Himalayan Mysteries - Part 1

Author: Titak


"About 2500 years ago a giant bolt of fire came falling down from the skies above...
Strange beings emerged from the wreckages.
Local inhabitants of this desolate mountain region came to worship these beings
as gods and and built shrines and temples to honor these beings. The Denboche cult was born."

"Lara Croft, daughter of Lord Hensingly Croft, was raised to be an aristocrat from birth. After attending finishing school at the age of 21, Lara's marriage into wealth had seemed insured, but on her way home from a skiing trip her chartered plane had crashed deep in the heart of the Himalayas. The only survivor, Lara learned how to depend on her wits to stay alive in hostile conditions a worldaway from her sheltered upbringing. Two weeks later when she walked into the village of Tokakeriby her experiences had had a profound effect on her..." (Titak)

Find savegames, pictures and walkthrough here: http://treditor.hu/english/himalayan_mysteries_part1_eng.htm


Part 1.

Shooting the boxes get the Ignition Key. Use it on the wall. The trapdoor has opened down. One of the boxes hide a Medipack below. Through the open trapdoor, get out of the airplane on the snowy rock. Jump onto the left-hand rock and find the Secret #1: the Golden Skull. Run up and jump on the rock from where you came and on the opposite ledge. Head to the right. Jump on the next ledge, and grabbing the gap get on the next rock. Meanwhile 2 snowballs try to flat Lara. Jump ahead and enter the cave. Find a Medipack and 2 wolves inside. In front of the cave entrance slide down the icy column, kill 3 wolves and through the frozen lake get to the large chasm. On its left side jump onto the opposite snowy ledge, and heading to the left jump on the next one. Run into the defence of the rock as 2 snowballs attack Lara. Notice the ladder above the other ledge. Get there and climb over it.

Take the junction to the left, and beside the wall climb up to the ladder on the ceiling. Climb along to the final part. Drop down and jump quickly on the ladder, which is on the icy wall. Climb down it. In the left-hand corner, in a cave find some Shotgun Ammo and a wolf. Get out and head left, jump over the small depression and jump back immediately while the rolling stone passes on. Climb up into the crawlspace. Climb down on its end and jumping on the other side find Secret #2: another Silver Skull. Get back to the climbable icy wall. Standing on its middle climb all the way up to the top, and jump back on the ledge. Jump to the right on the other ledge, then the smoother spot on the top of the icy wall. (The picture in the walkthrough will help you.)

Find yourself on an outer area where you can see 2 wooden houses in front of Lara, and another one to the right. Shoot the guard on the column, and also the fishes in the water. The Guard drops the Northern Shaft Key. Jump into the water and climb out on the small platform. Beneath this platform, swim into a small gap and get a Medi Pack. From the platform jump over to the house and kick in the door of the house on the other side. Shoot the boxes, one of them hides the Shotgun. Kill the armed man, and also the other 2 men on the other side, if you feel like. Swim to the left in the water and climb out in front of the house. Enter the house. Shooting the opposite crate find a Medi Pack. Kick in the left-hand door, head to the left before the fire and push the button on the wall. Now heading to the opposite direction climb down into the store-room. Collect the Silver Key from out of one of the boxes. Climb up back into the house, kill the armed man beside the fire and entering the other room get some Shotgun Shells.

Getting on the other side of the water open the door. Find an armed man and the Hypostyle Key. Swim back, kill the 2 armed men, one of them drops some Shotgun Ammo. Beside the house, to the right find a cave entrance. Climb down the ladders, and using the Key get back into the large cave you have seen earlier. Climb back the ladder, jump to the right on the ledge, and head to the left first. In the crawlspace crawl towards the ladder and stand up there. The falling snowball won’t flat Lara this way. Climbing up the ladder find Secret #3: a fresh Silver Skull. Now head outside, into the cave, and in the opposite direction climb down the ladder. Kill the armed man below and use your Key. The door opens. Pushing the button inside the TNT explodes which breaks in the ice. Jumping into the water swim on the next level.

Part 2.

Swim until you find yourself in a room with water. Climb out on a platform. Jump to the gap on the rock and shimmy to the left till you reach a crawlspace. On the other side slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left, and getting to the sloping spot climb up, jump back on the column. On the next area climb a ladder over onto the other side and after a short drop grab the gap on the wall. Shimmy to the left, climb up the ladder and you are higher in the cave. Jump on the other side, jump up and climb up on the sloping are to the left. After a somersault (+END) grab the edge of the sloping rock, and shimmying to the right climb up. Now run up and jump on the ladder, climb up. Make some monkey-swing, and after a short drop grab the gap of the rock. Shimmy to the right and find yourself outside.

2 wolves attack Lara. Kill them, and climb down into the crawlspace in the corner on the other side. Jumping up and down you can kill the armed man, patrolling on the ledge above. When I played he fell down from the ledge, so I could shoot him on the ground. Continue your way in the passage. Jump over the hole but jump back immediately as a rolling stone is coming in front of Lara. Run up and jump over the blade trap, then climb up the ladder. Heading to the left jump on the other side and get the Medi Pack. Jump back quickly for avoiding another stone. Jump back, into the direction you came and getting on kill the armed man and the dog. Notice that the armed men are fighting each other. The upshot of the battle is all the same for Lara because they all are her enemies. Take the junction to the right, shoot the wooden fence and jump over the chasm. Kill the armed men and enter the house.

Get some Flares and a Medi Pack from the crates, and push the button on the wall. Climbing down the ladder shoot the boxes, they hide the UZI and Ammo. Continue your way down in the passage. Get the Coin Piece #1 from the right-hand alcove. Climb up the ladder again. Behind the house a corpse of an UFO lies on the ground. Find some UZI Ammo here. Go to the right in front of the house, jump over the chasm, and kill the armed men. One of them drops Ammo. Getting to the right find another cave which entrance has been exploded, so Lara can get in. Get down on the left side, otherwise Lara will die in the blade trap. Head to the left in front of the large gate. Climb on the sloping area, jump back and pull the lever high on the wall. Now take the opposite direction before the gate. Grabbing the left-hand wall gap get on the storey, and pull the lever there also. Now the door has opened. In front of the opposite large gate head to the right, and jump over, into the passage. Jumping over the trap below get some Shotgun Ammo. Continue ypur way down the stairs, and get the Eye of Horus. Return into the large chamber, kill the armed man, climb down the ladder on the floor and kill another armed man there. Place your new goodie beside the door, to the right, and through the open door head down the stairs.

Jump into the water, and swim through the small gap. Find a Medi Pack in the left-hand corner. After a short swim get out of the water to the right. Notice the 2 crawlspaces there. Get through the left-hand crawlspace, and getting all the way to the left pull a lever. Get on, climb up the wall to the right, and behind the open door collect the Torch. Now head back in the small labyrinth till you find the moveable blocks. Meanwhile find some Shotgun Ammo at the skeleton. Donít push the blocks yet, but continue straight forward, and jumping over a depression light the Torch at the flame. Get back to the moveable blocks, and throw your Torch away, but notice the spot where it lies. The best way is throwing it next to the blade trap so it won't disturb you. Push in the right-hand block totally, head to the left, and push the first block out into the passage. Get back and push it as long as you can. Now pull once the other block, and getting around push it totally, into the gap. Push the one behind it also. Now jump on the sloping platforms, till you are on the storey. Climb up the ladders, and find Secret #4: the Silver Skull. Get back, and pull the last block out of its place, then getting around pull it away from the way.

Getting in notice 2 slopes. Get up but turn back in time as rolling stones are coming in front of you. In front of the door light the water above on both sides, and the door opens. You are in a room with fire-blowers now. You must get into the left-hand passage. Heading to the right jump around. Head to the right in the passage, pull the lever first, then head into the opposite direction. In front of the fire climb up into the crawlspace, climb down on the other side, get along the large, snowy cave, then climb up the ladder. Jumping back find yourself in a new cave. Get it through but take care of the rolling snowball in the end. Find Secret #5: a Silver Skull behind. Return to the room with fire-blowers, and enter the opposite door. Getting the Coin Piece #2 the right-hand door opens outside, in the room. Jump over the acid pool, run up the stairs, and taking care of the fire-blowers slowly get back into the large chamber. Kill the final 3 armed men and place the Pieces. Slide down the slope behind the open door, and the level finishes.

Walkthrough by OBig of TombRaider.hu

Translated by Petunia of TombRaider.hu