Enter the mansion through the large doors and play with the elves that are waiting for you in the main hall, they wonít harm Lara.
Now find the hang lever on the East wall next to the big doors and use it to open the door at the opposite side of the room.
Now enter that new door and go up the stairs. Find the kitchen to the right and collect the Paste Form from the table and head back out.

Now enter the lounge area with a fire burning, notice the Star behind the fire here! Approach the door by the fire and it will open to let you through to the dining room. Shoot all the boxes, including the heart-shaped one in the wreath, collect the Crowbar and the Revolver, then shoot the boxes by the two Christmas trees, collect the flares and use the revealed floor lever.
Leave the dining room and head left. Go down the pole and head over to the wall lever; itís a timed run to the fire place above so use the lever and quickly get back up to the landing again, get behind the fire place and take the Star, now get out before the fire lights again.

Go back down the pole and enter the pool room, get into the water and light a flare to find a hidden door in the West wall of the pool, swim to the door and use action for Lara to open it then swim through, at the end the secrets bell will chime, I found nothing to collect here so maybe just a building error, but this is Secret One.
Now come out of the pool and go up the ladder by the pool, collect the Torch and light it on the candle, throw it down to the ground, making sure you donít throw it into the water of course! Now head down and collect the torch.

Take the torch with you and head back to the lounge area again, go down the stairs to the main hall and drop the torch where you can find it later, the best place to leave it is by the brown door at the bottom of the stairs, this is where you will need it later on.

Now go into the main hall, look on the South wall for a push block, move it out and enter the outside area.

Go either left or right and find the open door at the end of the bridge, go through and collect a small med pack behind the tree.
Now climb the ladder and get off at the top, do a side flip onto the slope next to you and slide down, grab the edge and do a back flip with a twist to catch the ledge behind you, now shimmy round to the right onto the next slope, when you have the ladder behind you again do a flip back with a twist to catch the ladder.

Climb up and turn around, see Secret Two the Laser Sight on a ledge and jump across to collect it, now head back down to where you reached the top of the first ladder.

Head over to the South and jump the chasm to the ladder, go half way down and get off into the hallway, head through and enter the snowy area with a deep pit and a slope in front of you. Go to the left side and jump down to the brown ledge, now use the wall ladder to climb up beside the sloped snowy ledge, go to the top and as far right as you can on the ladder then do a back flip onto the snowy ledge behind you, now head over to the closed brown door. Go right at the door through a hard to see passage, collect a large med pack near the end then go through the doorway and find a small room. Collect the Mask from the window sill and shoot the boxes to find some ammo, leave and return to the brown door which will now be open.

Go through and see some collapse tiles ahead of you, also there are patterned tiles, jump on the pattered tiles to open the ice doorway on the other side of this room. The order isÖ 1st left tile then 2nd left, now 2nd right then 1st right, that last one should be the tile with the Santaís head on it.

Now head over to the newly opened ice doorway but donít step on the patterned tiles again or the door will close, use the collapse tiles to get across to the door.
Enter the new area with the two elves playing and go straight through to the next area with an ice floor, go left then climb up into the hallway. At the end, drop down onto the bridge and use the Mask in the receptacle by the door.

Enter the new door and use both levers either side of you to open the next door; its timed, so hurry!

Take the Dough from the next room and use the two levers in that room to open the door out. *Pease note, there is sometimes a bug here and the levers may have to be used more than once for the door out to open*
Now return to the house.

At the house make your way straight across the main hall and go down into a small room with a grey stove in the right hand side corner, combine the Paste Form and the Dough and press action at the stove to use the item. The Ginger Bread Man will now be baked so go take him from the newly opened door in that room, there is also a Christmas Star to collect here.

You will see a shot of the door at the bottom of the stairs so head there and place the Ginger Bread Man in the receptacle by the door. Now collect your torch you left there and enter the new door.

Do a run jump onto the huge wreath and head left, use the torch to light that one candle and wait as the wreath drops down. You donít need the torch now so jump over into the new doorway just to the left of you and make your way through to the next room. Shoot the boxes to find Secret Three, Shot Gun and Ammo.

Now leave via the other door. A skeleton shows up to greet you but heís not in a good mood as you have taken what he should have been guarding, so get him fired for not doing his job properly and escape by heading up the pole!

At the top face Lara South and donít climb too high or she will hit the ceiling, back flip off the pole, collect some more ammo from the small table then head out of this area and back to the wreath which has now raised.

You can now enter the doorway straight across from you, place the Star in the receptacle by the door and head on through.
Slide down into the next room and place the Christmas Star on the Santa to open the next door. Go through and climb up to collect the Fire Wood, this opens a door in that room to collect a Key down below. When you pick up the Key a door opens on the other side of the room for you to leave.

Head up the passage and at the top use the lever to open the hatch. Climb up to a room you will recognize and use the Key on the door in that room.

Go out into the fresh air and head up the slope in the middle to end the level.