Uzi clips and look at the three blue buildings, you will notice below some openings, you will go there later in the game.


Pick up flares and go down with caution into the hole, slide until the bottom. Follow the corridor to arrive above a room with a white/black floor. Don't go down but jump on one of the ledges located on each side and make another jump to continue your way until a ledge with a switch. Pull it: a gate opens below. Jump down and enter the opened gate, the corridor leads to a room with the HAND OF ORION on a pedestal. Kill a ninja and pick up flares. The hand of Orion is not fit to open the gate (you need a hand of Sirius). Jump on the low bookshelves and to the opening in the corner, which leads back to the ledges with the switch.

Go down again on the white/black floor. Exploring a bit, you see in the next room an area with a stained glass on the left side, a big area with two bridges on the right side, and another room ahead with a closed gate and an air duct.

In the big area with two bridges, kill two ninjas. There is a room on the left side where you can use the hand of Orion (notice the opening in a corner of the ceiling, if you pay attention you will see an air duct that you can't reach), a closed library on the left side and a big opened library on the right side where you can find goodies.

Place the hand of Orion and look again in the corner of the ceiling. Now there is a grille that will allow Lara to crawl in this air duct later.

In the room with a stained glass, pick up the Uzis on the altar and go up the stairs on the right to the balcony. Pick up the FIRST HALF of the CARTOUCHE. Kill 3 ninjas carrying Uzi clips. On the other balcony is a switch you can't reach yet.

Go down and out, turn left to the room with the air duct. Climb into the hole of the air duct, crawl, climb the ladder, crawl again. On the right is a hole (don't need to go there, it is a way in case you have missed the switch that opens the door leading to the hand of Orion). Continue and let drop on the grille that has appeared when you used the hand of Orion. Crawl in the other air duct until you are above the big area with the two bridges. Place Lara on the edge of the left side, jump backwards, grab the edge, shimmy left, pull up; you are on one of the two bridges. Do the same action with the other pillar of the bridge to enter into the big library. Make your way counter clockwise around the library with jumps (at one point you have the choice of continuing doing jumps or to monkey swing) until you reach the opening in the South-East corner, and you have guessed that you will be soon on the second bridge. Place Lara on the edge of the right side, jump backwards, grab the edge, shimmy right, pull up, etc..

You will be soon above the little library. Don't need to go down for now. Pull the switch on the ledge (it opens the entrance of this little library) and continue in the little opening. In the next room, you have the choice: either you continue in the other crawlspace ahead (that leads to the outside area), or going down and enter in a big library with an orange ceiling.

I have chosen to go into this big library now.


Many ninjas to kill here and some goodies to find on the bookshelves. None of the bookshelves are climbable.

On one side, there is a couple of slopes, they are red herrings.

Find a long and low block at the end of the library. Jumping from the West end of this block you can make a standing jump to the black climbable block coming down from the ceiling, shift left, pass one corner, jump backwards to land on a ledge and pick up revolver ammos. Go down and return on the long and low block, and from the East end, make a long running jump to grab the edge of the bookshelves. From here, make a standing jump to the other black climbable block coming down from the ceiling, shift right, pass one corner, jump backwards to land on a ledge. Now make your way until the Northeast corner of the library, this is not difficult, using jumps and sometimes shimmying actions (at one point you can pick up revolver ammos).

When you are in the North-East corner, go down where you see a switch and pull it; a camera shows the re-opening of the gate leading to the room where you have found the hand of Orion and where you will have to place later the hand of Sirius. Climb the two yellow blocks and go on the bookshelves on the right . Face West and jump to the next bookshelves. Face South and jump to the next bookshelves; Lara will grab a fissure (not discernable as such from this side) shimmy left, pull up on the ledge along the wall. Face South and jump to the next bookshelves, Lara will grab another fissure (again not discernable as such from this side), shimmy right and pull up to pick up SECRET #1: flash grenade ammos.

Go out of the library, to the previous room, kill a ninja, pick up Uzi clips, turn left in the little library, climb upon a bookshelves, and >from there to the ledges where you have pulled a switch earlier. Crawl again into the opening and into the next one. Make your way up until the outside area.


Go right. To cross the pit, jump and grab the sloped wall on the right and shimmy left. You are now on the roof of a blue building. Go at the end of it, go down a block to pick up a small med pack. Backtrack and go to the Southwest corner of the roof. Jump backwards and grab the edge. Let drop, Lara will loose a little health, although not too much. Enter this building.

>From the entrance, make a long running jump to land on bookshelves and pick up Uzi clips.
Go down, find the crossbow on the floor and jump to the opening. Go down outside and jump to the opening of the second blue building. Climb a bookshelves, pick up shotgun ammos and jump to the opening. Don't go down but make a long running jump to the opening of the third building.

In there, you will find explosive arrows and the SECOND HALF of the CARTOUCHE.

Go out. When coming out, go right, find Uzi clips in a dark corner of a roof. Now, you have to go in the South direction, by using the brown flat blocks and jumping over the sloped blocks along the church building, to find a courtyard with an entrance in the first blue building at the lower level and another bigger entrance leading back into the church building. Don't return into
the church building now, but enter the blue building. Explore a couple of rooms with blocks to find some goodies.


Continue, go down the stairs, until a room with a frozen pool, a closed gate, a brown air duct and fire burners, which are off. Climb into the air duct near the gate, crawl in until the next room with two closed gates and a switch. Pull it, the fire burners in the previous room are lighted, and one gate opens. Enter in a big room with fire and smoke emitters. Facing the room, place Lara on the right side (near the entrance) and make a jump on the slope ahead, slide and jump with a curve on the right to land on a flat block. Jump over the fire burner, and walk on the smoke emitter in the corner to turn off a fire burner.

Go down on the extinguished fire burner and jump to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing until you can land on a safe grey platform. Jump to next grey platform. Don't go to the door but climb the brown block on the left. Jump to the long climbable grey block with smoke emitters and shift left. Pass two corners and land on an extinguished fire burner. Jump to the next grey platform along the wall. Place Lara left, with her back touching the wall and make a standing jump. On the slope quickly jump with a curve on the left to land on a grey platform. Pull the switch to open the door. Jump and grab the ceiling, monkey swing to the door. In the next room with smoke emitters and fire burners, do not use binoculars because of the flares bug. Here, you can find the shotgun and ammunitions. Pull the switch, and exit this room, collecting a small med pack on the way. You are back in the room with the pool. Bad news: the air duct is on fire. Good news: the heat of the burners has melted the ice.

Dive into the water. In the next water section, come out of the water on the right, climb a block, jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side. Pull the switch : a camera shows that the fire is turned off in the air duct. From the edge of the pool, you can also make a tricky running jump with a curve on the left to get SECRET #2: big med pack, Uzi clips, shotgun ammos and poison arrows. Return in the previous pool and jump to the air duct (the best way to not burn is to make a running jump slightly in diagonal). Crawl in (beware of smoke emitters) until the next room as you did before. The second gate of this room is opened now. Go up the stairs until a room with blocks, goodies and the HAND OF SIRIUS. The exit door opens, you are back in the outside area. Climb the block on the left and find your way until the courtyard with the two entrances as you did before. But this time enter into the brown church building.


Turn right, kill a ninja. Find a big med pack and shotgun ammo and pull a switch. Climb the stairs: you are back in a well-known area. Kill 3 ninjas carrying Uzi clips. Continue and go down the stairs leading to the room where you have found the hand of Orion. Use the hand of Sirius.

In the next room, use the cartouche and pull the switch, a little earthquake occurs.

In the next room, place Lara in the middle of the four statues, she will be transported in a room above. The next gate opens automatically when approaching. Go down the stairs to arrive on a high ledge above the church: pick up the laser sight. Jump to the next ledge: pick up Uzi clips and super grenade ammos. Go down where the switch is and pull it: a camera shows briefly that something has happened behind the altar. Go down, jump on the altar, and slide down the slope to go underground.


I found no secret in this level.

Place Lara in the middle of the blue light; she will be transported in another room.
Go out in a large corridor. On the right, double big doors; ahead is a room with a hole in the middle.


Go down with caution in the hole. You are in a dark room with a closed gate and a crawlspace. Crawl in. In the next corridor, beware of a spikes trap. At the end, jump to grab the edge of a hole in the ceiling and pull up. You are in a crypt full of sarcophagi and mummies. Blow them out. In the West direction, are many closed gates. Go East. Save your game and walk on the couple of different tiles patterned with squares and circles symbols on the left: it is the trigger for the timed doors that you see beyond the sarcophagus. Run and jump over the sarcophagus, as if you were a hurdler, avoiding the mummies, and enter before the doors close.

Before leaving via the timed door, stop for the grenade gun using these instructions provided by snork:  Make it untimed jumps to pick up the grenade gun (blow those mummies to pieces) , jump back, now do the jumps in timed mode for the door.

In the next room, don't slide down to grab the climbable wall ahead, but make a long running jump to grab it. Quickly climb a few bars, and make a jump backwards with a roll for grabbing another climbable wall behind you. In doing so, you avoid spiked balls falling down from the ceiling. Climb just a bit and quickly make a jump backwards with a roll to grab the first climbable wall to avoid another spiked ball. Now you can quietly make another jump backwards with a roll to grab the second climbable wall. Pull up into an opening.

Pull a switch, blow out 2 mummies. Follow up the ramp. Run down the next ramp until the place where the ground is of a different colour. Quickly press the Crawl key to be protected from two spiked balls that are rolling down. When the danger has passed over you, go down the ramp and jump to the opening on the left.

You are back in the crypt. The gate on the right opens automatically; you can pick up the FIRST HALF of the CARTOUCHE but you are still trapped in the crypts. Return in the East direction (where is the timer for the big doors) and jump over the sarcophagus again. No need to speed this time, you don't have to pass the big doors. Just before the big doors, jump over the sarcophagus on the right: Lara will fall down in a hole. In this new crypt, find another hole in the corner of the ceiling. Jump, grab the edge and pull up in a corridor with two extinguished torches on the wall. Follow the corridor and fall down in another hole to go to the second part of the crypt below. Blow out the mummies and pull a switch. Return in the corridor above and look: the torches are lighted and there is a moving fire on the ground that indicates you a way out in front of one of the two torches. Walk through the wall and go down in a dark blue room trapped with spikes. To find the safe way, follow the electric lights until the end (well, almost). Crawl into the opening and climb the ladder.

Go left. Now you can return to the beginning of the level by placing Lara in the middle of the blue electric lights.


After being transported back at the beginning of the level, you are welcomed by two ninjas. Kill them and turn right in the large corridor. At the end of the corridor, there is a closed gate on the right.

Go left in a grey corridor leading to a big grey room with double big doors, a gate where you can see a hand of Orion and a switch. Kill two ninjas and pull the switch. Backtrack into the large corridor, the gate is now opened. Enter in the middle of the room, Lara is transported in a room with red textures.

The next gate opens automatically. In the next red room, go in the South direction and notice the fissure in the wall. Jump and grab the fissure, shimmy right, and pull up into the opening. On the other side, another red room with a hole in the middle and an opening; go up the ramp and pull a switch to flood the room below. Come back and jump through the hole into the water.

Find a ledge where Lara can pull up. Jump to the central block and make another jump to the ledges on the left quickly enough before the fire turns on. Follow the corridor to a bigger pool.

Dive into the water, avoid the centre of the pool because of the current, swim clockwise on the side until an opening. Swim in, go out of the water, and follow the corridor until a room where you pick up the HAND OF ORION. Kill one ninja and two more when the gate opens; you are back in the big grey room. Notice the water bridge that has appeared. Exit this area and return in the red room for the second time. Go right and place the hand of Orion. In the corridor, go ahead (on one side is a shortcut to return at the beginning of the level).

Slide down the big slope in the middle, (pick up shotgun ammo) continue to slide and make a somersault jump (Jump+Shift keys) over the deadly green water. Follow the corridor and pull the switch. Backtrack a bit and notice a ninja coming out from a walkthrough wall. After killing him, walk through the wall (where the texture is upside down). In the next area, there is a timed fire puzzle to open a gate. On the ground are two different patterned tiles. Save your game. Walk on the tile in the Southwest corner then on the other one in the Northwest corner then run in the corridor (no need to dash with the sprint key), jump other the hole and pull the switch. Quickly make a roll, run and jump over the hole. Go to the opened gate into the room where you will have to place the cartouche. Kill 4 ninjas. The big double doors open when you approach.

Return to the red room again for the third time. This time, go down to the water bridge, and swim until a room with brown textures. Climb the block and look at the next room. All the tiles with red stars are deadly spiked traps. Save your game.

Your only chance is to make a running jump in diagonal on the right and with a roll to the higher sloped block. Grab the edge of this sloped block and shift left. Save your game. Pull up, make a jump backwards with a roll and with a curve on the right to land on a safe place. Pick up the revolver.

Snork has suggested this easier way to the revolver:  Let Lara do a running jump to the higher slope to the right (no roll) and let her slide down without jumping, just grabbing.
She will grab the opposite (spiked) slope - shimmy to the right, pull up - that's it.

Follow the corridor until you are above the big grey room. Walk above the water bridge. Notice an opening above the big doors, when looking North. Make a running jump to the opening. Crawl in. At the end, let drop (Lara must have enough health) to a big hall where you can see the other half of the cartouche behind a closed gate, another closed gate, big double doors, and a trap with fire and a perpetual spiked ball rolling down. Step on the different tile to turns off the fire and save your game. Run at the right moment to avoid the spiked ball. Do the same with another one, run and jump to the climbable wall ahead to avoid a third spiked ball. At the top of the ladder is a room with a closed gate and circular symbols. Go down the ladder and follow up the ramp. Jump to the little opening on the left. Avoid two other spiked balls in the next corridors, then go down a ramp, jump over the hole to avoid a another spiked ball and quickly jump backwards over the hole to avoid the last one. Those two last spiked balls have triggered the opening of the gate in the room with the circular symbols. Go there, enter through the opened gate, and go down with caution at the end of the corridor. One of the gates in the big hall is now opened, enter in, climb the blocks to pull a switch. When coming down, fire burners are lighted but are easy to avoid, go in the next room and pick up the SECOND HALF of the CARTOUCHE.

As soon as she picks up this artifact, Lara is transported in another room. Kill 4 ninjas and pull the switch to open the gate. In the next corridor, jump to the ladder and go down (beware of spikes) until Lara can pull up in a new corridor. Follow down the corridors until you reach again the room where you have picked up the second half of the cartouche. The big doors are opened now; enter in the well-known grey room and kill 2 ninjas. Return to the beginning of the level, kill a ninja on the way. Go place the cartouche; a big hole has appeared in the middle of the room.


Jump into the water. There is a closed gate but Lara can't reach it because of an invisible barrier separating the pool from a dry room below. Go out of the water. Climb down the blocks to the room below the pool. There is a switch and a spikes trap. You can't make a jump to the other side, because Lara will come back to the upper part of the room. (She can go through from the lower room into the pool but not the opposite). To come across the spikes trap without returning into the water, the trick is to run and dash with the sprint key and quickly press the action key so that Lara will grab the edge of the block where the switch is. Pull it to open the gate. Go there and slide down a long slope. Prepare the weapons as 4 ninjas are waiting for you. One of them lets drop the HAND OF SIRIUS when dying. Use it and slide down another long slope to a beautiful blue room.

In the distance, you can see a pedestal (there is no artifact on it). The floor of the room is mortal, but take a leap of faith by going on, a bridge will appear. When Lara is half way from the pedestal, an explosion destroys the bridge, and Lara slides down in the dark until she falls into water.

She is now in a city, her mission (whatever it was) seems to have failed but she is still alive. The level ends soon after.