Level by Alexander Babicz w/Juttae (Xxenofex)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Installation note: There's no english.dat in the level download, but don't rename kinder.dat or the game will crash. This means that the pickups will be rendered in German, but that won't affect gameplay.

This delightful two-part level is so easy that a walkthrough isn't really necessary. The main reason I decided to write one is to bring everyone's attention to an enchanting work that many may have passed over because it was made ostensibly for kids.


Lara begins in a colorful storybook setting that has a beehive motif. Step forward through the entrance area (maybe it's a holding cell for misbehaving youngsters?). You won't get many opportunities to use your pistols here, so shoot the empty vase to your right on the way out for practice. The vase to your left, as you enter the lush room in the open air, contains some flares. Pick them up as the unseen birds chirp more loudly nearby. Turn around and splash across the puddle, and pull up into the disguised opening in the east wall. Step forward, vault up into the tunnel and follow to a small room. Vault up onto the short block and pick up the BA CARTOUCHE.

Reverse roll and return to the outside area. A giant bee has been alerted, but it stays out of range of your pistols and won't try to attack you. Go to the closed door in the north wall underneath the circling bee and use the cartouche in the receptacle next to it to open the door. Run through the giant honeycomb and down the stairs. Note the two closed doors ahead, then turn around and go back up the stairs. Turn left into the passage nearest the honeycomb entrance, bear right and continue forward into a brighter passage with a floor lever at the end. A flyby takes you back to the two closed doors you saw earlier. The door on the right opens, giving you access to a starfish artifact.

Reverse roll and enjoy the stunning scenery on the way to the open doorway. Vault up into the opening and run forward without jumping to land on the first pillar jutting out of the water in the next room. Take a standing jump forward to the next pillar, and you'll hear the door slam shut behind you. Angle Lara to the left and take a standing jump to the next pillar with the pedestal. Pick up the HAND OF SIRIUS (or is it Orion?), then sidestep to the other side of the pillar and take a standing jump to the final pillar. The other door then opens, so take a running jump into the doorway. (You can take a swim before leaving, if you like, but there are no pickups on the floor of the pool.)

Go down to the main floor level and take the first left. At the end of the passage is an opening you can pull up into. The passage straight ahead leads to a closed door, so turn left and follow the corridor until you emerge in an outside area. Jump across the creek and go forward to the central pillar. Find the ladder on the right side and climb up to the top. Use the monkey bars overhead to swing all the way over to a floor lever near the east wall next to the beehive design. Throw the lever, and a flyby will take you to a door opening in the north wall.

Slide back down to ground level and go over to the short green pillar in the NW corner. Climb up and take the large medi-pack, then hop down and use the ladder in the north wall to climb up into the opening. Run forward into the small room for SECRET #1 and pick up the honeycomb treat that shows up as shotgun ammo in your inventory. Reverse roll and hop back down to ground level, then turn left and vault up to the closed door in the east wall. Use your starfish artifact to open the door, then go inside to find a large room with water far below.

There's not much you can do except hold your nose and take a long dive down. Climb out onto the blocks against the west wall and pick up the BA CARTOUCHE you'll need later on. Then jump back into the water, swim over to the SE corner, climb out and use the green ladder to climb up and shift left to drop down onto a ledge in the east wall. Climb up into the opening above and follow the passage into a tubular tunnel filled with hardened honey. You'll emerge in an outdoor area over a swimming pool. Run over the edge onto the ledge below, and from here you can go either right or left or down into the water. Take your time and look around; it's a beautiful area.

When you've finished exploring, go over to the SE part of this area and locate a moveable block with a beehive design on the faces. Look to the north and see a similar design next to the pool. Pull the block away from the wall, then go around to the right side and push it onto the brown tile in front of the beehive design. The door behind you in the south wall opens, but don't go inside just yet. Pull up into the large octagonal opening in the west wall and turn right into the well-lit passageway. Locate the floor lever at the end and throw it. A flyby takes you through a disguised opening, also in the west wall, ending with a view of another starfish artifact. Climb up on the blocks to your right if you like, for a fun slide down into the pool. Then pull out and find that disguised opening in the west wall near the SW corner.

Pull up inside and slide down into the room below. Turn left and pull up into the opening there, then enter the next room and pick up the HAND OF ORION (or is it Sirius?). Return to the outside area and enter the open doorway in the south wall. You enter a room with alternating higher and lower tiles. Most of the lower tiles are phantoms which will drop you into the room below. Across the room you can see a closed door with a receptacle for your cartouche. However, before using it drop down through one of the phantom tiles into the room below. Crouch and shoot the small crate near the NE corner for some flares, the one in the middle of the room for a small medi-pack, and the one near the ladder in the SE corner for SECRET #2 and another honeycomb treat. The ramp in the SW corner just takes you back to the area where you started the level, so don't bother going in that direction.

Use the ladder to return to the open area above, and go over near the SW corner where you'll find the block in front of the cartouche receptacle. Hop onto it (because all the facing tiles are phantom tiles) and use your cartouche to open the nearby door. Run through another passage partially filled with hardened honey, and climb up the pole at the other end. Back flip into the room above, draw your pistols and shoot the box in the NW corner to open one of the doors in the east wall. Shoot the box in the SW corner to open the other door.

Go into the left doorway first and move the pushable block to the NE corner. The door to your left opens, so go inside and climb up onto the block for the EYE PIECE #1. Go back outside and through the doorway in the west wall, then make a hairpin turn to the left and enter through the other open doorway. Use your starfish artifact in the receptacle in the east wall to open the adjacent door. Go inside and locate EYE PIECE #2 in front of a closed door. Go back to the previous room with the pushblock and stand in front of the receptacle in the east wall. Combine the two eye pieces and use the artifact to open the iris door. Run inside the golden chamber and slide down the ramp at the end to be taken to your next adventure.


Turn around and you'll see that you're in the zoo. Note the receptacle for a starfish artifact in the east block next to the entrance portal, then enter a larger outdoor area whose entrance is flanked by a pair of Poseidon statues. Go around to the right side of the central building that looks like a Chinese pagoda, climb into the opening and step down into the shallow hole. The door to the tiger cage to the west opens, so go over there and enter that room. A flyby gives you a brief glimpse of what you need to do next. Admire the tigers as they cavort about inside their cage, but please don't feed them.

Locate the blue cube attached at an angle to the pedestal in the NE corner, and pull it once to the south. Go around and pull/push it to the blue tile toward the west to open a trap door in the SE corner. Go over there, jump down into the hole, pick up the flares in the dark corner and throw the floor lever in the opposite corner. The north door outside leading to the zebra exhibit opens, but let's not go there just yet. Instead, go back to the blue cube and continue pushing and pulling it until it comes to rest on the blue tile in the NW alcove. The door behind you and to your left opens, so enter a little courtyard.

Turn to your left and hop over the fence. Locate and throw the floor lever behind the square tree. A cut scene shows a door opening at the other side of the courtyard. Before leaving this area, hop or climb onto the nearby block, then turn to pull up into the branches of the tree. Step forward to pick up the crossbow arrows and the flares, and pause to enjoy the view. If you wish, you can run along the marble ledge and drop down from the far side to get you closer to the door you've just opened.

Hop over the little fence and turn left to enter a walkway overlooking the crocodile exhibit. Shoot the small box near the wall opening, which seems to get the crocs really agitated (although they can't get at you, and vice versa). Enter the opening in the east wall and you'll come to an outdoor swimming pool with a Little Mermaid motif. Run around the pool to the little courtyard on the other side. Go behind the block near the SE corner and shoot the door adjacent to it. Enter the small room and pick up the BA CARTOUCHE. A flyby shows the receptacle for it, in the monkey exhibit which we haven't visited yet.

Return to the pool and jump into the water. Locate the hole at the bottom and swim through the short tunnel. Pull out of the companion hole on the other side for SECRET #3 as you enter the penguin exhibit (still under construction). Shoot a panel in the north wall and go inside for the crossbow and some crossbow arrows. Then shoot a panel in the east wall and enter for some flares and a small medi-pack. Jump into the water hole and return to the Little Mermaid swimming pool. Pull out and leave through the same opening you used to get here. (You can use the blocks near the entrance to get up onto the walkway that goes over the pool, but there's nothing up there except a nice view.)

Go past the croc exhibit and turn right at the barred exhibit in the next room. The center gate opens upon your approach, so go inside, turn left and run past the square tree into an apparently empty (of animals, anyway) exhibit. Run forward and pick up TRIDENT #1 from the plinth on the rocks. A cut scene takes you to one of the Poseidon statues near the main entrance, where you'll need to take the trident later. You can climb the rocks if you need the exercise, but there are no pickups to be found there. You can also pause to admire the tigers again through the hole in the east wall. (And don't you even think of shooting those defenseless creatures from your position of safety.)

Leave this area, go back through the courtyard and through the open doorway to the east, into the tiger exhibit. Return to the main entrance and finally enter the zebra exhibit to the north, whose door you opened much earlier (or so it seems). Go past the red cube near the entrance to your left (we'll come back for it later) and hop over the fence to your right into an exhibit of petrified zebras. Locate the opening in the east wall near the SE corner and climb inside to note the closed door and the receptacle for a starfish artifact (all for later). Then hop back down and go to the NE corner. Shoot the door and enter the alcove for SECRET #4 and some flares. Turn left and shoot the next door if you wish, although you don't have to.

Hop back over the fence, turn left and return to the red cube attached at an angle to the pedestal. Pull it across the corridor onto the red tile, and the door at the north end of the corridor opens. Go there, shoot the wooden container near the entrance for the fun of it, go through a little courtyard and past the next exhibit occupied by (I guess) a male water buffalo, and shoot the door to your left at the end. Keep those pistols out and shoot three more doors as you make your way through the passage. Step out at the end into a small enclosed exhibit. Climb up to the floor lever and throw it. A cut scene shows the door opening to the monkey exhibit.

Go back through the passage, past the water buffalo (you can wake it up if you like, but refrain from teasing it), past the petrified zebras and into the main entrance. Enter the monkey exhibit through the east opening. It looks at first like the zebra exhibit, except that there are no fences. Go inside, run up the rocks in the SW corner and enter the opening you'll find there for SECRET #5. Run down into the next room and pick up the flares in one corner. Go back outside and return to ground level. (Don't pull out your pistols here and start shooting things, because you'll target the monkeys. They won't try to bother you unless you inadvertently shoot at one, which will enrage it and cause it to attack you without letup until you put it out of its misery.)

Go to the NE corner of the exhibit and locate the opening in the tree that you saw earlier in the flyby. Climb inside and use the cartouche in the receptacle. The adjacent door opens, so go inside and pick up the STAR OF ORION (or whatever). A flyby takes you back to that closed door in the petrified zebra exhibit, so let's go back there now. Leave the monkey exhibit and return to the main hub room at the entrance. Go to the petrified zebra exhibit through the north opening and make your way back to the wall opening near the SE corner. Use your starfish artifact in the receptacle to open the door to your right. Hop down into the next room, climb up onto the block to claim another starfish artifact, whereupon a flyby takes you to that receptacle that you noticed when you began this second installment.

Exit the petrified zebra exhibit, turn left and return to the main hub room, run around the Chinese pagoda and through the south opening, and locate the receptacle in the block around to your left. Insert the starfish artifact and the door behind you will open. Go inside and note the green cube attached at an angle to the pedestal to your left. Pull it into the passageway, then push it south until it comes to rest on the green tile. The door at the end of the cross passage to your left opens, so go through into the next room. Climb up onto the central structure and pick up TRIDENT #2. A flyby carries your view back to the other Poseidon statute.

Return to the main hub entrance and place your two tridents in their proper position on the Poseidon statues. A long flyby takes you through much of the zoo, making you wonder what immense task is coming up next for you, but then it comes full circle and returns to you as the level ends.