Level by Ego (Hypro)

Walkthrough by eRIC

Note from eRIC: I wanted to write a walkthrough for this level because firstly, I like it; and secondly, although it is not really difficult (except for a couple of places), it's a long level and it's easy to overlook something. It would be a pity that some players do not persevere until the end, because it's a fun level. I have found only one secret.


Lara arrives in a cave with the red textured of the Tomb of Seth. There is a temple on the left but it's impossible to go there because the chasm is too wide. (If you use the binoculars, you can see a Hand of Sirius upon a yellow block at the right side of the temple door).

Go ahead to the end of the cave, find flares, and look up for an opening on the right (East wall) : it is the entrance of a lava room with pillars. Climb a flat block
(in front of the opening), do a running jump and climb another block to go there.
Are you ready for some acrobatic moves?


Place Lara back at the entrance of the new room, let drop and grab the edge, shimmy left (pass the corner), shimmy left until the last block where Lara can pull up and make a back jump with a roll. Slide a bit on the next pillar and immediately jump to the next one. Go to the NE corner of the blocks, face North in direction of the lava, turn back facing South, and make a standing jump backwards, press the action key and grab the edge of the new sloped block. Shimmy to the left until the end.

Pull up and make a backflip with a roll.
Walk on the new pillars and face North. Make a running jump to the next pillar along the wall.

Do not jump to the next block where the exit is, but to the climbable pillar on your left.
Grab it with a standing jump, shimmy left (pass two corners of this pillar)and backflip with a roll to grab the next pillar behind you.

Shimmy right (past one corner) and jump again backwards with a roll to grab another pillar behind you. On this new pillar, shimmy right (pass one corner) and land on the flat block.

Make a long running jump to the next block (NW direction). Jump to the little block to pick up the flares (don't tell me you don't need them). Come back to the previous block and now make a running jump to the low block towards where the exit is (NE) and a standing jump to the higher block next to it. A last jump to the exit in the north-east corner and you're done with the lava room.


Follow the grey corridor until the first intersection. Go right and right again, you'll find a red room with uzis clips. Go out of this room and go ahead until you reach a wider area with red slopes. At the beginning of this cave, you can pick up flares on your left.

Go ahead until the end of the cave , you will see a crawlspace. Don't crawl in yet, turn right and start to climb with standing jumps the red sloped ground on your right, there is some flat blocks where Lara can stand on. The first block where Lara can stand is partially white.

Go to the top (north-east direction then north), jump to the top of the last white slope. Turn right and go down a block in the east direction. You see that the path where you are now is interrupted but continue: make a running somersault (Shift+Jump keys), and you will find an important floor lever to pull.

Now you can slide down to the bottom of the cave and crawl in the crawlspace at the end.
As soon as you finish your crawling, you are welcome by two little scorpions.

You see another side of the temple with a door. Opposite the door, is an opening of a cavern leading to a grey sloped corridor.
Run and dash because of a spiked ball rolling down, turn left to an opening before the rolling ball crushes you (Actually this opening had a gate that you opened with the lever you pulled earlier). Pick up the small medipack in the grey corridor, re-enter in the opening and jump in the water. In this swimming section, Lara has to find a couple of little openings to swim in until she can go out of the water in a yellow room inside the temple.


Grab the fissure at the left end of the room and shimmy on the right to the crawlspace. On the other side, shimmy on your left until the end because of spikes and let drop.

Climb the red ground in the middle of the new room. There is a little slope where Lara can stand in front of the little opening in the West wall. Make a running jump slightly in diagonal and with a little curve on the right in mid-air to grab the opening.
Crawl in, go down, kill a scorpion, find uzis clips in a corner, and enter the opposite crawlspace. Crawl in until a yellow opening on the left. (The red crawlspace continues ahead and leads to a floor lever that opens the door at the side of the temple leading back to the second red cave but I don't think it is necessary to do that).

Go down, at the entrance of the new room kill two ninjas carrying uzis ammos.
Enter, you are now in the big central room of the temple.


There are two closed gates on this side of the temple (one upstairs, one downstairs), three closed gates on the opposite side (one upstairs, two downstairs) one big door on the right (you need a Hand of Orion to open it) and a big door on the left.

Go downstairs and pull a floor lever near by one of the gate to open it (North side).
Enter the new yellow room and kill a ninja before he picks up uzis ammos (this guy must be crazy). On the left is an opening leading to a corridor patterned with red stars where you will have to use a cartouche.

Return to the big central room, kill a ninja and pick up the UZIS he was carrying.
Pull another floor lever to open the big door on the left (east) leading to the entrance of the temple. (You are back in the first red cave but on the opposite side of the chasm.)

Two burners are lighted automatically and you can find uzis clips there. Return inside the temple, now the big room is lighted (thanks to the author) and two other gates are opened: one downstairs (south), one upstairs (north).

Go upstairs and enter the north gate. In the new room, Lara will look on the right to indicate you're to go in the SE corner and grab the ceiling. A ninja will shoot at Lara when she will monkeyswing. At the intersection, monkeyswing left until the end and pick up the REVOLVER.

Grab again the ceiling to monkeyswing in the east direction until an opening.
Crawl in until you are above the yellow entrance of the temple but don't go down : there is another crawlspace on your left leading to blocks outside the temple.

Pick up the HAND OF SIRIUS on one of them. Return inside the big central room of the temple the way you want and kill another ninja.


Enter the opened gate downstairs (south). There is an opening on the right and a closed gate on the left. Use the hand of Sirius to open it. In the next room, two gates and 7 levers, only two levers are safe. Find the safe lever on the right to open the first gate and go down a ladder in the pit to pick up the CROSSBOW. Climb back and find the safe lever on the left side of the room.

When you pull it, a camera shows the opening of a gate in the big central room, a spiked ball rolls down and falls down into the pit, and the second door opens to a room where you pick up the HAND OF ORION. (In this room is also a gate that always remained closed in my game.)

Return where you have used the hand of Sirius and go to the opening in a room with a black structure and a floor lever which opens another gate leading back to the big central room (kill three ninjas). Go upstairs and enter the south room that was shown by the camera when you pulled the safe lever in the room with the 7 levers. Pick up the FIRST HALF OF THE CARTOUCHE. Jump backwards immediately to avoid spikes, kill a ninja and return in the big central room.
Place the Hand of Orion to open the big door at the west side.


On the wall, there is the symbol of a big scarab hieroglyph. Go right to pick up grenade ammo, then left to a big room with hieroglyph pattern tiles. Many are unsafe. Make your way in the trapped room until the opening on the right, by jumping only on the tiles with scarab hieroglyphs (sure you had already guessed that). Pull the switch in the corridor to light torches on the walls so that you better see all the safe tiles of the trapped room (scarab and other symbols).

Exit the corridor and make your way to the opening of the opposite wall and pull a lever in another corridor to open the exit door. Return and make your way anticlockwise in the trapped room until the exit door and pick up the FIRST HALF OF THE GOLDEN EYE.
In the new room, make your way clockwise, jumping on the scarab patterned tiles, until the corner where you pick up poison arrows. Walk on the safe tile next to it and Lara falls down in water.


If you swim north you'll find a little medipack. If you swim east, you'll find an underwater maze and two closed gates.

Go out of the water. Once on the ground, if you go north, you will find a corridor and a big door (closed, no need to go there yet).
If you look up a bit, you will notice a fissure all along the west wall.

In the pool area, find a sloped block in the North direction, grab it, pull up, and flip backwards with a roll to the higher block next to it (sloped but Lara can stand on it).
Jump to the couple of pillars in the South direction where you see flares. From the right pillar, you can also make a tricky jump to pick up grenade ammos.

Return to the sloped block (north) and once again back flip to the other where Lara can stand on.

But this time face north, and jump over the first sloped block to land on a flat block behind.

Face west and make a standing jump over a hole of water to a higher block.

From there, you can see a crawlspace in front of you leading to some uzis clips but it's a waste of time. Better make another standing jump to the flat block that you see in the south-west direction. Now you can grab the long fissure and shimmy on the left until the end. Pull up on a ledge (from there you can more easily jump to the pillar with the grenade ammo if you have failed the other way).

Now from the ledge where you stand, make a running jump to the opening (south).
Crawl in and go down the other opening ahead and pick up the LASERSIGHT.

Return to the pool and to the sloped blocks (north). Do as you did before (grab the sloped block, pull up, backflip onto the other, jump other the first one and land on the flat block) but this time jump in the hole of water.

Swim east and you will find one of the two underwater closed gates, swim up and you are in a room with a floor lever. Pull it, the two underwater gates open. Return in the water, swim through the first underwater gate, and you have to go out of the water on a little ledge. (On the next ledge ahead are uzis clips). In the next swimming area, there are two underwater corridors, one on the right leading back to the main pool via the underwater maze, and one on the left leading to the other underwater gate (opened) and to a room with another floor lever. Pull it, a camera shows the opening of the big door.

Swim back to the underwater maze (impressive but actually really small) and to the main pool.

Find the corridor (north) leading to the big door. Enter in a room leading to an outside area with jeeps.


Kill two ninjas and shoot vases. Pick up poison arrows and uzis clips. Notice the red entrance of a tunnel (don't go there yet) and a fissure in the yellow south wall (maybe hard to spot) and a flat pillar under. Grab the sloped block next to the pillar, pull up, back flip, and land on the pillar. Jump and grab the fissure. Shimmy on the right and enter the crawlspace.

In the next corridor, run like hell on the right without picking up the big medipack to not be crushed by a spiked ball and jump to the opening ahead. Crawl in.


At the end of the crawlspace, let drop, slide backwards a bit and make a backflip with a roll to slide down forward the next slope. Jump to the ledge with spikes holes and quickly make a lateral jump on the left to avoid a spiked ball.

Make a running jump to the fissure in the south wall and shimmy to the left until you reach a flat ledge. Grab the next sloped block, slide down a bit and grab the ceiling.
Monkeyswing in direction of the end of the room where a gate is.

Monkeyswing right so that Lara has her nose against the south wall, let drop, and grab the wall.

Make a backflip with a roll so that Lara will grab the opposite climbable wall behind her and shimmy to the left until she can land on a ledge with a floor lever. Pull it, the gate opens.

The next part is a bit difficult as you have to return to the beginning of the lava room: run on the ledge and slide down the slope, grab the other block ahead (a few tries may be required). This block will be soon on fire, so immediately pull up and make a long running jump above the block with spikes holes to grab the ledge after.

Do the running_jump_to_the_fissure_Shimming_left_Jumping_and_Grabbing_the_ceiling part again, and this time monkeyswing to the opened gate. Go left. There are two crawlspaces in the left wall (use binoculars to better spot them). Make a standing jump to the first one. In the next room, pick up the SECOND HALF OF THE CARTOUCHE. Climb the blocks (beware of the blocks with spikes holes) and exit of this room by the other crawlspace. Continue, climb two yellow blocks : you are back in the corridor with the big medipack.
Return outside (when Lara is in the crawlspace, she can kill two ninjas from
above with the revolver+lasersight). Kill another ninja when you are down and another one when you enter the red tunnels.


Find your way up to an hexagonal tunnel patterned with red stars. Pull the floor lever at the end to open the gate near by, kill a ninja, and enter another hexagonal tunnel. No need to go left now and use the cartouche, better go right and you will be back in the temple because you have only one half of the golden eye.


Return in the room with the black structure (downstairs and south side of the big central room).

Climb upon the black structure: a fixed camera shows what I think is a hint: looking East and considering only the brown tiles, there is the drawing of the number "21" on the ground. I don't know the significance of this sign.

Go down and enter the corridor behind the black structure, shoot the vase to open the next gate.

In the new room: two closed gates and an opening in the corner next to the left gate. In this opening, you can see a vase at the top of a slope. Shoot it with the lasersight: one of the gates nearby opens. Go in for SECRET #1: SHOTGUN and ammunitions (avoid two mummies). Come back.

The other gate will open when you will shoot three hidden vases. Go right in the yellow corridors. On the left is a room with a brown ladder and a vase high up in a niche. Shoot this FIRST HIDDEN VASE with the laser sight. (You can also climb the ladder to the top, backflip with a roll and with a slight curve to the left so that Lara can slide backwards the slope behind and grab the edge. Then shimmy a bit on the right. Pull up, make another back flip with a roll and shoot the vase with the pistols while Lara is in mid air).

Return in the corridor and go left. The yellow corridor leads to a pool with two blocks above the water. Dive in the water and climb upon the two blocks above the pool. Make a running jump to grab the side of the pool (East) where you can see the entrance of a corridor.

Follow up the ramp. At the top, slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy on the left. Pick up uzis clips and follow the corridor. Pull the lever: the pool is drained and the previous room is half filled with water. Return there, prepare the pistols, and make a standing jump to grab the ladder. Climb to the top. Make a backflip with a roll and draw the pistols to shoot the SECOND HIDDEN VASE in a niche while Lara is in mid air.

Lara falls in the water. Find a little opening and swim in. When a spiked ball is coming, quickly swim up, there is a safe place (just above the brown tile). Continue and go out of the water, pick up the small medipack, and let drop from the crawlspace (Lara must have enough health), you are back in the room with a ladder and a vase in a niche. Return to the pool which is now drained (well, almost). Before going in the water, look for a little opening at the bottom of the pool (NE corner) and shoot the THIRD HIDDEN VASE in there. Dive in the water. In the sewer, when the two spiked balls roll down, swim up and find a safe place. In the next sewer, swim up and find an opening in the ceiling to avoid two other spiked balls. Pick up some uzis ammo. In the new room, climb the block opposite the sloped one in the corner (place Lara left, next to the wall). When she pulls up, a spiked ball rolls down; run to be protected by the block in front of you. Climb the blocks until the top. Go down and before entering in the crawlspace, you can find explosive arrows in the little room.

At the end of the crawlspace, let drop and slide down, a spiked ball is chasing you. At the end of the slope, make a diagonal or a lateral jump on the right. The gate opposite the slope is now opened if you have shot the three hidden vases.

Enter in and follow the corridor at the end of which is an Egyptian room with a sarcophagus. Pick up another HAND OF ORION and a big medipack on pedestals. The right crawlspace leads to some uzis clips, the left one to the exit. You will be back in the room with the black structure.

Kill a couple of ninjas and return in the big central room.


Go upstairs and climb on one of the blocks in the corners (NE or SE). Grab and monkeyswing to the ledge with black hieroglyphs along the East wall. face West and make a standing jump to the right pillar with a fissure. Shimmy on the right or on the left, and pull up where the fissure is wider: Lara can stand here.

Face West again and make a standing jump to the next pillar. Shimmy on the left (pass one corner)and backflip with a roll to grab the next pillar behind you.

Shimmy on the right (pass one corner) and make again a backflip with a roll to grab the next pillar. Shimmy on the right (pass one corner) and climb the pillar to the top until Lara arrives in a dark room above through a hole in the ceiling.

Backflip with a roll, Lara will slide backwards a bit on a slope, grab the edge, shimmy on your left, pull up, and quickly make a jump forward to avoid a spiked ball. Pick up uzi clips and avoid another spiked ball. Place the hand of Orion in the NW pillar to open a gate in a room above this one. Go to where the first spiked ball came from.

Jump to the crawlspace and pull a floor lever : another gate opens in the room near by. You can blow out the mummy from where you are and a little scorpion. Go down and go where the second spiked ball came. Jump to the crawlspace and pick the SECOND HALF OF THE GOLDEN EYE.

Go down and climb down the climbable pillar back to the bottom of the big central room.
Dispose of two cowards who are shooting at you.

Now return to place the cartouche by the little gate (North and downstairs) near by the floor lever. Go left to the hexagonal tunnel patterned with red stars and place the cartouche to open the gate near by.


Leaving the hexagonal tunnels, you are now in brown corridors that go up and down with four spiked balls easy to avoid.

In the next big room with lava, when you are at the top of the ramp, save your game.
Run down the ramp and jump on the pillar on the right with a curve in mid air without bumping your head in the ceiling (difficult) before another spiked ball crushes you.

The fun is not over yet. Save your game. The pillar where you are is safe but you will have to jump from pillar to pillar and you have very little time between each action because some pillars are trapped with spikes (you can't stand a long time on them) and there are spiked balls falling down from holes of the ceiling.

Make a long running jump to the pillar with spikes holes. Pull up. Don't make a running jump to the next pillar, better walk just a bit before making a standing jump to the pillar in the corner. This pillar is safe. Now, make a running jump to the next pillar, pull up, and make immediately another running jump slightly on the left to the last one.

When you reach the last pillar, jump above the brown corridor below. On the left are useless corridors where you can return in the temple. Better go right and use the golden eye.


Climb the stairs in the dark with fire burners on each side.
At the top, make a long running swan jump (Shift+Jump keys) towards the blue electric light. Lara will dive in a pool and will see the light of day once again.