Please note! Some players experienced a bug in the game. When Lara collects a star at the three-moving-block room the game freezes. This happens when the game has been re-loaded from a save at some earlier point. The first time I played, the freeze happened, but when I re-played for the walkthrough I saved before I entered the three block room. I didnít save again until after I had collected the star, and all was well and no freezing. So I think this is a save issue after entering the three block room. If you do save only before this room and your game still freezes at the pick up, you will have to play the level through without saving at all until after that star pickup point.

Also, to use the lamp oil on the scales, you have to select it from the inventory; Lara will not place it by using action.

Start by shooting the wooden box on the floor in the first room. A scroll will appear on a plinth, take it and the door will open. Head through and halfway along the corridor find a small grate to shoot out on your right. Crawl through and collect SECRET ONE.

Crawl out and head through to the next room, look immediately left and see the FIRST GOLD STAR. Take it and shoot the two vases to open one of the two doors ahead. Approach the final door and it will open. Go through to the main room.

Here is a large area with a central structure. The structure is a huge gold candle stick with eight candle holders on the top. In its center are some scales where you have to place the lamp oil and eventually light the torch. When dealing with the final parts of this level, the urns you find should be placed from right to left. All will become clear later on. You can also shoot various vases and boxes to find med packs; you wonít need them, so itís up to you if you want to bother with them.

First, you need to find eight gold stars; you should already have one by now, so letís go find the other seven.

Starting from the entrance to the big main room, go to your left, shoot the box to collect the SECOND GOLD STAR. Now head over to the red door on the right of the West wall. The door will open as you approach, so go through and up the stairs. When you reach the first landing a new door will open; go through and push the block in front of you forward twice. Now go move the other block back once; a block lowers in the North wall, so go through and take the THIRD GOLD STAR.

When you take the star, a block lowers in the first room at the South wall, so go through and take the FOURTH GOLD STAR.

Now two new blocks have risen in the first room, so go out and over to the North wall, and in the right hand corner find a ladder to climb. Use it to flip back onto the high block behind you. Now jump up and use the ceiling ladder to get to the next block, quickly jump into the star room, as the door is timed. Okay, so take the FIFTH GOLD STAR; but before you leave, shoot out the small grate behind the plinth, then crawl through for SECRET TWO.

Now head back out and go back to the main hall and run straight over the room and into the door at the East wall. Head up the stairs and a new door will open. Go through and use the wall lever to open a gold door, enter here and collect the SIXTH GOLD STAR. Now head out and enter the next gold door on that same ledge.

Go to the book cases at the East wall and pull the middle one out, move it aside to find the SEVENTH GOLD STAR. Now shoot the vases in the two alcoves and take SECRET THREE from the newly opened alcove in the Southeast corner of the room. Shoot the box in the corner to collect a small med pack and leave this room.

Head out and up the stairs until a new door opens for you. Enter here and go right, then shoot the vase to collect SECRET FOUR.

Thatís all the secrets collected now, so move on and head up the stairs again. When a new door opens head on through and go left, approach the red door and it will open for you. Shoot the two vases in the next room to lower the block. In the next room collect the LAMP OIL and see two blocks rise at the top of the candle stick for you to reach the scales later on.

Go back out and head all the way back down to the main room. Head straight over to the left side door at the West wall and make your way up three flights of stairs. A new door will open, so go through and head left.
Find a new door; but if you want to save then do so now, because this is where some players had the game freeze problem referred to above. So save before you enter this room and do not save again until after the eighth star has been collected.

In this next room, go around the tall block and into the next room/ There are three blocks to move into the wall alcoves. Look at the symbols on the walls; there are three different ones, look on the blocks for the symbol missing in the walls and place the blocks in their right places. There should be one of each symbol on three walls. Now a high block has lowered in the next room, so go take the EIGHTH GOLD STAR and leave.

Head up the stairs three flights and go through the door that opens for you. Use two of your gold stars on the golden gates to open them, pull the urns from the alcoves and place them one by one by the central pillar. There is a gold wall tile where you must place them and a wall lever next to it; ignore the lever on the west wall for now.
You need to take those urns up to the top of the ladder, so use the wall lever at the side of the urn and raise the urn up. Now climb the ladder and move the urn onto the block above the ladder. Go down and use the wall lever at the West wall to raise the block at the top of the ladder. This will take the urn to the top level.

Okay, so now head up the stairs and onto the top balcony. Find the urn and push it off the raising blocks. Now go back down and do this again for the second urn.

With both urns safely up top, the next step is to free the other urns from their alcoves behind the gold doors. Use the last six of your gold stars to release them.

You now have to place all eight urns at the end of the runways by the candle holders. Two runways are restricted by blocks, but we lower them later.

Now go to the right hand side of the candle stick and place an urn at the very end of the first runway. The urns must be placed at the very end of the runways, as blocks will rise beneath them to take them up to the gold tiles at the top of the holders.

Placing the first urn opens a hidden wall and reveals a lever in the urns gold alcove. Use the lever there and the urn will rise up on a block at the end of its runway. Now go push the urn onto the gold tile at the very top of the candle holder. Doing this has now opened up a hidden wall at the back of the next gold alcove and revealed another wall lever. Go place the next urn and use the lever to raise it. Push it onto its gold tile and again a hidden wall opens with another lever to use in a gold alcove.

Continue doing this until all the urns are in place. In the process, those obstructing blocks will also be lowered. In simply placing and raising those urns, then placing them on the gold tiles, eventually all eight urns will be in place and on the final urn you will see a view of the upper balcony at the other side of the main room.

Now go down from the urns and go to the central candle holder. Climb the blocks and stand in front of the scales. You will see a high block lower over the other side of the main room to reveal a wall lever. Now stand close to the scales and select the LAMP OIL from the inventory. Fill the scales with the oil and then make your way back down to the main room.

Go over to the other side of the room and head up the stairs to the very top balcony and find the new wall lever to use. It will open two new red doors on the balcony, and inside them you will find two mirrors. Move them onto the gold tiles and another block will lower in the Southeast corner of the balcony to reveal another wall lever.

Go use the newly revealed lever, which sends light to the mirrors which lights the lamp oil in the scales below.

Now all you need is the torch, so head down the stairs to the balcony below and go right. Enter the new door and collect the torch. If the door closes behind you, use the wall lever to get out. Take the torch and go all the way back to the high balcony at the other side of the main room.

Light the torch on the flame at the scales and then go light all of the gold urns.

You will now see a flyby and hear some wonderful music play as the candelabra burns for Christmas time and the final door opens below.

Head down to the main room area and enter the newly opened double gold doors.

Take the pot from the plinth to end the level.