Setback 6: Search for the Amulet

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Go straight from the big guy breathing down your neck and when you reach a room with a pool, dive in and swim into the N tunnel, R and up into a hole, up the ladder and backflip into the passage near the top, open the trapdoor and drop into a small labyrinth.


Go 1st L and look in the 1st R, from standing in the crossing, to see a grey Tile in the end. Now go to the end of the passage you stand in and L, get the block there and go put it on the Tile, by going around and pushing it through a wall. A gate opens somewhere in the labyrinth. Go where you pulled the block from and follow the wall on the L, till you come to a low block in the passage, push it twice and hear a gate open, push it one more time and go back in the passage and L and come into a room with a pool. There’s a ledge around the pool with Tiles in 4 corners, including the block you just pushed in, there are 4 blocks to put on those Tiles, so get to work and a gate over the entrance gate opens. If you happen to fall into the pool, there’s a pointed block E on the bottom where you can climb back up the ledge. You can shimmy past the blocks or just jmp over. Jmp/grab up into the higher passage and turn, hop back and runjmp/grab the MS to the central structure. Stand at the hole in the floor and standjmp/grab forward to grab the ladder in the hole in the ceiling, go up to the room with the Death pool.

The Death pool.

Climb the wall and get onto the ledge, jmp to the bridge and follow up to a new room.

Swinging Blade Room.

Runjmp/grab to the 1st pillar and shimmy around to the other side, pull up between the Blades and time your standjmp/grab to the next, do the same as before and on that ledge, enter the passages R and L to use the switches there, chased by 2 Knights, run back and you can use the MS as intended to reach one of the opened gates, but I thought it rather difficult as the Blades can really hurt you, even up here, so I just dove into the water and started in the other side of the room again, jmp to the 1st pillar and runjmp/grab into the open gate L, you’ll probably grab the MS just in front. Pulling the switch inside will open the next gate, go on like this till you reach a room with a pool.

Use the Jmpswitch on W wall to open the last gate in the Blade room and dive in the pool, there are 4 pillars in the water, look between the walls and the pillars for 4 UW doors in those pillars, open them (bit tricky, push “Ctrl” and then release to get Lara to open the doors) Inside you can use the UW levers to raise a block where you just used the Jmpswitch, get on it and runjmp up into the hanging structure in the room, throw the lever and get a cutscene of a Boulder dropping into the shaft of the Death pool, opening a grated trapdoor one floor down. Drop down in the pool and leave the room, go over to the last gate in the Blade room to pick up some Goodies and go back to the Death pool, jmp/grab the green wall and climb down the shaft in pursuit of the Boulder.

Drop into the lower pool and swim into the W tunnel under the trapdoor opened by the Boulder. Go L/R in this partially caved in tunnel and use an UW lever, turn back and go L/L, up into a room with 3 closed gates. Next to the hole you came out of is a metal box, push it aside to reveal an alcove with a Jmpswitch in the back. This will open the N gate, shoot the 2 Skeletons coming for you.

The Spike Pool.

Runjmp to the R hand slope and start jmping to land on one of the colored blocks. Runjmp to one of the far corners where you can see the alcoves next to the sandy N slope. Pull the switch and runjmp over the slope to the other corner and use the switch there, 2 trapdoors opened in the top of the room, 2 Wraiths were released, but they didn’t really hurt me bad, so just keep moving and check the health now and then. Runjmp back on the side slopes so you can jmp up the blue block, grab the hanging central ladder and backflip/roll into the room, run through the Scissor traps and use the switch over the block in the end, you can see a passage opened back in the Spike room, run back and from the blue block, runjmp back into the corner where you pulled the switch before.

Now do a diagonal runjmp up into that passage and use the switch there to open a trapdoor in the room over the brown block, so turn back, runjmp onto the side slope and land on the brown block, go up and run through another set of Scissor traps.
Climb up into the trapdoor over the block and reach the Prism Puzzle room.

The Prism Puzzle room.

Jmp to the centre ledge and go into the E passage, pull the 2 switches behind the 2 Prisms there and go back to the room, push the Prisms over the trapdoors onto the Blue Tiles and then back onto the trapdoor (saves you the job of pulling the 2 Prisms from the passage and has the same effect) go back into the passage to put those switches back to open the trapdoors, the prisms will fall one floor down, climb down onto the glass floor at the Red Tile and push the Prisms onto the Blue Tiles in the corners, a trapdoor in the ceiling of the room will open. Climb back up the ledge and into the trapdoor, pull a metal box R of the Red Prism out once and go around to the other side to push a box in, enter the passage to use the switch that controls the trapdoor at the Prism and go put it on the trapdoor, open the trapdoor with the switch and drop down on the ledge next to the Prism, put it on the Red Tile and watch the room below come to life.

The Sarcophagus moves, revealing a tunnel. Go back to the Spike Pool through the N passage and from the brown block you can runjmp into the exit S. Go to the W gate and into the tunnel next to the Sarcophagus, to a poolroom with gates.

The Gate Puzzle and Timed Target Practice

In the E is a single ledge with a gate, over the gate is a second one we will have to shoot something in later. Go over to that E gate and turn around on the ledge, look W and see the red Target under the waterfall, shoot it and gate 1 opens, go in and pull the switch to open gate 2, inside this one is a timed switch that opens the upper E gate, roll/pull the Revolver (with Lasersight) and run out turning R, turn or roll and take aim on the target in the upper gate, when you shoot it, the lower E gate opens.

Follow the passage up to a Spike-trap in front of a room, take out the Grenade gun and runjmp to one of the sides of the small pool, shoot all the Skeletons and then take out the Revolver to shoot a Demigod on the scaffold in the centre of the room. When he’s gone, runjmp back into the Spike-trap passage and do a runjmp/grab up into the scaffold, shoot the Skeleton off and walk to the N side, turn and look up S for another one of those red thingies to shoot, it will open the UW gate below. Turn N again and runjmp/grab the Jmpswitch there, swim into the open gate and use the UW ceilingswitch to open the trapdoor in the bottom of the pool. Swim in and throw the lever in that room (it will raise a block in the Death pool). Return to the trapdoor, get out N and in the N room, you have to dive back into the tunnel next to the metal box.

Death pool. (again)

Swim R/L and up into the pool with the block puzzle, climb out on the pointy E block and go up to the MS, up in the shaft to the Death pool, jmp to the block and then a runjmp to the ledge under the Jmpswitch in the NW corner, use it and sidejmp R and enter the gate, at the crossing you can see a gate in front, it needs a Silver Key to open.

Hunt for the Silver Key and the Amulet of Horus.

Go L and get the MP in the end, then open the trapdoor in front of it and arm with the Crossbow and explosive Ammo, then dive in, swim to the gate and take 1st L, up and just before you swim out, save.

The Demigod Room.

Then climb out and run into a place where only one of the 4 Demigods can shoot you (best is close to the ledge one of them is standing on). Keep an eye on the health and take them out one by one, after the challenge you can pick up a bunch of Weapons, MP’s and Ammo. Get up onto the ledge and use the switch to open the S gate, go in and there’s another tunnel, follow the tunnel till you reach a deep shaft, go up first.

The Knight Room.

3 Knights run around this room, climb out and turn around, jmp/grab to a ledge over the hole and use the Jmpswitch hidden here, it will open a gate at the pedestal with the Amulet of Horus. Look into the room and jmp to the L ledge besides the tunnel and see a sloped block in the SE corner, run there and backflip onto the slope, jmp/grab the well hidden CS in the green S wall. Go in to throw a lever, which will open a part of the wall in the E side of the room. Go in there to use the switch, a gate opens in the Demigod room. Jmp back to the higher ledge at the tunnel and swim back (upper tunnel) to the Demigod room.

Getting the Key.

Use the switches in the N, W, E passages to open the next part of the wall in the Knight room, return there and jmp into the passage, use the switch to open a trapdoor in the top of the Demigod room, so back there again and runjmp from the S ledge to one of the ledges next of the block, climb up and get the Silver Key from the hole between the blocks. Drop down and return to the deep shaft before the Knight room, swim down after getting a lungful of air, swim down and when you reach the bottom of the shaft, be careful, some nasty Spike-traps await you, save in front and go through, waiting between the sets and get the Amulet of Horus from the pedestal. Swim forward and R or L to end up in the first pool room. Get air and now you have 2 choices: A= hard/shorter, B= easy/longer.

A: Swim back through those Spikes, to the Demigod room, down the tunnel in the centre of the room and to the trapdoor, L at the crossing and here’s the gate for the Silver Key.

B: Follow the route through the level to the Death pool and over the block to the N gate. The gate inside needed the Silver Key, remember?

Boulder Trap.

Open the gate and go on till you reach a hole in the ceiling, save here and sprint up the 1st slope, aiming for the R or L alcove at the top of that 1st slope, wait for the Boulder to pass and follow the passage up to the ladder, go up and a cutscene takes over, is that the Butler waiting to take you home?

The end.