Home Sweet Home

Level by deskj (Francesco C)

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara locked in her bathroom.
Go east, shoot the grate, crawl and pick up the Uzis, then shoot the next grate and crawl to the bedroom. Kill a doberman, then press the switch beside the bed to open an alcove. Pick up clips and medipack and press the switch, get a screenshot of an opening door. Kill a thug on your way out of the bedroom and at the passage turn east. Go to the end for a closed door and look through the window into the room, you might see Winston locked in a room. Turn around and follow the passage through the doorway you opened and kill two thugs. Go up the stairs to the attic and kill another thug.

In the attic there are four movable boxes. However, you can only push/pull three of them. Start with the one near the candlestick and place it left of the candlestick. Head to the east and pull out the box from the alcove, then push/pull it into the window ledge. Keep to next box and pull/push it all over the attic into the west alcove. A door opens at the north side. Go through there and step on the boxes, drop down and head north-west. Climb up to the top, run to the end and drop into a fireplace. Step out of the fireplace, it will start to burn, then turn around and kill a thug.

In a library room look for two switchs on the south wall. Press them both to open the door at the next room, then go to the next room. Notice two marked tilesnear the doorway. Move the east library wall and pull out a movable box, place it on one tile. Now move the south wall and near the harp pull out another box and place it onto the second tile. Get out of the room and follow the passage down to the main hall. Notice as the main door will stay closed forever and the ways to the gym and to the dining room are closed too. You can only get out of the mansion by the kitchen, but this is for later.

However, the door that leads you to the basement is open now. Run down the stairs and light a flare, go to the end of the passage to reach the aquarium. Climb the block and turn to face north, jump/grab the opening and pull into a short passage. Go forward and drop into the aquarium with freezing fish. Swim around the aquarium and look for the Token (keys). Swim back and get out of the aquarium, then return to the main hall. Enter the kitchen, kill a doberman and thug. Press the switch to open the cooling room for a secret and pick up the shotgun, medipack and ammo. Back to the kitchen and go through the door outside the mansion.

Head east along the training track and come to the garden in front of the mansion. Keep running north over the gate and use the token at the parking meter. Go through the opening gate to a race track and get a screenshot of some projector on a wall above the south wall. For a moment ignore it and get on a quad bike for a little fun race. Start driving along the race track and kill every thug and doberman in your way. Reach the underground race and drive toward the ramps, at the end stop and get off the quad bike. Press the switch, it opens a door at the top of the sharp ramp. Again get on the quad bike and drive up the sharp ramp back to the beginning race by the opening grate.

Get off the quad bike with face to the south wall. Take simple jump to stand close to the wall then jump/grab the edge and pull up onto the wall. Now you can see the projector, but it's not for this you climbed here. Head west and run onto the wall, reach the end and jump over the glass roof. Go the south wall and press the switch, it opens a door at the main hall. Drop back to training track and enter the mansion by the kitchen and back to the main hall.

Enter the room and kill two thugs, you also see Jean Yves on a window ledge wondering what he's doing there. Anyway, climb the both alcoves at the west side and press the switch. Back at the main hall a door opens at the south side. Press the switch to open the gym. Go over there and enter the gym and notice as the door for the pool is closed. However, you have to pull/push again three boxes as you already did in the attic. You can easily recognize them, one is on the blue line, the second behind the stand and the third looks like a part of library wall. Place each of them onto the black tile and the door to the swimming pool opens.

Pass to the swimming pool and jump into the water for a secret, dive to the bottom, pick up medipack and shotgun ammo. Get out of the pool and kill the thug, then go over the diving board and press the switch. Return to the main hall and enter the dining room. Kill the thugs and head west over the grate to see Von Croy. Hmm, what are you doing there, stupid. Well, never-mind, press the switch to open an earlier door at the second floor. Head over there and enter the room. Finally Winston is free so Lara can drink her tea and you can finish the level.