Level by Juttae

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

THERE ARE FIVE SECRETS TO FIND (thanks to manarch2 for finding the fifth one)

Please note: There is one timed lever which some experienced a bug with; sometimes the door doesnít open and the lever may have to be used more than once. Eventually, though, it will open.

Whilst on holiday in the mountains, Lara loses her key to open the door to her lodge. She now has to face the elements to find the Hand of Sirius at the village.

You begin the level with Lara standing before her locked door, with shopping on the doorstep she heads off to find her key. Turn around and head towards the door, it will open as you approach. Go over to the NE corner of the garden and admire the deer up on the rocks, below see a black door, look to the right wall of the door and see a low wall to shoot out, crawl through and enter a small cave.

In this area is a door ahead of you and a black movable mesh block, pull out the block but donít enter the crawl space yet, instead go through the door and enter a snowy cave. Head over to the N wall, light a flare to see a movable ice block and pull it out. Use the lever behind it to open the door at the end of that crawl space in the first cave. Return to the cave and go through the crawl space to find the new open door.

Hang drop down at the end and drop into a tiny cave. Use the slopes to spring about until you land on the upper path. Look to the left and right of you and jump up to collect the *Revolver and Laser Sight*. Now enter the doorway and head through until you come to a watery room with sloped pillars and blocks. Make your way around the pillars until you are at the W wall, from here you can now see a pillar with a ladder on it and also to the right an ice window, shoot out the ice window then jump across to catch the ladder, climb round to the right and flip back into the alcove, here you will collect a *Blue Gem*.

Take your gem and head back out, climb to the top of the ladder pillar and face E, now make you way over to the SE corner of the room, then climb up into the crawl space and head through. You will come to a hole in the floor of this tunnel so shimmy round it and climb into the crawl space on the right to collect some flares, come back out and continue through the tunnel until you come to another hole, this time go into the right alcove and place the gem to open the door at the end of the tunnel.

Head out of the tunnel and out into the small snowy valley. Here you need to get over to that far door but you will need some blocks to help you, so go down to ground level and head over to the SE corner, light a flare and look to the right of you to find a snowy block to move, look behind you on the ground for two red Xís in the snow, you must place the snowy block on each X to raise two pillars. Now go behind where you took the block from and find *Secret One*. Now go back to where you dropped down into the area and climb the blocks, make you way over the ledge, shoot out the ice window and enter the next area.

In this small cave look on one side for a black block to move out, behind it is a timed door floor lever, use it then rush through the doorway to your right, go over the bridge and through the new door before it closes. (This is where you might need to re-use that lever, as sometimes the door doesnít open.)

Once through the door it remains open, so before continuing nip into the small lake and find some flares under the bridge.

Continue on through the new door and find yourself in a white passage, go near to the end and light a flare to see a wall tile to shoot out on the left wall. Go through into the cave area and here you will see the plinth to place the combined *Eye* later on. Go to the S wall and shoot out the tile, take *Secret Two* then, go to the W wall and see a slope leading up to an outside area, scale the left hand side wall to get up the slope.

At the top jump into the small water pool and find some flares then climb out and continue on down the rocky hallway to the very bottom.

You will come to another cave so head right and into another small cave, then head immediately left to the W and enter yet another small cave.

Now here you will have some very amusing guests show up and although they donít mean harm Lara getting too close can be risky because they can bump into her and take some health.

In this cave go to the W wall and take the *1st Eye Piece* then head to the S wall and enter the doorway. Look on the W wall of the cave to find the *2nd Eye Piece*.

Now make your way back through the caves and out into the small pool area, head over the pool and go back down the slope and into the cave below ground, combine the two eye pieces and facing S use action for Lara to place the eye piece on the plinth.

Now head back E and go back to the white hallway, go left and find the newly opened door, head through and find yourself in a large blue textured room.

Go to the first pillar on your right and go to the back of it, find a crawl space and here is *Secret Three*.

Now staying on that right side go to the third pillar down and look up on the back of it for an alcove to climb up to, here you will find the *2nd Cartouche piece* (You find piece 2 first) so take it then head down and over to the boxes in the center of the room, shoot them and collect some goodies before heading over to the new open door at the N wall.

Enter here and find a very small labyrinth, it really isnít huge and itís not a struggle to find your way around it, just shoot out the ice windows to move around and find a small med pack and some flares. Eventually you will come across the *1st Cartouche piece* collect it then climb the ladder in the ceiling hole next to you to get back out to day light again.

In the NE corner shoot the small grating to reveal a crawlspace. Enter the new area and find a *Large Medipack* and *Secret Four* behind the tree, then return in the pool room.

Head through the doorway and enter the very pretty village area, keep going through and enter the main village square.

First go to the NW corner area and see some boots and shoes by a door, to the left of them is a climbable wall so get up there and get *Secret Five*.

Now go down into the square and find some med packs under the table and in one of the larger gazebos.

There are also two smaller gazebos which hold two round tables, move both tables onto the coloured circled tiles on the ground. Doing this opens a shop door at the SE corner of the square so head over there and see that new door, go through and collect a small med pack the go round the counter and shoot the boxes to find Laraís *Hand Of Sirius* for her lodge door!

Now go out and visit the Santa on your right, he will wish you a Merry Christmas!

Now head over to the SW corner and look for a climbable brick wall, also to your right is a dark hallway and a closed door, so go up the wall and at the end of the ledge find a floor lever to open the door in the dark hallway.

Now go back down and enter that new door. Make your way to the bottom of the steps until you enter another small village area, head straight on through then to the right, go right again and right under the hanging star, shoot the boxes to find some more flares, the go out and over to the S wall, here you combine the two Cartouche pieces and place them in the receptacle to open the door to your right.

Now go through and emerge back at Laraís lodge, use the Hand of Sirius at the door and enter the hallway, run forwards and through the black wall at the end, slide down to a Merry Christmas farewell to end the level.