Level by Otre

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara standing in a short hallway. Run toward the passageway, shortly you get an angle camera, which gives you a hint for the SECRET PLACE. Few steps backward there is alcove with gate that will open soon as you be nearby, shoot the vase and get the medipack. Further in this passageway you reach a closed gate (I never found how it opened), just kill the red scorpions, then drop down to right through the opening into the pool below.

Take short swimming to NW corner and get the The Hand of Orion from the buttom. Then turn and keep swimming through opening, follow the tunnel, turn into the next tunnel, up to reach the next room. Draw your pistols as you have to deal with two ninjas who await you behind the pillar, then light a flare, you'll see receptacles next to the closed door.

Use the Hand of Orion to open the door and enter the grave room. After the short flyby around the room, quickly shoot the vases in front of the grave and pick up the crossbow gun with normal ammo before the mummy reaches you and gives a lover's hug.
Nothing alse to do, so head toward the laddaer and climb up to the passage above, there you can find the next SECRET PLACE. Right above Lara's head you can jump/grab the half ladder and climb into the alcove to get some flares.

Jump back to the passage, then run forward, climb the few stairs, get into the room ahead. Push the lever floor to open the gate, pass the next room and get the Eye Piece #1. Light a flare to be sure there nothing at left side dark place, then go to the right side and crawl to next room, stand in front of the slope. Run zigzag up the slope (avoid from the three spiked boulders), reach the top and enter the room.

In front of you there is closed gate, but you will not be able to open it as it's part of the wall. Take care of ninja shooting on you from the left behind the pillar, then use the climbable Egyptian wall and climb up to the room above. Drop down into the tunnel and start swimming forward, pick up the flares, then swim into the next tunnel--take heed! for the spike trap comes out from the ceiling. Get out of the water into the passage, keep taking heed! for the spike trap, run toward the gate and drop into the next new room. Look around the room, you can pick up medipak nearby where you are standing, then head the stage and take the Eye Piece #2, which opens the door.

Follow the passage and reach the next room, take care the angle camera and be careful not dropping down into the death water pool. Look in front of you on the ledge, there is corssbow ammo, don't even think to pick it up, otherwise you get some boulder on the head. Take the right side and jump over the statue, grab the ladder and climb down near the pool, reach the SECRET PLACE. Head to north corner around the pool and pick up the medipack, then turn face toward the pole. Take jumping grab to it and pull up, turn with Lara's back to the opening and backflip, land onto the ledge.

Go through the passage you had to deal with the ninja, then you reach the wall with the receptacles. Combine the two Eye Pieces and place it at receptacles, when it opens the wall run toward the faraway exit opening and finish the level.