Level By Francesco C.(deskJ)
Walkthrough by Anurag

Lara slides down a chute to enter this level, climb the ladder to the top. Reach the gate ahead that gets opened as Lara approaches it.
Continue on the ramp & then climb another ladder to get atop of a block. Slide down & jump to another ramp just ahead of you. From here jump to the Northeast ledge, which is on your right. Climb down a ladder to enter a balcony, pick up the REVOLVER there & push the Switch.

Again, climb up the ladder & jump on the ramp. There is a ladder in the Northwest, use it to climb down into a balcony & pick up the LASERSIGHT there. There is another ladder just ahead of you, use it to climb down to the ground.

Now there are 2 ways to go; you can either choose (1) or (2) or both of them.

(1) Continue straight ahead to the open black gates & kill 2 DOGS. Enter this area & jump upon the roof of the car, from here jump towards the ladder (to avoid the burning trap floor below). Activate a Switch above & then climb down the ladder & backflip on the roof of the car. Exit through the black gates & go right; in the Southwest corner you can observe that the wall around the Jump Switch has disappeared. Go there, pick up the REVOLVER AMMO & activate the Jump Switch, a cut-scene shows that a wall has disappeared from another Jump Switch. Now kill a couple of BATS that charge at you & also kill a SNIPER in one of the balconies & go to the Jump Switch just ahead that you have just released.

(2) Otherwise, combine the REVOLVER & LASERSIGHT, & go right after descending the ladder. Shoot the Grate in the wall, jump up & enter the crawlspace. Pick up the LASERSIGHT & a SMALL-MEDPACK from there, which makes another black gate open. Climb out of the Crawlspace, roll & go to the black gate to your left. Enter this area & go left. Pick up a GOLDEN ROSE with UZI & 2 sets of UZI CLIPS; this is SECRET #1. Climb on the BIKE, this opens the gate ahead, climb out the black gates. Go right and approach the Jump Switch, the walls around it get lowered. Climb down the bike & activate the Jump Switch.

Activating this Jump Switch opens a trap door underneath, slide down 2 chutes to land up in water. Go to the opposite side. Climb up & kill the SNIPER there & recover UZI CLIPS from him & pick up the FLARES in the Northeast corner. Enter the next pool area, until you reach the 4-way intersection. To your left is an empty passage with a Ladder & a couple of BATS. The passage to the right contains a SNIPER, shoot him & get his UZI CLIPS, also pick up more CLIPS from the corner. The straight passage, (all the directions are from the area through which you entered) simply has a water pool. Stand in the middle of the pool, continue till the end & Shimmy down on this ledge. Leave ACTION & then repress it, if done correctly Lara will activate a Jump Switch, which will open a door down.

Continue through this door & slide down a chute & pick up GOLDEN ROSE, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO & CROSSBOW, this is SECRET #2. Drop down into the water below. Climb out into an open area. In the Northwest corner pick up the CROSSBOW & CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO. Go near the black gate, search for a Jump Switch at your left, activate it & climb on the BIKE. Go through the open black gates & kill 2 SNIPERS, smash the BIKE in the wall opposite to the black gates to break it. Go in for SECRET #3, a GOLDEN ROSE, REVOLVER & REVOLVER AMMO. Go left, kill a DOG & a SNIPER. Go up a slope & then land on other side of the water pool, there is a ladder that goes to the bottom of the pool, but I found this pool rather empty. Climb down the BIKE & open the door. Go up the steps; at the end climb up a box & then open another door.

Watch the cut-scene that gives a panoramic view of the next area. Go inside & kill one of the SNIPERS who is straight ahead. Here there are 2 buildings, with a Jump Switch each. First go in the building at right, enter through its left side. Shoot the barricades & pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK & the UZI CLIPS, a SNIPER will attack at you, kill him. Now climb on the block, & safety drop through the other side by pressing, releasing & repressing ACTION so as to activate the Jump Switch. The other room in this area is similar to this one, pick up the SMALL-MEDPACK here & activate the Jump Switch. Activating both the Jump Switches open the black gates & kill 2 DOGS. Continue in further & spot a White bricked block on your left (When back is towards the gate). Go around it & climb the ladder at its backside. From here take a running jump to grab the ledge on right.

Now the next area is a trap. Look closely at the ceiling, the parts with white-bluish textures have safe floor, while the others have burning floor. Turn left & climb on the block (Only ACTION). Turn 45 degrees right & jump on the block. Jump on the next block & then to the block with 2 Jump Switches. Activate the Jump Switch at left this opens a door, the right one is a trap, activating which makes the floor under it burn. Now the Southeast corner is also a safe place; jump over there. From here Jump over to the roof of the next building & pick up the GOLDEN ROSE, this is SECRET #3. From here jump to the ledge ahead & pick up NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO & more of it along with the SHOTGUN from the third roof. Drop down; go through the open door to end the level.