Lara's House in the Mountains

By Alex Nierlein

This walkthrough is meant as a general guide only. It may not include every pickup or secret. There may also be alternative ways of approaching situations within the game.

WALKTHROUGH by Lizard Queen

  The Cabin

The level begins with a unique and original cutscene of a postman delivering a letter to Lara in her cabin in the mountains. The note is from Werner Von Croy asking Lara to please see him immediately. Lara gets on her winter gear for the journey ahead and so ends the cutscene. Reverse roll and pull the switch on the wall ahead. This switch opens a door in the snow outside. Reverse roll and exit the alcove. Turn left and you can pickup the letter if you like (after all Werner took so much trouble to write it and all). Turn left again and exit the cabin via the door. (I guess Lara prefers to kick open the door, perhaps ice has jammed it?) Turn left and head around the house and to the back is a large medipack. Turn around and head to the left where there is a door in the snow. Drop down and head through the crawlspace. Exit the crawlspace and pickup a set of flares.


  The Mountain

Turn right and take a standing jump to the middle of the area. Turn right, head straight and jump and grab the slope on the right. Pull up and backflip to the next slope. Then jump and grab to the ledge ahead. Pull up and pickup a small medipack. Turn left, walk to the edge and take a standing jump to the wooden ladder ahead. Turn left, jump and grab the monkey swing and head to the end. Turn left and forward until you can drop to the next wooden ladder. Head to the end of the ladder, sidestep to the left and do a standing jump and grab to the alcove ahead. Pull up, turn left and drop down to the area below.


The sign in the middle warns of boulders falling. On the right is a pool with a waterfall. The fellow in the red jacket is non-hostile as long as you don’t shoot him (he shoots back). Take a standing jump to the pool and turn right. Head along the edge of the pool and enter a crawlspace. Turn left and climb the stairs ahead. Reverse roll and jump and grab the monkey swing on the ceiling. Proceed forward and drop into the alcove on the right. Pickup the flares and follow the corridor to the end where there is a switch on the wall. Pull the switch which opens a door in the room below. Exit the alcove and drop down. Head up the stairs and through the newly opened door. Climb the ladder and pull up. Push the block forward on the end and a cutscene shows a view of the block at the waterfall. Reverse roll and exit the alcove back to the room below. Go forward and climb the ladder. Drop onto the ledge on the right and follow it around to the end. Go through the door on the left and climb up the stairs. Drop into the water below and climb out. Walk back to the area with the falling boulder sign. Wait as a boulder falls, crushing the ice in the alcove on the right. Follow the boulder and drop into the water. Swim to the end and pull out of the water.


Ahead is a bridge with swinging sand bags. Although the sandbags won’t hurt you, they can push you off the bridge. Keep to the middle and make your way through to the other side. Turn right and down the corridor into a room with two boulders on a set stairs. Go to the end, turn right and head into the crawlspace. Pull the switch at the end and the stairs turn into a slope. The boulders roll down. Pull the switch again to return the slope to stairs. Head out and climb the stairs up to the second last one. Do not pull up to the last one or you will fall back down into the crawlspace. From the second last stair, turn around and do a standing jump and grab to the ledge above. Pull up, slide and jump to the small ledge to the right. Pull the wall switch in the alcove and the stairs turn into a slope again. Exit the alcove. From the ledge do a standing jump and grab the sloped ledge. Shimmy to the left. Pull up and immediately jump and turn left to land on the staircase on the left. Climb the staircase and go through the door on the right. Follow the corridor around and to the end where you’ll find a pushable ice block. Push the block and a cutscene shows the waterfall is now blocked. Reverse roll and exit via the now opened door on the left Drop into the water below and swim down. At the end, face west and swim back and surface at the waterfall pool. Now that the water current is no more, swim into the alcove on the left. At the end, reverse roll and pull the underwater switch. This opens a door in the rock cliffs outside. Exit the alcove and pull up out of the water. Head to the area with the boulder sign and turn left. Climb the blocks to the top, go through the door on the left and over the wooden bridge. Go to the end of the alcove and reverse roll. Do a standing jump and grab to the ledge above and pull up.


Ahead is yet another series of swinging sand bags blocking the way. Run past the first bag and turn into the alcove on the right as a boulder rolls past. Return to the ramp and make your way to the end. Turn right and head outside to where there is a long wooden bridge. As you cross the bridge, a boulder begins to roll in front of you. From the middle of the bridge, turn left, jump back and grab the edge of the bridge. Shimmy to the right and pull up after the boulder stops rolling. Head back up the rest of the ladder and into the next area. Climb the block ahead and enter the alcove. Slide down the slope and watch as Lara performs a miraculous jump down the side of the mountain towards Werner’s house. Jump and run right, around the cabin and to the door and watch the final cutscene. Lara consoles Werner, Pierre and his henchman exchange holiday greetings and the level ends.


The End.