Level by Yoshi

Walkthrough by Cher aka Momster


A few notes about this walkthrough:

*WARNING*: This level is not for the faint of heart, it has in my opinion, a very high degree of difficulty, I have tried to give savegames in places I think people will need them.

I also, have not gotten all the secrets and have in fact had to use one save game given by bERT for a particularly nasty, difficult jump which I found impossible the first 2 times I played this level and which I'll use again for the 3rd time as I re-play to write this walkthrough.

Good luck and peace be with you.


Begin by sliding down, find a slight hump with which you can pull up to an upper level. In a corner, jump over an edge, backflip onto a slope and grab and pull up into a crawlspace. Push the floor lever and you get a cut scene of a door opening somewhere else. Back down in the corner, hop out and find a climbable surface which is suspended over the drop to the lower level. Jump and grab, climb up to push another floor lever, you値l see a grated door open over red lava water. Climb back down and drop to the lower level and find the left side of a slope as you face west. You see fire burning on the other side but jump over the slope, curving to the left and you値l land safely. Run and jump to a block you see to the right and much lower. Hop over to another block, walk to the edge and look down, this is a good time to save game as you need to run off this block and land on the slope below, jump with grab into the opening. But be ready to backflip as a boulder crashes towards you, jump back into the opening after the boulder has passed. Remember to keep the action button pressed as you backflip and jump off the slope back into the opening or Lara will bump into the wall and drown a fiery death.

At the end of the passage, go left and enter a room with fires burning and a boulder suspended from the ceiling. Additionally, the tile behind the boulder is spiked. Another good place to save game, as you need to jump past that tile to the tile where the button is. When you push the button, another boulder drops. You have just enough time to push the button, turning on an angle AS you are pushing and sideflip to safety. You may have to try this a couple of times to get the right angle. If you try to backflip, you get spiked and the first boulder will drop on Lara. Hop back up into the doorway and go straight to jump into a water passage.

After swimming through the passage and pulling out of the water, as you head through the doorway you are beset upon by one very nasty creature, dispose of him and head North to find a room with a shallow pool in the center and another room on the right which is blocked from entering, you値l come back here later. There is also a long shimmy crack which will be used from the other side later. For now, head to the Southwest corner and find a doorway.

You are overlooking another lava lake, straight ahead of you is a shimmy crack, ignor that for now. Instead, you are going to jump down to the slope and jump/grab a lower shimmy crack. Shimmy left, stop and pickup some normal crossbow ammo and continue the shimmy. At the end, Lara will revert to climb mode as you end at a ladder surface. After Lara puts her feet on the ladder, move to the extreme right of the ladder and backflip onto a slope, immediately press jump and grab another ladder ahead, or else Lara will get spiked. save game here Not done yet because now behind Lara is that slope leading to the spikes so you need to get almost to the top of the ladder and backflip over that slope to land safely. There痴 a door you opened earlier, so go through there. If you crawl to the right, you値l find an inaccessible medipack which is a secret you値l access later through that transparent blocked off room you saw earlier. For now, crawl to an opening in the floor left, side.

Just when you thought things would quiet down (NOT), back into the hole and shimmy left, you are at a 4 way crossroads and boulders will come crashing from all 4 paths. Drop down, immediately step forward, turn right against the wall and jump as if to grab the crack, the boulder coming at you should pass under Lara but don稚 relax yet as it痴 going to roll back so turn back left and run/jump over the deadly spike tile to safety. Here is a save game for anyone who cannot manage this bit. As you stand at the crossroads, on the South wall is a door through which you値l see the part of the Portal Guardian and you値l be finding that later. The West wall is a doorway to continue but first we need to get to a closed doorway on the East to pull a jump switch to de-activate some spikes in another area, use the shimmy cracks to maneuver your way around. Now make your way back to the door on the West wall.

As you pull up into a new room, on the right, notice a white vase high on a ledge. Go around to the other side, draw pistols, face the slope and jump onto it, backflipping while firing to shoot the vase. The 2 vases on ground level contain nothing and do nothing. Go into the next room, jumping over the depression in the floor which is spiked and push the button, a door to the left opens and these are the spikes you de-activated earlier with the jumpswitch, so jump to the ladder and climb down.

Now you have a water aqueduct area and if you turn around after entering, you値l see a gem which you cannot access at this time. There is also a closed door on the West side of the room and a mummy wandering around too. As you look at the closed door, to the right is a depression in the aqueduct you can use to swim through to another area. You値l be greeted by a crocodile, so turn back and swim back into the aqueduct room, leave the water and shoot it. Go back through the passage and leisurely pick up the Medi Pack lying at the bottom and swim up and get out of the pool.

You値l be in a room with some deadly tiles and an artefact on a pedestal. No time to gawk though as you are beset upon by a sprite. Run through a long passage, past two openings and in a large room with a pole, turn into the right hand door to find the cross. Now you are free to explore. Back at the water room, there are two vases high up. We need to find several items, including a crowbar, laser site and crossbow. Go on and climb the pole and find a greenish angled opening, crawl through and down and pick up the Hathor Effigy and some Widescreen Shotgun Ammo. You値l notice another closed door here which you値l open much later. Return down the pole and go into the doorway, opposite the one with the cross, on the North side of the room, up the stairs to the left is a closed door, needing that gem in the aqueduct. Go up the right side stairs, turn left and enter a huge new room, the door closes behind you.

There is nothing to be done on the upper level of this room right now so climb down a ladder, just as you enter the area. Here there is another closed door, go into an adjoining room and climb up another ladder. You値l be on a ledge with two slopes under a monkey swing, a spike tile to the right and a closed door. You must side jump onto the first slope to catch the monkey swing, swing over the the far side of the second slope, face out towards the ladder, drop and jump with a left curve to land. Now (yep, you guess it) you must do a 澱anana type jump around that wall and clear the deadly spike tile. This is not as difficult as it seems, there are more difficult jumps in this level. How I did it: Put Lara up flush with the wall, move her to the extreme right edge. Step backwards TWO times and then hop backwards once. You may want to save your game now. This will probably take several times but you can do it! As I write this walkthrough, it took me three tries. Once you致e managed the jump, save your game again. There痴 a jumpswitch (you guessed it) behind the spike tile. You must backflip onto the slope behind the spike tile, jump and catch the jumpswitch. This does NOT de-activate the spikes so make sure after pulling the switch, you jump over with a curve to the left to catch the slope below and backflip off to clear the spikes below that slope. For those who need it, here is a save game after the jump switch is pulled. Piece of cake eh? (LOL) Now you have to do it all over again to go into the door you致e just opened and push the floor lever.

You致e now flooded this area so jump into the water, swim into the other room and find an underwater lever, which opens a door there, where you値l find another floor lever, return to the upper level now. You値l now find a block has raised, enabling you to jump to the central structure, down in the opening you値l find the crowbar, use it on the black door and climb out. Jump to the sloped surface and drop down. Now you have to execute a nasty little jump to get you out of this area. Head back to the raised block and up to the upper ledge once again, head over towards the side that has a white vase on it. Go all the way around the back of the central structure until you come to a wall. You need to jump around this wall with a curve right to grab the other side, like the jump you had to do earlier around the wall and spike tile, but this time you are landing on a slope that you need to grab and shimmy right to the flat spot. It would be a good idea to save your game here. Go through the crawl space and right to push the wall button, which opens the trapdoor above the raised block. Climb up through the trap door, climb down a ladder and head back to the central room with the pole.

Now head for the hallway to the west and use your crowbar on the black door. You致e got another couple of nasty jumps ahead again so save your game. First, with your back to the opening, drop/slide and hang, drop again and you値l be hanging at the top of a ladder. This is where it gets a little difficult because you have a fixed camera but behind Lara as she痴 on the ladder is a ledge she needs to get to but with a partial pillar in the way. After the second slide/drop to grab the ladder, move her over left one position. Pull up onto the slope and back flip with a roll/grab to the ledge. Now you are faced with another nasty jump, you see a deadly tile (spikes) on the left and an opening over to the right. You guess it, have to get to the opening. The best advice I can offer is Lara痴 feet have to leave as late as possible, and of course it痴 a curve/grab. Here痴 a save game after the jump for those who need it. Now turn around and grab the monkey swing and head across to an opening above the spike tile. Be careful of when you drop/grab the edge, or you値l incur damage from the spikes.

Crawl under the overhanging rocks and be presented with a cut scene of one of the most difficult parts of this level. You know what you have to do, run jump to the first ledge and quickly to the next, you have very little time before the first one collapses. Not much more time to set up a jump to the third ledge and across to safety. NOT - 2 boulders will now roll down and crush Lara, drop/hang from the ledge until they funnel down into the lava lake. Here is a save game for those unable to make this difficult part.

Head up the ramp to the right and you find yourself in a room with 3 closed doors and seemingly no place to go. Go back out and to the ramp where the boulders fell off into the lava lake. Drop/hang from here and look left. See that opening down there? Yep, you guess it, you have to get down there. Lara needs to be standing with her back to the lava lake in that depression between the ledges. Save your game, angle a little left and side flip, pressing the forward key to catch the corner of the ledge down below. screenshot here and save game here.

Now we get a little break from the action with a moving block puzzle. On the left behind a blue glass is a lever we need to get to. Further into the room, find a block to pull out and maneuver into the starting room and out of the way. Go into the new opening you致e created and around to the right side and find another block, pull it out twice. Go back out into the hall and around to the left and pick up some poison crossbow ammo and push a wall button. You can go back now and push the floor lever behind the blue glass, you see a cut scene of a floor tile dropping and a door opening high above it. Back into the hall way and all the way left, there are 2 more moveable blocks. Pull the right one back 3 times, revealing a ladder and, go back into the first opening you made, turn right and push the block you壇 pulled previously to uncover the wall button twice to open the hallway again. Then come up behind the last block you pulled out to reveal the ladder and push it as far as you can. Now you can pull the second block by the ladder back to pick up some shotgun ammo. Climb the ladder and find yourself back in the room with 3 doors which are now open, go through and drop down, finding yourself back in the hallway with the black door you opened with your crowbar. Also, here is the tile that dropped down, revealing a new hallway.

You must slide down a slope and jump/grab the monkey swing over the spikes and over to grab the ladder. Go to the right side ledge and jump/grab the ladder and climb down. There痴 a mummy wandering around here. At one end of the long hallway, there is a crawl space where you値l find the laser site and another mummy. Back up the ladder and jump across to the other side.

Around the left side, push a wall button and you get a cut scene of a block pulling out of the wall. This is the opening off the long hallway where the black crowbar door is. Go down the ramp and end up back in the aqueduct area. Swim using the indentation to emerge in the room with the artefact on the pedestal you still cannot take. Down the hall past the black crowbar door to the block that痴 appeared. Up on the block, pull up to a higher level and drop down into another hole. Find a pool of water in a corner, dive in over the fires and swim to pick up the golden stone.

Again swim through the aqueduct, down the hallway to the room with the pole, into the doorway on the left and left up the stairs to use your gem.

Standing in the now open door, there are right and left nooks, a slope leading to a pool of lava water and of course a boulder waiting to happen. First you need to jump into the nook on the left side to get the crossbow at long last. I believe there are several ways to proceed. I looked across the slope, ahead is a deadly area, a little to the left, a higher opening. As I did a standing reach/jump for that opening, the boulder came down and although I missed the jump, the boulder rolled past me. You are now free to jump across the lava but there痴 no need as it is where you use the portal guardian and you have yet to get the second piece. Instead, go out towards the lava lake, to the right is a climbable wall to jump to, move right and up and backflip into the nook. Jump across to the opposite side, follow the path and drop down to where you used the gem. Now you are ready to shoot the vases above the spike trap/pillar area.

Shoot the vases, although this does not de-active the spikes, you値l get that artefact another way. What this does do, is open the door at the crawl through in the room at the top of the pole.

Now you are faced with along slide with fire burning at the end which you need to jump over, this make take a couple of tries so save your game.

Turn left at the first opening and shoot a baddie, follow along to the end and you can pull up to a ledge. Drop down the other side and pick up the other half of the portal guardian. Return down the hallway, if you go to the second opening on the left, you値l find a ladder leading up to a place where you need a star, which you have yet to get. Keep this area in mind. The third opening on the left, takes you back to the aqueduct area. Now you are ready to use your Portal Guardian. You should know the way by now. Thru the aqueduct, down the hallway to the pole room, into the left door and left up the stairs.

Now you have to find the trap door you opened. Go into the hall next to the black crowbar door one, where a block slid out, it is up there. Pull up into the opening and have a look over the edges. This is how you値l get the Pharoh痴 Knot behind the area. Drop down and take the Knot and you see a door opening up at the top of the pole climb. Head to that area.


You致e moved into the Castle part of the level, you値l return to Under later after you致e done some things.

Facing the West, you must jump over to a ledge on the left. In the Southwest corner there is a ledge which you can稚 see that has a jumpswitch on it, which opens the door in the South wall.

Jump to the slope ahead, slide and hang. Shimmy over left, save game. *hint to save game while hanging, press the F5 key.* Pull up, back flip/roll to catch the slope behind, as you start your slide, jump with a curve to the right to jump off another slope and grab the ledge. This will undoubtedly take you several tries. Save game here Now you have to get back up to the ledge, as Lara sloshes through the water, approaching the ladder, there is one spot where she値l run/jump to grab. It痴 tricky though and you just have to keep trying, hold down the action key as you approach the ladder. Back up on the ledge, now another very difficult jump onto the slope to grab the monkey swing. This one takes me more tries than I can remember. save game Use your crowbar to take the star, drop into the water, get back up the ladder and return to 填nder

Under (Part II)

Crawl back through the space in the pole room and back through the door. You need to do that long slide and jump over the fire again. Remember the 2nd hallway on the left? Go up and place the star. Push the floor lever above, a slight earthquake occurs, go through the door which opens. You are now back above the glass enclosed room nearly at the beginning. Jump over to the ledges above the room, across the room on the opposite ledge are is a broken column and some broken fragments. Pull out a block on the left side of the room, pull it as far as the broken column. Jump back to the center ledges and back over to the other side of the block you pulled out, push the wall button, opening the door on the other side of the ledge. Save your game. Through that door, run/jump to grab the monkey swing, when you approach the end, Lara will drop and start to slide. Jump off the end and onto the ledge, there are spikes below. Go to the left, there痴 a closed door, left again, climb up. For now, ignor the slopes to the left and directly in front of you. You must run/jump to catch the slope in the far corner and into an opening across from the slope. Push the button, to get out, stand in the center of the door, turn left and bounce off the slope, left into the door. Go into the opened door and take the Pharoh痴 Pillar. Hang/drop down to ground level. Ahead, the transparent door to the Bar is now open. Note the orange vase behind another transparent wall. We need to break this, to do that, we must return to the very beginning of the level. Go out the door, through the room, down the hallway and turn left, pull up into a space and down the other side. Recognize this place? It痴 where you began.

Drop down to the ground floor, over the slope and fire on the left to land on the safe block. Again, run/jump to land on the lower block to the right. This time jump and grab the climbable surface and go up, turn to the right and look up and ahead, see the vase? Combine crossbow and laser site and shoot the vase. Turn back to the left, hop up and walk carefully left and jump over to the flat spot where there痴 a torch burning. Make sure you don稚 hit one of the slopes which will plummet you into the lava lake. Climb up a little and continue left to an opening, pull up into that, and just follow your nose all the way to a hole, crawl back and hang/drop to find yourself at the beginning once again. Pass back through the opening in the wall and head for the Bar room. The door opposite the vase is now open, shoot the white vase up on the left to get the spikes moving, time a jump up and past, go in and get a secret, a large medi. Now it痴 time to return to the 鼎astle, head for the opening in the Southwest corner of the large room with the pool in the center, remember where we did the monkey swing over the lava lake? This time though, grab the monkey swing up and ahead of Lara. Shimmy all the way right, pull up and hop up the slope to find yourself above the room with the pool, go right to the door you entered from, where you used your star. Go down the ladder and back to the last opening in the hall to drop back down to the aqueduct, swim through for the last time and back up into the pole room.

The Castle (Part II)

Unfortunately now, my walkthrough becomes somewhat tainted, as this is where I致e had to download bERT痴 save game. What is supposed to happen is jump to the ledge overlooking the monkey swing area again. Turn back facing the large pool and jump over the slope on the right to catch the edge of the waterfall. screenshot and save game Because of this save game, a couple of subsequent things are already done, a lever has been pulled, a door opened and a pickup made. You may also want to separate your laser site from the crossbow, save and then use the save game editor to add some medi packs since you only start after bERT痴 save game with one.

[as Lara痴 Home has ceased to exist, Scottie has kindly provided a video for this jump here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loqg-cBKU3g and you can download a savegame from here ]

Starting from the save game, you are standing at the top of the waterfall after the jump. Pull up onto the side of the block ahead and to the right. Now a tricky little jump around the pillar to grab the edge to the left, shimmy to the right and carefully stand up and turn around. Jump to grab the monkey swing and swing over to the other side, drop down and pick up the Gate Key. Save and now curve a jump left around that pillar to land on top of the waterfall again and head to behind the waterfall, swimming until you find a place to pull up. Draw your pistols and prepare for another one of those nasty creatures with the long, poisonous fingernails. The 3 times I played this, I致e found literally no way to avoid being poisoned, best thing is to just plug away, watching your health, use a medi and continue. If you aren稚 careful, you could potentially use a goodly number of medis here. Use your gate key and pick up another
Golden Stone you see a rope appear, go back out to the top of the waterfall. Dive into the water, you値l see an open door if you致e used bERT痴 save game and what needed to be done here has already been done. Climb the ladder back to the ledge.

Jump and grab the rope. You値l see an opening in the corner which, if you are, once again, using bERT痴 save game you can ignore. Swing to either the East or West direction and grab the edge of the upper level. Have a look around, you see a place to use 2 golden stones but you only have one. Find an opening in one of the corners and enter, there is your other golden gem but careful, it痴 guarded by a spike trap! There are 3 closed doors so look around for a place to use your Pharoh痴 Pillar and 2 of the doors open.

Pass through the big room with 2 fountains and up a ramp. If you go left, you see 2 closed trap doors, one in the floor and one in the ceiling, instead go right. In another Bar room, shoot a white vase to drop a block to the right in the floor. Pick up some Normal Crossbow Ammo and in an opening find a jump switch. This opens the floor trapdoor in the previous hallway. Climb the ladder and go to the end and push the wall switch, go back up the ladder to find the trap door above is now open.

Go up that ladder and a baddie will attack, kill him and use your crowbar on the black door. Have a look around, in order to jump to that transparent blue block you see, some other doors need to be opened so, leave and continue to look around. Continuing on you come to a ramp with another crowbar door and another baddie, dispose of him and open the door. Go to the right side of the room and onto the block. Save your game. Most of the floor from here burns, jump up to grab the monkey swing and face the mirror, you can see where you have to go. Considering the difficulty of this level, this is surprisingly easy. Get another key and monkey swing back to the block and leave the room. From the door, go left to some crates, pull one of them away from the wall to reveal a crawl space. Crawl through and back down the ladder carefully. If you let go, Lara will slide into some spikes, back flip into the yard.

Shoot the black box on the far right, all of them if it makes you feel better. In the corner, hop up to the ledge, a guy will start shooting at you, get rid of him. Use your new key on the gate and approach the closed door, it will open.

Enter The Castle. High on the left you see a jump switch you cannot reach, we値l get to that. Go up the stairs and to the right. The wooden door opens as you approach. Here there are 2 more wooden door, go into the bathroom and pull a jump switch. Notice the star in the tub. Go into the library you just opened, between the bookshelves to the right and push the wall lever, notice further along on this wall, another closed door. You致e just drained the pool, so go take your Golden Star. The other door opens as you approach, go through to the bedroom. Notice the crawl space behind the fireplace? We need to shut that fire off. Pull the jump switch behind the potted plant and you see the black door in the entrance hall open. I didn稚 find anything up the stairs on the left other than a guard to kill. Return to the main hall and through the black door that opened. In the bedroom is a very hard to spot jump switch by the window, this turns off the fireplace so go back there and crawl through to a floor lever. Now the door hidden behind the bookshelves is open.

This is a pain because of the fixed camera, go through the door, and find yourself on the balcony where you can get that high jump switch. Before you do that, from the door, turn right and find a crawl space behind the potted plant, crawl through to find swinging spiked sandbags. Save your game. The first jump, from, the right side, back up all the way and run/jump with action, you値l take a little damage. Step back to the rear edge and time a run/jump to the next ledge. Now, turn to the wall on the left and you have to do a run/jump curve to the right to land at the end. Crawl through and get the Uzis. From where you pick up the Uzis, look across to the blue window, there痴 the shotgun, a secret. To get it, jump around the pillar on the left, another tough jump, then across to pick it up. I was able to get around the pillar and get the shotgun but never could get back to safety to continue so I gave it up. Make your way back across the ledges with the sandbags and head for the jump switch now. A door opens back where that transparent blue block is, head out of the great hall, over the slope and left of the spike trap, to pull up overlooking the golden stone area, hop over to the ledge on the left and drop down to the ground. Go back into one of the doors, up the ramp and to the room with the trap door leading up to the blue block level.

[Scottie has provided a savegame after the jump to the shotgun that you can download from here - you can get back from there the same way you get there, ie with a banana jump around the pillar]

As you enter the door, looking at the blue block, turn around and look up to see the door you just opened, pull up into the opening. Follow the passage to the right, from the balcony, look across the way and shoot the white vase which opens the large door below. Go back down and through the black door and to the right to find the double doors you致e opened. First look left, you want to get to the ledge there, stand on the column support and run/jump/grab. Ignore the crawl space, that痴 where the white vase you shot was. Jump over to the sloped ramp and pick up some uzi ammo, return to the double door ramp. Use the column support again to jump to the blue block.

Climb up the ladder and push a floor lever, watch the cut scene, the door in the black boxes area opens, so return there. That was a right turn out of the double door, to the crate area and crawl space, remember the spikes ! As you enter, you see deadly spike tiles and 2 moving lasers. Save your game. Stand over to the left of the opening, the backs of Lara痴 feet on the edge of the 1st step. Swan dive over the first laser. Then by using the look button, move over to the right, not too close to the spike tiles in front and not too close to the laser behind, angle towards the right and do another swan dive. Place the star and see the door open down by the golden star block, head back and push the wall switch there. Now the spikes are de-activated, take your Golden Star and head back to where you jumped up with the rope and place the two stars.

Pull up into the open door and go through this cave area to another outdoor area. Here we have a confusing little switch puzzle. Let痴 see if I can get this right. First, find a pile of rocks, at the top is a secret. Lara can jump the first corner where 2 slopes meet, if you put her facing the corner of the inside angle, jump back once and jump forward, she should just catch it right. Next, walk (using the control button) slowly at an angle as far as possible, then hop up to another corner angle 1 square up, then pick up the cross bow ammo.

Now find a crate in the corner of the same wall the doors are on, pull it out. Go in the room and push the lever. Use the monkey swing to return over the fires. The next door has opened, go in and push that floor lever and pull the crate back one space. Go back to the first room and use the monkey swing to get back to the switch and push it back to the original position, monkey swing back. Go to the 3rd door you opened with the 2nd lever and find your way to a jump switch which causes a slight earthquake. Go outside and climb the rocks again where you got the secret but on the other side of the pile. A piece of the fence around the upper structure has broken, enabling you to jump over. In the center of the structure, push a wall switch, opening the door in the jump switch room. Enter the opening, stand on the extreme right side and save your game, as you slide down, the new level loads, be ready to jump to the right after the load to pick up a secret, another Uzi. You致e just entered the Cave.

The Cave

Cross the bridge, jump ahead on the grate, which will collapse sending you sliding down to plummet into a lake. Emerging from the water, you値l be able to climb to a higher level, you can see a wall lever but can稚 get to it. Jump back into the water and find a swim through opening, emerge in another cave and find a crawl space, step to the right side and pull up onto a block, and then another one, crawl ahead and then right to find some shotgun ammo.

Crawl back out and continue, heading south from the doorway and follow the passage around to the end. Turn and crawl out of the passage to stand on a block, and receive a fly by of this extensive area. Directly ahead is a ladder, all this ladder is for is to get to the gray block on the right OR to get up in the event you fall into the water during some of the many difficult jumps you are about to perform.

From the corner of the gray block, ahead, you see a sandy coloured slope. You must run/jump and roll in mid-air to land facing the gray wall, slide and grab the shimmy crack, shimmy right and into an opening. At the end of this passage you are faced with yet another ladder across the way, this one has an opening at the top but leads nowhere at all. Instead, look down to the right, see that ledge behind the gold wall with the waterfall next to it? Yep, that痴 where you need to jump.

Use the link at the beginning of this walkthrough for a screenshot and a savegame at this point, if needed.

Now you are faced with yet another difficult jump. You must make it over the fire to catch the slope beyond, jump to another slope and slide/jump with a curve to the left to bounce and back flip into an opening. This will also take you several tries. Once you致e landed in the opening, run and jump across and into the opening ahead.

Crouch down and enter a crawl space, crawl to the right and you are in a room with some fires burning and a sloped block in the center. Go behind the block and facing the fires, stand between the 1st and 2nd fire, jump to grab the sandy coloured slope, shimmy right and between the 2nd and 3rd fires, back flip onto the sloped block and jump to grab the ledge. Although these tiles look deadly, they are not, so pull up to stand and draw pistols to shoot back at the baddie firing at you. Pull a switch and a door somewhere opens, shoot the vases and pick up some shotgun ammo. Crawl through once again to the right and drop down and level, go left and shoot another baddie, grab the Pharos Pillar.

Climb down into a hole in the floor, down again until you come to a room with a river running through it, a closed grated door and an opening to the left. Don稚 fall in the water because there痴 no getting out of it so you may want to save your game. Hop into the opening on the left, follow the path to the right, at the end is a closed grated door so climb up the wall. Go through a passage to a large room, there is a closed trap door and in one of the corners, and there痴 an opening, pull the switch up there and go back and drop through the trap door and pick up some revolver ammo. Head East around the corner and you encounter a bunch of mummies in cells. As Lara heads down the passage, the cells open up and they all attack, once you get control of Lara back, turn around and go to the last cell on the right (first on the left when you enter) and in a hole in the ceiling is a jump switch. Go back up the trap door and out the opening in the corner down the ladder and the grated door is now opened. Go into the room and find a moveable block, pull it back twice, revealing a place to use your Pharoh痴 Pillar, this opens the door across the water where you landed after the jump over the fire. Make your way back there by jumping back over the water, remember to save your game first, then climb the ladder back up. Just follow your nose all the way back, up another ladder and crawl straight through the crawl space.

It appears as though there is a switch at the end of the opening but as Lara approaches the back, the floor falls out from under her. SAVE your game here and carefully walk her to the edge of the first grated tile, turn around, hop back and grab as the grates drop, drop and grab and pick up the Uzi clips. Now drop down and start sliding, when Lara gets to the second slide, do a roll so she is sliding backwards. Upon landing, immediately side flip left and pull a lever, a spike wall is coming at you so back flip/jump/roll and sprint across to the 2nd switch, turn left and do the 3rd, run right into the door. Make sure you are at full health because I致e not been able to do this without incurring some damage. There is a medi as you slide down but I didn稚 even try to get it.

Climb the pole and have a look around, there are 2 moveable blocks, one needs to go on a patterned tile and the other needs to be pushed all the way into an opening. Unfortunately, you are faced with jumps over slopes to accomplish this and once you jump back you can稚 see around the area so it痴 pretty much hit or miss. First back flip off the pole to the East wall behind the slope and ladder. Hop onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder, avoiding the spike trap at the bottom, flip the switch. The best advice I can give you is get high on the pole and back flip over the flat portions. You may want to save your game and practice the height. When the blocks are placed, the trap door aboe opens. Hop onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder again and climb up.

You are back by the river again so hop back into the room and the grated door there is now open. Enter a new area and watch the fly by. First of all, there痴 a shotgun up on that bridge, since I didn稚 get the one in 鼎astle, I want to grab this one. After the fly by, if you go right, there are some rocks you can reach the upper rocks by. There痴 a key sitting on a deadly spike tile, so you can稚 go that way yet. Also notice the pink patterned block. Jump into the water and find a passage to swim through, back and to the right under a hanging block is another swim through, then down and under the sandy portion to the left. You are in a huge underwater cavern with a sunken temple, swim to the right side and stay along the wall, all the way back and fight the current to find another swim through space where you can get out. Oh, almost forgot to mention the sharks. (lol)

This bit is timed. Hop up on the block, back flip onto the slope behind Lara and jump to grab the ladder, turn and jump to the block across before a cage comes up to block the door. Pull a switch and you see a trap door opening under water. Swim back under the sandy ledge, right and then left through the space and left and back to the opening. You get out of the water to a smashing blocks room, you know what to do here.

Once you get past the smashing blocks, don稚 be in a hurry to jump up on that ledge. Have a look first, another nasty bit here. This is a slope dumping into another lava lake. You see two monkey swings but they are hard to catch. You have to try and hop far enough to one side or the other to catch it. For anyone needing one, here is a save game. Pull the switch and monkey swing back, drop onto the wooden surface, do a running swan dive through the door and back through the smashing blocks. Jump back into the water, don稚 forget the sharks, you can swim up to the temple now and take the serpent stone. An earthquake occurs, go back to the rocks now.

Where the pink patterned tile was, there痴 now another block, hop onto it, grab the edge of the rock above, shimmy a little right and stand up. Now you can go on the bridge and grab your shotgun. Good thing too because a huge blue bird is coming after you so take care of him. Now head over to where that key is in the spikes, stand on the block before the spike block in the left corner. Run/jump and grab the block sticking out ahead and to the left, pull up and slide down. To the right is a moveable block, pull it out, climb up onto the base of the column and jump over into the opening you created. Pull a switch and push the block out another square. Make your way back to the key and pick it up. Jump back to the block leading to the temple and use the key which opens the door between the two statues, pull the switch. A trap door opens on the other side, up a ladder.

When you reach the room at the top, watch the flyby. This is another really tough task. Here痴 how I did it. Save your game, I stood on the left side, facing the medi you see. On the other side there are 2 boulders ready to roll, you need to avoid both of them and the fire blower. Aim first for the sandy bit, do a running jump when the fire stops blowing, making sure that Lara痴 feet leave at the very last possible moment to land across. When you land, the boulder will drop, run quickly right to the patterned tile to allow it to pass but now the other boulder is coming across that tile so jump back to let it pass. Of course you have to do all this and avoid the fire too. Wait for the fire to go out again and pick up the small medi. Head up where there痴 a closed door so go to the right, I never even attempted to get the flares.

In the next room, drop into another passage, you come to a wall lever, this is the one you saw far above you when you first entered the level. The door back in the previous room is opened, go back there and left and you are faced with yet another (and I think the last) nasty jump. See the ledge around the corner to the right? Yep, that痴 it. Once you make the jump, kill a baddie and on the other side of the walkway, crawl under a rock, left to find the switch that opens the other door in the boulder, fire area you jumped to.

Go down some steps, *key dramatic music* a demigod attacks. Eliminate him and climb the stairs, there is another demigod waiting at the top, I was able to stand on the second last step and plug away at him with no health damage to Lara at all. Climb the last step and to the right is a ladder. Save your game and climb up. When you reach the top you will be attacked by another one of those disgusting creatures with the poisonous fingernails. This is tricky because he tries to knock you off the high ledges. Once you致e successfully dealt with this guy, you are free to pick up the revolver. On the far side of the ladder side ledge, there痴 also an Uzi and 2 sets of clips to grab. Now cross over to the other side, drop/hang from the center ledge and shimmy left to find a hang lever, pull it and slide down, the door are now opened.

As you enter the big hall, the door close behind you, at the back, behind a fire/spike trap around a pedestal is a lever to pull. Save your game first because all h*ll breaks loose now, Seth appears screaming at you flying around and firing his fire bolts and another demigod attacks. When you kill the demigod, he drops another serpent stone and another demigod appears. When you have disposed of 3 demigods and collected 3 more serpent stones, you must place them, all the time avoiding Seth. Piece of cake eh? After placing the stones, you can pick up the Amulet of Horus and escape through the opened door in the North West corner and end the adventure.