Level by Donato

Walkthrough by Anurag

The level starts with a cut scene giving a panoramic view of the area. After the cut scene, go to the middle structure & stand where the texture on the ground is white. Climb the ledge & pull the LEVER; this opens a door in the courtyard. Run through the door, as there is a MACHINE GUN; avoid going near it as it also has a FLAMETHROWER. Enter the next area & kill the BAD GUY that enters from the left side. Climb a ledge & then another ROLL & climb another ledge. From the edge of the ledge take a jump to another ledge pressing ACTION to lower the arc, turn right & take a diagonal jump to the ledge ahead, climb 2 more ledges & then SAFETY-DROP to the right, press the BUTTON WITH FACE to open a door below, ROLL & from the edge of this ledge take a diagonal jump to the ledge on the left, from there SAFETY-DROP to the ground.

Follow the path & turn left at the end; climb on the ledge the door is now open. Continue forward, a cut scene shows a BUTTON WITH FACE, take the first turn to the left & then another left you will see a BUTTON WITH FACE, draw your guns as you will hear a BAD GUY coming; after killing him, press the BUTTON. A cut scene shows you that a door rises up, revealing a LADDER. ROLL, take a right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right to reach the LADDER, climb up to the roof tops. Also notice a LAMPPOST type object near the LADDER, we have to use it at the end. Turn right, & jump to another rooftop, continue southwards & jump to the rooftop with staircase in the south corner.

Descend the staircase & then slide on the slope & press JUMP at the end to land on an elevated sandy ground. Pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS & the SMALL-MEDPACK, then climb down the LADDER to the ground rapidly (by pressing & releasing ACTION). Turn right & draw out your guns to kill the BAD GUY WITH GRENADE LAUNCHER. Continue straight up the staircase, at the turn at left draw out your guns as there is a DOG descending the staircase, take care of him & continue upstairs. The staircase turns right & leads into a room with 2 pillars & a door, reach for the Museum door & it opens, continue to the room with 2 doors, go to the door at left which opens automatically, turn left & at the end turn right, go straight to another door which opens as you approach it; continue inside to the left & behind the left pillar is the CROSSBOW, return to the door & turn left, continue straight & turn left at the end to a door which opens by itself.

Continue inside the room with 2 pillars & a LEVER, turn left and go behind the second pillar to pick up 20 EXPLOSIVE CROSSBOW AMMO, & then activate the LEVER. Go out of the room, turn right, another right, continue straight until you reach a door on the left get out turn left and you will notice that the door on left is open; continue inside it. Enter the room with 4 pillars, turn right & pick up the BULLONE 2 from the pedestal, ROLL, continue straight; behind the broken pillar is the CHIAVE DEL CANCELLO (Some kind of KEY), pick it up. Continue straight to the BUTTON WITH FACE on the West side & press it. ROLL, the door on the left is now open, continue through it, take a right, another right & then continue straight you reach at the starting of the level, draw your guns & kill the DOG that approaches you.

A door in the middle structure is now open, so continue inside it. This is SECRET #1, a SMALL-MEDPACK. Return through the door into the court, turn right & another right and continue towards the room with MACHINEGUN. RUN through the room to the other side, turn right at the end turn left and climb the ledge, go through the open door. Continue straight turn left, right, another right, left, left (past the room with burning pool, avoid it for now), continue straight and climb the LADDER on the left, continue straight and then drop down in the pool (SPLASH! I liked the SWANDIVE), Lara will take no damage, turn right and continue to an opening in the ground. Swim into an area with a fountain, Kill a BAT and then use the CHIAVE DEL CANCELLO on the left KEYHOLE, & then leave the area as you entered it, climb into the opening and then approach another ladder, climb it down. Turn left, continue straight and then turn left into the room with BURNING POOL.

Continue straight; the door on the west corner is now open, pick up another CHIAVE DEL CANCELLO. As soon as you land inside the gate you also get REVOLVER, UZIS & SHOTGUN along with unlimited FLARES, AMMO & MEDPACKS, We also get CROWBAR & the LASERSIGHT. Return to the pool and swim to the room with fountain and kill a BAT use the CHIAVE DEL CANCELLO in the right KEYHOLE, the gate in the middle opens. Draw the SHOTGUN and kill 2 DOGS that approach from the corners, continue straight and press the BUTTON WITH FACE, ROLL and kill 2 BATS. Leave the room & return to the room with BURNING POOL. Approach the BURNING POOL which isnít burning anymore and pick up the BULLONE 1. To exit the room Turn left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right to reach the LADDER, approach the LAMPOST & combine BULLONE 1 & BULLONE 2 to get MANIGLIA CON BULLONI. Use it on the LAMPOST, this raises a door opposite to the ladder, continue inside the door above the ramp & turn right. You reach into a maze with many passages lit by street lights.

Turn left, continue straight forward until you see an opening, do not enter instead turn left, turn right at another T-intersection, at the end turn right, continue straight you will see an opening go inside, continue straight, you will see a hole filled with water, splash into it and congratulations: you have finished the level.